Reviews for Yuffie's hypnotic adventure (Renamed)

BY : Systemfailure99

  • From VincentBrooks_5 on April 04, 2018

    This story is sexy! Tifa getting dominated and embarrassed will never get old to me, and chapter 1 fulfilled those desires. Like when Tifa called Yuffie "Mistress" and admitting to be a slut. It's great to see Tifa not only be told what to do, but also expose her secrets.  Chapter 2 was good, especially in the beginning, when Tifa was hanging around shameful posters and not knowing why. Dominant Tifa is not my favorite, but the chapter is well written. Chapter 3 just screams to be continued. I really thought the whole chapter was excellent from start to finish. The threesome was hot, and I liked how Aerith didn't make them completely hypnotized, they were aware of what they were doing, but couldn't stop themselves. Seeing the manipulate materia being used in slightly different ways added to the story with good variation. It wasn't just them being braindead hypnotized slaves all the time. I really hope you continue this story, the Scarlet part was a fantastic setup. I would like to see you go more in depth on how that all happened. 

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