Reviews for Final Fantasy VII: Pervert Children

BY : SlutWriter

  • From Tay on January 06, 2021

    Wish you updated I loved the puke throat fucking

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  • From Dahaka2017 on November 11, 2016

    The story is good but why so much bashing on Cloud? And making him take care of a child that is not even his? I would like to see him going crazy and killing both of them,almost every netorare story the guy that being betrayed always just keeps with the woman that cheated on him or never knows about it(wich is impossible vecause sooner or later the truth comes out), it's rare to see stories where the good guy actually takes revenge on them(wich would be awesome).

    And why the ''small dick that can't satisfy tifa anymore''? I can understand giving this type of treatment to Kuririn from Dragon Ball because he is an horrible character, but Cloud,while not being the best character in FFVII, is still a pretty good character(and badass)

    Sorry if the comment sounded a rude,just had to add my 2 cents about the story, but it was still pretty good(aside from the Cloud bashing).

    I'm a little curious about your other works too.

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  • From ANON - on July 25, 2016

    Uhn... Again? Why do people always make Cloud be betrayed? and making him take care of Tifa and Denzel's child thinking that its his? I actually don't mind the Denzel x Tifa and your writing is awesome but almost every fic that I see from ffvii in this site, the authors make him have the smallest dick ever and be unnable to satisfy Tifa. Give Cloud a break, the guy deserves some happiness after all the bullshit that he has been through... but still good story

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  • From ANON - Anon on November 15, 2015

    this is very good when is denzel gonna fuck the brain out of Tifa and get her pregnant i am still waiting. Could you do a story where naruto had two girlfriend hinata and sakura and is cuckold by the raikage . Thanks .

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  • From ToggleSwitch on October 12, 2015

    Why isn't this being updated? Really want to see how this ends.

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  • From Luc1F3r on August 24, 2015

    can you please update the story please with cherry on the top.

    Let's just say i Rarely read a Lemon with very good quality like this (with a hung Uncut Shota too boot).

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  • From ANON - sopinade on August 12, 2015

    this story is super hot i hope you continue it. Also could you make a netorare fic with naruto with hinata or sakura and konohamaru. Thank you.

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  • From ANON - Gautsu on April 01, 2015

    I'm not normally into underage, but this story is hot, and I hope you continue it

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