Reviews for People in Spira Should Learn to Knock!

BY : Poowrite

  • From blueravenchick on March 15, 2008

    OMG! I laughed so hard! Best dump story I've ever read!

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  • From scatbunny on June 26, 2007

    That, my friend, was amazing!

    It's nice to see someone who likes scat AND who can go through an entire chapter without using the word 'shit'. Truly, truly amazing. I like it!

    ~Scat Bunny~

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  • From Aluru on June 24, 2007

    Did YOU lose (not "loose") a bet, Gslinger? Did someone force YOU to read this? If you don't like the subject matter, then why did you take the time to read it?
    The ignorance in people these days.....

    Awesome story, Poowrite! =)

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  • From Hennajin on June 22, 2007

    Although remotely disgusting, it was rather funny.

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  • From Darkman9000 on June 22, 2007

    Good story as always. Don't listen to what those tactless idiots say, if they don't what you make, then they shouldn't read it.

    Can't wait to see what new stuff you'll write here.

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  • From RJaneyP on June 18, 2007

    No Shit,,, Sherlock that was kind of eliminating, rather than illuminating, but one can't help but ask with a resounding sigh...why a poop story? Did you loose a bet? Did your greatest enema/enemy challenge you to a verbal duel to write a story about the horrors of constipation. Poor anal retentive Lady, sounds like the poor thing needs a good Laxative or large bottle of prune juice and maybe more than anything a lot more fiber in her diet.

    I say let'em "learn to knock" all they want, just put a lock on the door so they can't get in!
    Yours Truly G, lock and load and let her blow! LOL

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