Salvation's End

BY : Grieving Leon
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Salvation’s End

Chapter 4: Drunk Sex

It was a little passed four in the morning as Zell walked down the dark street, holding Squall’s hand, his fingers interwoven with Squall’s.  Squall was drunk and had spent the night that way, talking with a few of Zell’s coworkers while showing off the ring.  Eventually Zell had gotten some food from the vending machine and given it to Squall as they shared Zell’s lunch, including cream puffs that Squall playfully ate as he sat next to Zell at the bar.

Zell adored the way Squall made it seem like he couldn’t breathe without Zell, was obsessed with Zell, had plans of a long and complete future beside Zell.

The blonde SeeD had never been loved in such a way and it made him feel better than he’d ever thought possible.  While he’d always cried at the end of Romeo and Juliet, Zell had never truly understood their love; and now Zell thought that maybe he did understand, or at least he had glimpsed it.

“Sorry,” Squall said suddenly, moving to clutch the romance novel to his chest.

“For what?” Zell asked, and he smiled, knowing Squall was still very drunk, expecting the brunette to reply in some wildly flirtatious way.

“I didn’t mean to get so drunk,” Squall said, his slightly slurred words spoken softly.  The grey-blue eyes were set on the pavement that was before each of their steps as they traveled through the chilly morning air back to their apartment.

“I loved it,” Zell replied.

A hesitant smile threatened to form on Squall’s mouth.  “Even when I danced with Martin?”

Zell shrugged.  “I liked watching you dance.  I’ll just have to learn how to so I don’t get jealous.”

“I wasn’t trying to make you jealous,” Squall replied, the smile gone, his voice the soft tone again.

Zell squeezed Squall’s hand.  “I know.  I’m a grown up, Squall, I know you were having fun for the first time in months.”

“I shouldn’t have fun like that,” Squall replied.  

“Like what?” Zell asked, but Squall ignored the question.

“It’s weird, isn’t it?” Squall asked, looking up to Zell as they walked.

“No,” Zell said gently, shaking his head once.

“It’s okay,” Squall replied, turning back to the pavement ahead of them.  “I know I shouldn’t have enjoyed it like I did.”

Zell felt annoyed.  Not at Squall but at the fact that he understood what Squall was saying.  Squall Leonhart shouldn’t dance nor have fun doing it.  But the man was all work and Zell couldn’t blame Squall for finding a small joy for once in the brunette’s life.  Zell was annoyed that he didn’t know how to explain that to the drunk man.

“I shouldn’t-” Squall said, but he didn’t finish the sentence.

When Zell looked over to the suddenly quiet brunette, Zell saw the awkward discomfort in the previously sparkle-filled hazy grey-blue eyes.

“I enjoyed watching you dance,” Zell said, squeezing Squall’s hand again.  “And I enjoyed kissing you with those mouthfuls of ice cream.  And I really enjoyed you teasing me during lunch with the cream puffs.”

Squall half smiled.

“I enjoyed carrying you when you pretended not to want to listen,” Zell said then he smiled at Squall.

“I liked being carried,” Squall said softly.

Zell stopped and pulled Squall’s arm, the drunk man stumbling slightly, but Zell caught him easily.  Then Zell moved an arm to hook under Squall’s knees, the other arm around Squall’s back, and Zell lifted the feather weight brunette up.

A small laugh left Squall and he wrapped his arms around Zell, careful to still hold his book.

“I’ll carry you home,” Zell whispered, his sapphire eyes assessing the ghost-smile on Squall’s face.  And then Zell continued down the sidewalk, heading toward their apartment.

“You don’t have to,” Squall said softly.

“I’d carry you everywhere if you’d let me,” Zell replied.

“My legs would look disgusting,” Squall immediately said.

Zell laughed and hugged Squall as best he could while carrying his High Commander.

Then Squall said “Can I tell you a secret that you can’t tell anyone ever?”

“Of course,” Zell replied.  He breathed in the strong smell of Squall and cologne that was mixed with the cigarettes and alcohol smell of the bar.  Squall still smelled perfect, though.

Squall moved his lips to Zell’s ear and whispered “I really do like being carried.”

Zell smiled and felt Squall nuzzle him.  The drunk brunette man kept his head nuzzled against Zell’s as he continued to speak.

“It makes me feel safe,” Squall whispered.

“I’ll always keep you safe,” Zell replied.

There was a pause as the sounds of the early morning filled the air between the two men.  Squall’s breath beat against Zell’s cheek as the seconds ticked by.

“I remember carrying Rinoa,” Squall whispered.

Zell felt a blade slice through his chest, ripping his heart, his lungs, his ribs, his spine.  He felt as thought a gunblade had blown a chunk out of him and breathing was no longer possible.

“I hope she liked it,” Squall said, continuing his very soft whisper as his lips caressed Zell’s skin.  “I wanted to make her feel safe.  To protect her.”

Pure malaise pumped through Zell, and the pangs of regret and desires for penance were the only things that gave Zell enough strength to continue to carrying Squall.

“Then she broke up with me,” Squall whispered.  Zell heard the lethargy of Squall’s tone.  The tone carried as he continued to whisper “I floated into the abyss to save her.”  The brunette man then nuzzled Zell again, gently.  “Without the threat of Time Compression, I had nothing to give her.”

“You have a lot to give, Squall,” Zell whispered back.

“She didn’t think so,” Squall replied.  While one hand held his romance novel, the other hand began to play with the short locks of Zell’s cropped hair -- Zell had changed hair styles for the mission, regretfully, and now sported a very short hairdo that he couldn’t help but spike up a little.

“Then she’s a stupid bitch,” Zell said.  He couldn’t handle listening to Squall lament over Rinoa.  Zell had never felt any ill-will towards the High Sorceress of Balamb Garden, but fuck if he wanted to know if Squall still loved her.

A light, near-bitter laugh left Squall’s mouth.  He continued to play with Zell’s hair.  “She’d probably cry if you said that to her, Zell.”

Squall then lifted his head up so that he could look at Zell’s face.

Zell glanced at Squall but quickly returned his sapphire gaze to the sidewalk ahead of him.

Squall lightly caressed a finger on Zell’s tattooed cheek.  “She broke up with me because she wanted you.”

Zell scoffed and brought his gaze back to meet the hazy grey-blue spheres of his drunk friend.

Squall nodded and smiled gently at Zell.  “She thinks you’re the type of man... well, you know, family man.  Something like that.” Squall looked down, to nothing in particular.  “Whatever.”

Strength had returned to Zell’s arms and he lifted Squall up slightly, shifting his grip to hold better.

“‘Whatever’ is fucking right,” Zell said with a harsh tone.  “She can suck a fuck off somebody else.”

A smile pulled over Squall’s lips and he laughed quietly once.  The brunette man’s fingers were still caressing Zell’s skin.

Zell almost brought up that he already had a girlfriend -- Claire -- and that Rinoa was the last girl on his mind.  But Zell didn’t because he didn’t want to remind himself that he did have a girlfriend back at Balamb Garden, and he certainly didn’t want to bring it up to drunk Squall.

“That’s gross,” Squall whispered.

“What?” Zell asked, pulling out from his own thoughts about Claire.

“Rinoa sucking di-” Squall replied then stopped and looked up into Zell’s eyes, and when Zell looked back, Squall whispered “...sucking...stuff.”

Zell smiled and laughed and then shook his head.  He hugged Squall again.  Then the smile burned off Zell’s lips and he thought to himself, and before his brain could tell him not to ask stupid questions, he blurted out “She never sucked you?”

Then Zell was looking at a sneer on Squall’s face.  “No.”

“Never?” Zell asked.

Squall shook his head, looking somewhat childish.

“What” Zell asked.  While his brain had thrown up the warning flag, somehow Zell figured, what with Squall’s sneer, that he already knew the answer.

Again Squall shook his head.  “No,” he whispered softly.  “Only kissed her a couple times.  No tongue.”

“Wow,” Zell mumbled.

Squall then laid his head back against Zell’s and let out a small breath of air.  It was warm against Zell’s skin, and he enjoyed it in the chilly morning air.

“Zell,” Squall whispered.


“You really promise not to tell anyone that I like being carried?” Squall asked.

Zell replied “Hyne, baby, of course I wouldn’t tell anyone your secrets.”

Squall’s fingers were back to playing with Zell’s hair.  He moved his lips to Zell’s ear and whispered “It makes me feel like a princess.”

Exhilaration burst through Zell, a giddy thrill that enveloped his heart and he had to stop walking.  He held onto Squall tightly so that he didn’t drop his High Commander, and Zell laughed hard.

Squall lifted his head up to look at Zell, who had his eyes closed tightly while laughing.  The brunette man half smiled as he played with Zell’s hair again, letting the blonde get his fill of laughter.

Finally, the laughter began to die down and Zell opened his eyes, chuckling a few times as he looked to the hazy grey-blue spheres watching him.

Squall’s smile lasted a few more seconds and then as Zell began to walk again, Squall’s smile was gone and he said “I know that sounded gay.”

“I didn’t think of it like that,” Zell replied.

“I’m sorry,” Squall said.  He wanted Zell to let him down, but at the same moment he never wanted to be away from Zell’s strong arms.

“I’m not,” Zell said.  However, Zell knew Squall was embarrassed, even in his drunken state, so the blonde knew that he had to deflect the conversation.  “How about we use the word ‘prince’?”

Squall almost sounded as though he were pouting as he said “Effeminate prince.”

Zell snorted a laugh.  “Well then I’m the effeminate knight carrying you.”

Squall’s nose wrinkled as he smiled at Zell.  “You’re so butch, though.”

“So are you, Squall,” Zell said, the humor from his smile gone, replaced with a softer, caring expression.

Their building was within view now and so they were almost home, back to their camera-infested apartment.  Images of drunken sex with Squall permeated Zell’s mind.

Zell carried a quiet Squall into the building and up the flights of stairs.  As Zell reached the top steps and the door to the third floor hallway, Squall finally spoke.

“I’ll just go pass out, okay?” Squall said softly.

Zell stopped walking and looked at Squall.  “Tired, baby?”

Squall halfheartedly shrugged.  “I didn’t want to gross you out anymore tonight.”

Zell brought them into the third floor hallway as he said “You don’t gross me out.  Not at all.”

“I cum so much,” Squall whispered.  

“So?” Zell said.  He’d reached their apartment door so he set Squall down finally -- only so that he could get his keys from his pocket.

“It’s gross,” Squall whispered, he turned away from Zell, crossing his arms while clutching the book.

“Is that what you think?” Zell asked.  He’s gotten his keys out but he didn’t want to end the conversation like this.

“It feels so good,” Squall whispered.  “I just can’t...stop.  Not anymore.”

Zell put a hand on Squall’s shoulder.  “I’ll do whatever you want.”

Squall shrugged hard, trying to get Zell’s hand off him.  “Well, I’m sorry.  I’ll go pass out so you don’t have to do what I want.”

“Squall-” Zell whispered.

“No,” Squall replied quickly.  He then reached into his pockets, searching for his keys.  “We can pretend more,” he whispered. “We know where the... they are.  We can angle, you know.”

“Do I hurt you?” Zell asked.

Squall had found his keys and now was trying to get his shaking hand to unlock the door.  “Of course not,” he whispered.

After quickly shoving his own keys back into his large jean pocket, Zell put his hand on the doorknob to prevent Squall from unlocking it.  He pressed his body heavily to Squall’s and he took Squall’s keys and shoved them into his pocket with the other set.  

The brunette man was drunk, had taken more shots than Zell had bothered to count and Squall had only eating scraps of food.  And then Squall had divulged information about Rinoa: No one at Balamb Garden had understood when the two broke up those years ago, and now Zell knew.  Zell imagined a part of Squall must hate him because of that long ago break up.

“You’d tell me if I hurt you, wouldn’t you?” Zell asked, his mouth against the back of Squall’s neck.

“It doesn’t hurt,” Squall whispered.

Zell grabbed Squall’s wrist and forced the brunette to turn around.  When Squall still wouldn’t look at him, Zell pushed Squall against the door and moved his hand to the brunette’s chin, forcing Squall to look up.

“Have I hurt you?” Zell asked again, his sapphire eyes locked with Squall’s hazy gaze.  “In any way?”  While Zell wasn’t sure Squall could manage a deep, meaningful conversation right now, he hoped to at least get some kind of answer.

Squall’s eyes watered as he kept Zell’s gaze.  Zell loosened his grip on Squall’s chin to let the man speak.

“Hyne,” Squall whispered in a trembling voice, slowly reaching his hands up to Zell’s chest, still clutching the book.  “No, Zell.”  He then leaned forward, closing his eyes, a single tear falling out as he pressed his temple to Zell’s cheek.  

Zell wrapped his arms around Squall, the blonde’s palms pressed to the brunette’s upper back.

“It feels,” Squall whispered, “like desperation and lust, and a longing I can never place, but you... satisfy me -- in a way I didn’t even realize existed before we were together.”

Pulling Squall tighter in his arms, Zell knew what Squall described, he understood and felt the same, but he didn’t have the words that Squall seemed to know, even now in the drunken state.

All Zell could offer was this: “Do you know why you cum so much?”

“Because I’m a terrible person,” Squall blurted out, still quiet.  “And I use your Utopian body and the things you do with it because... you fulfill me.”

Zell pulled his face away from Squall and again forced the brunette man to look up.

“I make you cum,” Zell whispered.  And while he wanted to respond to Squall’s words, he knew the man was drunk and unable to listen to reason, so Zell just continued with his main point.

“I know,” Squall replied.  

“We’ve been having sex for a long time now,” Zell whispered, moving his forehead to rest against Squall’s.  “I know what you like, how you like it.”  He reached up and caressed the spot at the bottom of Squall’s ear then gently, as the brunette man moaned out, brought his fingers down the milky flesh until he reached the small of Squall’s neck.  “I fuck you how you like, Squall.”

With his free hand, Squall gripped Zell’s shirt tightly, the other hand resting against Zell’s chest while holding the romance novel.

Squall looked unsure, but at least he’d stopped talking and arguing.

Zell moved his mouth to the spots that he had caressed and gently Zell kissed soft, slow kisses, tender, as he moved over Squall’s silky skin.  “I make you cum.  As many times as I can.”

“Why?” Squall whispered, his voice barely able to form the sound.

“Because you’re Squall,” Zell replied.  Zell didn’t know if that was his reason, but it felt like it was, and it was all the justification he needed when he asked himself Squall’s question.  

Continuing his slow, tender kisses, Zell moved a hand to Squall’s cheek, caressing over it and then into Squall’s hair.  Zell’s other hand dropped to Squall’s waist and wrapped his arm around to hold Squall tightly to him.  The brunette’s hands were still at Zell’s chest, but Zell loved the way it felt having Squall’s hands there, delicate and perhaps effeminate, but Zell would never have told Squall that.

“You are the most perfect,” Zell said, continuing his motions with his mouth over Squall’s neck, enjoying the submission Squall was now giving him.  “The strongest, most powerful man in the entire world.”  

Squall moaned and nuzzled Zell as Zell kissed his gentle kisses.

“I trust you with my life,” Zell whispered.  His mouth moved up to Squall’s chin.  “And, Hyne, Squall,” he paused to nuzzle Squall, squeezing the brunette tightly. “I feel powerful fucking you.”

Slowly, Zell pulled his face from Squall, so that he could see into the grey-blue spheres of his High Commander.

“If that’s okay,” Zell whispered.

Squall felt a wave of tingles flow through him, excitement and adrenaline pulsating in his body.  With his eyes, he silently questioned Zell.

Zell caressed Squall’s chin with the back of his fingers.  “You are gorgeous.  And you are my best friend,” Zell said, finally raising his voice up from the whisper level.  “And I’ll do whatever you want because satisfying you is all I have ever wanted.”

Squall moved his arms up and around Zell, pulling the blonde SeeD into a tight hug.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Squall said as he hugged Zell.

“You don’t.  You never have,” Zell replied.  He hugged Squall back and then said “Just don’t be mad at me tomorrow for saying that.”

Squall pulled out of the hug and looked down at Zell.

Zell shrugged.  “When you’re sober.”

“I can’t be mad at you, Zell,” Squall replied, trying to smile.

“You ready to go into our apartment?” Zell asked.  “Or you want to go somewhere else for the night?”

“Our apartment,” Squall said.  

Zell gave Squall back the brunette’s set of keys. Squall then lowered his hands away from Zell and turned to unlock the door.  

Zell moved his hands around Squall’s waist as the drunk man slowly fumbled with the keys and the doorknob.  Gently, Zell settled his hand onto the drunken man’s and helped guide the keys into the lock.  Shortly after, the apartment door swung open and Zell followed Squall inside while the brunette turned the lights on, Zell keeping his body pressed without pause against his brunette lover.

“What do you feel like doing, Squall?” Zell asked.  He used a foot to kick the apartment door closed as he held Squall.  He didn’t want to move from that position, didn’t want to release Squall -- not yet.  Perhaps not ever.

“I think you’re so gorgeous,” Squall said.  He stood, hovering in the apartment entrance, enjoying the feeling and the comfort from having Zell’s arms around him.  Squall’s empty hand lowered to rest on one of Zell’s wrists, where Squall gently caressed the soft skin that was exposed below the glove.  

“You’re gorgeous,” Zell said.

Squall then pushed his body around, as easily as he could in Zell’s tight grasp.  Squall moved his arms around Zell’s shoulders once again and looked into the swirling sapphire eyes.

“Zell,” Squall whispered, his eyes searching Zell’s face then he looked over Zell’s chest before returning back to meet the beautiful sapphire eyes.  “Your body.”

The word “Utopian” entered Zell’s mind as he waited for Squall to continue.  Hadn’t Squall used that word to describe Zell just minutes ago?  

After licking his dry lips once, Squall said “You’re the sweetest, kindest person I know.”  

That didn’t describe Zell K’Oz.  Sure, a lover like Squall Amyst with rose-colored glasses on would have without hesitation believed Zell K’Oz to be that way.  But Zell had to believe that drunk Squall was talking about him -- about Zell Dincht -- not the persona.

“And I find your masculine body,” Squall said, closing his eyes and pushing himself against Zell’s chest, lowering his cheek to press against Zell’s cheek, “your muscles, and your cock....” Squall’s voice trembled with trepidation. “You’re so nice.  And sweet.”  Squall pushed his face against Zell’s, moving his mouth to brush against the side of the blonde’s lips.  

Squall’s mouth hovered there as he whispered to Zell “And gentle.”  Squall kissed Zell once, his breathing uneasy.  “And your body is so... it makes me feel so good.”  Squall kissed Zell again, Zell still holding the drunk brunette man, patient as he let Squall continue.

“I wanna make you feel good,” Squall said before kissing Zell again.  

Zell was eager to kiss Squall deeply but he followed the brunette’s lead, letting the desperate kisses keep their short but wet movements.

“Like you make me feel,” Squall said, and again kissed Zell again after.  “You make me feel so good.”

“You do make me feel good, baby,” Zell whispered and they kissed again and the kisses continued, deep and on the border between desperate and passionate, their tongues caressing tenderly with each movement of their lips.

Zell heard the hard clunk of a book and then the clash of keys falling onto the ground behind him, then Squall’s hands were pushing Zell’s coat off.

After Zell’s coat had fallen onto the floor, Squall’s coat joined it.  Their lips only broke when each shirt was removed and tossed to the floor, then their mouths returned to each other’s and their tongues swirled together.

Zell moved his hands to the back of Squall’s thighs and lifted the man up, Squall’s legs immediately spreading and then wrapping around the blonde man’s waist, all the while their mouths stayed together.

“Are you hard?” Squall whispered against Zell’s mouth and they kissed again.

“Yes,” Zell whispered.  

The apartment air was chilly, but Zell’s body burned and his cock ached with the flow of blood.

“I like it when you’re hard,” Squall said and his mouth traveled away from Zell’s, onto the tattooed cheek, where his desperate kisses continued, then down to Zell’s jawline and onto Zell’s neck.  His fingers were woven into Zell’s hair and Squall whispered “You’re so strong.”

Zell kissed Squall back, his mouth traveling over the milky flesh of Squall’s neck and shoulder.

“And masculine,” Squall said.

“You like that?” Zell asked before his mouth returned to Squall’s body.  He loved the way Squall tasted, he wanted to taste every inch of Squall’s body over and over again.

“It makes me feel safe,” Squall replied and he moved to sit up further in Zell’s arms, looking down at the blonde man holding him.  “I’ve only ever felt safe with you.”

Zell stopped kissing and looked up at Squall.  “I’m always going to protect you.”

“Do I make you feel good?” Squall asked and he pushed his hand down Zell’s smooth, muscular chest, over the blonde man’s abs, between their bodies until he found the button to Zell’s jeans.  The drunken gaze never left Zell’s sapphire eyes.

“Yea, baby, you do,” Zell replied.  He lowered Squall back down and then removed and dropped his gloves while stepping out of his shoes and shoving them with a foot to the side.  “You make my cock ache.”  Zell wanted to say sweeter things, but he didn’t want to distract drunk Squall from his desires; Zell wanted to make sure drunk Squall didn’t start thinking things like “gross” and “gay” again.

The jeans were open and Squall’s hand slid into Zell’s dark blue boxers.  “I want it hard.”

“I am hard,” Zell replied, and he was hard, he ached for Squall and wanted Squall to see his erection, to touch him. Zell returned his hands to Squall’s waist, caressing over the jean material until he reached the front and undid the brunette’s button and zipper.

Squall’s fingers wrapped around Zell’s swollen cock as he moved to kiss Zell again.  The drunk man stroked the hard flesh eagerly as Zell pushed down Squall’s pants.  Then Zell’s hand was on Squall’s erection, stroking it while listening to his brunette lover moan in approval.

Their mouths broke and Squall looked down to Zell’s engorged cock as he continued to stroke it.  

“I love your cock,” Squall said, keeping his gaze locked on Zell’s erection.

Before Zell could reply, Squall began to lower himself down.  Zell moved his hands from Squall’s hard on and let his palms caress over Squall’s milky flesh until Squall was on his knees and Zell could move his hands to Squall’s cheeks and hair.

The sapphire eyes watched as Squall’s lips wrapped around Zell’s hard cock and began to suck.  Zell groaned and couldn’t help closing his eyes from the pleasure and he gently moved his fingers over the brunette’s hair.

“Hyne, baby,” Zell moaned.  His cock pounded with blood, pleasure sweeping over his body, sending tingles from his balls to his chest.  

Squall’s hands traveled as he sucked and licked Zell’s cock, the brunette touching everywhere he could reach.  Squall only paused his fingers at one spot to caress a few times when Zell groaned in approval, then Squall moved on, keeping Zell’s body stimulated and sensitive.

Zell gently cradled Squall’s head with one hand, and with the other hand he caressed Squall’s face.  Opening his sapphire eyes, Zell looked down and watched his cock penetrate into Squall’s mouth.  The drunk brunette’s eyes were closed.  The movements of Squall’s tongue and the eager but passionate sucking made Zell feel as though he were floating.  He wanted to hold Squall forever.

Zell knew he was going to cum soon.  Watching his cock penetrating Squall’s mouth swirled adrenaline around his heart, and blood pounded down to his crotch.  As Zell studied Squall’s face, he knew -- could see it -- that Squall loved how hard he was.

As soft as he could, Zell caressed Squall’s cheek with a thumb.

“I love you,” said Zell, his voice airy.

The brunette’s eyes opened and he looked up to Zell, but he never stopped his motions of enjoying Zell’s cock.  Zell could almost see the smile on Squall’s face.  Then the eyes were closed again and Squall went back to focusing his efforts and attention on giving Zell head.

Zell’s body shuddered.  He closed his eyes and his gentle touches on Squall’s face and hair firmed.  He tried to be careful as he held the back of Squall’s head.

Squall’s hands moved to rest on Zell’s hips.  He took Zell’s cock deep into his mouth, until the pink lips met with the base of Zell’s cock, massaging the hard flesh with his tongue.

The heat and wetness and the repeated motions of penetration drove Zell to orgasm.  “Baby,” Zell moaned.  “I love you.”

Squall’s tongue beat against Zell’s cock and the brunette man sucked harder, giving Zell wave after wave of pleasure, swallowing the mouthful of cum Zell shot into Squall’s mouth and throat.  And as Zell’s orgasm died down, Squall began to gently suck the tender flesh, continuing until Zell’s quivers and moans of pleasure had stopped.

The cold air hit Zell’s cock as Squall pulled off.   Squall kissed Zell’s cock a few times, then kissed Zell’s crotch and hips.

Zell lowered himself down until he was on his knees with Squall, where the blonde SeeD wrapped his arms around his lover and kissed Squall deeply.

When their lips parted, Zell said “Your mouth felt so good, baby.”

“I’m really drunk,” Squall whispered, and Zell knew it was a sort of apology.

“You still,” Zell said with a heavy breath, “gave great head.”

Squall’s hazy eyes almost sparkled in the overhead-lit living room.  “I love sucking your cock.”

“I love sucking yours,” Zell replied.

A smile threatened to form on Squall’s face.  Squall turned his gaze down, not meaning to look at anything in particular.

“I like when you’re hard,” Zell said and he leaned forward to nuzzle against Squall’s cheek.  “Like right now.”  Zell’s hands moved to Squall’s hips and he began to push off the tight jeans.  Squall’s cock was hard and Zell could imagine how much Squall ached.

“I want your cock again,” Squall said, his mouth against Zell’s throat.  Then Squall moved a hand to lightly caress Zell’s dick and balls, encouraging another erection.

“You want me to fuck you, baby?” Zell asked, but he knew the answer and was already pushing Squall backwards.  

“Yes,” Squall said.  He shifted off his knees and onto his butt, letting Zell slide the tight jeans completely off him.

Zell gently removed Squall’s shoes, socks, and jeans, tossing them to the side before climbing up Squall’s body.  He pushed his own pants down further, his sapphire eyes watching Squall’s drunk gaze.  A small half smile had formed on Squall’s perfect lips, the brunette’s legs spread and lifted up in anticipation.

Zell stroked his own hardening cock a few times as he moved on top of Squall.  Squall’s arms moved around Zell’s shoulders and pushed their mouths together.  

Still masturbating, Zell kissed Squall, and Zell took pleasure feeling the tip of Squall’s cock brushing against his stomach.

The sad desperation of the brunette’s earlier kisses had gone, replaced by eager passion and satisfaction.  Squall’s fingers were caressing through Zell’s hair as they kissed, their tongues returning to each other’s mouths with exhilaration.

Zell stopped masturbating and moved his hand up to their locked mouths.  He forced his lips from Squall’s and turned to spit saliva into his palm: Squall took ahold of Zell’s wrist and then also spit saliva into the palm.  Then Zell moved his hand back down to wet his cock before moving the head to Squall’s asshole.

“Is it hard?” Squall asked, his hazy grey-blue eyes watching Zell.

“I’m so fucking hard,” whispered Zell.  He began to penetrate Squall.

The tight grip Squall had around Zell loosened and the brunette relaxed back, letting his head tilt back as he lifted his ass up to help Zell push inside.  The drunk man’s palms were lightly rested on Zell’s shoulders and he moaned out softly, enjoying each inch of Zell’s cock sliding inside.

Zell lowered his face to Squall’s collar bone and said “It feels so good inside you.”  He slowly began to pull out, ripples of pleasure slowly flowing from his cock, and then he pushed back into the tight, soft opening of Squall’s body.

Squall kept up with Zell’s movements, their bodies thrusting in a slow pace together.

“Your body is so perfect,” Squall whispered, rocking against the carpeted floor as Zell fucked him.

“So’s yours,” Zell replied in a husky groan.  He then paused and half smiled to himself before saying “My prince.”

“Prince?” Squall said with an airy laugh.  His fingers brushed over Zell’s back.

Zell turned his face so his lips brushed against the delicate flesh of Squall’s neck.  “You are my prince.”

“And you’re my knight?” Squall asked, a small layer of embarrassment mixed with his erotic moan.

“Yes,” Zell said and he kissed Squall’s neck lightly.

The blonde bouncer had been planning on making a reference to the “effeminate knight” joke of earlier, but his smile pushed away when he felt Squall’s legs tightened around him.  Squall was about to cum, and Zell doubted the brunette man remembered the conversation of earlier anyway.

“Your dick,” Squall whispered.

Zell pushed up from laying heavily on Squall, moving his palms to the floor on either side of Squall’s chest.  Squall’s legs were still tightly wrapped around him, and now Squall’s hands had moved to caress the thick muscles of Zell’s chest.

“You’re,” Squall moaned out, “so gorgeous.”  His grey-blue eyes were locked on the chest beneath his hands.

Zell fucked Squall harder, listening to the moans of his beautiful brunette lover.  The head of Squall’s cock continued to rub against Zell’s stomach, faster now that Zell’s weight was lifted off, and with the motions Squall began to shiver.

“It feels so good,” Squall moaned, his eyes now closed, his fingers digging into Zell’s biceps.

Zell then pulled his dick completely out of Squall and sat back, breathing heavily.

“Zell?” Squall said, his eyes opening and he shifted up onto his elbows, confused.

Zell reached over and took one of Squall’s wrists and yanked the man up, then grabbed one of Squall’s legs and forced the brunette man onto his side.  “You want my dick, baby?” Zell asked playfully but with heavy breaths.  

“Hyne, yes,” Squall replied in a desperate tone.

Zell shifted as he continued to move Squall over, until he forced the brunette man onto his knees, ass in the air.

As Zell climbed up, his palm on Squall’s hip, moving his cock back to Squall’s asshole, Squall said “I love you, Zell.”

“I love you, too,” Zell replied, penetrating Squall once more.  He then began to thrust hard.  

“Yes,” Squall moaned out, rocking his ass back against Zell’s crotch.

“You like how hard I am?” Zell asked, continuing his hard thrusts into Squall, leaning over against Squall’s back.

“Yes,” Squall moaned again.

“You made me this hard,” Zell said.

With each harsh thrust, Zell felt pleasure squeezing his heart.  He wanted to do it more, deeper, harder.  Leaning over Squall still, Zell moved a palm to the floor and his other hand to stroke Squall’s hard cock.

“Hyne, Zell,” Squall said, then he shuddered.  He was breathing hard, his body eagerly rocking with Zell’s domineering thrusts.  He was desperate for Zell to fuck him, to keep fucking him hard, to feel Zell’s strong cock inside him.  His drunk mind swirled with amatory pleasure, lost in Zell’s body.

“My cock aches for you,” Zell said.

The brunette man’s moans grew louder and his dick throbbed and ached as Zell continued to stroke it.  Squall lowered his head and arched his back, his body and thrusts under the control of Zell’s strong, muscular body.  

“Zell,” Squall moaned out, and as Zell pounded into Squall, Squall shivered and thrust against Zell’s hand, and he had lost control.  “Zell,” he whispered again, his cum shooting out, his ass muscles clenching against Zell’s hard cock, his body weak and tamed and unable to stop.

Zell fucked Squall and stroked Squall’s cock until the brunette’s orgasm had been ridden to satisfaction and the brunette’s body was barely able to stay on its knees.

Zell then sat up, moving his hands to Squall’s hips, holding tightly as he fucked -- still hard and eager -- the fatigued drunk brunette.  He closed his eyes and listened to the whimpers and moans from his lover and continued to fuck Squall until his own orgasm overtook him.

The muscles in his cock reveled in the pleasure of releasing his cum into Squall’s asshole, Zell fucking hard, desperate for his cum to fill Squall.  The warmth was intoxicating, Zell shuddering the last thrusts of his orgasm into Squall, and satisfaction began to course through him.

After one final thrust, Zell sat back, his dick pulling from Squall’s body, and he let the brunette collapse finally.

“I love you, Zell,” Squall said, resting his head on his upper arms, his ass and legs crumpled in a half-raised position.

Zell licked his lower lip as he moved a hand to tenderly rub Squall’s hip.  “I love you too.”

Silence pervaded as Zell watched Squall breathe, the brunette’s eyes closed, lulling to sleep.  Glaze filled Zell’s eyes as he continued to rub Squall, and thoughts began to permeate the sober man’s mind.

Squall was apparently as addicted as Zell was to the sex they had.  A guilty comfort filled Zell, embarrassed but happy that Squall did like being fucked, did like the blonde man’s cock.  Whatever else that meant, Zell couldn’t say for sure.  Their relationship was built on lies and fraud, certainly not something that had the possibility to survive the eventual transition back to Balamb Garden.

Could it?

Zell knew he’d always had the desire to make Squall proud of him, to follow Squall Leonhart’s orders, to do whatever he could for his High Commander.  And like he’d said to Squall earlier, he felt powerful fucking the strongest SeeD in the world.

With a heavy sigh, Zell pushed his jeans and boxers off his calves then he stood.  He left the clothes, about to reach down to pick Squall up when he remembered the door.  Zell crossed the few steps to it and locked the three dead bolts into place and flipped the light off before he turned back to Squall to pick the sleeping lion up.

Squall was light in his arms and Zell easily carried him back to their bedroom, tossing the blankets down before laying his beautiful prince into the cold covers.  Zell then slid into bed with Squall, wrapping his arms around the brunette man.

A sleepy moan left Squall as he turned to press himself against Zell’s chest, his hands resting against the blonde’s pecks.

Happy, having Squall safe in his arms, Zell closed his eyes and let sleep come.


When Squall woke up, he wasn’t sure how he’d managed to sleep any amount with how fucking sick he felt.  It was nausea on top on nausea, and as Squall sat up, he was concerned that perhaps he might still be a little drunk.

The room was ice cold and Squall hated leaving the warm covers and warm Zell, but he knew he was going to puke.

His legs betrayed him and Squall stumbled when he tried to stand, almost falling but using the bed as a brace.  He got control finally, and he walked slowly across the freezing bedroom and out the door to the bathroom where he crumpled in front of the toilet to empty his stomach.

Zell woke and immediately sat up, looking around the room in an almost panic for Squall.  Then he heard the vomiting and he felt a brief moment of relief.  Tossing the covers off, Zell slid out of bed and grabbed a pair of boxers and a t-shirt, putting them on as he walked out of the bedroom.

When Zell glanced into the bathroom he saw Squall was bent over, head resting on the toilet edge, eyes closed.  Then Squall quickly sat up and vomited again then flushed the toilet.

“Oh fuck,” Squall groaned.

“You should have woken me,” Zell said, leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed.

“Uh.  What?” Squall said.  He didn’t bother looking at Zell. “You want to watch?”

Zell laughed lightly then pushed off the doorframe and cast on Esuna Squall.

Squall quickly sat back on his feet, looking over to Zell with is eyes wide and eyebrows lowered.  “Zell!”

Zell shrugged.  “What?” he asked calmly.  He walked over to Squall and knelt down, putting a hand on Squall’s shoulder.  “I can always get more.”

“From where?” Squall asked.  Zell K’Oz shouldn’t have been wasting any spells he had managed to save, and certainly in Squall Leonhart’s opinion, him being hung over wasn’t worth Esuna.

Zell smiled at Squall gently.  “I’m level 36 now, baby.  I can draw more Esuna from Vysages around Deling City.  We’re going there on our vacation, right?”

“By yourself?” Squall asked.

“I don’t even need to do it,” Zell replied, his tone gentle, a small smile on his face.  He rubbed Squall’s bare back.  “I have plenty more Esuna.”

“I don’t want you fighting alone,” Squall said, looking away from Zell.

Zell leaned forward and kissed Squall’s shoulder.  He stroked Squall’s hair and said “Well if I ever need more, I’ll get Seifer to come, okay?”

Squall nodded in submission.  He still felt slightly sick, but it was wearing off, and he was honestly relieved Zell had cured the alcohol poisoning.

Zell stood up and held a hand out for Squall to take, which Squall did.  The blonde pulled his lover up and into a tight hug.

“Now,” Zell said, sounding serious.  He pulled back from Squall to look into his lover’s grey-blue eyes.  “I’m only suggesting this because it’s fucking freezing in here.  Otherwise I’d never say this to you.”

Squall frowned at Zell.

“You should probably get some clothes on,” Zell said, shaking his head sadly.

Squall laughed lightly and then followed Zell out of the bathroom.

“I’m going to make some coffee,” Zell said, turning to walk down the hallway to the front room.

“I’ll do that after I get dressed,” Squall said.

Zell shook his head without looking back.  “I got it.  I’ll turn the heat on, too.”


Fufu’s eyes glittered with the excitement of possibility.  

He normally didn’t sit and watch the cameras he’d had installed in Zell K’Oz’s apartment.  He’d installed them, yes, but their purpose was mainly for Fufu to assess Zell’s potential as a member of his inner circle, and as far as Fufu was concerned, Zell K’Oz had passed months ago.

Of course, Fufu delighted in the fact that he could turn the cameras on at any time and watch the two men have sex more often than not.  But that was secondary to the main purpose.

Of late, Fufu had been watching less and less, because he’d already felt completely sure that Zell K’Oz was worthy a position with his boss, General Denrick.  Also, Fufu already had access to more pornography than most all of the world’s population.  General Denrick oversaw homosexual pornography distributed under Burno Nymphic’s organization.  Occasionally General Denrick would slip into harder fetishes (always in relation to homosexual pornography), but mostly he ran the more mainstream aspects of homosexual pornography for Nymphic.

Fufu had developed a crush on Zell the day he met the blonde bouncer.  He’d immediately gone to Denrick and asked Zell be given a job to prove himself.  Denrick scoffed and shooed Fufu away.  Fufu had worked for Denrick for 15 years, but mostly as a personal assistant, never any position of power.  Denrick had stopped bothering with Fufu’s opinions of whom he should hire years ago.  Fufu had never found anyone Denrick wanted to hire that Denrick didn’t already know about.

But then, today, Fufu saw Zell K’Oz cast Esuna.

Zell K’Oz was, of course, a level 36 Gloves specialist -- Fufu had already known that.  Most of the bouncers around town were between level 20 and 40, and more often than not they were Gloves specialists.

But casting magic meant Zell K’Oz had a GF.  While it wasn’t as rare as one might think, it was rare enough that Fufu was astonished.

Only the bodyguards that protected Denrick and the other Generals and Nymphic himself had GFs.  Sometimes Nymphic and his cohort would come across some random citizen with a GF and take it from them, and the GF would be used in any of a few -- some disturbing -- ways.

A Level 1 GF was also worth a lot of Gil: It could be sold on the black market for a minimum 50,000 Gil.  

Quickly, Fufu stood up, about to head off and tell Denrick about Zell’s magic -- which was worth money in and of itself -- and GF, but Fufu stopped.  Denrick might just take the magic and GF from Zell, which wasn’t Fufu’s goal (and may have meant Zell’s death).

So Fufu sat back down and stared at the screen, wishing desperately he’d had the money to install higher quality cameras in the apartment.  He’d only managed to install fixed-point cameras, no sound, and barely of decent picture quality.  

He stared, watching the two men walk around, talking, touching and kissing.

Fufu needed some way to get Denrick to finally listen to him about how good hiring Zell K’Oz -- as anything, a bodyguard or collector or whatever -- would be.  So Fufu had to plot.

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