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A/N: Warning: Contains descriptions of clone-cest.


Chapter 17. Bonds of Blood

“Loz, what’s the deal with Kadaj?”

Rolling his head over on the pillow to glance at me lying on my side next to him, Loz enquires, “What do you mean?”

Asking what I really want to ask, I specify, “Who’s he sleeping with?”

“Whoever he wants to sleep with.” Loz shrugs a shoulder. “Guys or girls – it don’t matter to him. You’ve seen my brother at the club – people flock to him like bees to honey.”

“I don’t mean at the club. I mean, here.” I gesture to the cave wall adjoining the hallway. “In his room.”

At this, Loz starts to appear uneasy and I can almost see his brain working frantically to form an excuse.

“Don’t tell me he isn’t sleeping with anyone here because I’ve heard him,” I point out. “It’s always late at night when you’re not awake. And I’m pretty sure it’s a guy.”

“Shit. I told them to be careful about it.” The biggest Remnant sighs. “Well, I suppose you had to find out sometime.”

“Find out about who?” 

“Daj and Yaz.” He shoots me a funny look. “Isn’t that what you’re hinting at?”

“Wait…what?” After a few seconds of incredulous silence where my brain slots all the pieces together, I sit up in bed and blurt out, “Are you telling me Kadaj and Yazoo are messing around together?”

“It’s a lot more than messing around. But yeah, they’re together.”

“Like, TOGETHER together?” I query, still trying to wrap my head around it.

“As in a couple? Like…lovers?”

Another funny look from Loz. “I thought you’d guessed it already.”

“Well, to be honest, I HAD wondered about them…” I stop and think of all the suspicious things I’ve seen and then discounted. “But I thought it couldn’t possibly be true. I figured it had to be another clone or something…”

“There ain’t no other clones left. We’re it. Just us three.”

“But you’re brothers…” I squint at him. “Aren’t you?”

Loz is frowning at me, not in an angry way but an intent, serious way. “Cate, what you have to understand is, we’re not like other brothers. We’re not even human. The alien cells in our blood – Mother’s cells – they’re kind of…alive. They draw us to her. When these cells have been separated from the host, they always want to get back together. To reunite. Like magnets.”

He makes a connecting gesture with both hands. “That’s why we want to find Mother so badly. And it’s the same thing that bonds us all - Yazoo, Kadaj and me. It makes us close. We know what each one of us is thinking or feeling. When we fight it’s like we’re in each other’s heads; knowing what do to and when to do it, without speaking. Because of these shared cells, our connection is super-strong.”

Surprised by the knowledgeable way Loz is talking about telepathy and their alien cellular structure, I ask, “Did Yazoo tell you about all that?”

He shakes his head. “I’ve always known it. We all have, ever since we were released from the fish-tanks we were grown in and shoved into a room together. Because of our magnetic cells, we can’t stand to be apart from each other for very long. There’s a pull. Right here.” Loz puts his hand over his chest. “It’s like we need to be near each other or we start to feel bad. The scientists in the lab knew that too and sometimes when Kadaj was disobedient they would lock him in solitary confinement. It wasn’t so much to punish him, as he’d never get scared of being in a dark padded room by himself; they did it just to keep him away from us. THAT was the punishment. He’d last a day or two, three at most, but sooner or later it drove him screaming mad. We couldn’t hear him as the room was soundproofed and located in another part of the complex completely but we could sense it. We could FEEL it. All the way through the walls. Our cells screamed to be together and it hurt, Cate. It hurt so fuckin’ bad.”

He gazes at me with traumatised eyes, imploring me to understand. “It’s like no other pain on the planet, like nothing else I’ve ever felt, not like any of the experiments we had done to us. It’s way, way worse. It’s as though our blood and bones were trying to rip out of our bodies to go be with him and that’s exactly how he was feeling too. I screamed with him and pounded on the walls in rage until I’d busted my hands up and all my fingers were broken. Yazoo sank onto the floor, huddled up in a silent little ball, rocking back and forth. He never said anything, never even cried, but he was screaming on the inside, just as loud as me. We were only kids when they started doing this to us. Just little godsdamn kids.”

Loz’s voice cracks marginally and he shuts his eyes for a moment before continuing.

“When I couldn’t scream anymore I’d just sit down with Yazoo, wanting to die rather than keep feeling this agony. Finally, they would return Kadaj to us tranquilised and in a straightjacket. The pain would disappear, just like that.” He clicks his fingers. “I would leap up off the floor and hug my little brother so tight it’s a miracle I didn’t crush him to death. After Yaz and I tore the jacket off him, Kadaj would be quiet and withdrawn for a few hours, sitting there with this blank stare like he was lobotomised or something, but eventually the drugs wore off and he’d go back to normal. We all would.”

I’m too shaken by the absolute horror of it all to say anything.

  “So, anyway,” Loz finishes with a shrug. “Now you know why we go everywhere together.”

   “My Gods,” I remark softly when I can speak, both awed by the strength of their bond and sickened by the way the scientists used it against them as a form of control, particularly while the three brothers were innocent young children who hadn’t even seen the outside world yet. Loz reckons he’s not good with words but he explained this situation to me so vividly and descriptively I could almost hear their painful screams echoing down the hallways of the lab.

   “So, how did Yazoo and Kadaj end up being together?” I ask Loz. “As a couple, I mean.” 

“Well, you lock three boys in a room together for years without any parental supervision and they’re gonna fool around. We learned about sex from movies and on TV and of course we were curious. When we were little, we all fooled around with each other but as Yaz and Daj developed, they did more and more things together and got real serious about it. Maybe if they’d had access to girls back then, things would have turned out different, or maybe it still would have happened anyway. They both seemed to want it equally so I left them alone and didn’t try to stop it. They’re the two youngest so they’ve always been closer to each other than to me. When they bond, they really do bond in every way. I guess you could call it a kind of ‘reunion’.”

“Their cells are trying to get as close as physically possible,” I muse to myself. “They can’t actually merge into one single body, or back into the original host, so that’s why they have sex.”

“I know it’s not normal but they can’t help it,” Loz defends. “Being locked underground alone for that long forced my brothers together for comfort and now they’re so completely connected, it can never be undone.”

He levels his gaze at me, his voice proud and protective.

“I’m not ashamed of them, Cate. They’re my blood – my family – and they mean everything to me. I’m glad they have each other and what they do in private…I’m okay with it. I just didn’t want you to know because I wasn’t sure how you’d take it. I bet it was hard enough accepting that we’re clones. I thought if you found out that my brothers sleep together…it’d be too much for you to handle.”

He looks at me again, closely, trying to read my feelings on the situation.

   “Do you understand now?” he asks apprehensively. “Why they are like that? And why I didn’t tell you?”

I nod, slowly beginning to comprehend this strange, secret brotherly bond, finding it both forbidden yet fascinating. I used to think incest was sickening and repulsive but there’s nothing sickening or repulsive about the deep kind of connection Loz has described. 

    “Yeah. I think I get it. But what about you, Loz?” I glance hesitantly at him. “Do you ever feel the same magnetic pull that they do? Like, sexually?” 

“Sometimes, but I think I’m just feeling what they’re feeling. That’s why they wait until I’m asleep before they do it, otherwise I’d feel it all. And I don’t need that from them. My bond with Kadaj and Yazoo is more an emotional one. I need to feel like they care about me, that they love me and stuff,” Loz reveals embarrassedly. “But they don’t have to say it. I’m happy to just be around them, to know that they are here and have got my back. We might argue sometimes but I know they’ll always protect me, just like I protect them. We’d die for each other and that’s a fact.”

 “So, you’ve never bonded with your brothers like that?” I persist out of curiosity. “You’ve never had a…reunion…with them? Not even once?”

“Well, there was this one time we sort of started…” Suddenly uncomfortable, Loz cuts himself off and looks away. “But you don’t wanna hear about that.”

   “Yes, I do,” I say quickly. “I DO want to know!”

Unsure, he mumbles, “It’s kind of dirty. And wrong.”

“I don’t care.” I touch his arm. “If we’re going to be together, Loz, there shouldn’t be any secrets between us. Tell me. Please.”

He peeks uncertain green eyes at me. “You won’t get grossed out or think I’m disgusting?”

“Of course not. You’re my boyfriend, and the father of my baby, and I promise I won’t judge you. I just want to know more about your life, that’s all. And hey, if you tell me what you did with your brothers, I’ll tell you something I did with Shandi.”

His eyebrows lift up. “Your lesbian roommate?”

I nod and smile mischievously.

That convinces Loz to share his secret with me. “Okay. But you can’t tell anyone else,” he warns me as I cross my heart not to.

He begins his story, telling me how they’d gone out to that club again. Yazoo and Kadaj entertained themselves with narcotics and pretty young people of their choice but Loz had been looking specifically for me, as he always did when they went there. Of course, he didn’t find me amongst the crowd, as I didn’t go back to that place after the night their Shadow Creepers trashed it like demonic bulls in a china shop, Loz becoming even more depressed over the thought of never seeing me again. He knew he’d scared me off but still thought about me all the time and secretly hoped to run into me, somewhere, someday, even though Kadaj told him to stop being stupid and get over it.

“I’d had way too much to drink that night, and Daj and Yaz had slipped me some drugs to try and cheer me up, but it didn’t work and so I left the club. Somehow I made it home without crashing my bike,” Loz says. “They were following me on their bikes but I was the first to make it home. Coming out of the garage and into the corridor, I stumbled on the slope down and tripped ass over head onto the concrete. I didn’t hurt myself but I was so wasted I couldn’t be bothered getting up again; I just rolled onto my back. I was gonna go to sleep there.” He shrugs in slight embarrassment.

“Anyway, Yazoo came in and tried to get me up off the floor, tugging on my hand, but I didn’t want to move so I growled at him to leave me alone and went to pull out of his grip. Instead, I accidentally yanked him forward and he fell straight on top of me. He was pretty wasted himself and didn’t have his normal balance. He tried to get up but he felt nice against me so I wrapped my arms around his waist and wouldn’t let him go. I just needed some physical contact, y’know? I needed to feel like somebody cared about me. Like somebody wanted me,” Loz admits bashfully. “I was thinking of you, Cate, and I started crying because I thought you didn’t want me anymore and I missed you so much I couldn’t stand it.”

“Poor Lozzie,” I murmur in sorrowful sympathy as I stroke over his silver head, realising how awfully lonely he must have been at that time.

“Yazoo tried to calm me down,” Loz continues. “He told me not to cry and was wiping my tears away but they wouldn’t stop. Because of the drugs, my emotions were completely fucked-up and I couldn’t control them. So my brother, just doing what he does best, decided that if he kissed me right on the lips it would make me shut up.”

“Wow. Did that work?”

 “It worked all right. I was stunned into silence. I remember him looking down at me, giggling and blinking those damn eyelashes, his hair floating around his face like a fuckin’ angel’s halo or something, and just for a moment I saw him as a girl. A really pretty girl.”

Loz pauses to blush a little and my expression grows more intrigued, starting to see in which direction the tale is going.

“It’d been so long since I’d been with anyone and Yazoo felt so good lying on me that I couldn’t help but get a bit…uh…excited.”

“You got a hard-on?” I ask interestedly.

His blush deepens. “Yeah.”

“Did Yazoo feel it? What did he say?”

“Nothing. He didn’t seem to mind at all. I think he was flattered, actually, going by the way he smiled.”

“And then what?” I press him in growing excitement. “What happened next?”

Seeing how enthusiastic I am spurs Loz on to keep going with the story. In his own way, he tells me how Yazoo began kissing down his neck and chest, taking Loz’s mind off his heartbreak and replacing it with another emotion all together. Loz doesn’t go into a huge amount of detail with what Yazoo did but I have a very creative mind and can fill in the blanks, imagining the scene as if it was from a pornographic movie. According to my bulky boyfriend, Yazoo unzipped Loz’s pants, made an impressed “Hm,” at the size of what he found in there and then proceeded to give his older brother a blow job on the floor. After a few feeble protests, Loz abandoned the notion of stopping him. In fact, he watched the whole thing, pushing Yazoo’s hair back to get a better view of his thick cock disappearing into that skilled mouth. Like a slutty little schoolgirl on her knees, Yazoo sucked Loz off and from what Loz says, it seemed as though Yazoo was enjoying it, or at least was extremely good at pretending.

Sometime during this rather naughty event, Loz heard a noise and looked up to find Kadaj watching them, apparently getting off on the sight. Loz had been so engrossed in what Yazoo was doing that he forgot his little brother was even there in the hallway with them. But with all the alcohol and drugs in his veins, it didn’t bother Loz to have an audience. Kadaj had half-undone his leather suit and was openly touching himself, also intoxicated enough not to care who saw him. With one brother sucking him and the other observing and jacking off, I bet it didn’t take Loz long to explode, his loud groans of relief echoing through the lair like thunder and probably causing small chunks of sandstone to drop from the roof.

While Yazoo was licking his lips (dreamily, no doubt), Kadaj came closer and took over, grabbing Yazoo’s head and shoving into his mouth mere seconds after he was done with Loz, the younger clone once again proving his supreme dominance in the family. From his vantage point on the floor, Loz got to watch very closely as a bare-chested Kadaj fucked Yazoo’s willing mouth with short thrusts of his hips and spent himself upon his slender sibling’s tongue with a hiss of release. The only one left who hadn’t been pleasured was Yazoo and they soon took care of that, Kadaj kneeling down on the floor, bunching up Yazoo’s coat and reaching between the middle Remnant’s slim thighs, beginning to rub and knead before sliding his hand into the front of Yazoo’s trousers. With his telepathy, Kadaj silently told Loz to help and without even thinking about it Loz did, sticking his hand into the back of Yazoo’s pants, both brothers bringing Yazoo to a shuddering orgasm with their fingers. None of them spoke a word as it was all happening and when it was finished, they fixed their clothing, hauled Loz off the ground and walked him back to his room so he could sleep away his hangover in a real bed and not on a cold concrete corridor.  

“In the morning I just pretended I couldn’t remember anything and we never talked about it or did it again. So, uh…that was that.” Loz ends his narrative and peers nervously at me, unsure of my responding speechlessness. “Told you it was wrong.”

Finding my voice, I eventually answer, “That’s not wrong. That’s kind of…awesome.”

“What, you LIKE that stuff?” Loz appears astonished by my acceptance. “You like dudes messing around together? Especially related dudes?”

“Starting to now.” I shake my head in turned-on amazement. “Damn. That’s possibly the hottest story I’ve ever heard!” 

Thinking of this big, macho man laying back and allowing his more feminine brother to do things to him that previously only whores have done, intimate things, allowing himself to let go that much…for some reason I find that so attractive and exciting. Realising that my boyfriend may have a bisexual or bi-curious aspect to his personality thrills me like I have never been thrilled before. 

“So, what did you do with Shandi? I told you mine, Cate, now you gotta tell me yours,” Loz reminds me expectantly.

“Oh, that? Well, we were drunk one night too…”

I tell him of the time my dark-skinned female roommate bragged about how good lesbians are at giving women oral sex and how I scoffed and told her to prove it. Needless to say, she was very good but I assure Loz that his tongue is much, much better than hers, reaching places she never could, and he’s happy to hear that. Listening to each of our sexy stories has gotten us both all hot and horny so naturally, I climb on top of Loz and use him for his magnificent body. He doesn’t mind at all.


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