Who's got who?

BY : Tenshiaka
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VIII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author notes: Started this ages ago after an idea came up while rp'ing with a friend. This is the second story in an arch involving Zell and his strange connection to dragons. I'm really hoping to go somewhere with this as I love the idea. Hope this isn't too strange for anyone, but there's not beastiality unless you consider Zell in dragon form with a hard on Beast...*shrugs* Not even sure what the protocal on that would be anymore. So yeah Chapter two should be up fairly soon as I have a couple days off work comming up. Sorry if there are any screw ups as I don't have a beta tester right now and I'm doing it on my own. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Don't own the characters. Square Enix does.

Who’s got who?
Chapter 1

Slowly the dark haired man sipped at his black coffee. He had been hiding out in his room all day watching the rain come down. There had been a huge thunder storm last night and it had never really let up. Now though the soft droplets splashed against the window pane in a methodic musical drumming.
The head master’s quarters were warm and inviting although Squall’s mood was less that such. Tucked away in his corner by the window all seemed as gray to him as the afternoon sky outside. Completely unaware, off in his own world he did not notice the knocking upon his door.
Finally he awoke from his thoughtful state. He hadn’t been expecting anyone. No incoming student appointments or Exams to officiate. “Come in,” his voice was low and sultry although he didn’t mean it to be. It was strange, Quistis had pointed that out to him some time ago. She made the off hand comment that he always sounded like he had just had sex. Slightly breathless and dreamy. This disturbed him a little mostly because he couldn’t remember the last time he'd had sex. Only the fleeting memory that he was no longer a virgin lingered in his mind. Vaguely he wondered how he might sound after such and act and wondered if Quistis’ observations were true.
Spiky blonde bangs poked in through the large oak doors as they moved smoothly on their large hinges. “Squall?” Zell’s voice was questioning and almost shaky, strange for the normally bouncy, outgoing boy. He shuffled quietly into the room, eyes cast to the floor yet facing the Headmaster’s direction.
Squall sighed. He wasn’t sure what Zell wanted or why he was acting like a two year old with his hand caught in the cookie jar but he was in really no mood to deal with it. “What is it Zell.” It wasn’t even really a question. Silently he set his black mug of coffee upon a small mahogany end table and stood. It was filled with such things as Weapons monthly and a few old, now out of print fighter’s magazines. Still they were neat and tidy with not a one out of alphabetical order.
“I’ve come to report on the damage repairs that were made by those two dragons last night sir.” He saluted and swallowed hard giving Squall a clear indication that he was nervous as hell. Zell never called him sir let alone saluted when he saw the young headmaster.

Squall eyed him warily. He knew now why Zell was here and why he was acting so strange. Still he couldn’t understand why Zell just couldn’t get over it. In a way it really wasn’t his fault that Bahamet had gone berserker and just happened to attack one of the large GF’s Seifer had been carrying too. “Stranger things have happened.” Squall thought to himself. The only thing he was really worried about was having to put Bahamet out of commission for a while leaving Zell rather empty and lost. It wouldn’t do him any good and besides the kid had been having it rough for a while. Plus the headmaster wanted to keep the matter under wraps as much as possible. Squall didn't want it leaking out that two of his "faculty" were having issues with theire GF's.
“What does it look like?” Squall’s words were flat but not entirely unfriendly. Slowly he paced towards Zell. He was not in his typical uniform but simply wore a pair of faded black jeans and the ever popular white undershirt making the muscles of his abdomen markedly stand out . A look that was certainly always associated with Squall but that few rarely ever saw him in anymore.
Zell dropped his eyes, “Well sir the repairs have been started but it’s going to take over a month to repair the large tower and the hole outside your room is being boarded up as we speak.” Looking up he met the glowering headmaster’s gaze and swallowed hard. “I’m sorry sir but the crew is doing the best they can. I apologize for the other night…it was really my fault that I couldn’t control Bahamet.” A blush rose on his cheeks turning the image of the dragon king scarlet.
“Shit…I don’t think he knows what this is really about.” Zell thought to himself seeing the rather blank expression on Squall’s face. It was certainly the truth that there were two dragons who had been fighting during the thunderstorm and that one of them was Bahamet. What Squall didn’t realize was that Zell had actually taken on the form of the mighty dragon. It was something the young blonde hadn’t expected but had come to accept all the less but, that was another story. Now as far as Seifer was concerned Zell had no idea, he only knew that the dragon Bahamet had been fighting was Seifer in another form as well. The whole thing was rather confusing and Zell sighed loudly.
By this point Squall was over at a large half moon shaped desk shifting through some papers. It’s well polished surface reflecting back his fine features as he looked down onto it. “Did you need to be somewhere,” he said with out looking up in response to the loud sigh coming from Zell’s lips. “I’ll be done in just a moment…if I could get you to have the construction crew lead sign some of these papers for me that would more than make up for the damage.”
The normally bouncy blonde started to walk forward then stopped gaining somewhat of a new confidence. “He really doesn’t have any idea of what that fight was about.” He thought smirking. Well at least he was off the hook for that. The truth of the matter being that well, this was mating season among the dragon kind and well Zell hated to admit it but Squall was kind of his main romantic focus. Little had he known that night that Seifer was also on the hunt so to speak. He really disliked the thought of what would have happened to Squall if things hadn’t stopped where they had. With that knew thought Zell thought maybe this would be the best time to bring something up and start working towards claiming Squall as his own.

“Um…Squall.” Zell pressed a smile across his lips. After all what better time to bring things up when he was sure there would be no interference from the tall haughty blonde. Not the greatest setting but he had to take his chance while he had it. He put on his best showy grin. “I…uh…of coarse I’ll take those papers to the crew lead. Anything that I can do to help?” Casually he brushed up against Squall as he came around to the side of the desk where Squall was standing.
Squall looked up and shook his head in confusion. “Do you smell that Zell?” The air suddenly took on a warm musky scent that sent a thrill through Squall’s body. He shivered slightly wondering where it was coming from. “Here’s those papers.” Unexpectedly he felt dizzy and put a hand to his head.
Zell merely looked on innocently. “No, no I don’t smell anything.” He smiled again not begin able to help himself. Dragon musk was very powerful stuff but only detectable by others of a dragon type nature. Zell used to always catch that scent on the wind during the fall in his childhood. Strange though, he began to wonder what exactly had made Squall pick up on it in the first place. That was actually the first thing that had peaked Zell’s interest way back when. Squall could pick up on things; things of a dragon type nature and Zell couldn’t help but to test his luck.
Squall sighed and pulled himself back into reality. “I thought you had to be somewhere Zell?” He still felt a little woozy but his head was starting to clear, however he still felt a vague sense of arousal that he couldn’t quite place.
The perky blonde nodded. It seemed that he was in Squall’s good graces again and that made him even more adventurous. “So just taken’ the day easy huh? Not like you really…” Zell laughed. “I mean you always work so much and with the new semester starting I figured that you’d be up to your ears in paper work.” He was just trying to make small talk. Lead Squall into something, like maybe an agreement to have dinner or something. He figured if he could catch him saying that he wasn’t busy he had a pretty good chance.
Stormy-grey eyes looked up a bit questioningly to Zell. Why was he still hanging around? He comes in here looking all meek and all of a suddenly he’s back to his old self again. “I guess…” was all Squall replied as he turned to walk back to his favorite overstuffed chair by the window.
This was not the answer Zell was looking for and he casually followed but kept standing when he got to the plush seating area. “Well looks like you’re not doing much to me; you uh…wanna catch dinner in town tonight or something?” Zell could not believe those words had just come out of his mouth and the silence was deafening for a moment.
The lithe brunette sat for a moment as if considering the option, weighing it like it was some sort of life changing consideration. “Well I suppose…I don’t have anything planned.” He said it so matter of factly in that somewhat dead-pan Squall tone.
The look on Zell’s face must have been priceless as his jaw nearly hit the floor. Maybe Squall didn’t know what he was asking? Maybe he did know what was going on all along and was just playing him and Seifer? So many questions swirled through his blonde brain that he almost got a nose bleed.
“What?” Squall seemed to say innocently enough. “How about the Balamb bay side grille at 8?” He picked up a magazine and opened it giving Zell his cue to leave. “Oh and Zell please make sure the foreman gets those papers. I’ll have my ass in a bind if I don’t get those to the insurance company by the end of the week.”
“Alright…8 it is then…” Zell seemed a little shell shocked by the whole ordeal but gratefully accepted what had just been presented to him. “You wanna meet down in the garage?” He dared to ask one more question before Squall completely absorbed himself in a magazine he’d already read over a hundred times.
“Sure,” was Squall’s only reply and Zell quickly hurried out the door before he gave himself a chance to screw the situation up. He couldn’t help the giant cheesy grin on his face as he walked his way to the large tower to find the foremen and hand off those oh so important papers.

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