Salvation's End

BY : Grieving Leon
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Salvation’s End

Chapter 41: Simple Pleasures

Zell woke up to Genix, wearing only boxers, sitting on top of his lap, tickling him, which made Zell laugh despite his bleeding heart.  Once Zell was awake enough and composed enough, he managed a frown and grabbed Genix’s sides to push the tiny (and three inches shorter than Zell, which Zell took pleasure in) teenager off his lap.

“Aw!” Genix said loudly as he flopped back into the bed beside Zell.

“Damn it,” Zell grumbled and he opened his sore eyes.  Seifer’s dorm bedroom was lit with morning sun rays coming in through the large window above the bed, and it was nice enough -- or it would have been if Zell hadn’t been woken so abruptly.

“He shoved me off!” Genix said as he bounced onto his knees on the blankets.

Seifer stepped from the bathroom, shirtless, with large jeans hanging on his hips, an inch of his boxers visible above.  The tall blonde man ran his tongue over his own toothpaste-flavored teeth as he crossed the room to the king-sized bed.  The gentle frown at Genix dissipated when Seifer watched the sexy, tiny teenager pick up Lady Seloria from the blankets and clutch her to his tiny chest with both hands.  Sighing, Seifer looked away from his gorgeous doe-eyed boyfriend and stared down at Zell who was rubbing closed sapphire eyes with the back of still-gloved hands.

While Seifer regretted telling Genix how ticklish Zell was, he knew Cupcake was a pervert and would take pleasure from Zell’s childish giggles.  So, with that, Seifer forced a sneer away once he was beside the bed and he leaned over to grab Zell’s sides.

“Ah!” Zell screamed and opened his eyes, immediately reaching up to shove the hands away.  But they were Seifer’s hands, touching the perfect places to make Zell giggle, and too strong for Zell to push away in the laughter-weakened state.  “Damn it!” laughed Zell.

As Zell squirmed, Genix watched Seifer slip farther onto the bed to hold the tattooed blonde down.  Zell’s eyes were shut tight and he moved about in a desperate attempt to flee Seifer’s large hands, but never able to slip from their grasp.  Soon Seifer was smirking down with his fang showing, each bent knee down against the mattress on either side of Zell’s hips.

“No!” cried Zell in his child tone and he continued to squirm and laugh beneath Seifer.  He reached up in an attempt to smack or punch Seifer, whichever he could manage, but Seifer was too fast and caught both Zell’s wrists.  

Holding both Zell’s wrists down above the tattooed blonde’s head now, Seifer used his free hand to tickle Zell’s sides again.  

“Please!” said Zell loudly as he giggled and squirmed.  As he moved, Seifer barred his weight heavier onto Zell, still tickling the tiny blonde.

A few squirms and giggles went by then Lady Seloria barked, interrupting Seifer from the pleasure he regretfully took from Zell’s behavior.

Holding down both of Zell’s wrists still, Seifer turned to his left to see the wide-eyed smirk on Genix’s face and the tiny puppy barked again.

“Let me go!” Zell growled angrily.

Slowly releasing Zell, Seifer sat backwards, his knees still on either side of the tattooed blonde’s hips.

With a deep scowl, Zell sat up and glared at Seifer who smirked down in response.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Zell snapped.

“Genix wanted to see,” Seifer replied.  He knew he was too close to Zell and almost sitting on Zell’s dick, with Zell almost pressed to his chest, but Seifer continued to kneel there with spread legs while Zell glared at him.

“You keep your pervert shit to yourselves!” Zell said and he tried to push Seifer off him.

As Seifer allowed himself to be pushed off, he said “You know you liked it, Chicken Wuss.”

“Fuck you,” grumbled Zell as he moved to sit on the side of the bed, his legs hanging off.

“That was so hot,” Genix said, and he smiled with sparkles in his hazel eyes when Seifer turned to him.

“Uh huh,” Seifer mumbled and he shifted until he stood from the bed.

“I’m starving,” Zell said as he stared blankly out across the bedroom.

“You’re not getting breakfast here,” Seifer said sternly, crossing his large arms over his broad chest.

Zell glanced up to Seifer’s judgmental gaze.  “You had your way with me and can’t even make me breakfast?”

Zell could see the smirk twitch on the side of Seifer’s lips, but the large blonde managed to push it away.  “You wish I’d fucked you,” Seifer spat.

You wish you’d fucked me,” Zell replied angrily.  

The glare lifted from Seifer’s eyes and he almost sighed as he lowered his arms, putting a hand on his waist.  “Wow, Chicken Wuss, that was a fucking clever comeback.”

“Tch!” Zell mumbled and he looked away, crossing his arms childishly.

“I liked having Zell sleep over!” Genix said abruptly.

“Yea, well, Squall should be back,” Seifer said plainly, “so it’s not happening again.”

While Genix playfully sneered at Seifer, Zell’s eyes halfway widened and the tattooed SeeD said “Squall.”  Zell then bounced off the bed and dropped his arms to look at Seifer and Genix with excitement.  “Maybe he’s at breakfast!”  Zell then looked around the floor, trying to find his discarded shirt, jeans, and shoes.

“Let’s go to the Cafeteria with him, Teddy Bear,” Genix said while awkwardly moving over the bed, careful holding and not squishing the puppy as he stood.

“I don’t want to,” Seifer said slowly as he weakly grimaced.

Zell paused mid-motion of yanking his shirt on.  “Why not?” he asked then he pulled the shirt over his head.

Genix quickly spoke, to keep Seifer from defensively yelling at Zell.  “Zell will be with us,” Genix said.  “No one is going to bother us.”

“People have bothered you?!” Zell said, probably too quickly and loudly.  He pulled up his jeans and began to button them closed as he stared at Seifer.

“Shut the fuck up, Crybaby,” Seifer said.

“Please, Seifer!” Genix whined.

“Dude, seriously,” Zell said, stepping forward to Seifer, who was glaring down at him.  “I practically ripped someone’s throat out yesterday for just saying it was weird that you, Seifer Almasy, were gay.  I mean, they weren’t even being negative really.  ...I won’t let anyone bother you, Seifer.”

“I don’t need your help, dumb fuck,” Seifer said, the sneer-grimace still on his face.

“Fine!” Zell yelled.  He turned around to find his shoes and Little Zell; he didn’t have time for stupid Seifer or his stupidness, Squall might be in the cafeteria at that very moment.

“Fujin and Raijin will be there, too,” Genix said gently.

Seifer turned his sea-blue gaze to Genix but immediately looked at Lady Seloria clutched in Genix’s hands.

“...We can leave her here,” Genix said, trying to cover up the disappointment he felt from that idea.  When Seifer’s sea-blue eyes returned to Genix’s face, the tiny teenager shrugged and said “I’d just like to see the Garden.”  The boy’s doe eyes sparkled at Seifer.

Shaking his head and closing his eyes, Seifer mumbled “You can bring your dog.”  He opened his eyes and watched Genix bounce excitedly, a bright smile on the tiny teenager’s lips.

“I promise,” Genix said happily, “I won’t tell anyone I used to be a stripper at a gay club!”

“Ha ha!” Seifer said loudly with bitterness as Genix skipped by him, puppy in hand, to go brush his teeth.  Seifer glanced at Genix’s boxer-covered ass.

As Zell watched Genix go into the bathroom, the tattooed blonde let out a small exasperated breath of air.  “How long is he going to take to get ready?”

Seifer turned to look at Zell and held back rolling his eyes at the tiny toy lion sticking out of Zell’s jeans pocket.   Then Seifer lifted his right hand to point up to the tattooed man’s blonde hair.  “Probably less time than you, Chicken Wuss.  I doubt you want to see Squall with your hair like that.”

The sapphire eyes widened as Zell ran a hand over his short messy hair, and seconds later Zell had dashed into the bathroom to fix up his hair among other morning routine things.

Genix handed Zell a toothbrush (Seifer’s), which Zell accepted and used without thinking it over, but Genix thought it was funny.

Once ready, the three men and Lady Seloria (blue bow atop her head) headed out of Seifer’s dorm and to the Cafeteria.

Squall was not in the Cafeteria.  Zell’s heart sank as he stared around the large room.  A lot of people were smiling and waving or cheering, overtly welcoming Zell (and maybe Seifer) home.  Zell gave them half smiles and quick nods in response.  He knew he was blushing from the attention, but the only thing he honestly cared about was seeing Squall.

The tattooed blonde SeeD took trudging steps to the breakfast line with Seifer, Genix, and puppy.  Zell oozed melancholy as he waited, ordered, and took his tray of food towards an empty Cafeteria table to sit and eat.  A few of Zell’s friends had waved Zell over but he awkwardly and quickly shook his head at them and stayed with Seifer.  It was a relief to Zell that Claire was no where in sight.

The three plus puppy had been sitting at one of the tables, eating and discussing how Irvine and Selphie had already offered Genix a night to babysit Molly, when Quistis walked into the Cafeteria.

The blonde haired woman immediately saw Zell, though not because Zell was being classic airhead-loud like in previous years.  When the woman walked her hard and echoing steps into the Cafeteria, she had instinctually turned and saw Zell.

Her heart sank in a way she didn’t understand.  It wasn’t jealousy, she didn’t think.  Perhaps it was a forlorn emptiness as she subconsciously pondered Zell and Squall’s relationship.  But the dejection did not stop Quistis from walking over to greet Zell after she bought a cup of coffee (the reason she had taken a break from working and come down to the cafeteria).

“Hello, Zell,” Quistis said as decently as she could.  And the tone came out alright, even if her smile didn’t completely form.  She looked to Seifer and gave him a stern nod.  “Seifer.”  She then looked to Genix and noticed the tiny puppy on his lap.  The tiny boy’s hazel eyes were almost wide as he looked up at her, unsure.  With a better smile, Quistis said “Genix.”

“Hi,” Genix mumbled as he blushed and looked away, back down to the puppy on his lap.  

“What is it, Trepe?” Seifer asked, but not as harshly as he’d wanted to.

Zell continued to pick as his food, chin in palm and elbow on the tabletop.  He hadn’t bothered to respond to Quistis because she was not Squall.  

Turning from Seifer, Quistis said, with that better smile still, “I’m surprised Squall isn’t eating with you, Zell.”  While she was still confused about Squall and Zell being a couple, and while she still believed some of the mission features had blurred with Squall and Zell’s real lives, she was adult enough to know it was their issues to handle.

Quistis’ statement woke Zell up and he dropped his fork onto his tray as he sat tall, sapphire eyes darting to Quistis’ face.  “What do you mean?” asked Zell with eagerness.

“He came home this morning,” Quistis said.

Zell quickly looked around the Cafeteria for any sight of the icy High Commander.

“I believe,” Quistis said, eyebrows raised as she slightly leaned her head to the side to look at Zell’s wide-eyed face, “he was looking for you in the Dormitory.”

When Zell looked back to Quistis, he softly said “Fuck.”  He then turned down to his food as he put the puzzle pieces together.  No doubt, he understood, Squall was probably at the dorms.  Zell bounced up, tray in hand, and began to step from the table.  He stopped then looked at Quistis.  “Uh, thanks, Quissy.”

She nodded, her smile failing again but lasted long enough until Zell dashed away.

Turning to Genix then Seifer, Quistis asked “Everything good?”

“What the fuck does that even mean?” asked Seifer, though he figured she was asking about him settling in with Genix at the Garden.

With a mild sigh, Quistis stared at Seifer then shook her head.  “Why do I even talk to you, Seifer?”

“Exactly,” Seifer snapped.  “Fuck off, Trepe.”

With that, Quistis looked down to Genix and smiled at the boy, who smiled and blushed back.  She then said “Genix.  ...Dog.”  She turned from Lady Seloria to look at Seifer and said “Seifer.”  Then she turned and walked those echoing steps away, to go back to her office with her hot coffee to complete more paperwork.

“You okay without Zell?” Genix softly whispered, his doe-eyes focused on Seifer’s stern face.  Lady Seloria was eating more of that piece of bacon from Genix’s hand.

The egotistical blonde looked over, lowered his coffee, and smiled.  He nodded and said “I’ll be fine.  I love you.”

“I love you, too, Teddy Bear,” Genix said, smirking at the end of his sentence.

Seifer smirked back.  “Cupcake.”


Zell paused before Squall’s dorm door.  He stood there for a few seconds without knocking, wishing he needed to catch his breath or something else to stall.  But of course, Level 179 Zell Dincht was not out of breath even after sprinting here.

With nerves knotting his stomach, Zell lowered his sapphire eyes to the floor at Squall’s door, his mind overflowing with every fear and desire.  All of his trepidation came to a screeching halt suddenly when his eyes settled on a manila envelope laying on the doorstep.  Slowly, Zell knelt down and picked up the large envelope, turning it over in his gloved hands.  

The label over the manila envelope’s flap read “Classified” and had Balamb Garden’s official seal on it.  Zell found himself frowning at the words then he remembered where he was and what he’d set out to do: His sapphire eyes raised back up to the High Commander’s dorm door.

With a heavy breath out, Zell lowered the manila envelope to his left side and balled his right hand into a fist while raising it to the door.  Three knocks later, the tattooed blonde dropped his arm down and stared thoughtlessly, his heart beating between his ears.

Seconds ticked away, leaving agonizing nausea swirling inside Zell’s stomach.  Squall should have answered faster than this.  Panic began to rise through Zell but that was replaced with apprehension when the locks sounded and the door cracked open.

Zell stared at the opening doorway and finally there stood Squall with those gorgeous grey-blue eyes slightly reddened and puffy.  The High Commander’s long hair was perfect, even though it looked a little messy; immediately Zell wanted to run his fingers through it and breathe in Squall’s delicious scent.

Clarity rose in Squall’s cloudy eyes and a ghost smile pulled over his lips.  “Zell,” Squall said in that erotic Amyst voice that made Zell swoon.

“Baby,” Zell replied.  His heart continued those hard and loud pounds, almost too much and almost interrupting Zell from even speaking.  The onslaught of relief that filled Zell practically knocked the blonde over: Squall was genuinely smiling at him.

Squall’s left, free hand reached through the open doorway and lightly caressed Zell’s non-tattooed cheek.  The Amyst diamond engagement ring that Squall still wore sparkled like white fire in the overhead lights.  After a delicate step forward, Squall’s eyes closed and he bared his lips down over Zell’s.

The kiss was deep, passionate, and took long moments as Zell felt every crevasse of his heart ache in need.  Zell then pushed his tongue through Squall’s delicious lips and into that perfect mouth, their tongues then moved in desperate need together.

Zell began to press his body against Squall’s but the brunette man abruptly broke the kiss and quickly stepped back while saying “Oh.  Careful.”

Squall looked down to his right hand, the hand that had been holding the tiny puppy at stomach-level.

Zell’s heart skipped a beat when he saw it.

“What’s... that?” asked Zell as he stared at the puppy.

At first Squall had no reply.  He felt embarrassed and tried not to bashfully smile.  “Uh.  I... don’t know. ...It’s a dog.”  He paused and shifted his weight.  He then slowly stepped forward and handed the puppy out to Zell.  “It’s Yorkie, the same breed that Seifer bought for Genix.  ...It’s for you.”

Zell raised his free hand and with slow and delicate movements took the palm-sized puppy from Squall.

“If you want it,” mumbled Squall as he watched Zell’s sapphire eyes swirl at the tiny animal.  Squall then noticed the manila envelope in Zell’s other hand and he reached forward to take it.

Absently releasing the classified envelope to Squall, Zell brought his second and now free hand up to the puppy to cradle it in both hands against his chest.  He stepped forward as Squall stepped back, further into the dorm.

The puppy had a bow tie attached to its collar, both of which were red and stood out amongst the puppy’s soft and messy brown fur.  As Zell cradled the puppy, it looked up at him with large dark brown and very round eyes.  “Hi,” Zell whispered to the puppy.  It suddenly felt, for Zell, as though a hand was reaching into his chest and squeezing his heart.

Squall shut the door and deadbolted it absently -- as he’d gotten in the habit in Dollet.

“You’re just the cutest li’le puppy,” Zell said in a baby-voice as he smiled down at the puppy.  “Aren’t you, little tiny t’ing?”

“You liked Lady Seloria so much,” Squall said.  Zell turned his swirling sapphire gaze up to Squall, and Squall smiled at Zell’s beaming face.  “Is it okay I bought it for you?” asked Squall, though Zell’s reaction had already told him the answer.

After four nods, Zell smiled at Squall and said “Yeah.”  The tattooed blonde stole a quick glance at the puppy then looked back up at Squall.  “It’s awesome.”

It had only been a week since Squall had seen Zell, but with the tattooed blonde standing there next to him now, Squall wasn’t sure how he’d breathed let alone functioned without Zell at his side.  

“Is it a girl?” asked Zell.  He pet the tiny Yorkie that began to wake up more (the puppy had been sleeping on Squall’s chest) and it was beginning to get restless and playful, nipping gently at Zell’s gloves.

With a sharp half breath in, Squall said “A boy.”  Zell beamed further and looked down to the tiny animal again.  “I made sure,” Squall said and Zell quickly glanced up again, “so that you could torment Seifer with it.”

Zell lightly scratched the puppy’s head as he looked at Squall with wide sapphire eyes.  “How so?”

“Genix wants to breed Lady Seloria,” Squall said, trying not to smile but failing as he blushed.  “So... in a year or two or whenever the dogs are old enough... your dog can fuck Seifer’s.  Which would piss Seifer off, I think.”

Zell laughed and grinned while gingerly hugging the puppy, feigning squeezing the tiny animal.

As Zell laughed, Squall caught sight of Little Zell sticking from the tattooed blonde’s pocket.  With a loving smile, Squall stepped closer to Zell and carefully pulled the stuffed lion from his lover’s pocket.  “Zell,” he said softly as he held the toy.  Squall looked up and Zell had his lips pressed together in awkwardness.  “I was going to... retrieve the toy.  ...Hadn’t had time yet.”

With a half shrug, Zell said “I went to Dollet.”

Squall nodded, mildly smiling, oblivious of any confession Zell had just attempted to make.  The High Commander raised the manila envelope in his free hand and stepped back further into his dorm and said “It’s been work non-stop all week.”  He turned around to head to the couch.

Zell hovered a few seconds longer in the entry way before following Squall to the couch.  “You got Daniel out of prison,” Zell said.

“Yes,” Squall replied.  He sat down on the far right couch cushion, Little Zell set down onto his lap.  As Zell sat down to his left, beside him, Squall said “Took me a couple days talking with the Galbadian, Dollet Dukedom, and Galbadia Garden governments before I got him out.”

Noticing but ultimately disregarding for now the cloth bag of what was obliviously puppy-things, Zell set the tiny puppy on his lap and turned to watch Squall open the large manila envelope.

“...Baby,” Zell said after the tearing sound finished.

Squall slid his hand into the envelope at the now ripped across “Classified” label and began to pull out a thick stack of papers.  “Yes?” the High Commander replied as he began to read over the title of the papers.

“I’m sorry,” said Zell.  It was difficult to say the words, difficult to break the scene because Zell didn’t want Squall to stop acting nonchalant and normal, to stop acting happy.

With those two words, Squall stopped what he was doing and flinched as he swore a knife had been gabbed into his own chest, penetrating his heart.  He slowly raised his cloudy eyes to meet Zell’s suddenly distraught gaze.  “...For what?” the brunette man asked in a calm, quiet tone.  Was Zell breaking up with him?

Petting the puppy’s tummy, as the tiny animal had rolled over, Zell swallowed hard.  “For everything,” he said, staring at Squall’s beautiful grey-blue spheres.  “For hurting you.”  It was just a precursor, Zell knew, just a few preliminary words to say before he began to vehemently apologize, beg, and make promises he’d die to keep.  And he would keep these new promises.

“What do you mean?” asked Squall, his brow briefly pinched as he spoke, unable to tear his eyes from Zell’s captivating gaze.  He set the classified papers onto his lap with Little Zell.

“What I did to you,” Zell said, and his heart thundered inside his chest, “it was wrong, and I’m sorry.  I love you more than anything, baby.  More than life.  I need you.  I need to be with you.  And what happened was so wrong and bad and I’m ashamed.”

“I love you, too,” Squall whispered, watching the water bead up in those perfect sapphire spheres.

“I swear, Squall,” Zell said, each syllable dripping with determination and desperation, “I will make it up to you.  I want to marry you.  I want Enabran with you.  ...I want you to love me.”  A tear slipped out of his left eye and slid down his tattooed cheek.   “So...”  He looked down to the puppy and said “...what I did.”  He turned back up to Squall’s stern expression.  “I... I’m sorry.  Please forgive me.  Because I... I need you in my life.  I... love you.  I...-”

“Zell,” Squall said as he gently set a hand onto Zell’s shoulder.  “Zell, I love you, too.”  He smiled as best he could while feeling uncertain.  “And I assumed we were going to move your stuff into my dorm today.”  His smile filled out further and he blushed as he added “I mean, after we had sex for awhile.”

Zell breathed hard and heavy breaths that filled and emptied his chest.  

Squall lightly set his other hand onto Zell’s knee and softly frowned at the perfect tattooed face.  “I apologize, Zell, but... what did you do?”

A beat passed as Zell could only stare at Squall.  “What?” said Zell.  The tears began to dissipate.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Squall asked.  The knife inside Squall’s heart vanished, but he was left sore and confused: The love confessions meant Zell was still gay and still wanted a life with Squall, so the High Commander couldn’t fathom what else Zell was talking about.

“...Fynt,” Zell said, still staring at Squall.

At first the name hung inside Squall’s head as he tried to reason what Fynt had to do with the puppy or anything else.  Then the realization flooded Squall and he mumbled “Oh.”  He frowned and half smiled, head slightly cocked to the side as he said “You mean when you broke my arm?” He shook his head and said “I hadn’t given that a second thought.”

“You haven’t?” asked Zell.

Squall slowly moved his hand from Zell’s knee and cupped the tattooed blonde’s chin.  After staring a long moment into the sapphire eyes, Squall softly said “You’re my soulmate.  Don’t spend another second on worrying if I’m mad about that, because I’m not.”

It made Zell’s heart grow larger to hear Squall say they were soulmates, but he still had regrets.  “I didn’t keep my promises,” Zell whispered, keeping his gaze locked with Squall’s.

“Yes you did,” Squall replied.  He leaned forward and pressed his forehead to Zell’s, closing his eyes to breathe in the blonde man’s scent, which sent sparks through Squall.

“How could you think that?” asked Zell, his broken heart obvious with each word.

With his eyes still closed, Squall kissed the side of Zell’s lips which were dry but perfect nonetheless.  “You let me change levels,” Squall whispered.  He pulled back while opening his eyes, his left arm now around Zell’s shoulders and right hand on the tattooed cheek.  Caressing his thumb over the tattoo, Squall said “Even with Alexander’s Kiss controlling you, forcing you to do as Fynt commanded, you fought through it and let me change levels.  There’s no way you believed I would just lay there once my real level had been restored.”

Zell frowned, his lips pressed together tightly.  

“It’s because of you,” Squall said, lost in the misery struck sapphire eyes, “because of your strength, that we succeeded.”

“I tried to rape you,” Zell replied harshly.

“I know it’s a cliché saying, but,” Squall said with cautious amusement, “you can’t rape the willing.”  

“In front of all those people,” Zell said, fingers still lightly and absently petting his new puppy.  “In front of Dommy.”

Squall’s cheeks turned deep red.  “Oh, Hyne, Zell,” Squall said, taking his hand off Zell’s cheek.  He settled more comfortably against his lover’s side, chest facing the blonde man.  “You know I would have just cum over and over again.  It would have been embarrassing, not traumatic.”  When Zell didn’t reply, Squall said “I’m sorry.”

The apology only served to make Zell feel worse.  “I’m sorry!” he said, correcting Squall, though his reply came off almost childish and like a pout, which annoyed Zell and he looked away.

Smiling at Zell, Squall bared his weight against Zell’s side then kissed the blonde man’s pink cheek.  “Forgiven,” he whispered.

Zell shook his head.  It shouldn’t have been that easy.  Everything about Squall was so complicated, so difficult to understand and interpret, was this awful thing so simply resolved?

“Zell,” Squall said, staring at the blonde’s face.

Zell turned to look at Squall while trying not to pout.  He didn’t want that damned childishness to be in control at that moment.  Squall opened his mouth to speak, but Zell quickly interrupted and quickly blurted out “I went to Dollet because I was going to go to D-District and kill Fynt.”

Squall sat tall, his left hand still over Zell’s broad shoulders, right hand pulled back to set onto the classified papers on his lap.

“I got all the way to Dollet and stopped myself,” Zell said.

“I thought you were at your mother’s.”  It was the only reply Squall had.  He had gotten out of the habit of dressing down Zell awhile ago.

“I went back,” said Zell.  

Squall swallowed then looked down to his lap, to the stack of papers again.  A quiet filled the room between the two men, and only the soft sounds of the puppy wrestling could be heard in the dorm.  “Zell, you can’t....” whispered Squall.  He could only imagine the repercussions of such an attack from a Balamb Garden SeeD on a prisoner.  Governmental repercussions and criminal organizations.  And then the repercussions, perhaps even to war, if Squall didn’t give Zell up for trial and sentencing -- and Squall would never give Zell up.

“I know,” Zell said.  A part of him was relieved Squall finally looked concerned.  He needed Squall to be upset with him, because Zell knew he deserved it.  “It’s K’Oz inside me still.  But I stopped him.  Stopped myself.”

Squall stared out across his empty living room as he repeated Zell’s words inside his mind.  He eventually turned to Zell, who looked back, and Squall softly said “Promise me you won’t do that, do anything like that.”

After his lips parted and a second went by, Zell said “I promise.”

The movement was so abrupt that it startled Zell and he flinched when Squall’s right hand touched his face again.  The cloudy eyes were staring at Zell, the brunette man’s brow lowered with concern, sincerity pouring from Squall.  “Zell,” Squall said.  He swallowed saliva then glanced down to the puppy before returning to the swirling sapphire gaze.  “If you....”  He paused.  “I’ll destroy the world to keep you safe.”

It was the sentence Zell had wished he’d said to Squall.

“No amount of Alexander’s Kiss,” Squall said as he slid his right hand into Zell’s soft blonde hair, “or Sorceresses, or High Commander duties will stop me from protecting you.”

“I want to protect you,” Zell said.

“You do more than protect me, Zell,” Squall said.  “You complete me.”  He continued to caress the blonde locks.  “You’re my best friend, my soulmate, my lover, my husband.”  He moved the hand from Zell’s face and lowered it to pat the tiny puppy before he said “You’re my family, Zell.”

Zell shifted his right arm, pushing it around Squall’s waist passed the couch cushion Squall was resting against.  The blonde man pulled Squall hard against his side, desperate to hug and hold Squall.  “You’re my family, too, baby.”

The strength of Zell’s body had always been a comfort for Squall all throughout the past months in Dollet, and now with Zell permanently the high level, and Squall’s true belief that Zell fought through Alexander’s Kiss for him, Squall knew he needed Zell’s strong body to protect him.  

Gently, Squall nuzzled his forehead against Zell’s temple.  Both their hands moved together, lightly petting and scratching the tiny puppy while caressing each other’s skin.  Squall then kissed Zell’s cheek which made Zell softly smile.  When Squall kissed him again, Zell said “It’s been a rough week without you.”

Squall nuzzled Zell again and said “It’s over now, my love.”  He kissed Zell’s cheek again.  

It felt so good to have Squall kissing him and Zell wanted to stay lost in that moment forever.  Closing his sapphire eyes, Zell let reality wash away as he focus on Squall’s lips on him: The tender pink flesh traveled over Zell’s cheek and jawline slowly, down to the blonde man’s chin then back up as Squall leaned forward and their lips locked together in a long, deep embrace.

As their tongues moved together, Zell imagined his white picket fence life.  It was that scene of him and Squall standing together in front of the Garden, the Lion Heart hanging at Squall’s waist, Squall’s arm wrapped over Zell’s shoulder as the breeze lightly moved through the brunette’s long hair.  Zell’s arm was around Squall’s waist.  The tiny Yorkie sat at their feet.  

Zell smiled then opened his eyes as Squall’s mouth moved back to kissing his chin and jawline.

“What’s the puppy’s name?” asked Zell.

Squall pulled off of Zell and sat up for the most part, still leaning slightly against the blonde man’s side.  “I didn’t name it.  It’s your dog.”

“What have you been calling it?” Zell asked.  Perhaps Squall had come up with another epic name like ‘Enabran’ that Zell would gleefully use for their tiny pup, then relate to everyone how Squall had named it.

“‘Dog’,” Squall answered.

With a wrinkled nose, Zell snorted a laugh.  “‘Dog’?” he repeated.  “That’s an awful name.”

Squall shrugged but did not move away.  He liked Zell’s laugh and smile, and the blonde’s smile turned down to the puppy as Zell considered Squall’s amusing ‘torment-Seifer’ plot of earlier.

“Isn’t,” Zell asked, looking back up to Squall’s ghostly amused smirk, “Seifer’s dog named after a Sorceress?”

“Lady Seloria, whom is Zefer’s Sorceress,” Squall said with a nod.  His hand lightly pet the puppy on Zell’s lap, but mostly Squall wanted to touch Zell’s hand as it pet the puppy, too.

Zell bit his own lower lip as he turned once again to look down at the Yorkie.  

Seeing the perfect pink flesh trapped between Zell’s fangs, Squall began to let himself fall into an erotic vision of Zell licking and biting him.  

The pink flesh was released as Zell looked back to Squall, sapphire eyes all aglow, and he triumphantly said “Sir Truffle!”

“Okay,” replied Squall.  It was a lackluster reply and it made Zell stare plainly back at Squall.  The High Commander blinked then took a small breath.  “...I mean, ‘Great’?”

“Not even a ‘Why that name, Zell?!’ or anything?” Zell asked, almost sternly but he never pulled off the tone well -- except occasionally as K’Oz and even then never when talking to Squall.

Squall stole a quick glance at the puppy then looked back to Zell’s face.  “Because he’s a chocolate-colored knight?”

Zell laughed loudly, not because of Squall’s reasoning, but because it was Squall who’d reasoned such a childish reply.  The laughter quickly died and left Zell grinning but the grin, too, faded into a soft smile -- Zell realized that reasoning was what Squall believed Zell thought.  And, since it was, Zell felt a wave of love flood over his body.  “Yeah, baby,” Zell said softly.  He hugged Squall’s middle, pulling the brunette man harder against his side.  “He’s a chocolate knight.”

“I love you,” Squall said, returning to his mission of kissing Zell’s cheek and ultimately kissing Zell’s body.

“I love you, too,” Zell said.  “I love how you know me.”  He allowed Squall to kiss him a few more times then he turned his head and forced Squall’s lips against his.  

“I missed you,” Squall breathlessly said between kisses.

“I missed you, too,” Zell replied in similar fashion.  “Baby.”  He squeezed Squall’s firm body harder as he pressed his lips back down against Squall’s.

Soon both of Squall’s hands were in Zell’s hair and their mouths locked.  The kisses were sweet, gentle and hungry, and time began to slip away.  Squall’s body tensed; he wanted to climb onto Zell’s lap but Sir Truffle was there.  Hyne how Squall wanted to mount Zell, though.

As Squall’s body began to move, as his hips slowly rose with the swelling blood tide inside him, those all-important and ‘Classified’ labeled papers slipped from the High Commander’s lap and fell to the floor.

The two SeeD’s parted to Squall’s disappointment as Zell turned his attention to the papers.

“Ah, sorry,” Zell said, his sapphire eyes sparkling at Squall.

Tenderly, Squall caressed Zell’s cheek with the backs of his fingers.  “My fault.  Don’t worry about it,” Squall said.  He smiled then set Little Zell onto the coffee table before he slipped off the couch and pick up the mess of papers.

Zell looked at Little Zell then to the Lion Heart beside the toy on the coffee table.  The gunblade was beautiful and Zell found himself momentarily filled with wonder that Squall had designed such a sexy and breathtaking weapon.

“The puppy might be hungry,” Squall said, still kneeling over and collecting the papers.

“Oh,” Zell said as he blinked then turned to look at the puppy chewing on the wrist of his leather gloves.  “Um,” Zell mumbled as he looked over to Squall.  “Do you have anything for him?”

“In the bag,” Squall said, though he kept his eyes on the papers.

Zell remembered the cloth bag of puppy things of earlier and so the blonde turned to his left to thumb through the cloth bag’s contents.  While Zell smiled at the attire he pulled from the bag as he searched, Squall paused collecting the papers and frowned at one: The paper held the chemical make up analysis of Seifer’s Alexander’s Kiss samples.

When Zell stood, Squall glanced up from reading the paper.  Zell smiled at him, a can of puppy food in one hand, the puppy in the other.

“You have plates, right?” asked Zell, though he more meant it as a joke.

The blonde SeeD was walking around the couch when Squall replied seriously “Yes.  Top cupboard, right side of the stove.”

Zell briefly flashed a memory of how Squall organized both their kitchens in Dollet, and the plates were always in that same place, top, on the right of the stove.

With Zell in the kitchen, musing his Dollet memories and happily baby-talking to his new puppy, Sir Truffle, Squall was able to sit back onto the couch and reread the final line of the chemical analysis paper that had caught his attention.

Alexander’s Kiss had Sorceress blood as the primary ingredient.

The High Commander sighed, knowing he should give his attention to this immediately. Another Sorceress was out there, somewhere, manipulating things for Hyne knew what reason.  There was a plethora of things he had to do now, and this finding meant he should travel back to D-District prison to try to talk to Fynt about this again.

Zell’s laugh distracted Squall from his frowned concerns and the brunette man turned to look over his left shoulder at Zell, who was smiling down at the puppy as it ate.

“Man, he sure is hungry,” Zell said happily.  The blonde man looked at Squall and smiled a sincere and happy smile that made Squall’s heart ache.

High Commander duties, Sorceresses, and the fate of the world be damned.  

Squall smiled back at Zell then turned to the papers, stacking them out of order and setting them on the coffee table beside the Lion Heart and Little Zell.  He then stood and walked around the couch to go stand with Zell and their first family member in the kitchen.


Squall spoke breathlessly as his sweaty hands rested on Zell’s broad chest.  “It’ll be alright, right?”

The curtains were closed in the bedroom of the High Commander dorm, stray beams of late morning sunlight peaked between them, creating shadows on the far wall as Squall and Zell moved together.

Zell was laying on his back with Squall mounted, legs spread, atop his lap and over his engorged cock.  The blonde man’s hands grasp hold of his brunette lover’s hips as they pushed their bodies together.  “Of course, baby.”

Looking away from the tattooed face, Squall glanced over yet again to the medium sized box that Sir Truffle laid in.  The puppy had a blanket and was snoozed out on his back after eating himself fat.

Sitting up while wrapping his arms around Squall’s waist, Zell said “Don’t worry, he’s fine.”

With Zell’s chest pressed to his, Squall wrapped his arms over the blonde man’s shoulders and hugged his lover tightly.  “I know,” Squall said as he grind his hips down harder.  While he was worried about the puppy, which was of course fine, Zell was ultimately the perfect distraction.

“I love that you’re worried about him,” Zell whispered into Squall’s collarbone as he squeezed the brunette man.

“I’ve never had to take care of anything before,” Squall replied softly, but it was difficult to speak.  His cloudy eyes fluttered closed as he lost more and more control over his own body, which was thrusting slow and hungry movements onto Zell.

Zell laughed softly, which was almost a moan instead of a laugh, and the blonde man mumbled some reply that Squall didn’t quite catch.  “Father” and something else.

Not that it mattered to Squall what his lover said, because whatever Zell wanted, Squall would make sure Zell had.  The sex was distracting, as it always had been; every inch of Zell’s hard cock satisfied Squall and with each inch shoved into Squall’s asshole, the brunette man knew he would only ever find satisfaction in life with Zell.

“Hyne,” Squall moaned, his lips brushing against Zell’s ear.  The blonde man’s scent made Squall’s mouth water and his dick ached as blood filled it further.  

A small smile had formed on Zell’s lips as he sat on those soft fur blankets of the High Commander’s bed.  His bare hands, because he’d left the K’Oz gloves in the box with Sir Truffle, slid over Squall’s lower back and the top of the brunette man’s ass; the heat of Squall’s body and the movements of the brunette man’s muscles from thrusting felt so good.

Zell wanted Squall down over his cock as badly as Squall wanted to be filled with it.

In a soft whisper with his lips brushing against Zell’s temple, Squall said “You are so perfect.”

“You are,” Zell replied, his eyes closed, fixated on the erotic movements of the brunette man’s body.

Still hugging and fucking Zell, Squall smiled to himself.  “Your cock is perfect.”

After a single hushed laugh, Zell forced their chests apart as he opened his sapphire eyes to look at Squall’s face.  When the cloudy eyes opened and returned the gaze, Zell said “I love you.”

“I love you,” Squall replied, a half smile on his lips as he stared lovingly at Zell.  The brunette man slid his hands over Zell’s shoulders and returned them to the broad and immaculate chest.  His fingers danced over the sweaty and silky flesh, and he caressed a fingertip against Zell’s nipples a few times before sliding his palms back across the large pecks.

Zell looked down to his own chest to watch Squall’s hands and the Amyst diamond engagement ring caught his sapphire eyes.  With one hand still on Squall’s thrusting hips, Zell moved his other to touch Squall’s left hand.  Holding it with his palm against the back of Squall’s hand, Zell lifted his sapphire spheres up to the brunette man’s pristine face.

The long brunette hair swayed with the motion of their bodies as Squall smiled.  His entire body tingled and his cock throbbed with each thrust of Zell’s dick into his asshole.  

“You’re still wearing the ring,” Zell whispered.  He grasped at Squall’s hip harder, encouraging his brunette lover to fuck slow and heavily.

Gripping the tips of Zell’s fingers that were within his grasp, Squall wrapped his other arm back around Zell’s shoulders and spread his thighs further as he met Zell’s movements.  The High Commander tone slipped completely away and Squall found himself speaking in his soothing and erotic Amyst voice.  “I still want to marry you.”  

“We will get married,” Zell said.  

The quiver of Squall’s body sent a tingling shock wave across Zell’s skin.  Squall’s lips were parted and he moaned, closing his eyes while rocking his head slightly back.

Zell squeezed Squall’s left hand and wrapped his other arm around the quivering brunette man’s waist.

“Zell,” whispered Squall.  His swollen dick throbbed as it rubbed against Zell’s stomach and he was unable or perhaps unwilling to hold back.  Spreading his thighs further while shoving his ass over Zell’s hard cock, Squall moaned loudly and gripped his blonde lover’s body as orgasm flooded through him.  

As Squall shot his load onto Zell, the blonde man felt the odd sensation of solace fill him.  The long moment of silence that followed allowed Zell to focus on the warmth of Squall’s cum and the beautiful sound of Squall’s heavy breaths.

“Hyne, I’m so horny,” Squall mumbled as he rested his chest against Zell’s, even though done with his orgasm, he continued his thrusts against Zell’s lap and over Zell’s pounding cock.

Shifting with Squall heavily leaning on him, Zell laid his brunette lover back onto those fur blankets.  With Squall laying down and looking up, Zell moved his hands to either side of Squall while moving into position to thrust deep into the brunette man’s tight and perfect body.

Holding his legs apart and ass up, Squall smiled at Zell’s intense stare.  He reached up and caressed the tattooed cheek while breathing slowly.  

“I want to get you another ring,” Zell said as he watched Squall’s satisfied grey-blue eyes stare up.

“I wanted to keep this one,” Squall replied, his smile slowly dissipating.

“I’ll get you a second one.  One from Zell Dincht,” said Zell.  He glanced down to Squall’s crotch, a powerful sensation of dominance and control taking over.  When the sapphire eyes raised back up, Zell remembered the numerous times he had Squall laying, spread legs, like this, and the times Squall had begged for his cock, even just physically and wordlessly as they fucked.  “I want to marry you, Squall Leonhart.”

Dropping his hand from Zell’s face, Squall enjoyed the sound of his own name on Zell’s lips as they fucked.  With a tiny but playful smile and batting eyelashes, Squall asked in his soothing Amyst tone “Am I taking your name?”

Zell’s heart shattered and rebuild in a single instance.  He loved everything about Squall and his heart couldn’t contain how desperately his existence required Squall at his side.

“I’ll take your name,” Squall said, still in his sexy and submissive voice but more seriously than before.  His grey-blue eyes watched Zell’s face and the blonde man suddenly realized that he had let too much time pass after Squall had asked that question.

“Baby,” Zell said.  His body continued the slow and deep thrusts into Squall and he could feel the brunette man’s cock swelling again.

“Squall Dincht,” Squall said, trying to smile.

“How about I take yours.”  Zell honestly couldn’t fathom Squall being anything other than High Commander Leonhart; High Commander Dincht sounded fun, but it wasn’t the name of the all-powerful Sorceress Killer and World Savior.

“I’ll do anything,” Squall said, his voice twinging with longing.

Lowering his chest down to press against Squall’s, Zell shifted his thighs and hips until they were tightly against the brunette man’s ass.  With his arms under Squall’s shoulders and cheek pressed to Squall’s, Zell whispered “We’ll get married, baby.”  He thrust in that tight and compressed position, both their bodies barely moving as they grind together.  “I’ll take your name.”  Zell kissed Squall’s jawline and then just below the brunette man’s ear.  “And Enabran will be ‘Enabran Leonhart’.”

The base of Zell’s cock began to tingle and he forced himself to calm.  Then Squall’s tongue was flicking against his ear, mouth suddenly tenderly kissing and biting his neck, and the brunette man’s hands were lightly and erotically caressing over his back.  

“Fuck, baby,” Zell whispered, closing his eyes.

“I’ll do anything you want, Zell,” Squall whispered, his hot breath sending another shiver over Zell.   He kissed then bit into Zell’s neck and sucked twice before lifting his mouth off to whisper “My best friend.”

Zell couldn’t grind hard enough or get deep enough into Squall.  All the worries about absolution, all the fears regarding Daniel, and all the shame had been wasted moments, Zell knew.

Squall belonged to him.

“You’re my best friend,” Zell whispered back.

That made Squall smile.  His eyes began to flutter closed as his breathing increased.  He loved the weight of Zell’s body baring down on him, the complete helplessness he felt in Zell’s arms, and all the emotions that accompanied his relationship and life with Zell.  “Hyne,” Squall mumbled, grey-blue eyes closed. “I’m going to cum again.”

Zell shifted up, but only enough to mash his mouth down against Squall’s.  The tingles within the base of the blonde man’s cock surged, and each shudder and moan from Squall ripped control away.  Then, just as Zell lost all self-restraint, Squall thrust in submissive yearning, fingers digging into the blonde man’s back while cumming a second time.

Squall moaned against Zell’s mouth as they continued to kiss and Zell, too, came.  He fucked Squall hard in that constrained position, shooting his load deep into Squall’s asshole and shuddering a few final thrusts as he felt Squall spread his legs wide and grind his ass up hard for Zell.

They continued to kiss and grind together, their arms wrapped and tangled around each other while their tongues slowed down into satisfied licks together.

After two minutes of content kissing, Zell released Squall’s mouth and laid heavily down.  He held Squall still, sapphire eyes still closed, and after a half minute passed of him laying there in silence, Zell whispered “Give me another minute.”

While Zell’s eyes were closed, Squall’s grey-blue eyes stared up at the ceiling.  A tiny smile was on his lips as he rubbed a hand over Zell’s back.  Softly, into the silence of the bedroom air, Squall said “We’ll have to go groceries shopping.”  Zell half moan, half grunted a generally agreeable reply.  “I can make more cream puffs,” Squall said, holding in a light laugh.

Zell did laugh and he whispered “Hyne, I could totally go for fucking you with cream puff custard again.”  Zell then held in a larger snort-laugh as he bit his tongue.  Once the giddy giggles were pushed down far enough, Zell said “You can make those Lion Bite doughnuts at your bakery.  I’ll put one on my cock and fuck you with that too.”

“That wasn’t a very good joke,” Squall said softly, though he was smiling wide at the image.

“I just wanted to talk about Lion Bites and your bakery again,” Zell said happily.

Patting Zell’s back, Squall said “I’ll make you anything you want.  We can get the ingredients at the store tomorrow.  Though I need to check in at the Infirmary and schedule my psychological evaluation, too.”

With his face still against Squall’s neck, Zell sneered.  “I have to schedule one of those, too,” the blonde man said in a pout.

Rubbing his palm over Zell’s back, Squall said “That’s tomorrow, though.”  He kissed Zell’s forehead and whispered with his lips brushing against Zell’s skin “You still have to fuck me more today.”

Zell pushed off the mattress and Squall enough to look down at the scar-less, pristine face.  “I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk,” Zell said with a grin.

Lifting his legs up to give Zell his ass again, Squall said “Then I guess you’re going to be carrying me tomorrow.”

The sapphire eyes glanced down at Squall’s crotch again, which was exciting and left Zell feeling giddy and horny.  When Zell looked back to Squall’s face, the brunette man’s grey-blue eyes were sparkling at him in love.

“Tomorrow we’ll also move your stuff in here,” Squall said softly, his hands still rubbing Zell’s back and sides.

In an airy tone while staring deeply into Squall’s cloudy eyes, Zell said “I love you.”

The brunette man softly smiled back.  “And I love you, Zell  Every... part of you.  Every inch of your body.  Every inch of your heart.  Every inch of your soul.”

“And I love all of you, Squall Leonhart,” Zell replied.  “Forever.”  Then he leaned down to kiss Squall again.

~ The End ~

Author’s Note: Yes there’s some plot lines left open, but I figure no one’s life ever hits a moment where there’s nothing left to be done.  Besides, the scattered plots gives me the possibility to write a Salvation’s End II.  Or at the very least, you guys can keep building what happens next inside your own heads. ^.^

However, next story to be worked on will be Starlight (the original story that “Blood Kiss” is a prequel to.)  I’m going to begin work on an abstract this week then start a detailed outline after I have a few ideas solidified.

Feel free to send me an email if you have ideas or input for any of my stories:

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