Reviews for The Many Adventures of Walking Man

BY : cognomen

  • From Helluin on August 08, 2008

    This story is utterly and totally amazing. Unfairly, I tend to skip Yaoi, not because I have any objections to it but because I tilt towards the sapphic end of the spectrum -- but in doing so I've missed this story for too long. Let it be said the erotic parts are excellent; I wish I could be so skilled as to write an arousing, moving, and meaningful physical relationship where the bodies are described but the body parts are almost irrelevant. A lot classier than my childish smutlets. However, that's just one component of this story. The characterizations and mannerisms are spot-on, and that's my primary turn-on and requirement for good fanfiction: I want to see and read the characters I love, and hopefully see more with them, in sequels or backstory or fleshing-out-the-details vignettes so that the story's not over. The tragedy is poignant, another aspect of FFX that I loved. You've employed secondary characters like Rin in a meaningful way. You've even invented mythology, done world-building that fits!

    I love the fact that without Jecht, the pilgrimage doesn't work as well, despite the fact that in the game he seems to be a problem. Auron WAS a very brash and hidebound young man, taught wisdom the hard way, and for all his faults Jecht helped balance them.

    Now, I've just skimmed ahead because I have to get to my own writing tonight, and only have a little time, but I'll be back to absorb.

    Also, before I start my writing, I'm going to post a fic_rec on my LJ so it gets picked up by -- if you are in any way active on LJ, you might want to check that comm out, as we use it as a way to share and look for well-written fanfic in all the FF games.

    May I give you a cookie? :)

    P.S. before I forget, shortly after the incident with Auron getting thrown into jail, you have him acting by "wrote" when you mean "rote". I usually give up on nitpicking, but you obviously have a better grasp of proofreading than most!

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