Salvation's End

BY : Grieving Leon
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Salvation’s End

Chapter 2: Boundaries

Zell woke up to see Squall’s sleeping face next to his.  Their blankets were over them, warm, and Zell felt content laying there with Squall, in Squall’s strong arms.  

He snaked a hand out from under the covers and caressed the brunette’s brown locks away so that he could see the sexy features easier.  The scar was gone, no more gash ripping through the beautiful milky flesh of Squall’s pristine face.  Zell, however, knew Squall would have preferred to keep the scar, for whatever reason, perhaps a proud reminder of a rivalry with Seifer.  Zell didn’t question Squall, but Zell was pleased the “proud reminder of a rivalry” was gone.  He didn’t want to think of Seifer each time he looked into his lover’s eyes.

Zell caressed where the scar used to be.  It had been removed for their mission: Squall kept his first name but had the scar removed for anonymity sake.  While people did not recognize Squall’s face, the scar was known world wide: Both the White Knight and SeeD Mercenary who’d fought for world power had the scar.

Zell had got to keep his tattoo: His name was only known at Balamb Garden even though he’d been by Squall’s side throughout the entire Sorceress Ultimecia war, no recognition in any history book.  Perhaps Zell should have been upset or jaded at his lack of fame, but he was neither and honestly he would have liked for it to stay that way.

Squall moaned in his sleep and Zell felt his heart skip a beat.  He smiled a small smile then leaned over and kissed Squall’s mouth.

Feeling the lips on his, Squall kissed back and after it broke, he opened his eyes to find Zell watching him.

“Sleep well?” Zell asked.

Squall nodded then rolled onto his back and reached his hands over his head in a stretch before he quickly moved his hand down to his mouth to cover a yawn.

“You look like a little lion stretching,” Zell said happily.

With a smile, Squall turned to Zell, his eyes shifting from the devoted submissive boyfriend expression he normally gave Zell to something powerful.  Through his long eyelashes, Squall looked at Zell, raising an eyebrow as he repeated “Lion?”  The brunette’s voice had turned stern, as though he were High Commander of Balamb Garden.

Zell looked away from Squall and bit his lower lip, embarrassed.  He then looked back at Squall and said “Sorry.”  He shouldn’t be making lion allusions in reference to Squall.

The High Commander of Balamb Garden expression vanished and Squall smiled.  “It’s okay,” he said.  He rolled onto his side, facing Zell, and wrapped an arm around Zell’s middle.

Zell leaned over to kiss Squall, who closed his eyes and kissed back.  Then Zell shifted so he was leaning on his elbow, looking down at Squall.  He was about to ask Squall how the brunette felt after last night, but Squall spoke first.

“Zell?” Squall said with a deep breath.

“Yea, baby?” Zell asked, his eyes glued to the soft immaculate grey-blue eyes of his High Commander.

“C-could you go get the toy?” Squall asked, watching Zell watch him, assessing Zell’s reaction.  “The lion?”

Zell held back a small laugh and he caressed Squall’s cheek.  “Sure, where is it?”

“On the kitchen table,” Squall said softly.

Zell happily nodded then rolled back, away from Squall, sliding out of the blankets.  He stood, ignoring his nudity as he walked out of the bedroom to head up to the kitchen.

With enjoyment, Squall watched Zell walk, the grey-blue spheres memorizing -- as he had already done a number of times -- each freckle and muscle line over Zell’s creamy ass cheeks, thighs, and back.

Squall lay back heavily into the cheap bed, and the lumps were uncomfortable, but he didn’t mind them.  The bed was warm from Zell’s body and it smelled strong of Zell and sex -- and candle wax.  Biting his lip, Squall lifted his head and pushed down the blankets to look at his chest, where last night Zell had poured candle wax.  It wasn’t even red anymore.  With a sigh, Squall laid back heavily again while lifting the covers over him.

His self-indulgent thoughts dwindled down as he began to consider reality.  The simple pleasure would be over soon, and Squall would have to go back to figuring out why after nearly seven months of having cameras in their apartment, neither of them had been propositioned regarding anything.

The first month Squall and Zell spent in Dollet they were faux lovers outside of the apartment but held up SeeD rank professionalism within -- with some minor friendly banter that they’d enjoyed previously on missions.  Zell and Squall may not have been best friends before, but they had always been good coworkers and Squall had always considered Zell a true friend -- even if they never associated outside of work.

Then here in Dollet, Zell became friends with Fufu, a hardcore Sadomasochist homosexual who visited the Pink Pony occasionally.  Fufu worked for one of Burno Nymphic’s generals and was throughly involved in the underground erotica community in the Dollet sex trade sector.  He was an outwardly girlish man, feminine in an extreme way, and immediately had taken a liking to Zell K’Oz.  And at first, as Zell had mentioned to Squall, Fufu was jealous Zell had a boyfriend.  But then Zell brought Squall to work one day to show off and the hearts in Fufu’s eyes grew.

The cameras had appeared in Zell and Squall’s apartment a few days later.  

Squall had immediately seen the cameras, even though they’d been hidden professionally: One camera in each room including bathroom.  Unfortunately, Squall was unable to assess the cameras up close unless he wanted to give away he knew they were there, so the picture and sound quality that the cameras picked up was an unknown factor for the Balamb SeeDs.

At first the two SeeDs thought it was a golden opportunity.  Squall and Zell knew Fufu’s interest in them was in more than the sexual way, because Fufu was always hinting to Zell about jobs and secrets about his boss.  So Fufu was spying on them to see if they were legitimate, to evaluate them for jobs and secrets.

Of course the “golden opportunity” came with a huge catch.  The apartment would no longer be a sanctuary away from the sex trade community, would no longer be Balamb Garden in Dollet, no longer reality away from their cover.  Now, here in the apartment they were forced to play lovers to the most extreme.

Burno Nympic and his sex empire traded sex, rape, mutilation, and murder.  Anything and everything possible was inflicted on willing or unwilling men, women, children, animals, monsters, and even GFs when the rare one found its way into Nympic’s clutches.  In a multimillion Gil organization, access to cure spells, life spells, x-potions, and the such made snuff a workable business.  He could have the same child mutilated over and over, raped over and over, killed over and over as many times as he wanted until the child’s mind was so broken the child only existed as a drooling pile of flesh and bone.

So Squall and Zell agreed to play their parts for the cameras, to be lovers seemingly oblivious to watching eyes.  They had a SeeD assignment and neither of them felt their embarrassment was worth more than taking down Burno Nymphic.  Not that anyone at Balamb Garden knew what they were doing to each other.

Zell walked back into the bedroom and crossed over to Squall, sliding back under the covers.  He held up the little toy lion.

Squall smiled and reached to take it.

“You like it, huh?” Zell asked, watching Squall pull the miniature toy to his chest.

“Yea,” Squall mumbled back.

Zell laughed softly.  “You know the ring is the real present.”

Squall looked up from the toy, seeing Zell’s sexy sapphire eyes.  “I know,” he replied.  “But...” he glanced down to the toy once more before turning his attention back up to Zell.  “It’s very you.”

Zell snorted a laugh and then moved to press against Squall, squishing the toy between them.  He kissed Squall’s temple.

Closing his eyes, Squall pressed himself to Zell’s chest and the blonde’s strong arms held him tightly.  The brunette breathed in deeply, enjoying the delicious scent of his blonde lover.

When the golden opportunity first showed, Squall and Zell had assumed they’d be done in a few weeks, maybe a month, maybe two.  Squall couldn’t explain why he’d let seven months go by playing submissive gay boy for those watching, nor did it honestly feel like seven months.  And perhaps that was the problem, but Squall didn’t want to acknowledge any problem.

The brunette used this thumb to gently caress the engagement ring on his finger while they cuddled.  Zell hadn’t brought up any engagement to Squall before tonight, normally the Lieutenant Commander would have -- should have -- suggested the idea first and then the High Commander would have made the call.  But it worked out: Squall Amyst loved Zell K’Oz more than anything, would have done anything and been anything for his boyfriend.  Marriage was the next logical step, and Squall Amyst had been on the edge of his seat waiting for a proposal.

Squall tilted his head up and kissed Zell’s chin.  Zell opened his eyes and turned to look down at Squall before leaning forward, closing his eyes again, and kissing Squall on the mouth.  Then their mouths opened and their tongues were moving together, caressing and building desire in each of them.

Squall felt himself being pushed back and he allowed it and soon he was laying under Zell’s weight, his legs spread and knees lifted so the soft of his inner thighs caressed Zell’s hips.

Their mouths never parted as Squall ran his fingers through Zell’s hair and caressed swirls over Zell’s shoulders and back.  They hungered for each other, eating waves of pleasure as they tasted each other’s saliva, their tongues touching, penetrating inside, moving as one.

It hadn’t taken long before Squall felt Zell’s erection against his ass, and his own full erection ached with the knowledge that Zell was turned on too.  He felt the blonde’s mouth moving over his lips and chin, the tongue gliding along as it made its way across Squall’s Adam’s Apple and down the soft flesh of Squall’s neck.

Squall kept his eyes closed as Zell kissed him, moving his hands over the blonde’s muscular shoulders and upper back, and then through the beautiful golden locks of Zell’s hair.  And then Zell’s mouth was back on his, and his lips parted and accepted Zell’s tongue penetrating him.  They kissed deeply, neither wanting to break the feeling of love and companionship.

Perhaps Squall should have been more hesitant than he was.  But Zell never judged; he was only smiles and joy and affection, acceptance.  Squall had never before felt he could be open with anyone.  

Zell had sat up now and was reaching over to the nightstand to get the bottle of lubricant they had -- the almost empty bottle.  

“You’re so gorgeous,” Squall said, rubbing his hand over Zell’s chest, the other hand along the strong muscular arm that Zell was using to hold himself above Squall.

As Zell stoked his own cock, covering it with lubricant, Zell looked down at Squall hungrily.

Squall’s legs raised higher, lifting his ass for Zell to accept.

Then Zell bared down, letting his weight crush Squall beneath him.  Squall’s arms wrapped tightly over Zell’s shoulders as Zell began to push his cock into Squall’s tight body.  Their mouths joined together again and Squall’s eyes closed tightly as he enjoyed being dominated.

Zell dug his arms under Squall’s shoulders so his hands held either side of Squall’s head as it lay on the pillow.  The brunette’s legs wrapped around Zell’s middle and held the blonde man lightly to him.

With their mouths together, hunger begged both of them to kiss hard, penetrate deep into each other’s mouths with their tongues, to swirl their tongues around together with the motions of Zell’s thrusting.

As Zell’s cock thrust in and pulled back out only to thrust in harshly again, Squall savored the feelings of Zell’s back muscles tensing and stretching.  His fingers and nails dug then caressed and then dug Zell’s skin over and over with the motions of their mouths and Zell’s throbbing cock.

All Squall could think about was how that moment of time should last forever.  The single second of Zell’s engorged dick penetrating into his asshole, and then the slow moment of torturous pleasure as Zell pulled himself out should have been forever.

Squall kissed hard, his heart pounding, desperate for Zell to fill his body.  Zell responded forcefully to Squall’s desperation, filling Squall’s longing by baring his body down against Squall and giving the brunette his every wish.  Zell fucked Squall hard, knowing that his High Commander would cum soon: The brunette’s body was already shivering.

“Zell,” Squall said with airy breath, breaking their mouths apart.  His eyes were still closed and he nuzzled Zell’s cheek.  “I just can’t stop.”

The brunette lay his head back into the pillow and Zell lifted up enough to look at his High Commander’s face.  There was a brief conflict inside Zell as he continued to fuck Squall; he didn’t want to stop either but he knew Squall’s reservations, the previous conversations about intimacy and what they ought to be doing together.  Shouldn’t they attempt to feign orgasms when they could? Under blankets where no camera could see?

Squall’s eyes were still closed as he whispered “I just can’t stop anymore.”  His body was still shivering, hands still desperately grasping Zell’s body, and he was still thrusting himself onto Zell’s cock.

Gently Zell caressed Squall’s cheek as he looked down.  Squall opened his eyes finally, looking up to watch Zell watch him.

Was there shame in Squall’s eyes?  Zell wasn’t sure. Embarrassment, maybe?  But without a doubt Squall was ravenous.

The conflict Zell felt vanished and he leaned down to brush his lips against Squall’s ear as he whispered -- perhaps too soft for any camera’s mic to pick up -- “You don’t have to stop.”  He kissed Squall’s jawline and listened to Squall moan as the brunette shuddered.  Zell then whispered “You never have to stop.”

Squall’s body tightened.  Instantly Zell was pleased, almost content as he smiled a ghost smile to himself and fucked Squall hard.

Squall’s body released.

Zell rode Squall, shoving his cock hard into Squall’s ravishing body, penetrating the tight asshole as he felt Squall’s hard dick rubbing against his stomach and then shoot out warm, delicious cum.    Waves of pleasure continued to pulsate through Squall as Zell fucked and rode the orgasm out until his brunette lover’s appetite had been fed.

As Squall’s body shivered and the thrusts died down, Zell mimicked Squall and slowed his pace, letting the brunette’s body relax beneath him.

“You are so beautiful,” Zell whispered against Squall’s ear.

Zell cuddled himself against Squall, still mounted and still inside the brunette man.  Squall’s arms were loosely around him, heavy breaths slowing in the silent air.

“I love you,” Zell said before nuzzling Squall.

Squall closed his eyes and hugged Zell tightly before responding “I love you, too.”

They laid there, locked together, Zell breathing in Squall’s exquisite scent.  The mixture of Squall and flower-scented shampoo and sex swirled lust in Zell’s stomach.

A few minutes later, Zell recognized Squall’s normal breathing pattern.  Zell lifted off his encompassing grasp on Squall and then gently removed his still hard cock from Squall’s perfect body.

Squall was watching Zell and Zell smiled at him.  A small blush began to creep onto Squall’s cheeks as he softly smiled back.

Zell sat up further, shifting his weight to his legs, sitting back with his knees still bent.  He gently caressed a hand over Squall’s face, Squall closing his eyes in response, and then Zell let his fingers and palm slide further down, over the brunette’s chin and neck, then down the perfect chest and over the cum covered abs.  Zell then leaned over and began to kiss Squall’s stomach.

The brunette moaned out in response.  “Zell,” Squall whimpered.  “You’ll...” He stopped and swallowed, concentrating on feeling Zell’s tongue licking his cum up.

And Zell’s mouth was moving lower.

Instantly Squall lifted his legs up and apart, unable to fend of the excitement he felt from Zell’s mouth, besides being unable to look unwilling under the scrutiny of the cameras.

Then Zell’s mouth was kissing Squall’s small patch of pubic hair, then down and around Squall’s growing erection, to Squall’s balls were Zell opened his mouth to suck.

Squall immediately reached one hand down to his cock and began to masturbate, his eyes closed and he reveled in Zell’s mouth.  His other hand reached out to grasp the sheets, but immediately Squall felt the semi-soft texture of faux fur.  He opened his eyes as he lifted the toy lion up.

A light laugh escaped Squall as pleasure spiraled through him.

“Zell,” Squall said.

Zell didn’t remove his mouth as he looked up.  Squall held the toy out for Zell to see.  Zell semi-smiled as he continued to suck, moving from one ball to the other, his hands gliding over the creamy skin of Squall’s thighs and stomach.  

Squall pulled the toy lion back up and sat it on his chest, gently petting the faux fur as he laid back into the pillow and closed his eyes, still masturbating slowly while attempting to match Zell’s sucking motions.

“Hyne, you feel so good,” Squall said, trying not to moan out each word.  “Zell.”

The blonde’s tongue started traveling down, Squall feeling tingles of excitement traveling up from his groin through his chest.  The sexy blonde bouncer’s mouth was then on Squall’s asshole, and the strong tongue began to penetrate in.

“I love that,” said Squall airily. His eyes fluttered open and he stopped masturbating, knowing he was already beginning to feel overly stimulated.

Zell looked up and saw Squall’s erection without the brunette’s beautiful hand gliding over it.  In response, Zell pushed his mouth harder against Squall’s asshole, eyes closed, eager for Squall to cum, knowing that he’d already brought Squall back to the edge.

“Your mouth is so perfect,” Squall moaned out.  He squeezed the toy lion hard, his other hand gliding over his chest and stomach and the drying cum.

“Every inch,” said Zell between licks and kisses, “of you is perfect.”

“Please,” said Squall.  His hips had begun to move up and down slowly.  He didn’t even bother fighting the orgasm, after all these months his shame was vanishing and he loved what Zell did to him.

Zell slipped a finger into Squall’s asshole and moved his mouth to Squall’s taint, licking up to Squall’s balls, over them, and took Squall’s cock into his mouth.

“My husband,” whispered Squall.

Zell sucked Squall’s hard cock, coating it with saliva as he moved his tongue over the engorged flesh.  With his free hand, Zell held one of Squall’s legs up while using his other hand to move his finger inside Squall, along the prostate.

Squall’s hands were in Zell’s hair and Zell had his eyes closed.  He loved the taste of the brunette man quivering beneath him.  Zell loved the smell and the sounds as he pleasured Squall.  Even since the awkward first time they started their sexual escapade, no other previous instance of sex had approached the kind of pleasure Zell took from Squall.

Zell had been embarrassed the first time Squall sucked his cock and swallowed Zell’s cum with that uncertain and embarrassed look in those grey-blue eyes.  After swallowing, Squall had confessed he didn’t know what else to do with the mouthful of cum.  Zell’s cock had immediately begun to grow in excitement again from those words.

Now as Squall’s fingers clenched Zell’s hair, Zell knew Squall would release his cum.  And Zell would eagerly swallow for his High Commander.  The blonde bouncer teetered between belief and hope as he felt Squall orgasm and moan and tremble in his mouth and arms: Squall wanted to cum, he seemed desperate, and Zell could give Squall that pleasure -- and that was okay, wasn’t it?

Zell lifted his mouth off Squall’s cock, swallowing the mouthful of cum.  He kissed Squall’s dick, moving his hands slowly over Squall’s hips, stomach, and thighs.

“Hyne, Zell,” Squall said, trying not to moan.  His breath was ragged and his hands were lightly caressing Zell’s hair.

Zell’s mouth trailed kisses up Squall’s body until he met Squall’s lips once again and they kissed deeply.

When Zell pulled up, Squall asked “You going to fuck me?”  The brunette’s voice was the soft, submissive boyfriend tone and Zell’s cock ached listening to it.

“Yes,” Zell said, his sapphire eyes sparkling as he looked at Squall’s content face.

“I might cum again,” Squall said, lowering his eyes away from the blonde’s stare.

Zell leaned down and pressed his forehead against Squall’s temple.  “Good,” he whispered.  “I’d like that.”

“I cum a lot,” Squall said.  Zell could hear the slight quiver in Squall’s voice, the slight embarrassment that he was trying to cover up.

Zell began to kiss Squall softly, reaching a hand down to lift Squall’s legs and ass up.  “I fuck you a lot,” Zell replied gently.  “My beautiful husband.”

Squall couldn’t help the smile and he wrapped his arms around Zell’s shoulders.  Moments later Zell was penetrating Squall’s beautiful, tight body.  And pleasure soared through Zell, his chest aching from the pounding and effort of his heart.  The blonde bouncer positioned himself so he could fuck hard and go deep: He had been aching the whole time he’d pleasured Squall and he wanted release.

But Squall’s embarrassed statement “I might cum again,” encouraged Zell to hold off a little longer, just a little longer, and ride Squall until the submissive boy came again like promised.

With his eyes closed, Squall breathed slowly.  Zell was fucking him in the hard, soothing pace that took all of Squall’s attention.  As Zell kissed him on the mouth, jaw, and neck, and then trailed those perfect lips over Squall’s shoulders, Squall felt himself growing excited again.

Honestly, Squall had never been interested in sex prior to Zell, and while Zell remained ignorant of the truth, Squall had never even had sex prior to Zell.  He’d dated previously, but nothing had gone beyond a few kisses without tongue.  He’d never found interest in anything other than work, and he had to admit it had cost him both relationships.

After Zell had begun to fuck him, Squall began to have stray thoughts that maybe he hadn’t gone further in previous relationships because he was gay.  He knew he’d been growing more and more addicted to what Zell did to him, and last night Squall had admitted out loud that he didn’t want to bother trying to control himself anymore.

Control was torture.

The gay issue was confusing, and Squall knew he and Zell were both faking affection, their words to each other were for the cameras, but after so long, Squall had begun not to care that he was pretending.  The fantasy of simple pleasures, of this intense sex that Squall could barely pull himself way from, had begun to make him question what emotions he honestly felt.

“You’re my best friend,” Squall said, his grey-blue eyes locked on the ceiling above him, Zell laying over him, fucking him hard.

“And you’re mine,” Zell replied, his mouth against Squall’s neck.

That’s what Squall knew for sure: Zell was his best friend.  He liked that Zell was his best friend, and maybe that’s how it had always been, since Squall had already been a recluse. Zell was the insistent friend who’d encouraged the brunette to overcome the world.

Squall held Zell tightly, then realized he’d somehow lost the toy lion.  In the darkness, Squall reached his hand out and searched the sheets as Zell fucked him and rocked his body against the mattress.  Squall then found the little toy near the pillow and grasp it tightly into his hands before throwing his arms back around Zell.

Tremors rippled through Squall and he closed his eyes tightly, concentrating on the feeling of his hard on rubbing against Zell’s perfect abs, on the feeling of Zell’s perfect cock fucking him.

“You’re so beautiful,” Zell whispered, his lips caressing lightly against Squall’s neck.

Squall shivered from the caress and he felt his body begin to rise to orgasm again.  All he wanted was Zell inside him, and to pound his body against the sexy blonde man.

Opening his eyes, Squall saw the little toy lion clutched in his hand, resting against Zell’s shoulder blade.  He almost laughed, the breath of joy escaping his mouth but orgasm hit and the laugh turned into a loud moan.

“Zell,” moaned Squall, holding Zell tightly.

The blonde bouncer gave into Squall’s desires, fucking hard, and letting his own orgasm go.  

Squall’s nails dug into Zell’s back but Zell didn’t care.  He kissed Squall’s neck, grunting as he thrust, listening to Squall call out his name again, and enjoying the warmth of Squall’s cum on his stomach again.

Zell’s cum then filled Squall’s body, Zell thrusting hard into the relaxing body of his brunette lover.  Squall’s nails were no longer in his back but Squall was now kissing Zell’s cheek.  Desperately, Zell turned his head and pushed his mouth against Squall’s, shoving his tongue into Squall’s mouth, thrusting as much as he could.

Their mouths stayed locked as Zell felt his body shudder a few more thrusts deep into the beautiful, submissive brunette that was to be his faux husband.  Then Zell’s body calmed and he laid heavily onto Squall.  Soon their breaths had returned to their slow, normal paces.

Minutes of silence passed by.

“We need more lube,” Zell said, his head still resting against Squall’s shoulders.

“I’ll get some while you’re at work,” Squall replied.  He stared up at the ceiling, his hands caressing over Zell’s hair and back.

“You need more money?” Zell asked.

“I have about twenty left,” said Squall.

Zell then pushed up from Squall and shifted until he was sitting on the edge of the bed.  He took a deep, heavy breath then forced himself to stand before he went about looking for his jeans from last night.

In the pocket, he pulled out a money clip with a few twenties on it.  He counted out sixty and set it on the nightstand for Squall.  He kept the last twenty-three Gil for himself, holding it as he got out clothes from the dresser for that day.

“I’ma shower,” Zell said before turning to look at Squall.  Squall had sat up and was reaching for the money.  Zell then asked “You want to shower with me, baby?”

Squall glanced up at Zell, smiled and looked down and shook his head.  Squall laughed slightly and said “No.” He pushed the smile away before he looked back up to the swirling sapphire eyes.  “I’ll make you breakfast.”

Zell smiled coyly at Squall and crossed the two steps to the brunette man.  Still holding his clothes, Zell leaned down and kissed the side of Squall’s mouth.

Squall closed his eyes as Zell kissed him, letting himself get lost in the single moment.

“I’ll be thinking about you,” Zell mused.

A blush filled Squall’s cheeks as he opened his eyes to see Zell’s smile.  The blonde was then out the door and off to shower in their one bathroom.

Holding the money, Squall shoved the blankets off himself and stood.  He walked to the closet and retrieved the Gil he had left in a jacket pocket.  Then Squall walked the dresser and pulled out a pair of tight black jeans for that day, shoving all the money into its pocket before setting the jeans on the nightstand.  

Squall made the bed, setting his toy lion on the pillows after, before walking to the door and unhooking his thigh-length faux-silk robe to wear.  He wrapped the dark blue material around himself as he left the bedroom.

After a stop in the bathroom to relieve himself, brush his teeth and hair, and wash his face before rubbing anti-aging lotion on it, he left the singing blonde to his steamy shower and went up to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.


“Yum!” Zell said as he sat down to a plate of banana pancakes and a couple strips of bacon.  “I love banana pancakes!”

“I know,” Squall said softly as he poured Zell a cup of coffee.  Squall didn’t drink coffee himself: He had decided Squall Amyst didn’t care for it even though Squall Leonhart used to drink a pot for breakfast.

Zell happily chewed the maple syrup drenched pancakes as Squall poured milk and sugar into Zell’s coffee before stirring it.  

“Going to the library today?” Zell asked before taking another bite.

Squall sat down to his pancakes, no bacon or syrup, and slowly began to eat.  “Yes,” Squall answered.  “I’ll pick up some groceries too, after.  And the lube.”

Squall Amyst went to the library to read, sometimes picking out a book to take home to read, but most of the time reading there.  He read things like cookbooks and romance novels, sometimes getting onto the computer and looking up similar topics there.  Squall Leonhart went to the library to hand-write an informational report that Zell delivered to Seifer once a week.

Seifer was part of the undercover assignment as well.  He posed as Seifer Satsugai, a stripper at the edge of the Dollet sex trade sector, and Zell went to see Seifer once a week for a late lunch under the guise that they were best friends and ex-lovers from teenage times.  Squall Amyst considered Seifer Satsugai a friend as well, but rarely joined the two boys for their lunches.  Seifer was trying to stay far away from inner sex trade Dollet, only there as a thread for Squall and Zell to have contact with the Garden.

The worst part of the entire assignment for Zell was his weekly lunches with Seifer.  Both of the blonde men had to pretend to get along, and often they didn’t even do a good job at pretending.  Zell, however, hated -- even more than the lunches -- that after spending all that time around Seifer, he didn’t mind the asinine blonde bully as much as he used to.  Most of the time Zell attempted to mock Seifer back, and it was strange for Zell to see Seifer enjoy the banter.  Zell still, however, would have taken pleasure in punching Seifer in the face.  No doubt Seifer felt the same.

“I haven’t told Seifer about proposing yet,” Zell said.

Squall finished a sip of his ice water before setting the glass back down onto the rickety kitchen table.  “You going to ask him to be your best man?”

Zell almost choked on his pancakes.

Squall tried not to laugh, lifting a hand to cover his mouth as he looked away.

After a few coughs, Zell sneered at Squall but then quickly pushed it away and replied “Yea... Of course... Who else would I ask?”  Zell didn’t sound as convincing as he should have.

“I’m sure,” said Squall, “that Seifer will be happy for us.”

“I’m sure,” Zell repeated before taking another bite.

“It’s been forever since I’ve seen him,” Squall said, returning to his breakfast.  “Maybe you can invite him to your Blitzball party next Sunday?”

“He makes the most tips when Blitzball is on,” Zell said.  “I told you before.  Strip clubs are packed with people watching the game and strippers.”

Squall shrugged.  “Just a thought.”  His voice was soft, submissive, and Zell felt guilty suddenly.

“I’ll ask,” Zell said quickly.  “Maybe he has the day off or something.”

Squall smiled.  “Thanks.”

Zell still felt guilty.  Since he didn’t make much money, he couldn’t take Squall out often.  And more times than not, Zell didn’t want to go out drinking after spending eight hours yelling at drunks in a strip club bar.  But Squall was always stuck in the apartment doing chores, or when he left, it was more chores.  The High Commander’s attempts at espionage had taken a hit once the cameras had been installed: He couldn’t go out all day and spy and gather information without explanations for what he’d been doing and why he’d been gone.

After setting his fork down, Zell picked up his coffee and asked “Want to go out this weekend?”

“Weekend?” Squall asked with a frown.  

The schedule Zell had at the Pink Pony was Thursday through Monday.  The blonde bouncer never had weekends off.  Always 8:00 PM to 4:00 AM.  (Except last night when he’d switched hours with a coworker for his anniversary.)

“You can come with me to work,” Zell said after taking a large gulp.  “Have a few drinks and dance.”

“Really?” Squall asked.  Zell hated dancing, and no doubt was not offering to dance in any way, but Squall enjoyed it as well as having a few drinks.

Squall Leonhart was fairly incapable of getting drunk.  He was level 187 Gunbladist and his metabolism was too high for any amount of alcohol to affect him.  However, for the mission, Squall had an LD-Chip in his palm that, since activated, lowered his level to 3.  Anyone scanning the brunette man would see that he was a Level 3 civilian.

The LD-Chip -- Level-Down Chip -- was a top secret device that Squall Leonhart had designed specially for this mission.  Only a few people at Balamb Garden, such as Quistis Trepe and Irvine Kinneas and other members of Squall’s inner circle, knew of the LD-Chip.  Zell also had one in his palm, activated, that showed he was a level 36 Gloves specialist, instead of the 179 Gloves specialist of reality.

The LD-Chip took ten seconds to switch on and off, requiring a fingerprint-scan and voice command (“Activate”) from the user.  Squall had chosen ten seconds because he didn’t want the device to be triggered accidentally.  Quistis Trepe had protested sternly: What about immediate danger, emergencies?  But Squall didn’t want to take any chances.

So because of the LD-Chip, Level 3 Squall Amyst was very capable of getting drunk.

“Besides,” Zell said as he shoved another pancake bite into his mouth.  “The girls will probably want to see your ring.”

Squall smiled and turned down to look at the elaborate ring.  “It is beautiful.”

Zell had finished all his food and his coffee.  Squall stopped admiring his ring as Zell stood up and walked to the front door to retrieve his shoes.  Squall stood from the table and began to clear the plates, his own breakfast only half eaten.

After setting the plates into the sink, Squall went about making a lunch for Zell to take to work.  “There are still cream puffs,” Squall said.

Zell stood, now wearing his shoes, and walked to the kitchen.  He hovered in the entrance way to the kitchen and smiled at Squall.  “Did you want dessert before I leave?” he asked, his nose wrinkled.

Turning away from cutting a sandwich, Squall glanced over his shoulder.  After turning back to continue, Squall said with amusement “I meant for your lunch.”

Zell crossed the kitchen and wrapped his arms around Squall’s waist.  “I’ll be thinking about fucking you all night if I take those.”

“Don’t you think about that anyway?” Squall replied back, pushing himself against Zell’s body.

Gently Zell pushed a few locks of long brown hair away from Squall’s neck and kissed the delicate flesh.  “Yes,” Zell whispered.

Zell’s hands then lowered to the tie of Squall’s silk robe and he began to pull it undone.  

Squall’s hands dropped to Zell’s to stop the blonde.  “Please, Zell.  You’re leaving in five minutes.”

The robe opened, exposing Squall’s nude body to the chilled air.  Zell’s hands moved to caress the exposed skin, gliding over the soft flesh of Squall’s stomach, then gently moving down, and the blonde’s hands caressed over Squall’s cock.

A moan left Squall and he closed his eyes.  “Zell,” he begged.

Zell stopped, still smiling, and then grabbed the robe to close it.  Squall picked up the faux-silk cord and tied the robe closed.

One final kiss later, Zell had stepped back to let Squall move and finish packing the lunch.

“So I’ll take some cream puffs,” Zell said.

“No doubt,” Squall said in a husky but amused voice.

Fifteen minutes later, shortly after 7:00 PM, Zell had headed out the door to walk the three miles to work.  

Once Squall finished washing the dishes, he headed back to the bathroom to shower and shave.  

While the steam floated out of the open bathroom door, Squall stood naked, wet, in front of the half-fogged up mirror and rubbed anti-aging lotion on his face once more.  He towel-dried his hair then hung up the towel before turning to put foundation on his skin and mascara on his eyelashes.

Of course Squall hadn’t worn foundation or mascara at Balamb Garden.  It had been another addition to his persona as the submissive gay boy Squall Amyst.  

After he was finished, Squall walked to the bedroom to put on the tight jeans he’d left on the nightstand.  He chose a general black t-shirt and socks, put on his generic blue sneakers.  He was about to get a light jacket from the closet when there was a knock at the front door.

Squall quickly crossed the apartment to the front door and opened it.

“Hey,”  said Luke, one of the bouncers that worked with Zell at the Pink Pony.

“Luke,” Squall said.  “Zell isn’t here.”

Luke shrugged and reached into his pocket.  “I was just asked to bring this here.  From Thomas.”  He handed forward a white envelope, thick and taped closed.

Squall was reaching to take it when Luke grabbed Squall’s wrist and yanked him forward.  Squall was unable to fight Luke’s strength and found himself pressed against the brown eyed bouncer.  Then Luke’s lips were on Squall’s, the bouncer kissing Squall deeply.

Their mouths broke and Squall breathed heavily.  One of Squall’s hands was lightly touching the envelope while his other hand was pressed to Luke’s chest.

“You’re beautiful,” Luke said, his arms still holding Squall to him.

Slowly, Squall pushed his hand up Luke’s chest then moved around to the back of Luke’s neck.  The High Commander began to lean forward, and a smile pulled on the side of Luke’s mouth as he relaxed: Squall was going to kiss him again.

Then, with all the force Squall could at Level 3, he yanked Luke forward -- who gave no resistance -- but instead of pulling the bouncer into another kiss, Squall jerked the man’s head into the doorframe.

Luke released Squall as his head rocked backwards from the impact on the doorframe.

“Fuck,” Luke said and reached up to clutch his face.  He stood, wobbly, eyes closed from the pain.

“Is this envelope really for Zell?” Squall asked.  He’d taken the envelope out of Luke’s hand as well and was holding the thick white paper.

“Y-yea,” Luke grunted out before standing tall with is eyes open.  He dropped his hand from his face to reveal a bloody gash from the doorframe along the left side of his face, over his eye.

Squall slammed the door and immediately locked the three deadbolts.

“I’m sorry!” Luke called from the other side of the door.

Squall stared at the door, wondering if Luke was going to try anything else.  They had met a few times at the Pink Pony and at various Blitzball parties the bouncers threw.  The man wasn’t evil as far as Squall had ever discerned.  He seemed normal and friendly.

Lightly, Squall pressed his middle finger down into his palm, above the LD-Chip, and waited for any sign he needed to activate his real level.

“I’m sorry,” Luke repeated, still on the other side of the door, but softer.  

Then there was silence.  Squall lifted his middle finger and stepped to the door to look out the peephole.  The hallway was empty; Luke must have walked off.

Squall breathed heavily and then lifted the envelope up.  He slid a finger under the flap edge and ripped it open.  Inside was cash, which Squall pulled out to count.  It was five thousand Gil.

A deep frown lowered on Squall’s pristine face.  He slipped the money back into the envelope and turned to go back to the bedroom.

Five thousand Gil.

Squall tossed the money-envelope onto the bed before turning to find a jacket in the closet.  He thought hard as he pulled the light coat on.  Zell had earned five thousand Gil outside of work, doing something that his High Commander should have full disclosure regarding.   But Squall didn’t know why or how Thomas would owe or pay Zell so much money.  It was twice what Zell made in a month.

Then Squall saw the ring on his finger.

Was Zell foolish enough to buy something far beyond his bouncer salary?  Something utterly unnecessary?  At the very least, Zell should have used his SeeD money if his heart was set on buying Squall this ring.  But apparently that’s not what Zell had done.

With the jacket zipped up, Squall crossed back to the bed and picked up the envelope and slid it into one of his pockets, zipping the pocket closed.  He then picked up from the nightstand a semi-small pad of paper and a pen and slid them into his other pocket so the pad was sticking halfway out.

He’d have to do a few other things tonight now, beyond the groceries and lube and library.

Lieutenant Commander Dincht needed a dressing down by his High Commander.

A minute later, Squall was outside his apartment, the door locked, and he headed down the hallway to go down three flights of stairs.

Once Squall was out in the cold evening air, he had organized his priorities.  First he needed to go to the library and complete the mission report.  Laundry day was tomorrow, which was when Squall could slide the report into the clothes Zell would wear to see Seifer.  The report must be written tonight, especially since their personas were engaged.  The money issue would go on next weeks report.

The twilight was creepy.  Squall walked through it with his normal confidence, but he kept a watchful eye on the shadows.  He still had the ten second window before he’d be his god-level again, and then another two seconds to re-junction himself to overkill-status.  But the threats were real here, and Squall knew rape was no trivial matter for his Level 3 self.

Squall walked passed male and female hookers, some of whom gave Squall dirty looks -- daring Squall to try to stop and set up shop on their turf.  

Squall ignored them.

Cars often pulled along side of Squall as he walked, the men or few women within the cars shouting offers of money for sex.  “Twenty for a blow job!” “Fifty for an hour.”  Tonight was no different.

Squall ignored them, too.

Twenty minutes later and Squall was walking up the steps to the library.  The building was almost always completely empty except the two security guards at the door and the single librarian behind the counter.  

“Evening,” one of the guards said to Squall.  They knew Squall, as Squall had been coming here once or twice a week for the past seven months.

Squall smiled his gentle smile at the large man.  

“Evening,” Squall replied.  He gave the other one the same smile and a nod, and another smile and nod to the librarian before he walked over to the romance novel isle.

A few minutes later, Squall was sitting down at a table with a few books.  He made it look, like he always did, as though he were writing down novel names or recipes from the cookbooks on the semi-small pad of paper.  

The report was by no means professional.  Squall tried his best to keep up with protocol, but for anonymity sake of any stray eyes, he did not provide a format or outline in the report.  It was a scribble of two or three paragraphs regarding the past week, old problems, new solutions, and new problems.  

After he was finished, Squall returned the books to the shelves, keeping one of the romance novels and bringing it up to the librarian.  Normally Squall would have stayed longer and read at least a few chapters, but he had more to do tonight.  The librarian wordlessly checked the book out to Squall, they exchanged smiles, and Squall left.

The air had gotten colder.  Squall held the romance novel tightly in his hand as he crossed his arms for warmth.  The envelope of money felt awkward in Squall’s zipped pocket.  Squall decided that his next priority was to head over to the Pink Pony to dress down Zell.  At least as best as a submissive boyfriend could.


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