Reviews for Final Fantasy 10 - OtherWorld


  • From ANON - VGSS on March 28, 2003

    I'm sorry if it disturbs you, but with the exception of my original Star Ocean and Chrono Trigger fanfics, all my work has been comission. I didn't have a big problem writing it, as you said it was consentual.

    Just hoping don't get any flames for my latest one. I know Precis and Leon's real ages, so I took care to adjust them to the highschool age range. Anyway, thanks for the review :)

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  • From ANON - Mistresskuroi on March 28, 2003

    ....This was a very skilled piece of writing. Very entertaining, I never imagined Rikku to be so slutty! Heheh, but it is part of the job. There is, however, one part of this story that disturbs me: The incest. Usually, the only incest I read is non-consensual, just because it seems more plausible. But the incest in this was really sick, I mean, wanting to fuck your own brother? And thenwantwants to have your baby with you or some crap like that?! Don't call me childish, I just can't react any other way. I have two brothers, even the slightest thought of something like that makes me want to vomit.

    I really don't think incest of any kind should be tolorated, especially this. Hell, why couldn't she have just made one of the other ship whores fuck her brother? It seems our little Rikku is a little too hungry for the sex... This really isn't a flame though, I did enjoy this. A follow up chapter would be splendid.

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  • From ANON - Cekil1 on March 24, 2003

    That's a very interesting way of invisioning Rikku's job in the Al-Baed. I was wondering why her crew members obeyed her like children when she warned them off Tidus.

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