Reviews for Your More my Type

BY : hanyou007

  • From ANON - Anon on September 27, 2012

    The prostate isn't all that deep inside

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  • From AlexandraS90 on September 10, 2011

    Honestly, anyone who would flame this would be mad! It's well written and has a rather appealing concept...

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  • From darkshot shipper on October 21, 2009

    An excellent story. Had a lot of fun reading it, and for that I thank you. There aren't enough futa stories on the web.

    Final Fantasy was always a favorite game series of mine, and when I played FFX, I did always choose this option. Too bad the game didn't have this feature.

    Keep these stories coming.

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  • From darklordrevan on September 16, 2009

    LOVE IT!!! Hope you'll do a sequel, and are not gone forever!!!

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  • From sereia on September 10, 2008

    I'm pretty sure i've reviewed this already but I couldn't remember for sure. Great story of course, I like how you worked part of the actual game into it. The sex part was hot, but then again, you already knew that =). Maybe as the next step for this, you could stem stories off every answer Tidus can give at that point of the game. Kinda like one of those 'Choose your own adventure' things. *shrugs* just a thought. Again, great job.

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  • From Anonelbe on August 17, 2008

    I have to ask, will Tifa be the Futa or Aerith? I wouldn't mind seeing Tifa be the one

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  • From TheColeTrain on June 30, 2008

    that was really well writen.

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  • From sereia on April 09, 2008

    Here I am, reviewing your story. *looks around* Okay, so now what? Just kidding. Great story, obviously. But then again I told you that before when I proof-read it. Guess I should've checked your title as well though... You have HUGE problems with the whole 'where/wear, their/there/they're, your/you're' concept hun. Maybe you should start taking some english/spelling classes at school ^_^ Anyway, like I said, very sexy story and I'm proud of you for starting to write again.

    Keep it up.

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  • From Lilith on February 20, 2008

    Wow...that was hot. Lulu is very dominant...very.

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