Reviews for Constrained by Decorum

BY : Becky

  • From ManDu on May 06, 2018

    My heart literally leapt out of my chest when I saw this story posted here! I am a huge fan of Blinded by Decorum (I have read it more times than I care to admit) and I thought that would be the end of this fiction. So you can imagine how surprised and amaizing I was to find this little hidden gem the other day.


    I’m a seeker of good quality fanfic like this, I don’t think I’ve ever posted a review in the 10 plus years I’ve been reading fics here, but this here compelled me to registered and review. It;s that good!


    The sexual tension and angst is really great! My vocabulary lacks the ability to describe just how amazing this is. Something about Ignis/Noctis just fits so perfectly, I’m surprised there aren’t more fictions out there with the pairing.


    If only you could continue writing this fic, but oh my, I wont be greedy. This is so much more unexpected than I ever imagined. You seriously made my day (maybe year) with this POV fic.


    Thank you so much for writing this story, it truly touched my heart and inspired me! You are the best, and please don’t ever stop writing!

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  • From Kokuna on May 01, 2018

    This was seriously fantastic! I actually created an account so I can praise this story ^_^ Is there any chance you will be writing more? I've just finished the game a few weeks ago and the hole in my chest is still pretty raw and I'm desperately looking for things to fill it. I've read everything here, some a few times (including this and its companion) and I just need more lol. I'd love to see more about these two if you plan on it!

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