Reviews for Demons

BY : Carmilla

  • From ANON - Clam on August 23, 2005

    That...actually made me cry. I know Final Fantasy 7, but I've never played Devil May Cry. But I think you described the character well enough for my imagination. The emotions were very well described, and your writing overall is just beautiful. It's so rare to find fanfiction writers who can actually write -well-, so thank you for that. ^__^

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  • From ANON - CrystallineTears on January 23, 2004

    Wonderful, simply wonderful. But is there antway you could fix the last word in th estory? I am sad that it is not complete. But I still love the story. Wonderful I'm rather speechless. The thing was just so damn good.

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  • From ANON - mei on October 26, 2003

    wow, my very first review on
    pleaze go on with your story its great, and a really good explanation on how vincent actually got his metall claw

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  • From ANON - Emerald Embers on June 20, 2003

    *happy sigh*

    Oh Carmy, after having wandered into the FFX section for too long, I crawled back begging for death to relieve me of the mental images burnt into my head forever and giving me an alternative to purchasing purgatives ever again, and then, I read this fic once more. My eyes and stomach are saved.

    *kisses you to death and back*


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