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BY : Roaming_Firefly

  • From GodOfInsanity on May 30, 2013

    Oh, my! I was shocked to see this (which is funny also because recently I was thinking about the father/son Vin/Seph that you talked about writing...) and BAM! It appeared! When I saw that you had uploaded a new FF7 story, I immediately suspected it was the one you promised to write, and when I read the description, I was elated. I was having a blah day at work so on my break I read some and it gave me something to look forward to later (I chose not to try to rush reading it all. If I particularly enjoy something, I'll read it slower so every single word soaks in).

    The story wasn't what I expected, but in a GOOD way. I didn't know initially what to expect when you first told me you would write a father!Vin and son!Seph story, but it wasn't this. Again, I mean it in a good way. I LOVE being surprised sometimes. It was a refreshing read and I liked the fact that this world you wrote it in mirrored the one in Unnamed Story. The incest made since due to Vincent being a demon and them being in hell, and the story line; however, the actual development of the incest was kinda skipped until Seph started getting spanked, but that was most likely intentional on your part and it doesn't bother me. When Vincent apologized about raping Sephiroth's mother and doing what he did to Sephiroth, I wasn't sure what he meant. When he said he wronged Seph, did he just mean that generally, or was there something specific? Like nearly spanking him to death or...molesting him when he was younger...? I don't know if I missed something, so feel free to let me know. I think that was the only thing I was fuzzy on. You did an exceptional job with Vincent's past and his musings over his son. It was efficient, to the point, and didn't feel rushed at all. There were some grammatical mistakes here and there, but it happens and didn't really hinder me. Even the best writers have errors here and there (believe me, I've found mistakes in PUBLISHED, celebrated books xD) The slight errors are the only things I can think of since everything else was wonderfully written and well done.

    ANYWHO, like I said, I didn't expect the whole demon and demon underworld thing, and I loved it. I'm rarely surprised by anything these days so whenever someone actually is creative enough to play around with different ideas and methods, I'm happy. You did a great job and I'm not just saying this because you wrote this story for me and because I like you. I never sugarcoat anything and my friends will tell you I'm very blunt to the point I don't always know if I offend anyone.

    I adored how bad ass (and somewhat evil) Vincent was in this and even though Chaos was his own demon (and a lord at that), you somehow fused Chaos into VIncent smoothly. Even though Vincent was a demon, I could still see the characteristics of human Vincent Valentine in him. Is it wrong that I didn't particularly mind Lulu getting raped? I thought it was funny that she hit him and how he was all HUH? like he wasn't just forcing himself on her. xD I have to give her some points though for defending herself and escaping. She most likely would have been either killed, or kept as his "mate". I'm very glad she and Hojo had very little to do in this story.

    And oh my, Sephiroth was such a peach in this. He always is, but something about him in this story reminds me of Seph in AES (minus the whole emotional/mental trauma thing). What I mean by that is how he respects and cares for Vincent, yet rebels against him at the same time. There's submission in him, yet not total submission. He's a young man and he knows what he wants, so he goes and does it no matter the consequences. Sneaky, sneaky Seph. That's the kind of Sephiroth I like, I guess. The reluctant uke/dominant bottom that has a touch of innocence but is mostly ballsy, devious and naughty. I think you nailed all of that in this one. ;) And also, Seph was pretty bad ass in this, too. In some ways, he outshone Vincent in many ways, but hey, he is an angel after all.

    Very nice, kinky sex scene by the way. I knew there was no way Vincent was going to spank that ass without nailing it. I loved how he knew Seph was tricking him, but didn't care. If I was that demon, I wouldn't have cared, either. I also liked how Vincent tortured him by taking it slow. Great job. I love how descriptive you are without being too vague or too excessive. Some writers are TOO detailed and don't know when to stop describing something.

    Umm...don't know what else to say at this point, but thanks a bunches for writing this for me. You did a great job and I really appreciate you taking the time to think about this story, to write it, and to post it. I wouldn't mind returning the favor for you, so if I can, just hit me up something via e-mail or whatever.

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