Reviews for The escape

BY : Ominoushaystack

  • From ANON - A fellow Dreamer on June 25, 2006

    I like this. I really do. Please continue.

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  • From Vireyda on January 20, 2004

    Um, I make it my mission to never read 'Mary Sue's. They usually suck from start to finish. I have read a few, but errr. . . This one is interesting though, perhaps because I led much the same life (minus the killing part. . . *cough*) In all honesty, I think this story would be -much- more interesting if you dropped the whole Final Fantasy idea, and just went into depth as to what happened in the person's life to make them want to flee it.

    Probably not what you want to hear, eh?

    You have a good attention to detail. Your choice of words makes it a pleasure to read, instead of draining. You also have some remarkable ideas/ways of making connections: I like the quip about the shblahblade and stroking insecurities.

    Really, I'd like to read more, but in a 'real' setting. But, if you continue with it the way you're going, I'll still read it, just to see what happens. heh

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