Reviews for Without You

BY : Lay-chan

  • From ANON - Guardian381 on February 17, 2004

    Hey again!

    LOL, told you I'd review again. For a while, there, I thought thais sis story had been discontinued; imagine how happy I was when I logged on today (after a while) and found it updated! Thank you for putting Tidus/Auron in; that lemon was great, and I just can't wait until the non-sexual elements of the story kick in. Don't let the rating discourage you, though; some people have nothing better to do with their lives than h thh things without even taking the time to offer suggestions as to what they think should be improved/what they think is good. (I, for one, intend to rate this story 5 stars as soon as I'm finished with this review). ^_^

    One thing that I think would do a lot for the story would be if you would separate the characters' dialogue. At times, I found myself losing track of who was speaking because there wasn't really a division between the quotations... if you would be so kind, paragraph breaks whenever someone else speaks would add a lot of effect to your work.

    Oh, and one last thing; the A.J. thing was priceless! (laughs) Well, until next time, Lay-chan, keep turning out these great chapters! I'll be waiting for more!

    Love, Guardian

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  • From ANON - ??? on February 12, 2004

    disturbed but really interesting

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  • From ANON - Guardian381 on January 10, 2004

    It's a shame this story doesn't have more reviews, and the hit counter makes that especially disgraceful. Well, at least you know people are reading it, right? (shrugs) Positive spins aren't usually overly comforting.

    I like this fic. I particularly like the foreboding ending; who's Auron's new lover? (crosses fingers) Tidus... c'mon, Tidus! ^_^ I think you should have put the disclaimer in as part of Chapter 1, although I see why you would have wanted to do it as you did. To say any more about that would be senseless nitpicking, however.

    I enjoyed the lemon, and aside from more nitpicking (at a grammar level) there's not much else to say about it. It was actually pretty good, though picturing reserved, stoic Auron horny enough to say 'Suck me, baby." gets me laughing every time. ^_^ I guess Jecht rubbed off on him, in more ways than one. (snickers) Don't mind the gutter mind over here.

    Anyhow, I look forward to the next chapter of this fic; perhaps we could have more of those beautifully crafted Auron's POV snippets at the beginning and the end of the chapter? I would hate to see a story with such potential disintegrate into a series of loosely related PWP's, but the decision is yours. You know I'll still be reading it, at least, and leaving reviews as well! ^_^ Until next time, please don't let the lack of reviews get you down, and keep writing; over a hundred people must have read your fic, and trust me, they can't all have hated it (more like one ignorant SOB hated it and the rest were too lazy to review). LOL, see ya!

    Love, Guardian

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