Reviews for Pyrrhic Victory

BY : terpfen

  • From salarta on March 15, 2010

    Sorry for the late review! I kept putting off reading it; I do that when I'm not in a particularly "reading" mood. Good new chapters, still some odd word choices to me but as I think I said before, that might be all about writing style. I loved the idea of Celes rushing into battle with her boobs hanging out, it paints an amusing picture and shows (in the cool pervy way) how important her duty is to her. If I were writing it, I probably would've gone crazy with alternate and extra things happening during that bit, but that's me; your style is great because it follows more logical, realistic conventions of what would happen in such a situation. In other words, that's just a remark on a difference between our writing... philosophies, I guess?

    I have a link to send you concerning Kefka, I'll do so on Twitter.

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  • From FIDO1618 on February 18, 2010


    Oh, I know there's not much more time left in the game's story for more things to happen. I was just referring to Celes' impending arrest for treason and her subsequent interrogation. Each event could be a chapter or two in and of themselves if need be.

    But no matter. I look forward to however you will handle it. Also looking forward to future amorous adventures of Celes in the future.

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  • From terpfen on February 18, 2010

    Thanks for the kind words, all. Glad you're enjoying the ride.

    Fernando, you might be disappointed with the remaining material, I'm sad to report. The plot has a tight timeline dictated by the game's events, meaning there isn't much ground left to cover before the conclusion. There are ways to extend the story to include more sex, but I'm not very eager to implement those ideas, as Celes in this story isn't very receptive to spontaneous (semi-)amorous situations. Additional sex might have to wait for another fic down the road, where she's more... amiable, shall we say. I have some ideas, but nothing I'm going to act on in the immediate future. My next project is a sequel to Supplying Magic. Hopefully that and my other library entries will tide you over until Ms. Chere makes her reappearance as a more willing and eager participant.

    I hope you're still looking forward to the finale.

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  • From FIDO1618 on February 18, 2010

    Good for the first act, heh. There's much more ground to cover before Celes ends up in that dungeon in South Figaro.

    I look forward to more. Thank you.

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  • From salarta on February 16, 2010

    Good setup and execution to me. Only thing to watch out for, and I only outright noticed this at the start and end of the story, is to be careful with using "to be" verbs. One such case: "The awkward positioning was slowly causing her blood to rush to her head, and the growing impact soreness on her breasts also failed to brighten her mood." The beginning could be reworded as "The awkward positioning slowly caused." Other comments, I worry might be style differences between you and me, and I don't want to say "you should have done this" when it's just part of your own way of doing things.

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  • From FIDO1618 on February 14, 2010

    This story rocks, plain and simple. Please update soon.

    There should be lots of detail, too. Additional points will be awarded!

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  • From salarta on February 11, 2010

    This is a nice start into the mutiny that ultimately leads to Celes chained up in that house in South Figaro. It's probably the most iconic sexual fetish element of FF6, so it's received a fair amount of hentai but almost no porn writing. Keep up the excellent work, it's wonderful to check AFF and actually have something to look forward to in the FF section for a change.

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  • From tscecest on February 03, 2010

    I have mixed feelings on this one: on the one hand, I love the set up and the reluctance on Celes' part. Also, the situation is surprisingly humourous. On the other hand, for some reason this makes me a bit uncomfortable, for I feel that Celes shouldn't be in this situation.

    Sorry, can't really explain it. Either way, I do like it, and hopefully the story's hot enough that the vague discomfort that I feel about it can be ignored.

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  • From salarta on February 02, 2010

    Interesting setup thus far. I especially like that you've taken what Celes is really like into consideration, and provided build-up and explanation behind her course of actions. It's a rarity these days for people who write porn (an exception to parodies) to put more effort into it than "lol let's have good women be whores for no reason." Which is something I'm quite guilty of myself, but I'm trying to improve. I'll be watching how this fic shapes up, and I hope you continue toward making the most of what the character uniquely has to offer as you have done in this first chapter.

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