Reviews for Wanted

BY : darksquall

  • From ANON - Regreting on December 10, 2006

    Wow... sex and rape of facts

    Laguna wouldn't have left Ellone there if he Fucking knew where she was and Guess what Genius, she was with Squall! Its people like you that make me hate reading fanfics.

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  • From ArdwynnaMorrigu on September 16, 2005

    Heh, wow, that was hot and steamy and cute and naughty and angsty! Ouch for Seifer though. Really. Poor guy.

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  • From ANON - yagi-san on June 19, 2005

    YAY~ for fluffiness! Wonderful fic. Loved the voyer part! XD Keep on writing the awesome fics! ^.^

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  • From ANON - Shana on March 30, 2005

    Very nice.... I really like this one. :) Especially the solo part. :P

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  • From ANON - kk on March 18, 2005

    damn squall is one lucky man!

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  • From ANON - Iron Dog on March 16, 2005

    What a wonderful fic. I love the Squall/Seifer pairing (see my own fic for proof) and adding Irvine into the mix only makes it that much more fun. I'd also like to thank you for taking the time to have proper grammer and spelling. It makes a good fic great. Would it take very much convincing to get you to do another chapter?

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  • From simontheduck on March 15, 2005

    *grins* T'was good and smutty! Whoo hoo! I still think Midlife Crisis is the best though, strangely enough. So unique....*trails off*

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