Reviews for What He's Missing

BY : readinginbed

  • From tipsywench on December 21, 2009

    Damn it! You beat me to it! I was halfway finished with my smutty Quistis/Xu fic! My...Qu? Xuistis? QuXu? You're right! What the hell should we call this pairing?

    Anyway, loved this. Hot, sexy as hell, delicious...yes. The only problem I had was that Xu didn't get hers. Okay, well, she kind-of got hers, since she's had the hots for Q for so long, but you know what I mean! I fully expect you to write the following-morning section---and Xu had better get her turn, damn it!

    (and on a side-note, I giggled like crazy when I imagined Xu's surprised expression when she learned that Quistis knew where to find heroin. I just found this line funny as hell for some reason.)

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