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(Updated 8/24/2011) I don't know what the hell happened between my last visit and today, but a bunch of my stories have disappeared. I don't know if it was this so-called "clean-up" that's been going on or what, but I'm really fucking pissed about that because some of those stories were ONLY on here. I didn't even have them on my laptop anymore... And while I realize that's my own damned fault, it doesn't change the fact I'm severely angry right now. God damn it... ARRRRRGH!!

... So as of now, the stories that are still here are:


~ A Gift from the Rain (Kakashi/Iruka)

~ In The Dark (Naruto/Sasuke)

~ The Disturbia Drabble (No pairing)

Final Fantasy VIII:

~ Interrogate This (Seifer/Squall)

Final Fantasy VII:

~ Most Valued (Tseng/Rufus)


~ Fuck You (Kenpachi/Ichigo)

~ Tear It All Down (Grimmjow/Ichigo)

The Mists of Avalon

~ A Misunderstanding of Legendary Proportions (Arthur/Lancelot)

Fight Club RPS

~ Accidents Happen (Brad Pitt/Ed Norton)

Stories Published

Interrogate This
Something's wrong with Squall, and Seifer will stop at nothing until he finds out what's going on. Seifer/Squall, mildly AU, M/M, WIP
Final Fantasy VIII > Yaoi - Male/Male > Seifer/Squall
Rated [Adult+] -:- Chapters [1] -:- Published [2011-08-02] -:- Updated [2011-08-02 02:50:39] -:- Edited [2011-08-02] -:- Hits [985] -:- Reviews [8] -:- Average / Total Vote [+++++ / 7]
Most Valued
The whole situation was set up for this outcome. Tseng was always by his side. He was Rufus's protector. The man was gorgeous. No small wonder Rufus had fallen quite thoroughly in love with his top Turk. M/M, WIP, Yaoi
Final Fantasy VII > Yaoi - Male/Male
Rated [Adult+] -:- Chapters [1] -:- Published [2010-11-15] -:- Updated [2010-11-15 07:48:55] -:- Edited [2010-11-15] -:- Hits [581] -:- Reviews [3] -:- Average / Total Vote [+++++ / 7]

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Recommended Reading

Anything written by Iron Dog is pretty much guaranteed to be awesome. I especially like her "Push It Songfic", "Push it Redux" "Push The Limits" and "Idol Worship" arcs. I mean, hell... Where else can you get Sephiroth/Irvine smut, hmm?! Unfortunately, she hasn't posted much of anything the past few years because she's busy getting her original work published under the penname ID Locke.

"Twist of the Fates" by Sagittarius is one of the most beautifully written works I've ever read-- either published or fanfiction! It doesn't read as a fanfic-- actually, I could easily see it published as historical fiction/romance and I would gladly pay for a copy of it, if one were made available. This is an absolute must-read for anyone remotely interested in Troy and yaoi. It'll open your eyes to a whole separate class of fanfiction-- one that is regrettably hard to find.

Ahem. Now, then. pen_name is also amazing. Their "Unspoken Rules" series makes me giggle like a little girl every time I read it. No kidding! A must-read for all Shikamaru/Neji fans out there.

"Conversation is for Heterosexuals" by Master_of_the_Rebels is hilarious AND hot. A good go-to if you've read too much angsty stuff and need to lighten it up.

After reading "Bealtaine" by Mixed_Bag, I was literally sobbing. No lie. This was probably not the best place for me to start when it comes to Hetalia fanfiction, but what can I say? Angst has a place in fanfiction, and this author has certainly mastered it with this particular story.

"Baby Blue" by Squishy is great if you like your porn with some plot. It can get sort of depressing sometimes, but you always have more Axel/Roxas fun to look forward to, as well as Xigbar/Demyx tension and the rare Xaldin/Roxas lemon. All in all a well-rounded fic, methinks.

"Change My Stripes" by SephirothsStalker is another porn with plot that I like, but it also tends to be depressing. It's worth reading, though, for the novelty that is Squall/Sora. Yeah, you heard me right. Squall/Sora. NOT Leon.

yaoi_is_my_antidrug is an amazing writer, and I especially like their "Tenuous Grasp" story. More porn with plot, kiddos. This is the closest I'll get to shouta, since it's Kakashi/Sasuke. Oh, and their "Irresistible" PWP is mind-blowing! And "Answers"... What the hell. Who am I kidding?! All of it's amazing!

TheLabRat only has a couple stories posted, but I see them doing great things in the future!

"What you see" by DitzCat is absolutely HOT. I love the X-men movies, and Logan and Kurt are (if not my favorite pairing) two of my favorite characters. Plus, it made me giggle that I actually understood all of the German bits. "Nix" is also really good... and it reminded me of how much I used to like X-men Evolution! :D

lunavin's "Just a Little Bent" is Fantastic Four slashy goodness that explores the... uh... alternative uses of the Human Torch's and Mr. Fantastic's powers. I've gotta admit, it was a little weird... but so damned hot!!

"Puppy Love" by Perverted_Pages... Holy HELL! Damn... This story makes me wish I'd be kidnapped by a hot vampire, too! Gotta love Stockholm syndrome... Whew!

"Angry at the World" by Gnat is sooooooooo goood! Took me a while to track it down here (found it originally over on LJ), but I absolutely love this story! Makes me feel a bit guilty that I enjoy the noncon-ness so much... but we all know it isn't REALLY rape since Ichigo likes it... D:

bonnenuit's "Stained" and "Sin" are almost TOO good to be true! D: I swear, this person knows what they're doing! And never again will I question the believability of Ichigo getting his ass plowed by MULTIPLE semes... AND LIKING IT, nonetheless! And as a side note, I've now read pretty much all of their work and all of it was just as awesome as those first two :D

JazzBo22's "Bullet Catchers" is a wonderfully written, plot-heavy story that I recently stumbled upon in my search for good Tseng/Rufus. I really like where this one's going! :D

This next one, be warned-- if you're as easily emotionally affected by stories as I am, you might want to have something stupid and silly on hand to read afterwards. "Sacrificial" by trowacko is probably one of the best Ai no Kusabi fanfics I've read in quite some time. Angsty as all heck, but fantastic nonetheless.

This is an ongoing list. Check back for more later!

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