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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VIII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Junkie-love

Author: Yorda

Rating: R

Diclaimer: Sadly none of the characters of FF8 are mine, but belong to Squaresoft

Couples: Seifer/Squall

Warnings: angst, lemon, language, mild violence, drug use, OOC

Summary: Seifer's hooked on drugs and Squall is the only one trying to help him.

**AN: the fic has been re-written.

Chapter 1:

"Come on, we gotta get back to class." The blonde haired boy told his friend as he got up from the bench near the main elevator.

"Yeah..." Squall replied and followed Zell.

"Thank god it's the last one today. Wanna work out later or something?" Zell asked and gave his friend a questioning look .

"Nah, I promised I'd spend some time with Rinoa tonight." Squall replied as they walked towards the elevator.

"Man you're lucky to have her! She's a real catch..." Zell noted, sounding somewhat jealous.

".....I guess so..." Squall muttered after a moment of silence.

"You *guess* so?? Squall! She's the prettiest girl in the whole Garden! ...You're really fucked up if don't realise that..." Zell exclaimed, not understanding why his friend was being so indifferent.

"Yeah, yeah Zell, I know." Squall groaned, sounding a bit annoyed. "Let's just go already."

The two of them walked up the stairs leading to the main elevator. As the elevator doors opened, their eyes widened with surprise.

"Almasy?! What the hell--" Zell exclaimed as he saw Seifer Almasy make his way out of the elevator; the blonde's movements clearly tottery and somewhat groggy.

"Get the fuck outta my way!" the tall blonde growled, shoving them both aside. Zell flew down on the floor and shot Seifer an annoyed glance.

"God damn punk!" he raged and shook his fist. Squall was too shocked to say anything. He just stared as the older boy stormed down the stairs, knocking down more students as he went.

"He's back?? No one told me that!" Zell exclaimed, getting up from the floor. "And he's even bigger an asshole than he was when we last saw him.." the blonde muttered through gritted teeth. They stepped into the elevator and waited as it took them up to the second floor.

"Squall...say something! Did you know of Seifer's return?" Zell continued, the look on his tattooed face still dumbfounded.

"....No, I didn't. The last time I saw him was in the Lunatic Pandora. Six months ago. I--I didn't even think he was alive.." Squall finally spoke, frowning in confusion. 'Where's he been all this time? Why didn't he come back when we defeated Ultimecia?'

"Well, I sure do pity the guy who has to share a room with that arrogant bastard." Zell stated as they walked towards the class-room. Squall gave a nod, the frown on his face deepening as he realised something.

'He looked kinda weird. All pale and haggard. And...did he even recognise us?!...What's with you Almasy?' Squall blinked his eyes, forcing all thoughts of Seifer Almasy out of his mind, not wanting to waste his time thinking about the older boy. 'Well, why would I even care? It's none of my business...he can do what ever he wants.'

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :

The day's classes were finally over and Squall was walking towards his dorm- room with Rinoa by his side.

"We'll see later tonight, right sweetie?" Rinoa confirmed as they arrived at Squall's door, giving the brunette boy a questioning look. Squall frowned when he heard the black-haired girl call him a 'sweetie'.

"Yeah, yeah..." Squall muttered, slightly annoyed. It had to be the fifth time Rinoa was making sure they'd spend the evening together. On the other hand, Squall couldn't blame her. He had been kinda absentminded lately because of the amount of school work he had, and Rinoa was the one suffering from it the most. She had to deal with him always being either tired or on a bad mood, and the fact that whenever they were alone, Squall was usually lost in his own thoughts, not hearing a word of Rinoa's thoughts. Squall wondered why the girl hadn't left him already.

'Or maybe I'm hoping she'll leave me?' Squall asked himself as Rinoa pulled him down for a quick kiss.

"Meet me at the Quad then. Bye sweetie." Rinoa waved her hand and gave Squall a loving smile, then walked away. Squall glanced around, making sure there had been no one in the hallway. He wasn't comfortable with kissing in public.

'Remember, you're lucky to have her...just like Zell said. You shouldn't take her for granted.' Squall told himself as he tapped the code to open his door.

'...Or maybe this whole dating thing...it's just not for me...? Rinoa would probably be happier with someone else...someone who actually gives a damn about her new dresses, make-ups and hairdos.' Squall felt bad for thinking like that. He did care about Rinoa, but wasn't sure if he really wanted to be with her. He didn't know why, but he just felt like there was something wrong with their relationship; with him being with Rinoa.

'Whatever...' Squall sighed and stepped into his room. The moment he closed the door and glanced at his bed, he almost yelped, his greyish eyes wide as saucers.

"What the hell are you doing here Seifer??" Squall exclaimed, surprised to see the blonde, lying on his bed. Seifer didn't answer him.

'Is he asleep?' Squall frowned as he stepped closer. 'What's he doing here??...And how did he get in?' The brunette was starting to feel angry and confused, wanting some answers from the older boy. He stood before his bed and eyed the apparently sleeping blonde, then realised something. A litany of silent curses escaped his lips and he brought his fingers up to the bridge of his nose.

'Oh no.. Seifer isn't my new *room-mate*, is he??' The frown on Squall's face deepened as he realised *he* was the one who henceforth had to share a room with the blonde.

'Great! Just great! Someone please kill me now!' Squall sighed and gazed down at the sleeping Seifer again.

'No one even cared to inform me...And how rude can he be! I mean, why the hell does he choose to nap on *my* bed when there's a free one just on the other side of the room?'

Squall was starting to get angry and readied himself to grip Seifer by the collar of his scruffy-looking sweatshirt and shake the blonde awake. He stopped in mid-motion however, and his greyish eyes widened as he let them roam on Seifer's body. Squall took a few steps back and let out a surprised gasp, feeling like his heart skipped a beat.

"Dear Hyne!" the brunette exclaimed as he saw Seifer's arm, full of reddish needle-marks and old bruises, a tight compression belt tied around it. He let his eyes wander and saw a syringe on the floor, below Seifer's outstretched hand.

'I-It all makes sense now...'

Squall suddenly felt dizzy and fought the urge to vomit. He was shaken by the sight before him. He took a deep breath, trying to gather his bearings. Slowly he managed to calm down and lay his eyes down again. Squall felt a thousand things race in his mind.

'He's on drugs? .... *Seifer Almasy is on drugs?!* ...C-can't be!...In what sick reality would he sink this low??'

Squall just couldn't believe his eyes. He was unable to think straight, different thoughts and questions all entering his mind at the same time. What the hell could have happened to his former rival? Had he been like this for long?

'...Well, not longer than six months...' Squall reasoned, as he kneeled down to pick up the used syringe. He held it in his hand and eyed the unconscious blonde. The man lying on his bed was not the Seifer Almasy Squall knew. This was some pitiful junkie, only a shadow of the always so proud and strong person he used to know. Squall ked ked his eyes and finally kneeled down beside the bed.

"Seifer? Can you hear me?" he whispered, shaking the blonde lightly. There was no response. The brunette leaned closer to feel Seifer's pulse and inspect the look on his face. He noted Seifer's eyes were half-open, but there was no movement in them. Carefully Squall brought his hand up and used his fingers to open one the blonde's emerald green eyes.

'His pupils are contracted...'

Squall removed his leather glove and felt Seifer's forehead. It was damp with sweat and the blonde's breathing was shallow.

'I....I don't know almost anything about drugs! Should I take him to the infirmary? His life might be in danger!' Squall was starting to panic as he stood up and walked towards the door. He stopped however, as he realised something.

'I..I can't take him to Kadowaki...If anyone knows of his addiction, he'll be thrown out even faster than he came in...And then he'd be on his own...Or maybe they would put him in a clinic?'

Squall turned around to look at the almost unconscious blonde lying on his bed. 'M-maybe I should wait 'til he wakes up and then talk with him? I guess he's not in grave danger at the moment...he's just out because of the drugs he's taken...' The brunette reasoned. 'Maybe I can talk with him and make him realise the drugs will kill him sooner or later.' Squall thought in his mind, not knowing how hard it would actually be to get someone rid of an addiction.

The brunette decided he'd wait for Seifer to return from his trip. He noted the older boy's travelling-bag on the floor, near the bed. Most of its contents had been rummaged through and thrown all over the floor.

'He must have been in need of a new dose when we ran into him earlier...'

Squall glanced back at Seifer and frowned as he noticed the blonde was starting to come back from his drug-torpor. His eyes fluttered open and closed again.

'I....I need to find all of the stuff he's using and get rid of it, before Seifer wakes up.'

It wasn't hard, for it seemed Seifer had all his stuff in one bag. Squall's eyes went wide as he examined the contents of the little paper bag. There was another syringe, some old spoon, different coloured capsules and something Squall thought looked like heroine.

'W-what is all this shit?' The brunette frowned, once again unable to believe the fact that Seifer was helplessly addicted to drugs. 'I wonder how bad his addiction is? ...If I'm right, and this here is heroine...then things are bad.' He eyed the syringe and let his eyes travel to the needle marks on Seifer's arm.

'Yeah...intravenous drugs...things really aren't looking that good Seifer!'

Feeling determined, Squall made sure he had everything in the bag. Quickly he got up and made his way into the small bathroom, located near the second bed. Without even thinking it further, he emptied the contents of the paper bag into the toilet, except for the syringe and the spoon. Those he threw in the litterbin, under the sink.

"There, now it's done. This is for the best...I never liked you Seifer, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna watch you kill yourself with drugs!" Deep in his heart however, the brunette felt a bit scared and unsure. He was afraid of Seifer's reaction when he'd realise Squall had just thrown all his drugs away, down in the toilet.

::::::::::::::.To be continued:::::::::::::::::::


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