Goodbye is only the Beginning

BY : Madisuzy
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Cloud awoke early, his body too used to waking up at the break of dawn for him to sleep in. As he descended the stairs his stomach grumbled at the smell that wafted up to greet him. He found Kiros in the kitchen cooking something on the stove and smiled at the colourful apron he was wearing.

“Good morning, Cloud. Can I interest you in some breakfast and coffee?” the President’s assistant asked. Cloud nodded in response as his stomach grumbled in hunger.

“Can I do anything to help?” Cloud asked. Kiros pointed to the coffee machine and Cloud poured two cups, taking them over to the kitchen table and sitting down. Kiros served up two plates of omelette with toast and joined him. As they ate, Cloud couldn’t stop smiling. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had breakfast, as the Inn only served coffee before lunch. He appreciated not having to go hungry all morning and the omelette was delicious. Cloud finished it quickly, looking up to see Kiros watching him.

“I take it they still don’t serve breakfast at the Inn?” the older man said with a chuckle. Cloud blushed as he realized he’d scoffed the food down like he hadn’t eaten for days. Looking at Kiros’ plate he saw that the other man had barely touched his own meal.

“Even if they did, it wouldn’t of tasted this good,” Cloud muttered, smiling at Kiros and trying to ignore his burning face.

“I’m glad you liked it,” Kiros replied, nursing his coffee in both hands. “Cloud, I should warn you that Laguna’s son will be arriving today. He can be unfriendly and I wanted to make sure you don’t take his behaviour personally.”

“What, is he a little terror?” Cloud said remembering Denzel back home. Kiros began laughing at his comment, nearly choking on his coffee.

“More like a big terror. He’s around the same age as you. Squall tends to be overprotective of Laguna and…well, I suppose the words ‘antisocial and hostile’ probably describe him best. Vincent and Squall don’t get along at all so he’ll probably treat you as the enemy too. Just don’t let him bother you, okay?”

“Thanks for the warning. I’ll keep it in mind. Oh, and thanks for breakfast too,” Cloud added earnestly.

“You’re welcome. I’ve got to go out for a while. Could you tell the others that I’ll be back in an hour or so?” Kiros asked, standing up and putting his unfinished breakfast on the side of the sink.

Cloud nodded at him and watched as the older man left. He felt a wave of nervous energy and fear coming off Kiros and it concerned him. Shaking his head at his paranoia he dismissed it quickly. It wasn’t like there was anything to be scared of in this isolated little town full of hillbillies.


Laguna wandered down the steps and headed straight for the coffee machine. When he’d woken up, Vincent and Kiros had already left and he’d felt like cuddling but his pillow just didn’t cut it. He felt like shit and was not looking forward to Squall’s arrival. As much as he wanted to see his son, he knew the first thing Squall would do was give him another lecture. Made him feel like his mother was coming to visit.

Sipping on his coffee, he headed to the sofa and nearly sat on top of Cloud. Fuck. He’d forgotten all about him. Blushing profusely, he apologized and sat across from the blond, belatedly greeting him.

“Bad morning?” Cloud asked with a grin.

“I’m not really a morning person, if you know what I mean,” he mumbled with a smile. Glancing at the Cloud, he sighed. He’d really enjoyed talking to him last night and was hoping that when Squall met him he’d realize the boy wasn’t a threat.

“Kiros asked me to tell you that he had to go out. He left about an hour ago, so he should be back soon,” Cloud said softly.

“Oh, okay. You didn’t happen to see Vincent this morning?” he asked.

“No, sorry I haven’t,” Cloud answered, stretching in his chair. Damn it, where had the gunman gone? Laguna finished his coffee and set it down on the side table.

“Did Kiros tell you about my son arriving today? He…he is kind of unfriendly and…,” the President’s voice trailed off as he tried to find the right words to describe Squall.

“Yeah, I’ve been warned,” the blond answered with a smirk. “He’s not going to like me, is he?”

“Squall doesn’t like anyone, as far as I can tell. He just tolerates some of us,” Laguna muttered dejectedly, staring down at his hands. “It’s not his fault, though. We didn’t know we were related until a few years ago and his mom died giving birth to him so he had a really hard time growing up. Spent his early years stuck in an orphanage with no family to care for him. Then he began training to fight at such an early age and had so much pressure put on him and no-one there to guide him. Amazing he didn’t turn into a serial killer or something with all he’s been through.” Laguna looked up, suddenly remembering who he was talking to.

“Oh, sorry to ramble. Sure you’ve got better things to do than listen to an old man rave on,” he muttered out apologetically.

“I don’t mind at all, Laguna. It’s nice to see you care so much about him,” Cloud answered sincerely. The President smiled. He definitely wanted to adopt this one…or maybe he could swap Squall for him. He mentally slapped himself as he remembered it was his fault that Squall was so difficult in the first place. If he’d stayed in Winhill it would have all been so different.


Kiros snuck into the house through the back door and made his way to the bedroom, thankfully unnoticed by anyone. He dug through his bag, grabbing a potion and downing it. It was the last one he had and he’d have to stock up on them if he was going to keep this hidden from the others. He heard someone coming down the hall and quickly grabbed a change of clothes before heading into the en suite, locking the door behind him.

“Vincent? Is that you?” Laguna called from the bedroom.

“It’s me, Laguna. I’m just having a shower. I’ll be out in a minute,” he replied, managing to keep his voice neutral.

“Oh, okay. I’ll be downstairs,” Laguna answered. Kiros heard him shut the door as he left and sighed in relief.

All he had to do now was keep his game face on. Knowing first hand just what he had signed up for certainly didn’t make it any easier.


Laguna walked back downstairs to check the time. Squall would be here any minute and he still hadn’t found Vincent, although at least Kiros was back. He opened the front door, planning on joining Cloud who was sitting on the lawn in the sun and came face to face with a worried looking Vincent.

“Laguna, is Kiros here? Is he alright?” the gunman asked nervously.

“He’s upstairs in the shower and he’s fine. Why do you ask?” he said walking over to hug him tightly.

“I dreamed that Chaos hurt Kiros. Then, when I woke up I was out in the fields,” Vincent whispered, returning the hug and breathing in deeply. “I was worried that it was a memory and not a dream.”

“Hey, it’s okay. It’s just a nightmare,” Laguna softly replied. “I know you would never hurt Kiros,” he added, looking up into ruby red eyes. Gods, he loved those eyes. He stretched up to softly kiss Vincent’s lips and was rewarded with a soft exhale of breath. Laguna was relieved to feel the gunman relax in his arms. Vincent moved a hand up into his hair and deepened the kiss until Laguna whimpered and pushed their hips together.

“Yuffie would pay a million gil to be in my shoes right now,” Cloud interjected from the lawn. The kiss stopped abruptly and both men turned to see the blonde looking at them with a cheeky grin. “Sorry to interrupt, but there’s an airship approaching.” Laguna looked out over the hills and saw the Ragnorak in the distance. His son always did have the worst possible timing.


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