After Party

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The Festival at Gold Saucer was a big hit for everyone; there didn’t seem to be a single person sober the night before. Now, the Highwind was trashed all to hell from the crew and heroes’ night of fun. There was trash everywhere; food, bottles, plates, cups, paper. There were things people were going to wonder where came from at this point. There were a couple of puddles on the floor; and from the smell of the room, they may have been puddles of pee, and one in the corner looked suspiciously like someone drank too much and got sick. Over all, it was like waking up into a nightmare after the drunken stupor and fun of the night

There was a loud curse and even louder clatter. Cid was pacing the outside deck of the Highwind with a scowl tightly knit on his face. “Them assholes! Left my ship a fuckin’ wreck! When I get my hands on them their dead!” He turned and started toward the stairs. “I’m gonna give them a piece of my mind the stupid Sons of Bitches.”

Gold Saucer was still crowded full of people as Cid pushed through them in search of Cloud and the others. But threading through the crowd, there were no familiar faces. When it seemed like there were no familiar faces in the crowd anywhere, finally, a red-clad figure stepped out into the stream of people and started coming in Cid’s direction.

Cid stalked up to Vincent. “This is ridiculous! Where are they?” He grabbed Vincent’s hand and drug him all over Gold Saucer. Vincent gave a long sigh, knowing full well what was going on and not wanting to mention it.

Starting at the Chocobo Square they looked for them and ended up at the station once again. He drug him to the transport and all the way back to North Corel. Then out of the city, where the Highwind was parked. Where it supposed to be parked.

Vincent was oddly silent even when Cid stopped abruptly, making the ex-Turk bump into his back.
The pilot walked a couple of steps away from the other, staring at where the Highwind had been when he went to the Saucer. He glared his face turning so dark red it almost looked purple. He let out a furious yell. “I’M GONNA KILL THEM! THEY THINK THEY CAN STEAL MY SHIP AND GET AWAY WITH IT. I’LL SHOW THEM!” He let out another furious yell and started screaming again but it was all rambling nonsense.

Vincent’s silence continued while Cid rambled and raged for a moment. It would most likely just end up making Cid more angry that Vincent knew Cloud and the others took the Highwind to get it cleaned after the horrible mess they made. It was left in his hands to deal with the angry pilot.

Instead of saying anything of his knowledge, he stepped up behind Cid, who was still ranting, red faced, at nothing.

“Cid, you’re going to kill yourself.” He grabbed the sides of Cid’s head, his right hand wrapping around his forehead to pull him back onto his shoulder. He knew Cid would be angry, which is why he decided that Cloud was right to ask him to stay behind and make sure Cid didn’t kill anyone. The ex-Turk, of all people, was the perfect counterbalance to Cid’s raging.

“No I ain’t, I’m gonna kill whoever was stupid enough to take my ship.” Cid snapped back before sighing and leaning back onto Vincent.

He rubbed his weary eyes and sighed, “Why is this day going from bad to worse?” He sighed again then smirked before turning around and pulling lightly on the high collar of Vincent’s cloak so he could see his face. Vincent didn’t draw back when Cid pulled the collar of his cloak forward, revealing the lower half of his face. His jaw was clenched, waiting for Cid’s anger to drain off. It seemed even his presence was enough to distract him.

“You know this could just mean that we can get a room at the hotel. Let the little kids run around wherever the fuck they are and let’s have ourselves a more… adult party. What do you say Vincent?” He gave him the classic Highwind smirk. At Cid’s comment, there was a light curve of the ex-Turk’s lips. That could possibly be a good idea, though he didn’t much like the idea personally… His slight smirk turned rueful with Cid’s “Highwind” smirk. With the raise of his eyebrows he nodded slightly to Cid. “Of course, Cid, I figured you would want something along those lines. I have a room for us at the hotel already…”

In reality, it was bought by Cloud, giving Vincent the opportunity to distract Cid in private, whether he had to tie him down or otherwise.

Cid chuckled, “You always do plan things in advance.” He smiled and pulled his goggles up on his head to place his forehead against Vincent’s. He wrapped his arms around Vincent’s thin waist and held him close. “I am going to do evil things to you when we get to the hotel room.” He gave Vincent a quick kiss and pulled back. “Shall we then?”

Vincent turned and lead the way without another word, having the overwhelming temptation to roll his eyes just a bit at Cid’s eagerness. But he didn’t, because cheering up Cid so he didn’t strangle Cloud was what was important, and he knew taking Cid to the bed will thoroughly avert his mind of the Highwind’s hijacking to be cleaned.

Cid followed Vincent to the hotel and waited while he got the key from the desk. When they first entered the room, Vincent opened the collar of his cloak, knowing the Cid disliked not seeing his face.

The pilot followed him into the room and went to the bar the room had and poured himself and Vincent each a glass of whiskey. He handed one to Vincent before sitting on the bed and pulling Vincent down and setting him between his legs with Vincent’s back against his chest. But as they sat on the bed together, he took meager sips of the whiskey, and tried to relax a bit. He knew the fate of their meeting in this room, and knowing about it somehow made him nervous; a little embarrassed for the simple fact that every time he was with Cid he felt like a virgin about the whole situation again. And thinking about it made it worse, he found, so he immersed himself in the whiskey a bit more. He didn’t dislike drinking, but he didn’t indulge like Cid was doing at the moment.

Cid frowned and took Vincent’s cloak off of him and tossed carelessly aside. “I hate that damn thing.” He took a drink and wrapped an arm around Vincent’s waist. He sighed and relaxed against the headboard. “This is much better. Don’t you think?” He downed the rest of his glass and sat it down by the bed. He wrapped his other arm around Vincent and rested his chin on his shoulder. He sighed and relaxed a bit more closing his eyes. He unwound one arm from Vincent’s waist and started gently rubbing his lower stomach. He leaned in toward his neck and started kissing and nipping gently at the skin just below his ear leaving a small red mark behind.

Though he was expecting Cid to start something soon, he still startled and blushed lightly when Cid’s hand started rubbing his lower stomach. He tilted his head to let Cid at his neck more, a soft shuddering breath coming from him. Vincent was surprisingly sensitive to the touch, especially the way Cid’s hand moved on his stomach, teasingly close to other areas… He busied himself with getting the clawed glove off with trembling fingers so Cid wouldn’t fuss over it. He stretched his torso outward, like a cat and silently urged Cid’s hand with the movement to go further.

Cid smirked against Vincent’s neck and undid both his pants and his shirt. He ran one hand up his torso and pinched his nipple before rolling it between two fingers. The other hand went down the front of his pants to run his fingers through the hair at the base of Vincent’s cock tugging lightly before wrapping his hand around and slowly rubbing from base to tip. He stopped mouthing Vincent’s neck to run his tongue along his jaw and press a kiss to his lips.

Vincent made soft sounds as Cid stroked him, turning into the kiss and letting his left hand trail down Cid’s stomach to his pants, cupping the growing erection there. Once begun, Vincent slid into the movements and the pleasure like their times before.

Cid broke off the kiss and moaned moving his hips under Vincent’s hand. “Oh gods Vin that just ain’t fair.” He groaned and forced himself to stop his hands. He tugged at Vincent’s pants until he could remove them and toss them off to the side with the cape. He then flipped Vincent over so he could face him. He removed the other’s shirt tossing it to the side. He leaned back smirking his “Highwind” smirk. “You look good Vin. Really good.”

A light flush went unnoticed on Vincent’s face and chest as he faced Cid, now nude. But to make it fair, he leaned into him, the smell of his sex in Cid’s face, and pulled Cid’s blue shirt over his head. He knew his scent drove Cid mad at the best of times, he braced himself for what might happen this time as he ran his hands through Cid’s short hair and removed his goggles.

Cid leaned foreword and grabbed Vincent’s hips. He nuzzled his hips inhaling deeply. “you are… so tempting.” He ran his tongue from the base of Vincent’s cock to the tip before circling the tip and taking the head in his mouth and sucking lightly. He kept a firm grasp on Vincent’s hips so he couldn’t thrust in to his mouth before he was ready for him too.

Vincent thoroughly enjoyed Cid’s mouth, and in more ways than one. He didn’t thrust because Cid’s hands prevented him from it, but he rolled his head forward and moaned low in his throat, slender hands holding to Cid’s short hair.

Cid would have smirked if his mouth weren’t otherwise occupied. Instead he moaned and slowly started taking more of Vincent in his mouth. He started humming as he bobbed his head on Vincent’s cock while running his tongue along the vein that ran the length of it.

“C-Cid…” he muttered breathlessly. The sensations were wonderful, and Cid knew how to do it so that Vincent couldn’t keep his breath. He shuddered in pleasure, unable to pleasure Cid in that position.

Cid reached blindly into his pocket and pulled out a small tube of lube. He slicked two of his finger and reached around behind Vincent running one finger over the puckered entrance he found there before sliding a finger into the first knuckle. He started slowly sliding his finger in and out of him sliding a bit more in each time till his finger was fully encased in his thin lover.

The sensation of shocks of pleasure shooting through him from where Cid’s finger penetrated him, made Vincent’s soft moans of pleasure become more urgent. His hands went to Cid’s shoulders, gripping them tightly. He lowered himself onto the fingers and at the same time brought Cid’s head back to kiss him.

Cid grinned and slid another finger into Vincent and started scissoring them. He was searching for the spot he knew would drive the other mad. Cid pressed a kiss to Vincent’s lips and ran his tongue along his bottom lip asking silently for entrance.

Vincent moaned in their kiss, with two fingers inside him, he was less composed than before. Their open-mouth kiss was sloppy, but that didn’t matter to him as Cid’s fingers barely touched over his prostate, teasing him with the promise of more. He tightened his hands on Cid’s shoulders, nails barely pressing into his skin as he growled from the sensation.

Cid pulled away from their kiss and smirked before massaging the bundle of nerves he had found. “Like that Vince?”

With the rush of sensation that almost made him cum, Vincent moaned out, arching his back. He pushed on the fingers, searching for the feeling once more. He didn’t make a reply to Cid’s question, because he didn’t need to. He groped his one hand for Cid’s pants and pulled the button open, and wormed the zipper down to cup him inside his underwear, letting a his nails just touch him through the fabric.

The feeling of Vincent’s nails through his underwear caused his breath to hitch in his throat. He moaned lightly and withdrew his fingers. He grabbed Vincent’s shoulders and pushed him back till he was laying down and Cid was on his knees. He removed his shorts and boxer briefs and sat back a moment looking over his lover who splayed out on the bed. “Beautiful.” He leaned over and ran his tongue around one of Vincent’s nipples till it hardened and started sucking lightly.

Vincent looked at him with his red eyes full of restrained lust as Cid looked at him, sprawled as he was. When he bent to suck on his nipple he shivered. It was always an odd sensation, but somewhat pleasing, too. He arched his back and combed his fingers through Cid’s hair, wrapping his legs around the other’s waist. “Cid,” he growled softly in frustration, impatient to have him now that he was feeling the hum of pleasure.

Cid chuckled softly, “Feeling impatient Vincent?” He slicked his own cock quickly and placed himself at his lovers entrance. “Tell me what you want.”

Vincent shifted in anticipation for Cid, when he was asked the question he felt the hot flush on his face and chest return. Cid knew it embarrassed him to talk ‘dirty’ as he’d once called it, but he also knew Cid loved to hear him say it. He covered the slight embarrassment with a soft growl of lust and pulled him down by the shoulders to hiss into his ear, “Do it now, Cid,” through slightly clenched teeth in such a way that he knew Cid would enjoy it.

Cid felt a rush of pleasure at the others words and took his lovers ear in his mouth and nibbled the lobe gently as he slowly pushed inside his lover’s body. He took it as slow as possible so as not to hurt the other man until he was fully seated inside his body he hissed at the feeling of the tight heat surrounding him. He paused to let the other adjust before he started slowly moving.

Vincent moaned low in his throat as Cid slid into him. He trembled to feel Cid’s bulk inside him, as he did every time. The friction made him moan again and push against him, bringing him deeper every time he thrust into him.

Cid started to thrust faster and grabbed Vincent’s hips hard enough to leave fingertip size bruises on his hips. He lifted Vincent’s hips to hit his prostate with each thrust.

Vincent, though he usually was not too vocal, couldn’t hold back well against the assault of pleasure Cid always gave him pounding into his prostate. He grunted with each thrust, and with each burst of pleasure up his spine he felt a half-strangled moan escape him as he clutched to Cid’s arms and thrust against him.

Cid drew back and started pounding in to Vincent. He was panting as he felt sweat drip down his back and stick his bangs to his forehead. He buried his face in Vincent’s shoulder and bit down sweaty skin.

With a roar-like moan, low and feral, Vincent came. As he did he raked his nails down Cid’s shoulders and arms, drawing thick red welts from his skin. With each spasm of his orgasm he tightened and loosened around Cid, a panting moan drawn from him with each shudder of pleasure.

Cid moaned loudly at the feeling of Vincent tightening around him. He slammed home a final time with a groan of pleasure as he came gripping Vincent’s hips with trembling hands. He panted and relaxed slumping against Vincent and trying not to put all his weight on the smaller man. He pulled out and leaned back bringing Vincent with him to lay under the covers and against his chest. He ran his hand along Vincent’s spine and sighed closing his eyes but not falling asleep.

Vincent was content to lay there with him for a long quiet few moments. But the sticky sensation he was feeling was always unpleasant after the glow of sex had worn off. He shifted and leaned up to kiss Cid, then slowly picked himself up off the bed to head to the bathroom. As he walked he frowned at the unpleasant sensation of Cid’s cum sliding down his leg and sighed.

Cid got up after heaving a sigh and came up behind Vincent. He chuckled softly, “What’s wrong Princess feeling a little bit dirty?” He hugged him from behind also heading to the shower.

Vincent stopped and glared darkly at him with his intense red eyes. “So, the Highwind’s been stolen, has it? Do you know who would take it?” He asked, part in revenge for the comment, part because he wanted to know if Cid would figure it out.

Cid smirked and gripped the back of Vincent’s hair and smirked at him tapping his lower lip with his finger. “No, but you went out of your way to distract me from it so..” he paused as though thinking. “I bet you know don’t you?” He gave him the “Highwind” smirk and planted a kiss on his lips before dragging him into the shower by his hair. He turned on the water and pressed him against the shower wall. “Who has my ship?”

“I’ll tell you, but at a price,” Vincent rose his brows and his fingers hand been inching for the knob of the cold water and turning it quickly. At this angle, Cid would be the one to take most of the spray of cold water that came down on them.

Cid’s eyes widened in shock as the ice cold water hit his back causing him to scream and jump out of the shower. He reached back in and readjusted the water before getting back in. He stalked toward Vincent and pinned him against the wall holding his wrist on either side of his head. “You’re a prick I hope you realize that. Now who has my ship?”

“Cloud.” He said and reversed their position, grinning at him just slightly. “He and the others took it to get it cleaned from the mess they made last night.”

Cid grinned and kissed Vincent grabbing his shoulder and wrapping an arm around his waist and bending him backwards. He took his sweet time exploring every inch of Vincent’s mouth. After a few minutes he let Vincent stand back up and smirked at him panting slightly for air. “I’d of been less pissed if they had said so from the beginning. Enjoy your shower Princess.” He got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist and left the bathroom but not before flushing the toilet and laughing slightly to himself. He sat down on the bed after pulling on a pair of shorts and lit a cigarette and waited.

Vincent was wise to what Cid was trying to do and back out of the spray to make sure he didn’t freeze or burn under the changing water. He washed thoroughly after that and came out of the bathroom, hair still dripping, to retrieve his clothes. Sitting on the bed, he brushed his hair. That was the only thing he was even slightly vain about: his hair. He didn’t over do it, as Cid had found out, but he did like it to be free of knots.

“You realize I’m gonna have to strangle Cloud out of principle right?” He asked and pulled Vincent back to him. He smirked and buried his face in Vincent’s hair. He lay back taking Vincent with him and was soon asleep holding Vincent to his chest with his face still buried in his hair. “Night Vin.”

“You’d better not, that causes more problems than it helps, you know,” Vincent said as he was pulled back with Cid to lie down and Cid nuzzled his hair. He sighed, thinking that it was so typical of Cid to do something that like. But with a smile he realized that that’s what he liked about Cid most of the time. He was easily pleased by some of the simplest things. “Goodnight, Cid,” he murmured softly, though it was likely the other was already asleep. He shifted himself into a comfortable position and relaxed; though he didn’t sleep for a long time.

Vincent found comfort in laying in the silence; unlike being in that coffin below the Shinra Manor, this was a pleasant silence, one of rest and peace, not hate and regret. He could feel the life within Cid which rested against his body, and that made him feel more alive, too. Yes, lying awake in the restful silence, listening the barest sound of Cid’s breath, Vincent felt wonderful; perhaps even happy.


The next day almost everyone, save for Cid, Vincent, and Cloud, are standing around the Highwind as Cloud is literally thrown off the ship by an irritated Cid. “Find you own damn ride back.” He said as he walked back into the ship and it took off. Cid was smirking at the helm and glanced at Vincent his smirk faltering some what. “What?”

Vincent had been giving Cid one of those steady gazes that Yuffie tended to call a ‘Death Gaze’. It was a simply disapproving look, but with the red eyes and the rest of his appearance it made for a very intimidating look. But with a shake of his head, he shrugged, and gave a slight smile.

Cid smirked and said “I know you hate me throwing poor little Cloud overboard but how about this. Forget the runt and the two of us can take a nice vacation in Costa del Sol. What do you think?”

After a long moment of contemplation, Vincent turned to look at him again. “Hot sun, hot girls,” he raised his brow at Cid when he mentioned the girls, “Sunburns, alcohol, and hotel room.” He was silent a moment more, then shrugged. “What ever suits you, Cid. That’s fine with me.”
Authors Note: This was cowritten with my beta Nicholas_Sanders. We have a sequal and a multi-chapter prequal both in the works so if you want to read more let us know. Til next time please read, rate, review.

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