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  • From Danyealle on August 30, 2011

    Please correct your disclaimer

    It does not contain one of the two required elements. Namely, the part in which you disclaim the fandom itself by NAME, not just the characters. It can be worded however you, the author, likes, provided that it is clear you are disclaiming the specificfandom, which thus INCLUDES characters, settings, and etc.

    You must disclaim the actual fandom, not the owner(s) of the fandom, or characters in the fandom. When it is a crossover fiction, all fandoms involved IN the crossover must be disclaimed as well.

    Failure to correct the disclaimer will cause your story to be hidden from public view after a week from the date of this warning, butnot deleted; you can still correct your disclaimer, which will then be unhidden again as soon as possible. Continued failure to correct the disclaimer will cause the hidden story to be deleted after 30 days of being hidden. Re-uploads of hidden stories are deleted immediately, no warning given.

    Below is a link to the Terms of Service in its entirety

    In addition, the next link listed is to the FAQ regarding disclaimers.

    The FAQ on how to change your disclaimer can be found here:

    You can also review our news post on the topic for a complete explaination, found here:
    Please also take a few minutes to read the content guidelines.

    Please remove this review once your disclaimer is corrected.

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