Salvation's End

BY : Grieving Leon
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Salvation’s End

Chapter 16: Enslavement

Squall sat on the kitchen floor near one of the windows.  The window was cracked open, letting in the icy morning air while letting out the cigarette smoke.

After spending the rest of the Saturday night (Sunday morning) cleaning and making food preparations, Squall had waited with shameful desperation for his undercover partner to return from that undercover bouncer job.  

Back to Level 3, Squall felt vulnerable in a way he hadn’t wanted to admit to feeling these past eight months, and now all the brunette man could think of was how desperately he needed Zell there to be strong for him.

Taking a long hit off the cigarette, Squall used his years of practice of controlling his emotions and pushed deep into the pit of his heart the crying child begging him to flip the level back on.  The SeeD couldn’t fathom honestly being Amyst, not anymore; couldn’t fathom being so vulnerable, where at any moment some powerful and bored man or woman could make light entertainment out of Squall.

With a shaky breath and closed eyes, Squall breathed the toxic smoke out from his lungs and towards the cracked window.

The always pleasurable sound of Zell’s keys hitting the lock came.  Squall felt his heart being squeezed by fear, though outwardly as he opened his eyes and turned his head towards the front door, he seemed calm.  

“I’m home!” Zell called as he walked in, performing his routine of tossing his keys onto the entry table, shrugging off his coat and stepping out of his sneakers.

“In here,” Squall said in a soft and hoarse voice.

Zell turned to where Squall sat and as the blonde bouncer locked the deadbolts all into place, he frowned at the submissive brunette.

“You okay?” asked Zell.

Squall took another hit off the cigarette and nodded.  While Zell walked forward, Squall let the toxin flow out of his mouth and said “I...had a bad night.”

Zell was immediately at Squall’s side, those thick arms around Squall’s shoulders and waist, the blonde man’s gorgeous month against Squall’s cheek.  “Someone harass you again?”

The power Zell exuded filled Squall and he understood a little better why he was so desperate for Zell’s Utopian body, why he loved being fucked -- because he did -- by Zell’s thick and hard cock.  Squall wanted to shove himself into Zell’s chest and stay there, next to the blonde’s large heart, comforted by its beautiful beating.

“Tell me,” Zell whispered, holding his lover tightly.

“I can’t yet,” Squall said in his own whispered voice as he nuzzled his face against Zell’s collarbone.

“What do you mean?” Zell asked quickly.  “I’ll fix it, tell me.”

“I can’t yet,” Squall said and he grimaced against the emotions that he thought he’d buried deep inside.

The blonde man pulled back to look at Squall’s face, confusion etching out of the sapphire eyes.  “Why not?”

Squall closed his cloudy eyes to regain control of his fears and the memories of almost being raped, and he hacked away the junkie-like feelings he had for flipping his real level back on.  He opened his grey-blue eyes, calmer now, and looked directly into Zell’s worried gaze.  “I will tell you...later,” he said, trying to sound stern.

Zell heard the brief flash of the High Commander tone pulse in Squall’s words, and the blonde man realized why Squall might not be able to say right now.  Without conviction, Zell said “When you feel up to it.”

After a nod, relieved that Zell had finally understood, Squall turned back to his cigarette and took another long drag.

Zell shifted and sat down next to Squall on that kitchen tiled floor, one arm still wrapped around the brunette man’s shoulders.  

“I still have a few things to cook tomorrow morning,” Squall said softly, “so they’re fresh when the party starts.”

“‘Kay,” Zell mumbled.  He didn’t care about a party: He wanted to know what happened to Squall that Amyst couldn’t explain but would upset the brunette man so.  At first, Zell’s mind raced with ideas about rape because the blonde man was still fearful that Squall would not flip the LD-Chip if the High Commander thought it would break his cover.

“I made you a sandwich for dinner,” Squall said, then he took a final drag from the cigarette and tossed the butt into the glass of water he had sitting on the windowsill -- there were a number of other cigarette butts in the dank water.  “I hope that’s okay.”

At first Zell didn’t really hear Squall because Zell was thinking that if Squall had been raped, Amyst would naturally be crying to K’Oz about it.  So that had to mean Squall hadn’t been raped, right?

Squall tried to stand up, weak -- pathetically weak -- and he slipped back down after pushing up only one inch.  

“Oh.  Yea of course it’s okay,” Zell said, taking his arm away from Squall’s shoulders. “I’ll get it.”  He jumped up to head to the refrigerator where he assumed the sandwich would be waiting.

“No,” Squall said, pushing up once more.

“I can get my sandwich,” Zell said, trying to sound sweet as he smiled at Squall.

“I’m your wife,” said Squall with a subdued tone, standing now and staring at Zell with an almost broken look pouring from his grey-blue eyes.

Zell didn’t have a reply.  He simply stood, halfway to the refrigerator, staring back at Squall.

“I’ll get it,” Squall said, stepping forward and moving passed Zell.  “Do you want a beer too?”

“...Yea,” Zell said softly, smile gone.

Once his hands held the peanut-butter and jelly sandwich plate and the beer, Squall took the couple steps to the rickety kitchen table and set both down where Zell normally sat.  There was already placemat, napkin, and drink-coaster laid out.

“Did you eat?” asked Zell as he watched Squall walk back to the window and crumpled pack of Bad Tentacle cigarettes.

“...A little,” Squall said softly as he sat down.

Zell stepped to the pantry that made up the rest of the wall beside the fridge, opposite the stove, sink, and counters.  He picked out a bag of cereal-trail-mix before retrieving his sandwich and beer then moving back to sit down with Squall on the kitchen tiled floor.  After resting his plate on his own lap and setting the beer to his right, Zell opened the bag and placed it to his left, between Squall and him.

As Squall started to smoke another cigarette, he glanced to Zell again. Squall said “I should have made you more.”

With a doubtful frown, Zell said “It’s great. Besides I’ma be eating nonstop tomorrow.  And you’ve been cooking all night.”  He then took a large bite of the sandwich and happily chewed: He really did love peanut-butter and jelly -- strawberry jelly!

Squall softly smiled at Zell who beamed joy and that was comforting for Squall.  The brunette man leaned against Zell’s left side, wrapping an arm around to lay his fingers delicately on Zell’s thick lower arm.  After staring down at the arm for a while, feeling completely safe with Zell at his side, Squall closed his eyes.

Even with snacking on handfuls of the cereal-trail-mix, Zell finished the sandwich in a couple bites.  He’d been hoping Squall would eat some of the trail mix too, but the brunette man only quietly smoked while leaning there with Zell.

It was then, as Zell licked the last crumbs of the sandwich off his lips, that he began to think maybe something happened back at Balamb Garden.  Squall had found something out about Rinoa or Quistis maybe, and it was upsetting to the man.  Maybe one of those women had gotten engaged and Squall was jealous: The thoughts in Zell’s head were random and he raced through scenario after scenario.

“All done?” Squall asked, his voice that beautiful soft tone that Zell loved.  

The blonde man blinked away the Balamb Garden thoughts and turned to look over at Squall, who was smiling gently at him.

“Yea,” Zell replied and bounced up.  He picked the cereal-trail-mix up, set the plate on the counter, then picked up his beer bottle to gulp empty.

Squall stood and tossed the cigarette into the glass of water then shut the window.  He picked up the air-freshener that he’d set at the windowsill and sprayed the Floral Fun! scent into the air.  

“Bed?” asked Zell, tossing the empty beer bottle into the kitchen trash before putting away the snack food.

“Yes,” said Squall, picking up the cigarettes-and-water to dispose of.

Seconds later Zell sighed heavily, moving both hands to the back of his own neck, weaving his fingers together as he stood in the kitchen entryway, watching Squall.  Like the blonde man had expected, Squall went to the sink and began to wash the glass and Zell’s sandwich plate.

“You never take a break,” Zell said plainly.

Squall didn’t reply as he washed the dishes.

The sapphire eyes began to sparkle as he watched Squall and even though Zell was worried and thinking thousands of different thoughts, he couldn’t help but focus on how beautiful Squall was.  

Dropping his arms down, Zell walked to Squall, stepping up behind the working man to wrap his arms around the delicate waist.  Leaning his chin against Squall’s shoulder, Zell closed his sapphire eyes and breathed in deeply, in love with even the way Squall smelled.

Squall was finished with the two dishes quickly enough, but now that Zell was standing there, holding him, Squall didn’t want to move.  He, too, closed his eyes and pushed his body back against his blonde lover.

“I like that you’re my wife,” Zell whispered with a smile.  He meant it as a joke but after he said it, he didn’t think it sounded very humorous.

Squall, however, replied back “I know you like being my strong man.”

Zell’s smile dwindled and he said “Yes.”  He hugged Squall tighter.

“Makes you feel powerful,” whispered Squall, opening his eyes to look at nothing, “to fuck me.”

Nuzzling Squall again, Zell whispered “Yes.”  The blonde man pushed his hands over Squall’s clothed chest, desperate to touch Squall, to have their bodies tightly together.

“You are powerful,” Squall whispered as he moved his hands to lay over Zell’s as the blonde’s hands moved.  “I know I’m safe with you, my big, strong man.”

An airy, soft half-laugh left Zell’s mouth as his smile widened.  He kissed Squall’s shoulder and said “I’ll never let anything happen to you.”

Squall reached one hand back to caress Zell’s cheek.  “I believe you.”

Continuing to move his hands over Squall’s clothed chest and stomach, Zell trailed kisses along the submissive brunette’s shoulder and to his neck.

“My husband,” whispered Squall as he tilted his head to expose more of his neck to Zell’s divine mouth.  Squall still caressed Zell’s cheek softly.  “I need your strong body so badly.”

The blonde man’s hands dropped to Squall’s waist and, with overwhelming need, undid the submissive man’s jeans to shove them off those beautiful, milky hips.  

Squall’s body jolted and he pulled his hand from Zell’s cheek to brace himself against the counter as he felt the caresses of Zell’s hands against his ass: Squall knew Zell was just as eagerly undoing his own pants.

“I love your cock,” Squall said as he stared at nothing, anticipation swelling inside his chest then a bliss began to overtake him when he felt Zell’s erection caressing between his ass cheeks.  

The blonde man was still kissing Squall’s neck as he rubbing his dick against Squall’s ass and asshole.  

“Zell,” Squall whispered.  The submissive brunette then felt the harsh penetration of Zell’s cock, but Squall didn’t care saliva was the only lubrication.  The bliss had pierced his beating heart and all Squall could think of was how powerful Zell was -- and that power was being pushed inside Squall.  “Zell.”

“Baby,” Zell mumbled in a half-groan, kissing Squall, hands on the submissive brunette’s delicate hips while shoving his cock in and out hard.

Holding onto the counter ledge, which Squall was almost pressed against anyway, Squall tried to keep his ass from moving too far from the perfect dick that was fucking him.  With each thrust, blood pounded into Squall’s erection.

“Please, Zell,” Squall moaned.  “I need you to talk.”

“You’re so fucking tight,” Zell groaned as he continued his aggressive pace into Squall’s body.  He kissed Squall’s neck more.  “I’m going to fuck you until you can’t stand.”

Squall laughed lightly, closing his cloudy eyes and enjoying the continued harsh jolting the breathtaking blonde man was forcing onto his body.

“My wife,” Zell whispered hungrily, caressing his tongue against the small of Squall’s neck.

“I like being your wife,” Squall said.  “I want you to be my husband.”

“I am your husband,” said Zell.

“You’re so...strong,” Squall said as he dropped a hand away from the counter’s ledge to hold onto one of the hands Zell still had on the brunette’s hips.

Zell dug his fingers into his submissive lover’s creamy flesh, holding Squall tightly, still fucking him hard.  “I’ll do anything for you.”

“I need you,” whispered Squall and he opened his eyes, the memories of Shane and Jerome surging up.  “Zell.”

“I’m right here,” Zell said, baring his chest down against Squall, forcing the submissive brunette to lean slightly over.  He still did not let up on his hard and fast thrusts.  “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Squall said, hoping his voice hadn’t betrayed him: That burley man’s body and Jerome’s lips bothered Squall in a way he didn’t want to admit to.  The brunette man felt the need for his level itching at him, clawing up from inside, but Zell’s cock was soothing.  His SeeD partner was holding him, fucking him with that powerful cock, the SeeD’s Utopian body was full of GFs and spells, giving Squall refuge from fear.

“You’re my world,” Zell whispered.

Then Squall had to catch himself from falling, his legs almost completely useless and Zell’s powerful cock was gone.  The brunette man didn’t understand why and he felt weak and empty, but then Zell’s hands were turning him around.

Once they were facing each other, Squall paused a moment to stare at Zell, who was reaching down to pick him up.  The blonde man was stopped when Squall yanked the blonde’s shirt off to expose the blonde’s thick pecks, biceps, and abs.  With delicate fingertips, Squall touched the gorgeous muscles, his grey-blue eyes eating up every immaculate inch of the blonde SeeD’s exposed body.

Satisfied, Squall wrapped his arms over Zell’s strong shoulders and he hugged the blonde man tightly, docile and passive to whatever Zell wanted and did.  The blonde man lifted his obedient lover up, and the blonde’s cock ached from desire when those gorgeous legs spread apart -- probably as far as they could -- to give Zell that tight asshole again.

“My strong, powerful man,” Squall said, eyes closed, practically dead weight in Zell’s strong arms.

As he began to push his dick into Squall’s tight asshole again, Zell nuzzled Squall and said “I’m yours, Squall, for whatever you want.”

Once again having Zell’s thick and hard cock inside him gave the brunette man peace.  The thrusts had returned to that fast and deep pace, and Squall was thankful Zell understood how desperate Squall felt.  The LD-Chip in his palm practically itched and the only thing controlling Squall’s junkie-need to have his own power back was that Zell was powerful.

So Zell at Level 36 wasn’t Hyne, but it was when compared to Squall’s current Level 3 status.  And Zell was still one-GF equipped and had at least a decent list of spells.

Squall couldn’t spread his legs wide enough as Zell held him up.  He wanted that power inside his body again.

“Your my everything,” Zell whispered between kisses on his submissive lover’s neck.  “My wife, my husband, my lover, master.”

Squall moved his hand to the back of Zell’s head and gripped the blonde hair tightly, nuzzling his cheek against powerful blonde SeeD.  He thrust his ass down, desperate for Zell’s hard and thick erection to push back in.

“Zell,” Squall moaned, the grey-blue eyes closed from pleasure, and Squall greedily acknowledged that Zell Dincht was fucking him.  There was nothing to be afraid of with Zell at his side; Squall was allowed to be weak, to play the Amyst role without fear because Zell Dincht was there to be powerful for him.

“I’m right here,” Zell said with his lips against the soft skin below Squall’s ear, still keeping his fast and eager thrusts.

The passive man was still spreading his legs wide apart, knees bent with the sides of his feet against Zell’s thighs.  It was all Zell could do to bare the throbbing in his cock, the blood pounding surges of pleasure through him as his heart beat with heavy emotion -- love, need, yearning, desperation -- for Squall.  Zell could feel how badly Squall needed his cock inside him and Zell’s body was beginning to lose control.

Even with Squall practically dead weight against him, the brunette man was feather light in the blonde bouncer’s strong arms.  Zell wanted to fuck Squall literally until sexy brunette couldn’t stand; but Zell had smiled earlier when he turned Squall around because the brunette man had appeared wobbly.  

Zell Dincht’s powerful body felt so good, feeding Squall’s addition.  Squall repeated over and over in his head that it was Zell Dincht fucking him, a SeeD with powers beyond almost the entire world’s grasp. Squall gripped Zell’s hair tighter as he felt the pleasure in his own body completely take over.  The submissive brunette’s engorged cock throbbed as his balls and stomach tingled, orgasm taking over.

Squall mashed his lips against Zell’s, kissing desperately, shoving his tongue into Zell’s mouth as he came, one hand in the blonde hair and the other holding onto the back of Zell’s strong neck.  The blonde man’s hands gripped the submissive man’s creamy hips and let Squall’s yearning and trembling thrusts lead him.  

The cum was warm on Zell’s stomach and the blonde man reveled in knowing he’d again made the most perfect man in the world orgasm.  They continued to kiss as Squall’s orgasm died down, and the brunette man was grateful that Zell hadn’t pulled those perfect lips away.  The powerful, hard and thick cock was still buried inside him, satisfying Squall’s itch.

Now that Squall had cum, Zell wanted to take the beautiful brunette man back to the bedroom and fuck him there.  Keeping his sapphire eyes closed, Zell whispered with his lips still brushing against Squall’s “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Squall said with that shaky voice that he hoped didn’t betray his feelings.

They kissed more, slower now, their tongues gently exchanging saliva while they both held onto each other tightly.

“My husband,” whispered Squall, eyes still closed.

A smile pulled over Zell’s lips as he continued to kiss.  He wasn’t sure if he should say the “wife” thing again, now that Squall had cum.  

Squall’s hands were then sliding over Zell’s bare shoulders and upper back while still kissing Zell’s lips.  Between gentle, satisfied kisses, Squall whispered “You’re so big.”

After kissing Squall again, Zell whispered back “You are beyond sexy, Squall.”

“You like it inside me?” asked Squall, still enjoying the texture of Zell’s flesh under his palms.

“I can’t even describe how much I like it,” said Zell.  He kissed softly again, their lips not even completely parting as he whispered “You’re perfect.”

“You like that I’m your wife, Zell?” asked Squall.

“Hyne, yes,” Zell whispered and he hugged Squall tighter, relishing how tight the beautiful brunette’s asshole was around his hard cock.  He kissed Squall before whispering “I am going to marry you.”

Carefully, Zell stepped out of his jeans which had been around his ankles that whole time.  He then carried Squall -- who wouldn’t have even fathomed complaining -- out of the kitchen and through the living room, down the hallway to the bedroom where the blonde man gently laid Squall down.

They shifted together, Squall very careful to keep his legs tightly around Zell’s hips so he didn’t lose his addiction.  Zell gently removed Squall’s shirt and tossed it into the darkness of their bedroom before they slipped under the blankets.

Closing his grey-blue eyes again, Squall relaxed into the lumpy mattress as he felt Zell’s hips begin to move again.  The blonde man then stopped and awkwardly reached for the displayed lube: The addiction was taken from Squall and the brunette man counted the half-seconds it took Zell to coat his cock before pushing back in.

The strong, sexy hips were then moving again, slower, as Squall lightly held Zell.  The blonde man laid there on Squall, his tattooed cheek towards Squall’s face as he gently kissed the milky flesh of the submissive brunette’s neck.

Using his fingertips, Squall trailed circles over Zell’s back, focused on Zell’s gorgeous soft grunting.  Zell still fucked Squall deep, but now his thrusts were slow, the blonde man’s engorged cock savoring each tight inch of Squall’s body.

“I like laying underneath you,” whispered Squall as Zell fucked him.

Zell pushed up enough so that he could look directly down at Squall’s smiling face.  

“I like your heavy body,” said Squall as he moved one hands light fingertips to touch the beautiful tattoo on Zell Dincht’s left cheek.  

“Your body is beautiful,” Zell said as he thrust and stare down.  Squall’s gentle fingertips sent shock waves through Zell, into his large beating heart.

“Pretty enough for you?” asked Squall, the smile faltering.

Zell grinned.  “Hyne, baby, you’ve always been beautiful.  Always.  ...You’re Squall.”

The smile widened again and Squall’s gentle fingertips firmed to caress Zell’s cheek with more strength.  The brunette man pulled his legs apart as far as he could as he smiled up at Zell’s sparkling sapphire eyes.

“I love you,” whispered Squall.

As he thrust into his brunette lover again, Zell replied “I love you, too, baby.  And you are beautiful.”  The blonde man caressed his hand along Squall’s upper arm.  “The most beautiful creature in the entire world.”

The weight of his power-addiction was crushing his heart.  Zell’s thick cock continued its slow pace, filling Squall up though the brunette SeeD knew he could never get enough of Zell, could never get it deep enough inside him.  With every thrust satisfying Squall, he only craved more.  The brunette man knew his voice shook as he spoke: “I’ll do anything to keep you.”

Zell felt butterflies swirling a hurricane inside his chest as he stared down at Squall’s smile.  The camera could not see that smile from its angle, not with Zell baring down over Squall as he was.  That perfect smile on those heavenly lips, that joy and desire exuding from Squall’s sexy grey-blue eyes was not for the cameras; it was for Zell.

“We’re going to get married, baby,” Zell said as his cock swelled with erotic desires, teetering along the edge of orgasm.  Zell meant what he said, meant that they could get married as Dincht and Leonhart, once they were back in Balamb Garden.  “...I’ll propose to you again.”

Squall laughed softly, that delicate submissive laugh of his Amyst persona.  “I’m not letting you take the ring away.”

Zell laughed once then closed his eyes and kissed Squall deeply, his brunette lover kissing back while fighting that sexy smile.  

“I want you to keep that ring,” Zell whispered after their mouths parted.

“I’m going to,” said Squall as he looked up at Zell’s opening sapphire eyes.  Briefly, the brunette’s mind flashed the memory of Denrick’s suggestion of Squall spending his Gil on a ring for Zell -- but Squall would need more Gil than that 12,600 to buy Zell a nice (masculine) one.  

“We’re going to get married,” Zell said as he continued to teeter along that pleasure-ledge, keeping himself from orgasm because he wanted to continue to make love to Squall for as long as he could.  “And have mini-Zells and mini-Squalls.”

A tremble rippled through Zell as he saw Squall’s smile briefly widen.  Squall’s legs were still spread wide -- wider than normal -- and the brunette had been continuously passive, eagerly exposed and open for Zell to devour.

“And you’ll always make love to me?” asked Squall, but he was still smiling.

“I’ll do anything for you,” replied Zell.

“Always let me be your wife?” asked Squall and Zell smiled down at those glittering grey-blue eyes.

Another tremble rippled through Zell but he couldn’t hold back the orgasm any longer.  With desperation, Zell mashed his mouth against Squall’s and kissed the brunette man.  The slow and deep thrusts continued as Zell came, he wanted that orgasm to last, to be lost in that single moment of bliss as Squall Leonhart held him and made love with him.

The hot cum had flowed out of Zell’s cock and now was inside Squall’s body.  They lay together, kissing still, both ravenous for the moment to continue.  Their lips moved together, their tongues swirling saliva around.  Squall ran his fingers through Zell’s short blonde hair, keeping the blonde laying that heavy body on top of him.

After minutes went by, their mouths parted and Zell looked down at Squall’s beautiful half smile and sparkling grey-blue eyes.  “You’re so beautiful,” Zell said.

“Don’t take it out,” said Squall, his fingers still in Zell’s soft hair.

“I wasn’t going to,” Zell said with a mild laugh.

“I want your cock to stay inside me,” whispered Squall, the smile dying out as he watched Zell’s reaction.  “Keep it inside me.  Sleep here, on top of me.”

The blonde man caressed the back of his fingers against Squall’s cheek.

“I need it,” Squall said, his voice dipping into that desperate tone from earlier.

Zell kissed the side of Squall’s mouth before saying “I don’t want to take it out.  Of course I’ll sleep here, inside you.”  The blonde man then moved his head to lay partially against Squall’s shoulder: He did not move his hips except to grind himself down harder against Squall’s ass.

Staring up at the ceiling, hands now on Zell’s back after pulling the blankets back up, Squall whispered into the darkness “My strong, powerful man.”  'SeeD.'


Squall woke up early that Sunday morning to the soft melody of Zell’s quiet snores.  The blonde man’s heavy body was still laying on Squall, his cock still inside and comforting Squall.  After allowing a moment to pass by, to enjoy the powerful SeeD that protected him in his weakened state, Squall turned to look at the clock on the nightstand.  Its red digital display ticked another minute passed, showing Squall it was 8:56 AM.  Four minutes until the alarm would go off -- Squall had set it before Zell got home last night (this morning).

While Squall wasn’t sure when exactly he fell asleep, he doubted he’d even gotten a full three hours, but there were still a few things to do and he wanted to shower before guests arrived.  Squall should have showered last night, but he hadn’t felt comfortable enough alone to remove all his clothes and further impair his bitterly useless Level 3 body.

Moving a finger to caress Zell’s muscular back, Squall closed his cloudy eyes and allowed himself the four minutes of peace.  The blonde man’s body was warm and heavy, the snoring bringing a serenity to the quiet of the chilly morning Spring air.

When the alarm blared, Zell jolted which half-startled Squall.

“Whoa!” Zell said in a sleepy, angry voice as he reached over to turn the clock off.  

Squall silently bemoaned the loss of Zell’s dick.

“Why’s that on so early?!” Zell groaned and then flopped heavily back down, now only half on top of Squall.

Squall turned his body towards Zell, his knees bent, Zell’s leg laying between the brunette’s two closed legs.  As Squall caressed the backs of his fingers against his blonde lover’s beautiful and flawless chest, the brunette whispered “I have to get up to finish setting up for your party.  People are supposed to start showing up at ten.”

A whiny groan was Zell’s reply, the sapphire eyes hidden under heavy, sleepy eyelids.

Squall smiled and kissed Zell’s prickly chin.  “I’m going to get up to shower.”

Zell’s arms squeezed tighter around Squall, preventing the brunette man from rolling away.  “Damn,” mumbled Zell.  He opened his eyes to look into Squall’s grey-blue spheres.  “Why’d you have to say shower?  I was going to hold you here, but now I got to get up.”  He frowned sadly.

“You don’t have to,” Squall replied with soft amusement.

“And miss showering with you?!” asked Zell, his frown turning to a doubtful sneer.

After taking a moment to smile at Zell’s cute face, Squall kissed the doubtful sneered lips once then pushed out of Zell’s gentle grasp to get up.  With a groan, Zell sat up in bed, watching Squall as the brunette man retrieved clothes for both of them to carry with him to the bathroom.

“I’m going to be dead tonight at work,” Zell groaned before reaching his half-fisted hands high up, above his head in a large stretch.

Squall stole a glance at Zell’s chest as the blonde man stretched, the grey-blue eyes watching the muscles flex.  The moment was soon over and Squall turned away to the bathroom.

The only thing preventing Zell from laying back down was that he rarely got to shower with Squall.  When they woke up, normally they had plenty of time for sex, which they did in the bed.  After that, Squall would be off to fix breakfast and lunch for Zell, while Zell showered.  So, Zell shoved the deliciously warm blankets off himself and hopped out of bed to join Squall.

Zell shut the bathroom door behind him, watching the steam already beginning to billow up from the beating stream of water from the shower head.  

The blonde quickly emptied his bladder, absently flushing the toilet and then grimacing.  While Squall didn’t actually say anything, Zell swore he could hear the brunette’s thoughts “SIGH!”

“Sorry!” Zell said, sneering at the shower curtain that protected him from Squall’s glare.

“...It’s alright,” mumbled Squall.

With caution, Zell slipped passed the shower curtain, into the hot water spray with Squall.  The brunette glared at him, though Zell figured Squall hadn’t meant to.  Zell smiled at the glare and said “My bad.”  He then wrapped his thick arms around the delicate waist of the beautiful, wet brunette man.

Gently laying his hands on Zell’s chest, Squall said “It’s alright, Zell.”

Glancing down to Squall’s wet and naked body, the sapphire eyes sparkling in delight from the sight of Squall’s gorgeous dick, Zell said “Do you want me to wash you?”

A ghost smile pushed over Squall’s lips as he stared at the sparkling eyes.  “It’s why you’re in here, isn’t it?”

Zell held in a laugh as he grinned.  Squall picked up the white mesh-poof sponge and liquid body soap -- strawberry scent because it was Zell’s favorite -- and handed both to the excited blonde bouncer.

The shower had been far shorter than Zell wanted and he pouted (to himself) when Squall slipped out after the conditioner was rinsed from the long brown hair.  Zell hurried to rise off now that Squall was done.  Once their bathroom routine was complete and they were dressed, Zell followed Squall to the kitchen where Squall started by putting on coffee for the blonde man.

“You should turn on the TV,” said Squall as the coffee maker began to simmer.

Standing close to Squall, probably in the brunette man’s way, Zell reluctantly debated that idea.  He stared at Squall who turned to softly smile at him.

Squall said “I’ll bring you breakfast.  Go watch the pre-game stuff.”  

“Meh,” Zell grumbled, began to turn way but stopped and quickly hopped to Squall, kissing the brunette man’s soft cheek lightly, then after those sapphire eyes stared into Squall’s grey-blue spheres a moment longer, Zell turned to finally go sit in the living room.

Smiling to himself as he walked to the fridge, Squall asked “Did you want anything in particular for breakfast?”

Zell thought a moment as he held the TV remote. “...Honestly? ...Another PB and J.”

“Marmalade jelly?” asked Squall, though he knew what Zell’s reply was going to be.

“Oh, YUCK!” said Zell with a disgusted sneer, looking to Squall.

“Oh,” Squall said sadly as he reached into the fridge.  “We only have strawberry jelly.”  He stood up and feigned disappointment as he looked at Zell.

Zell grinned and shook his head at Squall.  He turned back to the TV and flipped between a few channels that had various announcers discussing Blitzball and the teams.  Not that Squall joked often, but he did far more than when the two SeeD had been at Balamb Garden: The playfulness gave Zell butterflies and seemed to add another out of thousands of things to the list of ‘Why Squall Leonhart is Sexy’.

The grin pushed away, Zell quickly darted his eyes to where Squall stood, facing towards him but on the other side of the kitchen counter and bar-counter combo.  The brunette was just barely smiling as he made the sandwich, but that smile made Zell’s heart skip a beat.  The blonde man turned back to the TV before Squall noticed he was staring at him.

Zell had been lost in some debate between an announcer and the announcer's guest when Squall served him the sandwich and coffee, remembering to give Zell a napkin, too.

“Thanks,” Zell said, smiling up at Squall who nodded with a smile before heading back to the kitchen.  After eating a bite, Zell asked “You need me to do anything?”

“No,” said Squall as he laid out hot wings to put in the oven.  “It’s mostly just setting out snack foods, warming up things I finished last night.”

At 9:50 AM the first guest arrived: Teresa, Jessica, and Jessica’s boyfriend (who did not work at the Pink Pony), Rick.

“Sup,” Zell said when he let them in.  He knew Rick from just last night -- Zell had not had the chance to tell Squall about the errand Zell had gone on after work, even though Zell had meant to.  Last night was filled with distractions and this morning, when things were calmer, Zell hadn’t remembered to tell Squall.  

“Hey, Zell,” Jessica said with a bright smile.  “Things were so much better last night, thank you!”

“Yea, no prob,” Zell said quickly.  The blonde took three steps so that he stood in the kitchen entry and looked over to Squall, who was working on the snack food.  “I forgot to tell you that I beat someone up last night.”

Squall stopped what he was doing and looked up at Zell.  “What?”  

“I didn’t mean to forget!” Zell said, hoping he wasn’t in trouble with his High Commander.  “It’s just when I came home... you know. ...We had sex.”

Holding in a large, annoyed sigh, Squall looked back down to the snack food preparations and went back to work.  “Well, who was it?”

“It was some asshole,” Jessica chimed in, “friend of my boyfriend’s brother.”

Squall glanced over to Jessica, whom he knew to be one of the Pink Pony strippers, then to the man standing with her.  The man was no butch by any stretch of the word, simply gawky and slender.

“This is my boyfriend, Rick,” Jessica said, taking hold of the man’s arm.  Rick failed at his attempt at smiling at Squall.

“The asshole,” Zell said, watching Squall while still worried he was in trouble, “was always touching her ass and stuff.  So I beat him up for her.  It wasn’t for Gil or anything.”

The brunette SeeD allowed himself to smile at Zell as he shook his head.  “Alright.”  Squall knew that Zell could not resist being a hero, and to be fair Squall had been a mess last night when the blonde SeeD walked in.

“So,” Zell said with emphasis, staring at Squall, “I’m not in trouble?”

“No,” Squall said, still smiling while looking down to the snacks.  “Of course not.”

“Sorry,” Jessica whispered to Zell, the girl smiling at Zell’s relief.

Talking softly to Jessica, Zell said “He just got done telling me to stop beating up people before telling him.”

Teresa laughed from where she sat in the living room.  “You beat up that many people, Zell?!”

Zell glared at her.  “Shut it!”

As Rick headed to sit in the living room with Zell, Jessica slid into the kitchen and set down the brown paper bag she’d been holding.

“I brought some chips and cheese balls,” Jessica said as she opened the bag.  “You must have worked really hard, look at all this food.”

Squall stopped setting out the cream cheese jalapeños and thought.  The SeeD hardly considered this work.  Killing Fufu last night had been work, making snack food for a Blitzball party was something he could do while debating creation of new Spells, the development of GF abilities, or the specific junction set up for various battle formations.

And, okay, maybe Squall had in more recent moments of contemplation been remembering sex with Zell, but the brunette SeeD had spent this particular morning thinking about what the Light-Box could do for his relationship with Denrick as well as what Fufu’s death and Don Fynt’s appearance meant.

“You want me to take out some other of these snack plates?” Jessica asked, holding the bowl of cheese balls in her right hand.

Squall turned from the counter to look at Jessica.  “Um, there’s a couple types of dip in the fridge.  I’ll get some bowls of chips ready.”

By 11:00 AM, the apartment was filled with Pink Pony workers and their friends.  Some, like Chad, brought beer, and others, like Martin, brought more snack food -- all of which was being devoured quickly.  The entire apartment was filled with the loud TV and groups of people having various competing conversations.

Squall had, unfortunately, been too well prepared and while he still had plates of food in the kitchen to replace whatever was eaten in the living room, he had nothing else to fix.  In the kitchen, Squall fumbled about with a plate of half-brownies half-cookies, stacking them up in a nice orderly pile needlessly.  He had always hated gatherings, and even though he was pretending to be this cheery submissive gay boy, he found mingling today especially strenuous.

While Squall knew he couldn’t actually do it, he daydreamed about going into the living room, seducing Zell, and going back to the bedroom where they could sex.

“Squall!” Zell’s voice blended into the daydream briefly before Squall blinked his thoughts away to turn to look at Zell.  “Come here,” the blonde man said cheerfully.

Picking up the plate of very nicely stacked and organized cookies and brownies, Squall headed into the living room.

“Thanks,” Chad said as Squall walked by where the man sat in a lazy-chair, the gigantic bouncer taking the entire plate from Squall.

Before Squall could give any sort of reply (glare, sneer, or Amyst-smile), Zell had snagged his wrist and pulled the brunette man down onto his lap.  Briefly, and while holding in a large smile, Squall imagined that his sexual fantasies were coming true.  But Zell was soon holding up a piece of paper with rows and columns and Blitzball team names.

“Help me pick out which teams will win,” Zell said, his beautiful sapphire eyes sparkling up at Squall.

His sexual fantasies crushed, Squall looked at the paper before gently taking it.  He said “You know I don’t watch Blitzball.”

“It’s just for fun, baby,” Zell said happily, both arms now around Squall’s waist, enjoying the weight of Squall’s ass against his crotch.

Jeff, who was sitting beside Zell, handed Squall a pencil.  Squall accepted it just as a submissive gay boy should then turned to the coffee table and picked up a large bowl of chips to move away to make space.  Another bouncer, Brad who was sitting on the floor, took the bowl and began snacking on the chips.

Zell had this idea in his head about Squall picking out the perfect teams and perfect scores.  Then when all of Squall’s predictions came true and he won the pool, everyone was going to be amazed at Squall’s skills -- and Squall didn’t even like Blitzball!

Those thoughts vanished as Squall leaned forward, his ass still on Zell’s lap, the brunette man bent over while debating each team.  Zell happily moved his hands to Squall’s hips and had numerous thoughts about sex while smiling at Squall’s back and ass.

“I get it now,” Teresa said to Zell.  She sat on the other side of Jeff.

“What?” asked Zell, forcing his sapphire eyes from staring at Squall.

“You don’t care about the pool,” Teresa said, smirking at the blonde bouncer, “You were just trying to get a little somethin’-somethin’.”

Zell tried to frown at her, but he was smiling too wide.  He knew he was blushing, and he gripped Squall’s hips tighter absently.

Squall glanced back to Zell, seeing the man’s blush and smile, which made Squall smile.  He caught Zell’s sapphire eyes just before turning back to look at the paper.  Before Squall could mark his first choice, he felt Zell’s dick getting hard.

After taking a moment and biting his lower lip to enjoy the moment of his sexual daydreams coming to life, Squall focused on the paper once more.

Squall Leonhart could predict which teams would win -- at least fairly well.  He listened to Blitzball mumbo-jumbo weekly when Zell watched, and he had listened (without meaning to) this morning to the announcers debating teams, players, and injuries.  He might have needed to read up a little more about the teams to be 100 percent accurate, but he didn’t doubt his probability skills currently.

However, Squall knew Amyst had none of those skills.  So, Squall did what any pretty boy picking Blitzball teams randomly would do: He chose the teams with the names he liked better:

Deling’s Man-At-Arms vs. Timber Forest Owls -- Man-At-Arms.

Estharian Moomba vs. White SeeD Guardians -- Guardians.

Trabia Snow Lions vs. Fisherman’s Horizon Mechanics -- Lions.

Balamb Mercenaries vs. Winhill Thorns -- Mercenaries.

Desert Prison Screwdrivers vs. Galbadia Knights -- Knights.

Sorceresses Time-Stop Squad vs. Dollet Dukedom Elite -- Elite

The last team-set was difficult to choose between.  Time-Stop Squad did sound cooler, and Amyst wouldn’t exactly have a particular grudge against sorceresses like Leonhart did (except, of course, Rinoa), but in the end, Amyst lived in Dollet so Squall chose the team Elite.  Squall also had hovered over the Moomba name a few seconds, thinking about Laguna and the dorky-ass name his father had picked out for Esthar’s Blitzball team.

Martin had slipped passed Brad and sat on the floor looking over the teams Squall had picked out.  “Now you have to choose a spread for each,” Martin said, pointing to the appropriate boxes.

Squall gave Martin a doubtful frown.

“He’s got it,” Zell said, rubbing one had over Squall’s hip.  The blonde man was still thinking Squall was using his elite skills to pick out the best everything.  And Zell’s dick was hard, enjoying the weight of Squall’s ass.

After glancing to Zell, Martin smiled at Squall.  Whispering while leaning close to the brunette man, Martin said “Just pick numbers between zero and 10, and maybe one really random high number like 16.”

Squall filled out the boxes, putting higher numbers next to the names he really liked and lower numbers next to the names he liked the least.  He then sat up slowly, letting Zell help his move back to sit directly on top of the blonde man’s jean-covered erection, where Squall could lean against Zell’s thick chest.  

Zell didn’t think to hide surprise as he looked at the choices Squall made.

“Did I do it wrong?” asked Squall in a docile and sweet tone.

Zell turned his surprise up to Squall, who had a pout on his sexy features.  It clicked in Zell’s mind that Squall was playing Amyst full-force.

Martin had moved over, still on his knees next to the couch and looked at Squall saying “You did great!”  When Squall turned his pout to Martin, the gay stripper’s smile widened and he said “You did!”

Squall turned his pout back to Zell, frowning slightly at the blonde man.

But Zell was already smiling, the surprise quickly washed away and he found Squall utterly adorable.  “It’s perfect,” Zell said, holding the pool paper.

“You don’t have to use it,” Squall mumbled.

“No way, baby, I’m using it all,” said Zell happily.  “How did you pick out the teams?”

Squall hesitated a moment then leaned close to Zell’s ear, the blonde’s strong arm around Squall’s back, and the brunette man whispered “I picked the names that I liked more.”

Zell laughed loudly, hugging Squall quickly and saying “That’s awesome.”

A knock on the door pulled Squall from Zell’s lap.  

Jeff, who’d leaned over to look at the paper, smiled at Zell and said “Teresa’s right, you really did just want Squall’s ass on your dick.”

With a smile, Zell shrugged.  That hadn’t been his plan, but honestly having Squall sitting on his cock was better than winning a pool.

Opening the door, Squall came face-to-face with Luke.  Luke held up a box of beer and said “Zell told me I could still come.  Is that okay?”

The issue with Luke kissing him had all but been forgotten -- recent evens dramatically overshadowed some random kiss from Zell’s coworker.  “Yeah,” Squall said, smiling his sweet Amyst smile.  He stepped back to let Luke in.

“Wow, Luke!” Jeff shouted at him through the crowd and noise, and Luke frowned back while Squall closed the door behind him.  Jeff said “I didn’t think you’d actually show!”

“I told him he could,” Zell said to Jeff.

“Here,” Squall said, reaching for the beer.

“I’ll carry it,” Luke said, stepping around Squall to go to the kitchen.  “It smells really good in here.”

“Thanks,” Squall said, heading into the kitchen after Luke.

Once Luke set the beer into the fridge, and it barely fit, he stood up and looked at Squall.

“Hey, um, I’m sorry,” Luke said only loud enough so that Squall could hear above the background noise.

Squall smiled gently at Luke and shrugged.  “Forgiven.”

Luke rubbed the back of his neck.  “Then like the next day I heard that you two got engaged and I felt like an absolute ass.”

Stepping forward, closer to Luke, Squall held up his left hand for Luke to see.  Gently, Luke lifted a hand up and slowly, giving the submissive brunette plenty of time to pull away, Luke took the hand as he looked at the elaborate and beautiful engagement ring.

“It wasn’t the first time someone’s hit on me while I’ve been dating Zell,” Squall whispered.  Luke turned up from the ring to see Squall still gently smiling.

“HEY!” Zell shouted, jumping up from the couch when he saw how close Squall and Luke were standing.

Luke took his hand back quickly, staring wide-eyed at Zell.

“I was showing him the engagement ring,” Squall said, trying not to roll his eyes at Zell.

Zell glared at Luke, pausing a moment before saying “You see that ring?!  It means never in a mother fucking billion trillion zillion years!”

Laughter roared inside Squall’s belly and he smiled, shoving the feeling back down inside.

“Really?” Teresa asked, “Not billion trillion zillion times infinity years?”

Zell turned his glare to her.

Squall ignored Zell’s continued conversation with Teresa and Jeff, who joined in to defend the laughing girl he was still trying to date.  

“You want a beer?” Squall asked Luke.  “And there’s sandwiches if you wanted something more filling before the snack food.”

“Thanks, that actually sounds good,” Luke said watching Squall get him a chilled beer and ready-made sandwich from the fridge.  “Hyne, look at you.  You really are hot.”

Handing Luke the sandwich and cold beer, Squall half smile and mumbled “Thanks.”


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