Reviews for A Reason To Live

BY : Hyperion-Queen

  • From Cuzosu on July 09, 2013

    I think it's an interesting premise.... A depressing start, but all good chaptered stories have some sort of dark side, yes? ;) I'm looking forward to reading more. (And, admittedly, hoping to see Seifer with Squall, because that's one pairing I've always shipped. :P They just work well together, and even in the game, there were times I swear Seifer was either hitting on Squall or had a crush on him. Rivals, hah!)
    *cough* Anyway, it's a good start and I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
    May the words just flow,

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  • From ANON - Constructive on May 29, 2013

    I think that the idea is good, especially if this is your first story its one of the easiest. And I like the couple and agree that maybe their should be more of this pairing only because its different from the norm'. But you're missing something very important when your write and that's feeling. Its not enough that they say things and we know its there, we have to believe it- you, have to believe it. Because right now, what I read was very anal and almost fishbone-esque.

    You have to be gradual with the plot, slowly buidling. Even with one shots, its why I beat away so many of mine, I'm just no good at them ^_^. But I keep trying. And you should too, I'm not bashing on you. I just think you should embody the characters a little more so their words aren't so cookie-cutter.

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