Salvation's End

BY : Grieving Leon
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Salvation’s End

Chapter 1: Cream Filling

Squall sat at the rickety kitchen table, an elbow set on the tabletop and his chin set in his palm.  He stared out at the sun as it set behind the dilapidated buildings of East side Dollet.

The apartment was cold, affording heat wasn’t something Zell and he could do easily; so most recent days Squall simply ignored the chill of the spring air.

The kitchen table was set for two: A romantic dinner complete with white candle sticks -- the candle sticks had flashed erotic thoughts of penetration and wax-on-skin through Squall’s mind when he’d bought them.  And while Squall smiled at the thoughts of things he could do to Zell’s body, the candles honestly were supposed to set a romantic ambience.

The dinner of stuffed bell peppers was sitting in the oven, keeping warm.  The bottle of cheap red wine sitting in the fridge to keep it cold.  Not that Squall would have ever admitted to anyone at Balamb Garden, but he enjoyed cooking and had enjoyed cooking the lavish meal that night for Zell.  The thoughts of Zell’s swirling sapphire blue eyes shimmering in the candle light as his perfect lips wrapped around the cheap silverware with each bite pleased Squall.  

Perhaps back in Balamb Squall could find similar pleasures; he’d never found them before.  Simple pleasures, wasn’t that what people called them?  Something like it was the simple pleasures that made life complete?

High Commander Squall Leonhart of Balamb Garden, savior of the world, killer of sorceresses, ex-knight of the High Sorceress Rinoa Heartilly, had always found complex pleasures.  Saving the world, for instance.  Floating out into space to save the Good Sorceress Rinoa, for another.  And more complex pleasures of sweat and blood while battling villains and fending off waves of monsters that had come from the recent Lunar Cry.

Simple pleasures had once been beyond Squall’s reach.

Now in Dollet, there were moments when Squall realized that in the shitty apartment, living on the shitty block of homeless, drunks, and stray animals, in the sector of disease and fear, there was also some small, simple things Squall looked forward to.

Zell’s keys hit the lock on the apartment door, and Squall’s heart skipped a beat, knowing one of those moments had come.

“Man,” Zell said as he walked in, tossing his house keys onto the table that sat at the entrance.  He shrugged off his coat and hung it up while saying “That was a long, boring day.”

Squall stood up from the rickety kitchen chair and watched Zell turn to him.  Squall tried to smile.

“Remind me not to take the day-shift again,” Zell said as he stepped towards the kitchen.  He then stopped, taking a moment to see the romantic table setting, and a frown lowered his brow.  “What’s this?”  He turned back to look at Squall.

Squall’s eyes darted to the table and then he looked back up to Zell.  “How could you not remember?” he said.  He wrapped his arms around himself, cold, yes, but also fighting the feeling of embarrassment and perhaps rejection.

“Remember?” Zell asked, then he smiled and walked further into the kitchen.

Ignoring the blonde’s proximity, Squall headed around Zell to the refrigerator and removed the bottle of cheap red wine before turning back to Zell.

“Anniversary,” Squall said, standing momentarily, holding the bottle.  Then he walked back around Zell, to the rickety kitchen table.

With his lips pressed tightly together, Zell watched Squall.  The brunette man slowly opened the bottle of wine then began to pour into each of their wine glasses.

“Guess you’d be super mad if I said I forgot?” Zell asked.

Squall shook his head but didn’t look up.  “It’s okay,” he said softly.  Then Squall set the wine bottle down onto the table and turned to remove the stuffed bell peppers from the oven.

It shouldn’t matter to Squall, and so he tried to not let it.  They would eat their anniversary dinner and go to bed like they had to.

Zell sat down in one of the rickety chairs before crossing his arms and resting them on the edge of the table.  The tattooed blonde watched silently as Squall served each of them a bell pepper and a helping of fresh oven-baked vegetables before setting the pan down on the counter.

Squall then sat down in his own chair.  He picked up his fork but he saw the unlit candles.  Quickly, he set down the fork and picked up the lighter he’d set at the center of the table and lit both the candles before returning to his meal.

“Well, I guess,” Zell said, his sapphire eyes glued to the beautiful brunette, “it’s a good thing I didn’t forget that May 5th is our fourth anniversary.  I mean, it is the reason I worked the day shift.”

Squall paused stabbing a piece of vegetable and then looked up at Zell.

Zell smiled a gentle but playful smile.  He slid off the chair to kneel on the floor next to Squall.  Squall pushed out from the table so he could turn his legs to Zell.  Zell reached up and took both of the hands Squall had rested on his lap.

“I love you,” Zell said.

Squall kept his eyes locked with the swirls of sapphire, seeing the true devotion he knew Zell felt for him.  A small half smile pulled on Squall’s lips as he said “I love you, too.”

Zell smiled wide at Squall, letting the words fill the air as they both watched each other.  Zell let the smile fade as he said “Squall, I’d do anything for you.”

“I know that, Zell,” Squall said, breaking the eye contact to look at nothing -- just away from those eyes. 

Zell squeezed Squall’s hands and with a quiet sigh the brunette complied with the silent request to look back.

“I’ve thought about this for a long time,” Zell said softly.  One of his thumbs gently caressed the top of Squall’s hand.  He released one hand and reached into a large pocket of his oversized jeans, removing a small stuffed-animal lion.  He held it up for Squall to take.

Squall’s grey-blue eyes settled on the toy, knowing only Zell Dincht would have ever thought to get him something so infantile.  But Squall adored it.  Squall accepted the toy lion in his free hand, caressing the mane of faux fur.

“Open it,” Zell said.

After a glance up to see Zell watching him, Squall looked back to the toy.  He removed his second hand from Zell’s grasp and turned the toy over, seeing its belly had a very small zipper.  Squall unzipped the belly and found a ring.  He set the toy lion aside.

“I love you,” Zell said again.  

Squall held the ring between two fingers, looking at the diamonds sparkle in the candle light.

“Will you marry me?” Zell asked.

Squall tore his eyes off the ring to look at Zell, who was watching him intently.  Zell then reached up and gently removed the ring from Squall’s grasp and took Squall’s left hand.  Their eyes stayed locked as Zell pushed the ring onto Squall’s ring finger.

“Please,” Zell said softly.  “Baby.  Marry me?”

The words hung in the air, resonating, sending a tidal wave over Squall.  A small smile formed on his mouth as he watched the sapphire spheres shimmer in the candle light.  Gently, Squall reached up and caressed Zell’s tattooed cheek: Zell closed his eyes against the touch and nuzzled Squall’s hand.

“Of course I’ll marry you,” Squall said, his heart weighted down by Zell’s gentle, peaceful expression.

The blonde opened his eyes and watched Squall’s face briefly, then Zell smiled brightly.  He pushed up from the floor far enough so that he could bring his mouth to Squall’s.  Squall wrapped his arms around Zell’s shoulders, feeling his tongue slowly moving with Zell’s, and then as Squall remembered reality, he wondered if he’d ever feel a moment like this in his life again.

Zell pulled his mouth up finally and Squall loosened his grip around Zell.  Still leaning over, Zell ran his fingers through Squall’s hair and said “I’ll take care of you, Squall. I promise.”

“You already do,” Squall replied, his fingers caressing Zell’s shirt collar.

“I always will,” Zell said.  He then leaned down and kissed Squall once more, firmly, affirming his statements and promises.

Their mouths parted and Zell moved back to his rickety chair, scooting it closer to Squall’s before turning his attention, while still smiling a small smile, to the food.

“It smells delicious,” Zell said, cutting the stuffed bell pepper.

Squall had turned so his knees were back under the table.  He looked down at the ring on his finger, noting how elaborate the ring was, far too elaborate for a bouncer at a local strip/dance club to have purchased.

Zell was a bouncer at the Pink Pony, a strip club bar near the heart of Dollet’s sex trade sector.  Though Zell didn’t go by the name Zell Dincht: It was Zell K’Oz who worked at the Pink Pony, beating up drunks, perverts, and beggars as he kicked them from the strip club.

And Squall was Zell K’Oz’s boyfriend -- fiancé, now -- except this Squall went by Squall Amyst, not Squall Leonhart.  Squall Amyst held no job except as a high school drop out and trophy boyfriend for the bouncer to show off to the locals.  Squall Amyst was very good at his job, keeping up the elaborate ruse with his daily activities that any good submissive gay boy would do for his boyfriend in the Dollet sex trade sector.

They had played these roles for eight months, an undercover assignment, attempting to infiltrate the sex empire ruled by Burno Nymphic.  It was slower going than either of them had first thought, and the boundaries they had crossed neither could uncross.

Squall looked up from the ring to watch Zell happily eat the dinner.  Squall knew Zell Dincht loved to eat, so Squall had devoted much of his massive spare time to cooking.

Zell shook his head as he chewed another large bite full.  “Hyne, Squall,” Zell said, looking from the plate to his lover.  “This is amazing.”

Squall smiled another soft smile at Zell.

The blonde boy’s plate was almost completely cleared and Squall had barely taken one bite of his own food.  Tearing his eyes from Zell, Squall looked down and decided he should attempt to eat some of the food.

Picking up the fork, Squall stared at the elaborate ring as he stabbed vegetables.  “The ring is beautiful,” Squall said before taking a bite.

After gulping down the entire glass of wine, Zell pulled the glass from his lips and replied “Only the best for you.”

“It’s.... very.... very beautiful,” Squall repeated.

Zell reached to the cheap wine bottle and poured himself another glass, keeping his eyes from Squall’s heavy gaze.  After replacing the top and setting the bottle back down, Zell forced a glance to Squall and said “I can afford it.”  He then turned and finished the last bite of food.

Squall set his fork down and stood up, taking Zell’s plate and heading to the pan of food he’d left on the counter.

“You’d tell me if you couldn’t,” Squall said as he piled another helping onto the plate for Zell.  He turned and walked back to the table and as he set down the plate he said “You know that I’d be happy with just being engaged.”  He put his hand on Zell’s chin, lifting the blonde’s gaze so their eyes eclipsed.  “You’re all I want.”

Zell smiled at him.  “I saved the money.  I special ordered that ring, I want you to have it.”

Squall leaned down and kissed Zell softly, and Zell happily kissed back.  Then Squall returned to his own rickety kitchen chair to eat his meal.

“I like the candles,” Zell said as he ate.

Squall raised his eyes to the candles, watching the flames briefly, noting the white wax dripping down the shafts.  He glanced to Zell and said “We can use them after dinner, too.”

Zell stopped chewing to look at Squall.  A slight humorous expression had filled Squall’s face.  Zell smiled back, knowing he was blushing and he swallowed as he looked back down to the food.  “Is that my present?” Zell asked playfully.

Squall shook his head and took another bite before setting down his fork to reach to the gift laying on the rickety chair pushed in next to him.  He then handed the gold foil wrapped box, a small-medium sized box, to Zell, who eagerly accepted it.

Zell tore the foil off quickly: Briefly Zell wondered if maybe he shouldn’t have tore the wrapping off as though it were Christmas and he were five.  But he couldn’t re-unwrap the present so he still quickly, without a glance to Squall, opened the lid of the box.

Laying in white tissue were a new set of Gloves.  Zell had down-graded when he took the assignment in Dollet and for the mission had been sporting basic Metal Knuckles instead of his Ehrgeiz ultimate weapons.  The new gloves Squall had gotten were a rank up from the Metal Knuckles, a pair of Maverick gloves but also had “K’Oz” sewn in red into the material at the wrists.

Zell smiled brightly at the sewn lettering, which looked professionally done.  “Did you sew this?” Zell asked with laughter, touching the thread.

Squall shook his head and looked flush as he picked at the food.

“I was about to say!” said Zell, still laughing.  

“The person at the Junk Shop did it,” said Squall.

“They’re awesome,” Zell said, looking at Squall.  

Squall looked up and nodded to Zell.

“Kinda pricey, huh?” Zell said, not letting his eyes waiver from Squall’s cloudy spheres.

“They were having a sale,” Squall lied.  Zell knew it was a lie, but he didn’t argue, instead he pretended like he believed Squall and then set the present to the side on the table.

“That was lucky,” Zell said, returning to eating his second helping.

Squall took a drink of his wine.  “Yea,” he mumbled.  The gloves were far too expensive for Squall Amyst to have gotten for his boyfriend, but Squall had used some money from his SeeD account to purchase the gloves.  But, honestly, Squall Amyst didn’t have money for anything else either, so Squall had settled on the Glove upgrade, knowing how much Zell loved and missed his Ehrgeiz and had been disappointed to be back wearing the default gloves.

“They’re beautiful” Zell said. “Thank you, baby.”

“You’re welcome,” Squall said before taking another bite.

Zell moved his leg under the table to rub against Squall’s leg.  Squall looked up to Zell, seeing the sapphire eyes shimmering in the candle light, humor etched around them.

“Save that for dessert,” Squall whispered, turning back to his plate.

With a laugh, Zell took his leg back.  He then thought before he asked “Is there dessert?”

Squall smiled humorously and tried not to laugh.  He turned to look at Zell, who looked honestly interested in a food-item dessert.

“When you’re done with the main course,” Squall said.

Zell nodded and went back to eating.  

Squall had only eaten half his plate but he stood up and walked to the fridge -- he didn’t want Zell to have to wait for even half a second for anything.

Zell continued to eat and let Squall do the doting submissive boyfriend routine that they’d developed.  Zell knew if he’d dropped his fork, Squall would get up and get him another one; a spoon instead? of course; napkin? of course; I’m done eating but you’re not -- Well I’m done too now.  It made Zell feel weird and guilty.  He honestly would have rather have been the slave and Squall the master, as it always had been in Balamb Garden: Zell followed the High Commander’s orders to the letter.  But that’s not how the assignment had gone.

Zell had been given the duty to hold a job and be friendly to the people in East Dollet, keep up the outward image while Squall was given the homemaker job that should have provided Squall with free time for gathering information and carrying out the ultimate mission: Infiltrate Burno Nymphic’s sex empire and take the Porn-God down.

A large tray of bite-sized chocolate and vanilla cream puffs were set on the rickety kitchen table, to Zell’s right so he could eat them when he was finished with dinner.

Squall set his hand on Zell’s shoulder, leaned down, and kissed Zell’s cheek.  Then he kissed Zell’s temple, cheek again, below Zell’s ear, the back of Zell’s neck, and then the left side of Zell’s neck.

“I love you,” said Squall.

“I love you too, baby,” Zell said, turning to look to his left.

Squall used his thumb to wipe the side of Zell’s mouth.  He then kissed Zell’s lips before he slowly moved back to his chair, letting his fingers linger over Zell’s shoulders as long as possible until Squall was fully seated.  Squall picked up his fork to take a bite then saw Zell’s wine glass was almost empty.  He set the fork down without eating and picked up the bottle of wine to fill Zell’s glass.

“I could have done that,” Zell said, only for the sake of saying it.

Squall shrugged as he set the bottle down again, then returned to his food.

“Cream puffs look good,” Zell said, eyeing the dessert tray.  He ate another huge bite of vegetables, almost done with his second serving.  “Pretty fancy.”

“Did you want something else?” Squall asked.

Zell smiled at him and shook his head.  “No way, baby!  When you’re done, you can come sit on my lap and help me lick all the cream.”  

Squall blushed, lowering his eyes again.  

“You should take your shirt off,” Zell said with a coy smile.  Squall looked up and Zell grinned but pushed the smile away to attempt to look innocent while saying “In case I spill!”  The smile won back over the blonde bouncer’s face as he said “Then I’ll lick it off you.”

Squall couldn’t help smiling back at Zell.  “I’ll have to take my pants off too... just in case.”

Zell giggled.  The blonde man’s mind swirled with the thoughts of Squall’s naked body and how much fun it would be to lick cream off every inch of it -- how fun it had been in the past to do just that, because he had done it before, had run his tongue over the sweet milky flesh of Squall’s beautiful body as the brunette man trembled beneath him.

The smile faded from Zell’s face and he ate the last bite of his second helping.  He knew he shouldn’t be that enthusiastic about such things with Squall.  They had to do those things together, had to dance like monkeys in front of their audience, or more accurately, had to fuck like gay lovers in front of the ‘hidden’ cameras in their apartment.

“All done?” Squall asked, seeing Zell’s plate was cleared.

With a nod, Zell set down his fork onto the plate and let Squall clear it for him.

“Dessert?” Squall asked, still standing.

Zell shook his head.  “I’ll finish my wine first, baby.”

Squall nodded and then took his rickety seat again and tried to finish his first plate of food.

Zell moved the wine glass to where his plate used to be, and wrapped a hand around the delicate shaft of the glass.  Zell watched Squall slowly eat, the sapphire eyes fixated on the fork as it penetrated Squall’s mouth only to be removed from between the pink lips completely clean.  Zell imagined what the fork felt inside Squall’s mouth, the lips, the tongue, the heat.

“You’re so sexy,” Zell said softly.

Squall turned up as he chewed, seeing Zell’s gentle smile.  Squall half smiled back and swallowed.  “You’re sexy, Zell.”  He set his fork down and reached to his own wine glass.  He let his eyes linger on the candles at the center of the table before he turned back to Zell.  As be brought the wine glass to his lips, Squall said “I was thinking about those candles earlier.”  He took a drink.  

“Oh?” Zell said, smiling.

“I thought maybe you’d fuck me with one,” Squall said.

Zell smirked, noting the sparkle around Squall’s eyes.  He turned to the candles and blew one out then turned back to Squall.  “Don’t want it to melt down too much,” Zell said.  He then bit his lower lip and looked Squall up at down once.

There was still a smile on Squall’s face.  His plate still had some food on it but he was full enough and ready for dessert, so he stood to take the plate to the sink.  After, he turned to Zell, who had pushed his chair out and was watching him.

They watched each other, allowing a few seconds to tick by as the air thickened.  Squall pushed off the counter ledge and then pulled off his shirt. As he tossed it to the floor, Zell gulped down the last of his wine and set the glass towards the center of the table.  

Both of the brunette’s nipples were pierced, on one hoop hung a star and the other a moon.  Before they left for Dollet, Zell had suggested Squall pierce his nipples, but the blonde was honestly surprised when he had finally seen them.  And over the months, Zell had enjoyed bringing his mouth to them, sucking and flicking Squall’s sexy nipples, teasing and listening to the brunette moan in pleasure.

Squall walked forward until he was standing in front of Zell.  The brunette man held his hands at his chest as Zell delicately went to work removing the black jeans, kissing Squall’s stomach a few times in the process.  Moments later, Squall was naked in front of Zell.  Zell had his hands on Squall’s hips, looking up to the brunette’s face.

With Zell’s gently urging, Squall moved his hands to Zell’s shoulders and spread his legs as he  lowered himself down and mounted Zell’s lap.

“You’re so beautiful,” Zell said softly.

Squall smiled at him and reached to the cream puffs, pulling the tray over so they both could reach them. When Squall picked up a random one, he said “So are you, my love.” He took half a bite of the small cream puff and then overtly licked the vanilla-cream filling off his lips.  

Zell moved his hands over Squall’s bare back, slowly down to the brunette man’s waist, all the while holding Squall firmly against his jean-covered crotch.  Zell lowered his eyes to Squall’s bare, smooth chest.  He enjoyed seeing the nipple rings and Squall’s hard nipples. “I’m so turned on,” Zell said softly.

Lightly, Squall touched Zell’s chin, getting the blonde man to look back up.  Squall then moved a new small cream puff to Zell’s mouth, who accepted it, licking Squall’s fingers after the brunette pushed the cream puff in.

As Zell chewed, Squall moved to kiss Zell’s neck, gently caressing his lips over the soft, delicate flesh, using his hands to caress over Zell’s shoulders and through Zell’s hair.  Zell then began to kiss Squall back, over the brunette’s neck, gently biting the sacred flesh of his High Commander.

Confusion swirled through Zell’s mind as he and Squall kissed each other, as their mouths drew closer and closer together, then as their lips locked and they tasted the sweet of the cream filling in each other’s mouths.

Their lips parted and Zell used his hands on Squall’s sides to instruct the brunette to sit up tall.  Squall moved his hands back to Zell’s shoulders as Zell reached to the cream puffs and shoved his finger into one, covering it with chocolate custard.  Zell then moved the custard covered finger to Squall’s chest and painted the smooth skin before leaning over to lick the cream off.  

Squall took hold Zell’s chocolate custard hand and lifted it up to lick the finger clean.  Zell moaned against Squall’s chest as the brunette lapped his tongue against the blonde’s finger.  Zell sat up to see Squall’s lips wrapped around his finger.  The finger then slid, as Squall pulled it out, from between the lips, covered in the brunette’s saliva.

Then Zell leaned forward again to Squall’s chest, keeping one hand around Squall’s waist to hold him in place, and Zell continued to lick.  With his finger now covered in saliva, Zell lowered his hand to between Squall’s legs.  He gently caressed Squall’s fully engorged dick, his fingers moving down over the brunette’s balls, and as he caressed the saliva finger along Squall’s taint, Squall moaned out loudly.

Zell sat up to let Squall lean forward, so that Squall would arch his back and hold his legs up just as Zell wanted.  Squall complied, without needing Zell to even hint at any instruction.  

Now pressed against Zell’s shoulder, against the soft of Zell’s neck, Squall gently began to kiss Zell, his hands loosely wrapped around Zell to try to hold on.

Playfully Zell caressed Squall’s taint more and caressed the opening of Squall’s asshole, listening to the moans of his High Commander as the brunette tried to continued to kiss.

“You feel so good, baby,” whispered Zell.

“So do you,” Squall whispered back, barely able to form the words as he felt Zell’s finger begin to penetrate him.  “Hyne, Zell.”

Zell kissed Squall’s cheek as he pushed the finger deeper.  “I know, baby,” he said softly.

Squall sat up, his hands pressed against Zell’s shoulders, his legs lifted higher, feet pressed against the side of Zell’s chair.

They watched each other as Zell fingered Squall, Squall moaning and rocking himself on Zell’s lap, and Zell began to ache from his need to penetrate Squall with his cock.  But it wasn’t time yet.

After removing his single finger from Squall, Zell reached over to the cream puffs again and covered two of his fingers in vanilla custard before moving his hand back to Squall’s butt.  As he pushed the vanilla custard covered fingers into Squall’s asshole, Squall softly moaned out “Fuck, Zell.”  

The brunette then leaned forward with his eyes closed and pressed his forehead against Zell’s.  

“I wanna fuck you like the good little boy you are,” Zell whispered, his eyes watched the pleasure consumed face of his lover.

Squall removed one of his hands from Zell’s shoulders and lowered to his swollen cock and slowly began to masturbate.

Tingles pulsated through Zell as he felt the tight opening of Squall’s body clenching his fingers.  Their mouths met, harder than earlier, tight together, tongues tasting each other.  Squall continued to masturbate while rocking himself against Zell’s fingers.  

The hand draped around Zell’s shoulders tightened; Squall wanted Zell closer to him, against him, inside him.  “Zell,” Squall moaned out, breaking their mouths apart.  They kissed once more and Squall said “My love.”  With his eyes still closed, Squall nuzzled his forehead against Zell’s firmly.

“You’re so sexy,” Zell whispered, nuzzling Squall back, kissing him a few more times.

Then Squall sat up and opened his eyes.  He was breathing heavy.  He moved both hands to the bottom of Zell’s shirt and started to pull it off.

Zell reluctantly removed his custard covered fingers from Squall so he could help the brunette man remove the shirt.  It was tossed aside, lost somewhere in the darkness.

Squall kissed Zell desperately, his fingers and nails digging into Zell’s now bare shoulders and chest, over Zell’s arms as Zell wrapped his arms around Squall’s body to hold him tightly.  Their mouths beat together, their breathing ragged with excitement.

Pulling away from Squall’s lips, Zell moved to Squall’s jawline and then down Squall’s neck, kissing and sucking and biting as he moved until he reached the small of Squall’s neck.  There, Zell caressed his tongue over Squall’s flesh, feeling his cock pound with blood as Squall moaned in approval.

With a smile he couldn’t stop, Zell pulled up and held Squall tightly.  The brunette man moved to kiss Zell again, and Zell let him, but was intent on moving his lover down, to the kitchen floor.  It was easy to do, Squall a feather in Zell’s arms, and then the brunette man was laying on the kitchen tile with his legs spread, cock hard with desire.

Zell moved his hands to the back of Squall’s thighs and lowered his mouth as he pushed his lover’s legs up.  Zell’s lips and tongue kissed and caressed Squall’s cock, listening as Squall moaned.

“Zell,” Squall’s desperate voice cried out softly.  “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” said Zell between kisses and sucking.

The blonde man’s mouth moved between Squall’s cock and asshole, sucking and tonguing Squall’s balls and taint as he moved.  Swirling excitement filled Zell’s stomach as Squall moaned and shivered.  He loved the way Squall trembled below him.  Then Zell penetrated Squall’s asshole with his tongue, tasting the vanilla cream filling he’d finger fucked Squall with.  Zell loved it, was excited by fucking Squall with his tongue, and wanted in deeper.

“Fuck me, Zell,” Squall moaned in an airy voice.  “Please.”

But Zell didn’t let up, continuing to penetrate Squall’s asshole.  Zell moved his hands around Squall’s thighs, to Squall’s hips where he grasp Squall tightly, holding the quivering brunette man.

“I need your cock,” whispered Squall.

Zell tongued Squall’s asshole a few moments longer before stopping, then he kissed it and lifted his head up to take Squall’s cock in his mouth.

“Please, Zell,” Squall moaned.

The brunette’s hands were gently caressing Zell’s hair.  While still sucking Squall’s cock, Zell released one hip and lowered his hand around Squall’s lifted legs, shoving two fingers back into Squall’s body.

“You’re going to make me cum,” Squall said, the desperation lessened, and while his voice was still soft, he sounded serious.

Zell pulled up from Squall’s cock and breathed, staring down at the swollen, throbbing flesh.

Squall’s hands lay at his sides as he breathed heavily, staring up at the ceiling.  The shadows on the ceiling flickered from the one still lit candle on the table.

Slowly Zell removed his fingers from Squall and sat up with his knees bent, butt resting on his shoes.  He reached forward and touched Squall’s knee, the brunette immediately shivered.

“Zell,” Squall said, his voice unsteady.  He closed his eyes.  “Hyne, Zell.”

Zell pushed his hand up Squall’s thigh.  He couldn’t stop, he couldn’t just wait -- not any longer.  The cameras were still in their apartment, the eyes on the other sides of the cameras wouldn’t understand if Zell stopped.

“You okay?” Zell asked softly as he climbed up, his hand sliding over Squall’s shivering body.

“I ... can’t control myself,” Squall whispered, his eyes closed tightly.  

Zell was half way up Squall’s body, kneeling over the brunette, one hand on Squall’s stomach.

“What-” Zell started to ask.  He’d do anything Squall wanted -- start a fight between them so they didn’t have to finish? Switch so Squall was stimulating Zell? Leave to get a pillow? Fuck, quit and they’d go back to Balamb Garden?

“Suck on me more,” Squall said softly, his eyes still closed.

Immediately, Zell lowered his mouth to Squall’s chest and began to kiss.

“Zell...” Squall whispered, feeling the motions of Zell’s mouth traveling lower until the blonde man had returned to Squall’s aching erection.  

Zell didn’t even have a chance to move his fingers back into Squall’s tight asshole, like he’d planned to do, before Squall’s hands were on the back of his head and the High Commander had orgasmed.

“I love,” Squall moaned as he came, “your mouth.  Zell.”

Zell sucked Squall’s cock, lips tight and tongue thrusting and licking as much as he could: The warm cum filled his mouth and throat.

Squall’s feet then fell back to the floor and his legs fell apart.  Zell’s mouth was still on the brunette’s cock and Squall’s fingers caressed through Zell’s hair.  

Zell swallowed some before he lifted up from Squall’s cock to let it slide from his mouth.  He swallowed again then kissed Squall’s cock, then Squall’s balls a few times, and then turned and kissed and gently licked the soft flesh of Squall’s inner thigh.

“Hyne, Zell,” Squall said.  “You’re turning me on again.”

After sitting up, Zell reached down and unzipped his jeans, pushing them down along with his boxers.  He leaned himself over Squall’s body and kicked off his shoes and socks carelessly before kicking the pants and boxers off completely.  His erection throbbed.

The brunette still had his eyes closed, his arms had returned to their dead weight places on the floor.  

Zell then kissed the side of Squall’s mouth before whispering “You tasted so good, baby.”

Squall opened his eyes and lifted his arms to wrap around Zell’s body.  He pushed his mouth to Zell’s, kissing the blonde man deeply.

“You okay if I do more?” Zell whispered, his lips lightly brushing against Squall’s.

“Yes,” said Squall.

Zell began kissing again, moving his mouth over Squall’s mouth, jawline, and neck, tasting Squall’s beautiful skin as he went.  He shifted his body and reached down to pull Squall’s legs up but Squall stopped him.

“Wait,” said Squall.

Zell paused his motions and lifted up enough to look at Squall’s face.  But before Zell could ask any of a million questions, he saw the smile on Squall’s lips.

“Get more cream puffs,” Squall said with sparkles of laugher in his eyes.

Zell smirked at Squall then shook his head before leaning down to kiss Squall once.  He sat back and jumped up, snagging the tray of cream puffs from the table and brought it down to the floor.  He grabbed one of the mutilated ones and ate it before picking up a perfect, untouched one and bringing it to Squall’s mouth.

Squall opened his mouth and accepted the cream puff, licking Zell’s fingers in the process.

“You are so hot,” Zell said, watching Squall.

Reaching up to caress Zell’s cheek, Squall replied “I’d do anything to make you happy.”

Zell leaned down and pressed his forehead to Squall’s and said “You do make me happy.”  He kissed Squall once more before he shifted, reached to mutilate more cream puffs for their custard, and then coated his cock with with the dessert.

Squall’s legs were lifted up, the brunette eagerly ready for Zell.

Zell brought his mouth to Squall’s first, kissing his lover a few times before lowering his hips and bringing the head of his swollen dick to Squall’s asshole.  He then pushed in.

It was tight and soft inside Squall, Zell’s cock finally feeling the satisfaction it had been begging for -- begging for since the last time he’d finished fucking Squall.  Every inch of Squall’s body was perfect and Zell reveled in being close to it, being inside of it.

Squall lay on his back, the cold of the spring air forgotten as his sweaty body thrust with Zell’s.  He could feel Zell’s hot breath on his neck as the blonde moaned and fucked.  The Pink Pony bouncer held onto his boyfriend -- fiancé -- tightly, his arms wrapped under Squall’s, holding Squall’s shoulders.

Each thrust was slow, Squall’s entire body pulsating with pleasure that swirled from his groin and ass up through his stomach, into his chest.  He opened his eyes to look up at the ceiling again, seeing the candle lit flickering.  His hands were on Zell’s back, holding on, feeling the muscles moving as Zell thrust.

“Do you like the way the custard feels?” Zell whispered.

Squall laughed once and Zell lifted up enough to look down at Squall as Squall said “Yes.”  Squall caressed Zell’s hair.  “Do you like the way it feels?” he asked his blonde lover.

Zell smiled before saying “I like the way the custard feels inside you.”

Squall laughed again.

Zell looked away from Squall’s face and said “I like the way that feels too.”

Squall lifted his head up and pressed it against Zell’s shoulder, laughing.

“Keep laughing,” Zell said, nuzzling Squall.

“Well I can’t stop,” Squall said, still laughing.

“That’s good, baby,” Zell said before he kissed Squall’s cheek.

Squall lowered his head back onto the tile floor, smiling and lightly laughing.

Zell bared down to kiss Squall, thrusting harder.  Squall’s laughter died down as Zell continued to kiss and fuck him and then Squall’s arms were tightly around Zell’s shoulders, desperate again for Zell to do -- anything -- everything.

After Zell’s mouth moved away from Squall’s lips, Squall looked up again.  This time he raised his left arm up and stretched out his fingers, looking at the elaborate engagement ring Zell had just given him.

The ring sparkled in the candle lit room, the ring’s sparkles seemingly dancing with the shadows.  Squall’s entire body ached, his hard cock rubbing against Zell’s stomach with each of the blonde’s thrust.  Squall kept his legs wrapped around Zell’s waist, finding himself lost in the idea of marriage, or perhaps lost in the word forever.

The pleasure filled Squall, a pleasure he’d slowly gotten used to over the past eight months, and with tissue strength justification, Squall let himself enjoy being made love to by his faux soon-to-be husband.

“I love you,” Squall whispered against Zell’s ear.

“I love you, too, baby,” Zell grunted back, fucking Squall harder.

Swirls of pleasure violated Squall but he didn’t fight it.

“My husband,” whispered Squall.

Zell felt his cock swelling beyond his resistance.

“I love you, my husband,” Squall whispered again, and Zell could hear the shaking his Squall’s voice.  The brunette was still looking up at the ring.  Images of a wedding and a life Squall knew would never -- ever -- happen filled his mind.  Fantasies of a future never-to-be but erotic and enticing, a lifetime of simple pleasures.

“Baby, I’m going to cum,” Zell whispered.

“Just,” Squall said, lowering his raised arm to tightly grasp Zell.  “Just a little longer.”

Zell swallowed, his eyes closed, and he continued to fuck Squall.

“A little more,” Squall said with airy breath.  He fucked Zell back, needed Zell inside him, his partner and lover.

“I’m going to marry you,” Zell said.  

Squall shuttered from Zell’s hot breath and lips on his neck.  

“I’m going to marry you,” Zell repeated and added “and we’re going to be together, forever.  My husband.”

Squall closed his eyes tightly and forced his body up against Zell’s, feeling Zell continue to penetrate him, concentrating on every inch of Zell’s gorgeous cock pushing in and pulling out of his body.

“My lover,” Zell whispered and he started to fuck harder.

Pleasure pounded through Squall and his cock ached and screamed for Zell’s body.  Squall fucked Zell back hard, trying to push himself as close to Zell as possible.  Zell continued to fuck him, giving Squall what Squall wanted, feeding the brunette’s body, indulging the brunette’s desires.  Squall came, his orgasm rippling through his body and all he could do was grasp onto Zell, push against the blonde, and fuck Zell’s hard cock as he released his cum onto Zell’s stomach.

As Squall felt the orgasm die down, his body shivering and muscles relaxing, Zell continued to ride Squall.  Squall’s death grip around Zell loosened and he held Zell, gently, and kissed Zell’s shoulder and neck as the blonde thrust hard.

“Baby,” Zell muttered, finding it hard to control his body anymore.  Everything was pounding and aching.

Lightly Squall moved his fingers over Zell’s skin.  “I love your cock,” Squall said in between kisses.  “I love how hard it is, and how sexy your body is.”

Zell came -- and Squall held him tightly once again, letting the blonde man ride him as hard as the blonde wanted.  Squall’s body rocked down against the kitchen floor with Zell’s motions, feeling the warmth of Zell’s cum pour out as the blonde’s hard cock pounded deep.  Their mouths were locked, Zell desperately kissing Squall, desperately pushing his tongue against Squall's, as Zell’s body thrust the last of his orgasm until satisfaction filled the blonde.

Squall closed his eyes as Zell’s body lay down heavily on top of him.  The brunette held Zell gently now, listening to his blonde lover’s breathing begin to slow from its ragged pace.

After a few moments of silently breathing, their bodies calming down, Zell finally moved his head up enough to kiss Squall’s cheek.

“Best dessert ever,” Zell whispered.

Squall laughed.

With a heavy breath out, Zell shifted himself up but picked Squall’s body up with him, keeping his crotch locked with the brunette’s ass.  Then, as easily as when he’d lowered Squall down, Zell lifted Squall up and moved back to the kitchen chair, sitting down with Squall in his lap.

Zell’s eyes were lowered, looking at Squall’s chest and neck, his fingers gently caressing Squall’s sweaty lower back.  

Squall watched the thoughts forming behind Zell’s eyes.

“I’m okay,” Squall whispered.

Zell turned up so his sapphire spheres met with Squall’s cloudy eyes.

“Are you?” asked Squall.

A small smile pulled on the left side of Zell’s lips.  “Yes.”

Squall leaned forward and kissed Zell’s mouth lightly before turning his head and pressing his cheek against Zell’s cheek.  “You’re my best friend, Zell,” Squall said, hoping his sincerity rung true for Zell.

“And you’re mine,” Zell replied, hugging Squall.  He understood and knew those words were for him, not for the ‘hidden’ cameras and the listening ears.

They sat there, holding each other, their bodies calming down, breathing returning to the daily normal.

“Bed?” asked Squall as he sat up to look down at Zell.

Zell nodded.

Squall gently got up from Zell, their bodies parting.  As Squall moved, Zell smiled at the remnants of the vanilla custard sticking to his pubic hair.  Zell then stood and was about to follow Squall out of the kitchen when Squall stepped to the tray of cream puffs on the floor and picked it up.

“You’re cleaning now?” Zell asked.

After setting the tray onto the counter, Squall turned and let his grey-blue eyes hover on Zell before he said “Well, it’ll go bad by the morning.”

Zell smiled and shook his head.  “Who cares,” he said gently, holding a hand out.

Squall frowned and turned away, his hands lingering on the tray as he tried to convince himself it wasn’t worth it.

With a light laugh, Zell said “Okay.”

Squall looked back.

Zell leaned down and picked up the clothes.  “You put the food away,” he said to Squall.  “I’ll clean this up-”

Squall had turned and knelt down to help Zell.

“Gah!” Zell said shoving Squall’s hands away.  “I’ll do this.”

Squall stood tall and Zell found himself at eye level with Squall’s beautiful cock.  The blonde quickly looked away, smiling, before reaching down to pick up the rest of the clothes.

“Thanks,” Squall said then turned to put away the dinner and dessert.

Zell flung his shoes from the kitchen floor towards the front door -- easy enough to find tomorrow when he needed them.  He then stood tall, his and Squall’s clothes in his arms.

“I’ll be in the bedroom,” Zell said.

“Okay,” Squall replied.  “Oh!” He turned from the food to look at Zell.  He then smiled and said “Get the candles and lighter.”

Zell grinned at Squall then walk-ran-skipped to the table and snagged all the items to take them back with him to the bedroom -- where he’d wait for Squall so they could have sex again.

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