Salvation's End

BY : Grieving Leon
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Salvation’s End

Chapter 22: Polite and Proper

“I was about to have Squall fucking killed,” Nymphic said to Daniel.

The loyal bodyguard stood on the other side of the desk, facing his boss.  “I was with them the whole time,” Daniel replied in a stern but obedient tone.

“I know,” Nymphic grumbled, shifting in his large chair.  “I don’t think Squall wants to fuck Dommy....” Nymphic was an expert judge of erotic desires and fetishes, and from what Nymphic had seen of Squall’s cloudy gaze, it never wandered from Zell.  After a heavy swallow, Nymphic said “I just feel this...bizarre jealousy.  I’ve never felt jealous over Dommy before.”  He looked up to see Daniel’s stern expression.

Gaff stepped closer to Daniel, attempting to move Nymphic away from Dommy-thoughts.  “Sir,” Gaff said.  “K’Oz is going to continue to be that aggressive little cunt.  I’m not sure he’ll be a good match for you.”

“I happened to have enjoyed that ‘aggressive little cunt’,” Nymphic replied.

The older bodyguard eyed Daniel, who stood passively.  Then Gaff said to his boss “I just fear what will happen when you grow tired of him.”  He paused then added “Amyst won’t happily rebound from K’Oz’s death or disappearance.  And Dommy will notice Amyst’s condition if the two become friends.”

With a snap, Nymphic said “That’s not your concern!”  The Snuff Lord then tried to calm himself, sitting back into his chair, raising a hand to flatten down his already nicely styled short brown hair.  “Daniel,” Nymphic finally said after a few silent seconds.  “What was your opinion of Zell?”

“He will do what he’s told,” Daniel said.

Inwardly, Gaff glared at Daniel.  The older bodyguard wanted to argue with the tall man beside him, but not now, not in front of Nymphic.

“He can’t let Squall down,” Daniel said, still standing sternly, hands at his sides.  “It was plain enough.”

“I agree,” Nymphic said.  He turned his beady eyes to Gaff, assessing his long time watchman, then Nymphic returned his attention to Daniel.  “Zell starts next week, make sure his schedule is for the day business.  Gaff and Archon will continue any night duties with me.”  A smile twitched over the evil man’s thin lips.  “I’d also like Zell to meet the Generals.  It entertains me to think of his belligerent attitude around them.  We powerful men aren’t used to-” The evil man darted his eyes to stare directly at Gaff. “-‘aggressive little cunts’.”

Gaff looked down at the floor to hide his glare.

With a light laugh, Nymphic said “Besides, Denrick will get a kick out of seeing Zell standing sentry for me!”

Daniel nodded sternly.  “I will see to it, sir.”

“Now go,” Nymphic said, waving his hand and returning his attention to some paperwork.  He had monsters to illegally import, enslaved people to traffic, and murder and rape to schedule.

“Yes, sir,” Daniel said then he turned and headed out of the office, followed by silent Gaff.  

Once the office door closed and the two men were in the hallway, Gaff grabbed Daniel’s arm and glared at him.

“You weren’t in that meeting with K’Oz,” Gaff growled.  “He actually yelled at Nymphic.”

“And it makes Nymphic laugh,” Daniel replied solemnly.

Gaff took his hand back from Daniel.  “And what happens next week when K’Oz does it again, in front of all the Generals?”  

Daniel watched Gaff, the 30-something bodyguard frowning with stern eyes.  “Did you bother to consider what K’Oz was yelling about?”

Gaff did not have an answer.

“I can tell you,” Daniel said, still in that solemn tone.  “And I wasn’t even in the meeting.”  A moment of silence went by as Daniel allowed Gaff to think again.  But without a reply from the older man, Daniel said “Squall Amyst.”

Gaff scoffed.  He had seen the way Amyst touched Nymphic’s son, the way that gay man fawned over the boy immediately, near obsessively.  Amyst would be killed by next week too, as far as Gaff figured.  If only Nymphic had seen those soft caresses and light touches.

Daniel stepped forward, close enough that his breath beat against Gaff’s cheek as the tall man glared down at the old fool.  “Since you don’t have a soul, I know it’s difficult to comprehend, but true devotion isn’t about fear.”

The two men watched each other a while longer, both teetering towards glaring, but finally Daniel pushed passed Gaff.  The 30-something bodyguard wanted to check on Dommy before going to bed.

While there had been fear and anger flaring through Daniel the instant Squall brought up the note to Dommy, those feelings quickly turned to astonishment: Dommy’s worries were vanquished by the submissive man, whom Daniel knew had perfectly crafted each word and touch to comfort the boy.  Whatever purpose Squall had for doing those things was currently up for debate in Daniel’s opinion but the bodyguard knew it was not sexual aspirations.

Whatever reasons Squall had for making Dommy happy would soon be uncovered, Daniel was certain of that.  Every second Squall spent around Dommy, Daniel would be spending around Squall.


Zell’s cock smelled so good.  The hardness made Squall’s belly churn with yearning as he tightly moved his lips up and down the thick shaft, his tongue exploring the perfect texture.  With Zell’s hands in his hair, Squall sucked harder, encouraging his blonde partner to quickly cum.

“Hyne, Squall,” Zell groaned, eyes closed as he laid on his back on that amazingly comfortable mattress.  The sheets were soft as Winhill silk, too.  But honestly, Zell was more amazed by how good his boyfriend felt.

Still sucking the sexy and very hard dick, Squall moved a hand to massage Zell’s balls, pleased with himself when Zell groaned in appreciation.  

All Squall wanted to do was have that hardness in his mouth, to smell the thick scent of Zell’s erection, to savior how perfect the powerful and blood swollen flesh tasted.  Of course, Squall wanted the cum too, the sticky liquid candy that would fill his mouth as the height of his partner’s ecstasy.  Squall wanted Zell to feel that pleasure, to feel good; for the powerful and perfect muscular body to quake in orgasm.

When Zell’s fingers gripped tightly the silky brown hair, Squall’s own dick pulsated with excitement.  The blonde man’s cock swelled as it pushed into the back of Squall’s mouth, into Squall’s throat and then, with a heavy grunt, Zell released.  Love soared through Zell, the emotion lapping over the sweet man’s soul before penetrating into his large heart.

“I love you,” Zell moaned as he came, then his body began to lower down against the comfortable mattress.

Squall pulled off the cock and licked his lips after swallowing.  The cloudy eyes stared at the perviously rock hard dick with regret.  Maybe he should have teased more, spent more time on foreplay instead of so eagerly sucking -- Squall wanted that hardness back, that powerful flesh engorged again so that it would fulfill him in every way.

Before Squall could begin his carefully laid out plan to lower back down and suck Zell’s cock awhile more, the blonde man had grabbed his upper arm and yanked Squall up.  

Zell kissed once his brunette lion’s lips with deep and unyielding affection, with a devotion Squall had only ever known from Zell.  Deciding that perhaps he could hold off until later to suck on that beautiful cock again, Squall relaxed against Zell’s hard and powerful form, a hand lightly laying on the perfectly chiseled pecks.

“I loved the way your cum tasted,” Squall said, near purring the words as he laid his head onto Zell’s shoulder, his body halfway laying over Zell.

Lightly Zell stroked his hand over the dark brown hair, his sapphire eyes staring up into the darkness of their new condo bedroom.  Soft street and building lights came through the bedroom’s wide window that had no curtains, but they were up on the eighth floor, no other buildings tall enough to allow Peeping Toms with night-vision binoculars to watch their erotic performance.

Squall moved a fingertip to play with one of Zell’s hard nipples.  “I love you,” Squall whispered with a decent amount of happiness for the stoic man.

“I love you, too,” replied Zell, his tone calm and content.

They laid there together for a long while on top of the new sheets and the folded down too-small-for-the-bed blankets.  The room was warm since the condo’s heater was on, and Squall closed his eyes, drifting away as the quiet engulfed him.

“My mind is racing,” Zell said softly, still staring up at the ceiling.  One of his hands continued to caress the brunette’s soft hair, the other gently gliding across Squall’s deadweight arm that lay on the blonde man’s chest.

“Un?” Squall barely mumbled, keeping his eyes closed.

“I’m so excited about the condo,” said Zell.  He smiled -- mostly to himself since the room was so dark.  “About all the new furniture.”

Squall listened but didn’t bother replying since he didn’t have to anymore.  No cameras were making him dance like a monkey.

“I was thinking,” Zell said, just fine to be carrying the conversation on by himself, “one of baby rooms can be Triple Triad themed!  Doesn’t that sound awesome? ...Little cards everywhere, painted on the walls and the crib could be like a playing board.”

It took Squall a second as he listened and processed, but he opened his eyes to stare out sleepily and mumbled “Baby rooms?”

“Yeah,” Zell said, still very perky.  “You know, those other bedrooms that are for our kids.”

After a heavy sigh, Squall closed his eyes and said “We can get fake married Zell, not fake adopt a real baby.”  He then yawned.

The room went silent for a few seconds.  Squall started to drift off to sleep again as Zell spoke.

“I know.”  The blonde man stared up bitterly into the darkness.

“I’ll,” Squall mumbled in his half sleep, absently caressing his fingers against Zell’s chest, “decorate one bedroom as guest bedroom.  The other two we can do other things with.  An office or whatever.  We can even just leave one empty.  Four bedrooms is a lot.”  

The sudden bitterness Zell felt began to flood through him.  He continued to stare up at the ceiling, frowning in anger now.  He had stopped caressing Squall’s hair, stopped bothering to touch Squall’s arm.

At first, Zell was pissed at Squall for the fake-adoption comment.  But that quickly passed because he knew Squall was right -- was always right.  The High Commander kept that cool head, focused on the job.  The brunette SeeD was manipulating his way into Nymphic’s son’s good graces, toying with the sweet teenager’s emotions in order to gain access to the mansion.  Squall was always thinking ahead, to the next five steps down their mission’s path.

Zell knew he should have been thinking like that, but he was distracted by the fancy car and overwhelmingly luxurious condo.  Nymphic had done his own share of manipulation, attempting to buy K’Oz’s services and devotion through these extravagant gifts and posh lifestyle that K’Oz would die to give Amyst.

‘I am not K’Oz,’ Zell forced himself to think.  He repeated those words over and over in his head as he mentally destroyed the Triple Triad themed baby room.

Then tears began to swell again in Zell’s eyes and it brought about such frustration and rage inside the undercover blonde SeeD that he was sure his heart would explode.  For the second time today he was on the verge of crying, and those tears were again for a life that didn’t exist, for people whom he and Squall had created.

Squall was asleep now, Zell could tell by the steady breathing of the beautiful brunette who laid there.  All Zell wanted to do, however, was shake Squall to wake him up and ask a plethora of questions while trembling and crying.  

“What of ‘Enabran’?” Zell whispered, knowing the sleeping lion would not answer.  “Can we theme his bedroom Triple Triad back in Balamb?”  Zell breathed out a heavy, ragged breath that he was desperate to muffle.  

If Squall woke to Zell crying again, the blonde man knew he’d have to have a better explanation than “I miss my mommy”.  All the joys Zell had been getting from this new condo were washed away, leaving only dejection and disappointments.  Even the idea of Enabran came clashing with the memory of non-family-man Squall saying he’d never get married, never have kids, and those words about being “the worst father ever” over their vacation.  

The name “Enabran” suddenly sounded more like something made-up to entertain Seifer’s boyfriend, helping Seifer out with that nice hazel-eyed kid.

Zell knew, though, that Squall lost his virginity to him.  And what of the Triple Triad card Squall had beaten Ma Dincht for?  And for all these months, hadn’t Squall been the perfect boyfriend, more so than required -- even when not under the scrutiny of those cameras?  Squall had treated Zell like Hyne.

Squall woke from his light sleep and halfway sat up.  Before he had a chance to determine what woke him, Zell rolled away and rose from the bed.

“Zell?” Squall mumbled, flopping heavily down again.  He moved his legs to slip his feet under the sheet and blankets so that he could cover himself.

“...Bathroom,” Zell mumbled in such a soft whisper Squall barely made it out.

Naked Zell crossed the large and furniture-less master bedroom: Even though Squall’s eyes were heavy from drowsiness, he made sure to focus enough so that he could watch the Utopian form moving through the darkness. The strong and handsome body walked onto the pale-gold tiled floors of the bathroom and the light burst on one second before the door shut.

Squall’s grey-blue eyes darted to the ceiling where he sneered with disappointment.  Sleep began to tug at his eyes, but he was determined to stay awake.  Zell had probably recovered by now and Squall began plotting his actions upon Zell’s return to bed.  With a smile, Squall pictured Zell’s pristine dick and easily remembered its delicious smell and perfect texture.  Even the memory of it soothed Squall’s power addiction.

Eventually enough time passed that Squall sat up to stare at the bathroom door.  He took a few deep breaths then shoved the decently warm blankets off himself and forced his body to stand from the floor-level mattress.  He walked over the soft carpet until he was at the bathroom door.  Gently, Squall placed a hand on the white door and leaned towards it to listen.

At first, Squall couldn’t hear anything, then he made out a very tiny sniffle.

Shame and remorse began to rise up inside Squall.  He frowned with worry and listened harder.  Another sniffle came.  It was then that Squall understood what woke him: Instinct.

“Zell?” Squall said in a strong tone.

At first there was no reply, then Zell said “I’m fine.”  

The blonde man had done a decent job covering up his crying, but Squall knew better.

“What’d I do wrong?” Squall asked in that same strong tone, the door still between them.

“Nothing,” Zell replied, but his voice cracked at the end.

Closing his eyes, Squall let out a soft sigh.  Back at Balamb Garden, Squall would have walked away to mind his own business.  Back in the shitty apartment, Squall would have dashed into the bathroom and cried with Zell.  Here, though, Squall didn’t know what was proper.  But that lame justification soon washed away, because Squall understood that Zell Dincht would want comfort and if Squall just walked away, he’d be an asshole.

“Can I come in?” Squall asked, his hand resting motionless on the doorknob.

At first there was a large span of silence.  Squall knew that Zell was attempting to decide if he wanted company (which Squall knew he did) and then the silence lasted because Zell was trying to cover up the tears.

“I guess,” Zell eventually mumbled, but did so loud enough that Squall would certainly hear.

The brunette man slowly opened the door and slipped inside, closing it gently behind him.  Zell sat on the edge of the jacuzzi bathtub, the blonde’s feet on the golden tile floor.  Squall took pleasure in Zell’s nudity, but he knew that wasn’t what he should be focusing on, since Zell’s eyes were red.

“Why are you crying?” Squall asked, staying a respectable distance from Zell, keeping the position at the closed bathroom door while he looked at Zell’s pouted face.

“I dunno,” Zell mumbled while those gorgeous spheres of sapphire stared down.

“I love you, Zell,” Squall said.  He knew he had to make Zell happy again.

The puffy eyes rose from the pale-gold floor and stared across the master bathroom.  For a brief moment, Squall’s could help but be distracted by the room’s ambience.  The bathroom’s architecture was all arches and extravagant gold decor, the marble countertops white with swirls of gold and brown, the faucets gold, the two sinks semi-transparent white glass vessels that sparkled with gold flakes.  And with Zell sitting on the bathtub ledge, completely naked which showed off his Hyne-crafted physic, all Squall could think of was how much like a real life god Zell looked -- was.

“I love you, too,” Zell replied sadly.

Squall crossed over the cold tile floor and once he reached the tub he sat down beside Zell, placing his palms onto the tub’s ledge on either side of his own butt.

“I’m not good at this kind of stuff,” Squall said as he stared out across the bathroom, eyes not focusing on anything.

Zell sniffed while looking at Squall.

“It would be a lot easier,” Squall said, eyes still staring out, “if you just...” he turned and looked at Zell’s pout, “tell me.”

K’Oz was a butch man, far too proud to ever confess to Amyst any reason for fears or any moment of weakness.  Dincht, however, was a sweet man, an ex-boy scout who knew he could depend on Squall -- to at the very least be a decent person.

“You’ll think I’m stupid,” Zell muttered, even though he’d already decided to confess.

“You’re my best friend,” Squall said, smiling kindly at Zell.  He moved one hand from the tub’s ledge to lightly touch Zell’s hands that were folded together on the blonde man’s bare lap.   “Your pain is my pain.”

Zell reeled from those words -- which Squall meant with deep and true sincerity.

“If it’s your mom,” Squall said softly, “let’s call her.  ...If it’s because I’m being too grumpy, I’ll be better.  If it’s that your dick hurts, tell me to stop touching it.”

Zell cracked a smile and turned away from Squall, grinning.  “It doesn’t hurt.  Shit... I’d just cast Cure if it did.”

Squall laughed softly, smiling.  He was trying so hard to fix whatever was wrong.

The smile on the tattooed face dwindled.  “...I know we’re not going to fake adopt a real baby, Squall.”

The brunette man stayed silent as he watched Zell.

“But can’t we,” Zell said solemnly, “decorate for a baby anyways?  It’s not like it would matter?”

Squall breathed softly, inwardly smiling in bitterness -- at himself.  He nodded.  “I’m sorry,” Squall said, watching Zell.  “I thought it would be a waste of money.  And it was just more decorating for me.”

“I’ll do it,” Zell said.

Squall rubbed his palm over Zell’s two folded hands.  A few seconds passed as Squall smiled at Zell, having accepted the blonde’s idea.  He took his hand back and shook his head.  “Been acting more like my real self for only a couple hours and I’ve already made you cry twice.”

“You didn’t,” Zell said, uncoupling his hands to wrap an arm over Squall’s shoulders.  “I just...” He let out a sigh.  “Can I ask you something?”

When Squall nodded in reply, Zell moved his hand away from Squall, knowing that the brunette lion would appreciate the space while he considered any reply.

“I have to know,” Zell said frankly.  He had refolded his hands together, lower arms resting dead against his thighs.  “...‘Enabran’?”

After a lightly shocked blink, the brunette man asked “My baby name?”

“Did you just make it up on the spot?” asked Zell, eyes sparkling with need.

“Well, no,” Squall said, trying not to feel embarrassed.  “It’s from Prince’s Blood Trilogy.  ...I read the list of characters -- sometimes they have them in the back of the books.  Enabran is the abusive father of this assassin.  While I don’t much care about the father character, the name resonated with me.”

Zell stared at Squall.  The answer was random, and at first Zell didn’t know what to make of it.  Obviously Squall had thought about the name and not just summarily made it up, but certainly the thought process behind the name was by no means romantic or sentimental.  Then Zell felt stupid and he smiled a soft but very happy smile at Squall.  The name wasn’t capricious, it was logical -- which was very Squall Leonhart.

Squall shrugged at Zell and said “You don’t... like it?”

“It’s an awesome name,” Zell said, still softly smiling.  He then looked away from Squall to look at nothing in particular.  “It’s so you.”

The brunette man crossed his arms and leaned forward against his thighs.  “But the name made you cry...?”  He eyed Zell.

“No,” Zell said with finality, turning back to look at Squall’s hunched over seated position.   “I started thinking about the baby bedrooms and how you crushed my Tripe Triad decorations fantasy.”

“I didn’t-” Squall tried to start his apology, but Zell shook his head and interrupted.

Zell said “And then I wondered about ‘Enabran’ and if that was a real name or if you were just messing with Genix like you were messing with Dommy.”

“I don’t know why I said that to Genix,” Squall said truthfully.  Encouraging the pregers joke with a baby name had been stupid, and perhaps the result of Squall play-acting his Amyst role too far.  “But the name is real.”

An imagine of mini-Squall flooded into Zell’s mind as he stared at the stoic brunette.  

The brunette sat up and took a deep breath.  “I don’t know why I... even thought ‘Enabran’ sounded like a good name for a baby in the first place.  I’ve never thought something like that before.”

“...You said earlier this week you didn’t want a family,” Zell said softly.

“I don’t,” Squall said.  He knew, though, the ultimate purpose of Zell’s statement.  Everything had connected together, the baby decorations, baby name, and now the question about ‘family’.  With the mission’s conclusion within sight, Zell was wondering if his Dincht life would be so K’Oz-Amyst happily ever after.

With a small smile, Squall slid off the bathtub ledge and got down onto his knees before the sexy tattooed god.  He put his hands on Zell’s knees and smiled happily up at the swirling sapphire eyes.

“You’re not,” Squall said, still smiling that small and happy smile, “‘family’, Zell.”  

Zell’s already distraught expression turned further distraught, the sadness turning into almost a sneer, the brow deeply wrinkled, his sapphire eyes burning down.

“A ‘family’ to me,” Squall tried to explain, “is a delusion.  A wife baking while in the front yard the dog is barking at the kids who’re running through sprinklers during a bright sunny day.  I don’t want that.  I’m not a family man.  I’m a SeeD.  I want a SeeD life.  ...With you.”

Zell’s broken heart stopped shattering.  As he watched Squall, the Dincht soul leaned down and picked up the sharp bits of heart off the floor and began to slowly place them back into the cracked hovering heart.

Squall knew what he’d just said to Zell, the promise he’d just made to the dear and eager man that sat before him.  Of course Squall should have reiterated, perhaps corrected the exact meaning of his statement, explain to Zell that ‘with you’ meant as a SeeD partner, a best friend, and that the ‘lover’ part was still confusing but that Squall wanted to be close to Zell -- always.  Squall would not be reiterating.

After Squall’s sentence ended, Zell watched with swirling sapphire eyes, love and the future he’d have with his High Commander back at Balamb Garden almost real.  The mission just had to end and then his real -- and now perfect -- life would begin.

Zell slid off the bathtub ledge to the floor before Squall, reaching forward with his strong hands to pull Squall into a tight hug.  On his knees, Zell’s legs were spread apart enough that Squall’s body pressed between them.  Being naked with Squall was invigorating and it electrified Zell.  But the hug soon broke because Zell still had something else to ask, especially now that Squall had promised they’d be together at Balamb Garden.

“You said before you didn’t want kids,” Zell said slowly as he stared at Squall’s questioning cloudy eyes.  “But... ‘Enabran’?”

Squall let silence fill the air for awhile as he watched Zell.  He couldn’t think of a reply, of any answer, but he knew he had to say something.  Finally, he gave up and said “I don’t know, Zell.  I don’t know if-” He stopped talking and lowering his eyes down, absently looking at Zell’s crotch which he quickly visually darted away from for fear of distraction.  Without thinking, he said “I don’t much like kids.  I’m sorry.”

A gentle smile wove over Zell’s lips.  He wasn’t disappointed, which also surprised him but he was fine with whatever Squall wanted.  Zell pulled Squall back into his arms and hugged him tightly.  “That’s fine, baby.”

“I’m a SeeD,” Squall mumbled, his lips brushing against the soft of Zell’s neck.  His hands were resting on Zell’s thighs.  

“I know,” Zell whispered.  The Seifer-painted picture of Squall standing in that summer dress that blew in the wind, the baby in the brunette man’s arms, the country cottage with the white picket fence, and the dog running through the yard’s rose garden -- it all shifted: It would be Squall wearing his Lion Heart gunblade and Zell standing beside in front of the house, but the house would actually just be Balamb Garden, and there would be no kids, no dogs, they would just be together.  “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Squall whispered.  The stoic brunette felt a heavy pang of regret and he wondered if he’d ever see a mini-Zell romping and wrecking havoc through Balamb Garden.  And then his old and almost forgotten Garden home and the SeeD within, and the High Commander job of taking care of his SeeD and their families distracted Squall.

Zell kissed Squall’s temple.

“Balamb Garden,” Squall whispered.  He laid his head against Zell’s broad shoulder as he slid his hands further around Zell.  “It’s been in operations for 19 years.  The oldest among the SeeD all have families.  ...When we get back, I’m going to have to have the entire Garden renovated.”

“Renovated?” asked Zell.  He rubbed his hands over Squall’s back.

“Expanded,” Squall explained.  “For families.  Like Irvine and Selphie and Molly.  Like-” he pulled back to look at Zell’s face.  “-you know, how I mentioned designing a nursery...for you.”

Zell nodded, his hands had moved to Squall’s upper arms.

“The entire Garden needs to be enlarged,” Squall said plainly.  “Family dormitories, added SeeD and student dorms.  Which means more classrooms.  A larger cafeteria, infirmary, library, and quad.  And of course, your nursery and a play center.”  He breathed out.  He was suddenly lost in it all.  Without thinking, he started to speak again:

“Militarily, I’ll need to keep the Garden mobile.  I’d be a fool not to.  Which means hiring speciality Estharian and FH mechanics.  Though I’m not certain any of them can update the Garden in such a massive way.  After all, the world’s three Gardens themselves are leftover remnants from before Centra was destroyed in that Lunar Cry one-hundred years go.  Today such renovations might not even be possible while still keeping the Gardens mobile.

“And sure,” Squall continued. “Gil is no real obstacle, but the cost of renovations might put me into the debts of Esthar and FH -- meaning our SeeD would be obligated to work primarily in those sectors for awhile.  Then there’s the matter of, while the Garden is being rebuilt, keeping up the high levels of security to safeguard the Level 100 cap-break I developed.  And other top secret things such as the LD-Chip design.  Then what-”

“Squall,” Zell interrupted.


Squall stared at Zell.  “...Sorry.”

The blonde man smiled lovingly.  “High Commander duties.”

Squall nodded.

“Holy Hyne, Squall,” Zell said tenderly.  He rubbed his palms over Squall’s thighs.  “You’re always thinking so far ahead of anything I think about.  Or probably anyone else, for that matter.”

Seeing the sapphire eyes watching him with delicate gaiety, Squall’s mind flooded with Quistis, the memories of the late night dinners they used to have together, both reading mission reports and other documents, only ever breaking the silence to discuss official business.  Was that all Squall had inside him?  No room for families or children, maybe not even room for lovers, because he was only an immaculate and mechanical SeeD.

A surprised moan left Squall as he felt Zell touching his cock and balls.  The brunette man looked down to between his legs, where Zell was caressing gently over everything, stimulating Squall to erection.

“Poor baby,” Zell whispered and Squall turned up to look at the tattooed face that was filled with compassion.  “All work and no play.”  The blonde man’s fingers danced over the dark pubic hair and swelling dick, fondling the balls and occasionally caressing Squall’s taint.  

Tingles began to lap over Squall’s body.

“You’ve all these responsibilities,” Zell said sweetly, stroking Squall’s cock.  Zell moved his left hand to cup Squall’s face.  “Always so alone, locked inside your head.”

Staring deeply into the swirling sapphire eyes, Squall felt regret stab into his heart.  Whispering, he said “I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

“I just felt sad ’cause,” Zell explained, “K’Oz and Amyst aren’t going to live happily ever after.”  A near bitter laugh left Zell, part of the bitterness created because he felt so foolish and part of the bitterness created because he wanted K’Oz and Amyst to be together.  “Their story need to come to an end for ours to begin.”

With a despondent frown, Squall said “I don’t know how to fix that, Zell.”  His engorged cock begged for more of Zell’s touch as his heart grew desperate to give Zell anything, to just make Zell happy.

Squall’s dick was hard as his blonde lover pumped it eagerly.  Zell moved his hand from the pristine face he’d been clutching and went down to the brunette’s pecks and fondled a nipple ring.

“I love you,” Squall said.  Zell could make out the desperation in each syllable.

“I love you, too, baby,” Zell said sweetly as he moved his hand from the nipple ring, around Squall’s ribs to the brunette’s back.  The blonde man shifted carefully while keeping his fingers firmly on Squall’s hard cock, then Zell was on the flat of his butt his legs spread, and gently he pulled Squall closer to him.

Squall pushed his mouth to Zell’s.  The blonde man slowly laid back as Squall pushed forward, their mouths locked as they positioned themselves for Squall to penetrate Zell.  

After bringing his right hand up, Squall broke the kiss with Zell and spit saliva into his own palm.  The brunette man returned to Zell’s waiting mouth and fell into the perfect movements of his blonde partner.  

Zell’s heart began to relax from the worry and broken dreams that had been plaguing him only 10 minutes ago.  He knew that he just had to keep reminding himself that Squall Leonhart wasn’t the most open and easy man to understand.  Zell might not have any lines to read between, but Squall’s life story was written in size-two typeface with gapping chasms between each line.  And Squall -- SeeD Leonhart -- needed to have a few things about love and relationships spelled out.  It wasn’t that Squall didn’t know what to do, it was that the brunette man needed a plan prior, and that amused Zell.

With the feeling of Squall’s cock sliding between his ass cheeks, Zell felt comfort.  He kept his short legs raised and spread, his hands caressing the silky brown hair that was so long now.  Then Squall pushed into the blonde man’s asshole, sending a surge of yearning and erotic arousal through Zell, straight into the blonde man’s hard dick.

“I love your body,” Squall whispered as he thrust into Zell.  He kept his chest lifted off Zell’s, his hands laying on the pale-golden tile floor.  Squall ignored the growing ache in his knees from the position, all he wanted was to be deep inside Zell, have this Utopian body with him.

“You are so beautiful,” Zell whispered, staring up at the grey-blue eyes.  Squall’s long hair was hanging down, laying over the pale shoulders, swaying softy against the brunette man’s face as they slowly thrust.  Seeing those movements of the swaying hair, the slow thrusts of Squall’s hips, the flexing of the brunette’s biceps and triceps, Zell ached for Squall to go deeper.  “You make me so horny,” Zell whispered in an airy voice.

A ghost smile filled Squall’s eyes while he continued his pleasing pace fucking Zell.  Zell’s cock was swollen, and precum dripped from it and coated sticky lines over Squall’s abs with each thrust.

Filled with a rush of desire, Squall pulled Zell’s mouth to his.  The kiss was deep and long, and Squall felt a torment inside that he couldn’t place.  All the brunette man knew to do to calm his inner pain was to continue to kiss Zell, to try to devour the affection and loyalty of his blonde lover.

The High Commander worries were washing away and Squall found himself lost in his Amyst fantasy.  Here he was with Zell, safe and protect by the blonde man, and that safety and comfort was reinforced by how hard Zell’s cock was.  The blonde was ever devoted and had proven time and again that he would do anything for Squall -- including rushing in to defend him.

Squall fucked Zell harder, his cock throbbing as it squeezed into the tight body, control all but gone.  He needed Zell, needed to shove deeper into Zell.  The feeling of Zell’s erection against him while the blonde moaned plunged Squall into orgasm.

“Zell,” Squall moaned, his teeth clenched together.  He shut his eyes and desperately thrust into the tight body, focusing on the strong hands that were caressing his biceps and focusing on the feeling of the hard cock slapping against his lower abs.

As Squall released his load into Zell, the brunette’s body shuddered.  Squall thrust a few final times, reveling in softness of the blonde man’s ass cheeks against his crotch.  

“You feel so good,” Squall whispered.  Finally he opened his eyes to look down at Zell, who was smiling up.

Zell caressed the long brown hair back, hooking some of it behind the brunette man’s ear.  “Your hair is so beautiful,” Zell said tenderly.  

Squall tried to toss it back, out of his face.  

“No, I like it hanging down,” Zell said as he moved his fingers into the brown hair, playing with it, moving some behind the brunette man’s ear again, and other locks to hang this way and that.

“...Should I keep it long?” Squall asked.  He had, on more than one occasion, taken pleasure in the knowledge that he’d get to cut it when he was back at Balamb Garden.  But he’d gladly leave it long, if only for Zell’s satisfaction.  “At the Garden?”

Zell took his hand back, moving it to the brunette’s biceps again.  He honestly wasn’t sure, but Squall had always kept long bangs, it might still be fun to see shorter hair.  So, with a smile Zell said “It’s your hair, your body.”

“It’s your body,” Squall replied quickly.

Neither said anything at first.  Then Zell’s smile widened and he bit his lower lip.  After his teeth released the pink flesh, Zell wrinkled his nose and said “You can cut your hair if you want.  I’ll let you have the body on lease.”

Squall laughed stiffly a few times.  He then tossed his hair back again before leaning down to kiss Zell’s perfect smile.  

Zell wrapped his arms around Squall’s shoulders and happily kissed Squall back.  He liked the weight of Squall against him, the pressure of the sexy brunette’s perfect body against his hard cock.

The sapphire eyes closed as Squall moved away from the mouth, kissing the blonde’s face everywhere.  Then, Squall began to trace his tongue over the tattoo, kissing in brief interludes, then once the tattoo was completed, Squall moved back down to kiss and lick elsewhere.

“I love that licking,” Zell whispered, lifting his chin up to give Squall his neck.  As Squall began to lick and suck the exposed skin, Zell shuddered and said “My little lion.”

Squall paused a suck to think over the ‘lion’ reference, then he changed from sucking to licking.  He lapped over the skin, smiling a small smile as he went, moving without hesitation or shame to lick over Zell’s mouth and then nose, then up to complete the tongue bath of Zell’s face.

“Oh, fuck,” whispered Zell.  He loosened his hold over Squall’s shoulders, bringing both hands to caress the silky long brown hair while keeping his sapphire eyes closed in pleasure.

Zell’s face was soon competed, so Squall went back down the neck to the collarbone and pecks.  He would gladly tongue bathe Zell’s entire body -- perhaps staying on specific private places for a long while, licking those until they glittered clean.

Squall’s plans were interrupted by the ache in his knees.  He pulled up and wondered why the fuck he was doing this on the bathroom floor when they had that new luxury mattress in the other room.  “Zell?”

The sapphire eyes opened, sparkles spiraling through them as they looked at Squall.  “Yea, baby?” said Zell sweetly.

It made Squall’s heart ache to see Zell looking with devotion pouring from those sapphire eyes.  Squall said “Let’s go back to the Winhill silk sheets.”

The erotic desires and devotion came to an immediate halt, curiosity filling in their place.  In a perky and child-like tone, Zell asked “That’s real Winhill silk?”

Amusement filled Squall as he exchanged the long glance with Zell.  Then with a smile and grey-blue eyes swirling a storm of lust, Squall emphatically said “You’re so hot.”

Zell’s brow lowered and his nose wrinkled as he looked at Squall with suspicion.  Then the frown deepened and he said in a soft but angry tone “Don’t think I can’t tell that was code for ‘Damn you’re stupid, Zell’.”

Laughter built inside Squall’s belly and he desperately tried to push his newly formed grin away.  

Zell tried to push Squall off him.  Not that Zell really cared about Squall coded reply.

“No!” Squall said quickly, moving his mouth back down to Zell’s body.  Zell’s squirming, however, just made it easier for Squall to find the blonde pubic hair and to the perfect erection of which he pulled deep into his mouth.

“Ah!” Zell moaned out, closing his eyes.  He pulled his legs farther apart and lowered his hands to the back of Squall’s head.

After a few sucks, Squall pulled his mouth from the cock and then nuzzled his face against the crotch.  “I’m sorry,” Squall said, eyes closed, his own dick hard again from feeling Zell’s beautiful erection against his face.

“Oh, baby,” Zell said, halfway up, both hands clutching Squall’s head still.  “Uh, I like that.”

Squall continued to nuzzle then opened his mouth to lick those long and elaborate licks over everything he could.

“Uh, Squall,” groaned Zell.  He then opened his eyes and pulled his hands away from Squall’s head.  “Stop.  Stop, stop, stop.”

Squall pulled up as the blonde man spoke, lifting up high enough to properly see Zell’s face.

“Let’s go back to the Winhill silk sheets,” said Zell.

Lowering his eyes back down, Squall looked over the head of Zell’s cock.  It dripped with precum and Squall only wanted to taste it more.  He opened his mouth and went to lick his blonde lover’s private places again.

“Stop,” Zell moaned and Squall pulled back to comply, “You’re going to make me jiz on your face.”

The brunette man’s mouth watered as he turned to look with despondency to the swollen and gorgeous dick throbbing before him.  He wanted Zell to cum all over his face.

Down across his body and passed his erection, Zell saw the grey-blue eyes staring near heartbrokenly at his crotch.  Zell said “Holy fuck, you look so damn hot.”

The grey-blue eyes then were looking up from beneath black eyelashes and a small smirk pulled over Squall’s lips.  He leaned forward, opening his mouth and pushing his tongue out.

Without thinking, Zell reached down with his right hand and smacked Squall’s face.  The brunette man sat back in shock, looking at Zell with true surprise.  Zell, too, was surprised and his sapphire eyes widened and filled with horror.

“Squall!” Zell said loudly, sitting up completely, reaching forward to grab his soulmate.  “I’m so sorry!”

With Zell’s arms tightly wrapped around him so that he was pressed to the blonde’s broad chest, Squall softly asked (though amused) “Did you just smack me?”

“...Yes,” Zell said, squeezing Squall tightly.  “I’m so sorry!”  The blonde man loosened his hug so that he could look into Squall’s eyes.  “Baby, I’m so sorry.  I didn’t mean to.”

Laughter burst from Squall’s stomach.  His body fell limp in Zell’s arms, having been overtaken by his laughter and amusement.  

“Hyne, baby,” Zell said, still crestfallen even though Squall was laughing hard. “I-I dunno what happened.  I’m sorry.”

Squall pulled from Zell’s arms, laughing still, and rolled over in an attempt to position himself to stand up.  He’d managed to stand halfway up, but his laughter kept him grounded.

After sliding to Squall again, now positioned against the brunette man’s slender back, Zell tried to grab his lion lover.  “Baby,” Zell said.  “I’m sorry.”

Squall looked over his shoulder, grinning and laughing the remnants of his amusement.  He then tried to push the smile down as he said “I was a bad boy, wasn’t I?”

Zell desperately tried not to smile and of course failed as he shook his head ‘no’.

Squall turned around in Zell’s arms and pressed himself to the blonde man’s strong and thick chest.  With his hands on Zell’s cheeks, Squall said with rich amusement “I’m sorry I kept trying to put my mouth on your dick and balls.”

The shame Zell felt had slipped away.

Rubbing his nose and mouth against Zell’s cheek, Squall said “I was a bad little kitty, huh?”

Zell laughed, his cheeks going rouge as Squall began the bathing licking again.

“I just want to,” Squall said in a husky moan then licked Zell again, “get you clean.  Get your cock clean.”  He kissed the tattooed cheek.  He pulled away to look at the sapphire eyes.  “And... I deserve a prize, don’t I?”

Zell wasn’t sure what that was but he nodded anyways.  He’d give Squall whatever ‘prize’ the brunette lion wanted.

Squall moved a finger to the tip of Zell’s dick head and said “I like the prize that’s dripping out of your cock.”

“Oh, shit,” Zell said, smiling as he shuddered from the delicate touch.

Teasing the dick head’s slit, Squall said “It’s the most delicious milk for any kitty.”

Zell laughed loudly then shoved Squall away.  He grabbed both the brunette’s wrists while standing.  

Excitement flooded Squall and he laughed as Zell easily dragged his feather light body along.  The blonde man opened the bathroom door and pulled Squall out into the master bedroom then threw him onto the soft and more than comfortable luxury mattress.

After bouncing a few times, Squall flipped over.  He laid halfway back on his elbows, his legs spread and feet planted onto the blankets.  He smiled hungrily at Zell, at the blonde pubic hair that nestled around the thick and powerful erection.

Zell stepped forward to head to the bed but stopped himself.  He paused a moment, staring down with a smile at his lion lover.  Then Zell lifted up his hands and he lowered his sapphire gaze to the palm of the left hand.  As he looked back to the waiting lion, he turned his left hand over and held it up so that those grey-blue eyes could see the palm.

Adrenaline flooded Squall and he shivered, knowing exactly what Zell was about to do.

Slowly, Zell lifted up his right hand and placed his index finger directly over the LD-Chip of his left palm.  The air was thick with excitement and lust as the two men stared at each other over those 10 seconds.  Then, Zell said “Activate.”

The blue light burst from the blonde man, flooding the room and out the open window for that half second instant.   

Squall barely had the chance to lay completely back before Zell was on top of him, kissing him passionately.  With his eyes closed, Squall lost himself in Zell’s movements.  Soon the blonde man had pushed that perfect cock into Squall’s asshole and was fucking him against the mattress.

As Squall laid there, Zell’s strong and powerful body gently pounding into him, Squall lifted his left hand up to look at Amyst’s engagement ring.

He had wondered during the night of their engagement, which was nearing two weeks ago now, if he’d ever feel a moment of perfect and simple pleasures again like that.  He knew complex pleasures were waiting for him at Balamb Garden, but maybe if he stayed with Zell, he’d get these simple pleasures too.  Was his mechanical Leonhart soul capable of the deep and complex relationship Zell wanted?

“My little kitty,” Zell groaned in a soft whisper, his face pressing against Squall’s neck as he pushed in and pulled out of Squall.

Squall then smiled, the amusement of being smacked for being ‘bad’ filling him.  He turned his face and opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out to kitty-kiss Zell’s cheek.  


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