Reviews for Bloodline

BY : Orin Drake

  • From ANON - SpirasFayth on March 05, 2004

    That was so captivating, I am awaiting the next chapter!!!!!

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  • From Malind on March 05, 2004

    Are you going to make me cry? Beg? I -can- do both if it'll get another chapter. Ah, who am I kidding, I'd do it anyway. ^_~' I love it. I'll admit I was chuckling through most of it, but that's just because I adore your dark humor. You should write more. *sobs* Tons more! Vincent is fantastic bef before. His dilemmas, sarcasm, violence, rage, lust, are all perfect. Help me, I wish I could make you type more. Okay, I'll stop, but this is the kind of writing I -want- to read. T you you, thank you, for continuing! Please write more! *ties her hands to keep from desperately typing more pleading praise*

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