Reviews for Mercy for None

BY : Beautifully-Twisted

  • From ANON - /me on August 23, 2006

    Hrmmm... Such a nice rare Thingie...
    So well-written and... Hrmmmm... Gotta love little evil Hojo being his very own sadistic self~

    Really enjoyed reading and bookmarked for re-reading ;3 ~ thanks for writing it!

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  • From Shadowgirl669 on August 29, 2004

    ~prints story and hide it in her bedroom~

    Omg girl! i totally love it!! ~sniff~ poor Vincent.. hojo was such a monster.. what in the world do you put in your cereals to come up with things like that?? Those sort of inspiration comes only rarely to me.. and rarely is even too common! lol

    ~reads the story again~ poor vincent... ~cries~


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  • From ANON - RabidSqurl (too lazy to log in) on April 21, 2004

    *sniffles* That was so sad!! Well written though, despite the disturbing quality of the story itself, although that was most likely the intention.

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