Reviews for Stay.

BY : Purplepenguin

  • From ANON - Abeni on December 26, 2003

    You don't often see this pairing. SquallxNida but I like it when I can find it. Very well done.

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  • From ANON - Mr. McFrugalshtein on January 10, 2003


    Whooo wee! Delish boy on boy action there, sweetheart. I think Squally and Nida are just fab together- Squally all surly and sexy and Nida so needy and naive. Wonderful! This shouldn't be your last shameless smut- make it an arc or somethin'. Anyways, lurve it, dahling. ;)


    B.E. aka Mr. McFrugalshtein, aka. The Devil in Red Knickers aka. . .um. . .don't think I have any more pseudonyms...

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  • From ANON - VOM on January 06, 2003

    Yes! Pure smut, no plot! Sometimes it's good to read of tof those. It's to bad this is your last PWP...(as you said in the A/N...oh well) Nice job.

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