Salvation's End

BY : Grieving Leon
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Salvation’s End

Chapter 6: Coconut Lotion

Dominique was a 15 year old boy, and if he had ever met Zell Dincht, they would have become the best of friends.  Dominique, or “Dommy” as everyone called him, was the kindest, most compassionate boy, and -- as Seifer Almasy would have said -- glittered with sweetness.  He was a popular boy at his expensive private school, and never said a negative word about anyone.  

Dommy led a privileged life of front-row concert tickets, limousines, and his wardrobe was always the most recent clothing and accessory fads.  He was thin but good looking and growing into his features, brown hair and blue eyes, and medium height at 5’7”.   Dommy had everything he asked for, and a few things he didn’t -- such as bodyguards.  And his entire life had been perfect and worry free.

Until now.

“Daniel will stay with you from now on,” Burno Nymphic said to his only son.  The Lord of the Snuff Industry had his large hand on his son’s shoulder, gently, wishing more than anything to take away his dear, sweet son’s fear.

Dommy looked up to his father, his blue eyes shimmering in the light.  His eyes were red from crying, and he was ashamed he’d cried, but his father wasn’t mad.

Not that Burno Nymphic had ever been mad at his son.  The Snuff Lord would have cut out his own shriveled heart before he’d ever have even thought anything negative about his only son.  He loved Dommy, in the appropriate way that all fathers should love their sons.  And he’d do anything -- had done everything possible -- to protect his son.  Especially since his wife had died.

Dommy didn’t know Burno Nymphic’s job was to be a monster and destroy people for entertainment’s sake.  So the boy loved his father back, in the appropriate way that sons love their fathers.

“You really think it was someone’s sick joke?” Dommy asked, sniffing back a tear.

Nymphic nodded.  “Yes, I do.  Maybe someone from your school, or maybe just some a-hole who saw some teenagers having a good time at the mall.”  He patted Dommy’s shoulder before taking his hand back.  “But Daniel will stay with you from now on.”

Dommy crossed thin his arms timidly.  “He’s your top bodyguard.”

Nymphic smiled softly.  “Exactly.  He’s worked for us for almost your entire life.  And I trust him to make certain this never happens again.”

“Why would someone-?” Dommy started to say, but his father interrupted.

“Don’t think about it,” Nymphic said quickly.  He smiled.  “Go play video games or swim.  You can call Cain and have him sleep over, if you’d like.”

“On a week night?” Dommy asked, still shaken.  But Cain was his best friend and it was rare his father allowed week night sleep overs.  Also, Cain had been there when Dommy got the note at the mall.

“I’m sure you’d both feel better spending the night together after the afternoon you had,” said Nymphic.  He then turned to Daniel, his top bodyguard, and motioned for the man to go with the boy.

Daniel nodded to his boss and stepped to Dommy.

“Oh,” Nymphic said after taking a step back to his desk.  He looked at Dommy and said “I got those tickets to this weekends Blitzball game in Deling City.  Don’t forget to ask Cain to come.”

Immediately Dommy smiled brightly.  It would be a Galbadia Knights vs. Balamb Mercenaries game, and those teams were bitter rivals since the Sorceress Time Compression War ended a few years back.  Their games were always amazing.

“I’ll tell him when I call,” Dommy said.

Daniel stepped next to the boy and began to usher Dommy from the office.

“Daniel,” Nymphic said. “I’ll want to talk to you after Dommy goes to sleep.”

“Of course, sir,” Daniel replied.  Daniel was devoted to Nymphic and the Snuff Lord’s single family member, and had begun working on Nymphic’s bodyguard team at the age of 19.  He was 33 now, a tall man at 6’2”, dark brown hair with green eyes, and had a muscular build.

“I love you, Dommy,” Nymphic said.

“I love you, too, Dad,” Dommy replied.

The boy was then gone, followed by Daniel, out to the main part of the gigantic mansion.

Nymphic sat down at his desk.  His large belly pressed against the desk edge as he leaned forward and wove his fingers together.  He looked at Dommy’s normal bodyguard, Richard.

Gently, Nymphic picked up the piece of paper Dommy had anonymously received while clothes shopping at the mall this afternoon.  He looked over the words, which were hand written in scratchy letters.

“‘I want to make a video of you naked’,” Nymphic said calmly, reading the note.  “‘And after I skin you, I’ll watch my dogs fuck and eat your mutilated body’.”

Then, just as gently, Nymphic set the piece of paper down and looked up at Richard.  He wove his fingers back together.  “I’m not going to bother telling you,” Nymphic said, still calm, to Richard, “how angry I am.”  He took a small breath before continuing, his tone becoming more and more angry.  “My son has never, in 15 years, been involved in my work.  And in one fucking afternoon, you dumb mother fucker let some sick cunt threaten my son.”

“Sir, I swear to you,” Richard said, “I was watching him the whole time.  I’d never take my eyes off Dommy.  I told you, someone must have given the note to that girl working at the store.  I watched her give it to Dommy. ...I-I thought it was some teenager thing.”

Nymphic just stared at Richard.

“Maybe her number or something,” Richard said.

“I’m going to make a video of you naked, Richard,” Nymphic said, his calm returned.  “Yavianne’s got the perfect dogs for it.”  Yavianne was one of Nymphic’s generals, and one of two females on his council.  

Richard didn’t know if he should run, or that if he tried to run, how far he’d get.

Three other men stood in the office with Nymphic and Richard, one was another bodyguard but the other two were top assistants for projects Nymphic oversaw.

Of course Richard had to try to run.  He wouldn’t wait to be skinned and then raped and eaten by dogs.

As Richard dashed towards the door, Nymphic’s other bodyguard used Draw and pulled out the GF Richard had -- all bodyguards in Nymphic’s service were given one GF and number of spells.

The two assistants ran after Richard, the man hadn’t even been able to make it to the office door before being taken down.

Richard wished he’d remembered to cast the GF or a spell or something before he attempted to run, but he wasn’t SeeD trained or anything. He’d only had a GF for two years, which was how long he’d been working for Nymphic, and he had never even used the summon.

“Please,” Richard cried out as the two assistants held him, one on each arm.  Then turned him, kicking, while the bodyguard -- a man named Gaff -- continued to Draw the rest of Richard’s spell allotment from him.

Nymphic ignored Richard’s continued cries for help and mercy.  He waved his right hand to the two assistants.  The two men then dragged Richard towards the wall on the far left.  After Nymphic pressed a button on the underside of his desk, the wall opened, revealing a stairway down.

The assistants dragged Richard down and the wall shut behind them.

Slowly, Nymphic reached for the phone on his desk.  He needed to call Yavianne, after all.

“It’s going to be,” the bodyguard Gaff said, “difficult finding a replacement bodyguard.”

Nymphic paused dialing the phone and glanced to Gaff.

“We both know Richard was telling the truth,” Gaff said to Nymphic.

Gaff had also worked for Nymphic a long time, longer than Daniel, but wasn’t as devoted as Daniel was to Nymphic.  Daniel lived on grounds; Gaff left after his shifts were over and tried to have a life outside of Nymphic’s world.

Nymphic sighed and stared at the phone.  

“I know you trust me, Burno,” Gaff said, “and I’d never betray that.  But finding a replacement bodyguard to stand with you like Daniel, as loyal as Daniel.... Especially after you kill one of your bodyguards just because he let a note slip by?”

Anger devoured through Nymphic, and any logic Gaff had was pointless to the Snuff Lord.  “That note threatened my son!”

“And so we should go after who wrote that note,” Gaff said.  “Not your loyal bodyguards.”

Nymphic smiled bitterly.  “Self preservation, eh, Gaff?”

“It could have happened to me, sure,” Gaff said, his eyes never leaving Nymphic’s angry gaze.  “And, you can’t deny, it might happen to Daniel.”

“Fuck Richard,” Nymphic spat.  He pressed Yavianne’s speed-dial.  

Gaff held in a sigh.

“Send five dogs to my house,” Nymphic said into the phone.  There was a pause, then he said “Yes, now.”  Another pause went by then he hung up the phone.

“Who do you want to take over for Daniel?” Gaff asked.  

“You and Archon can split the shift for now,” Nymphic said.  He was still looking down at the phone.  “Daniel will still manage everyone.”

Gaff watched Nymphic, crossing his arms while standing to the Snuff Lord’s left.

After blinking, Nymphic swiveled in his chair, moving to press a few keys on the interlaid digital keyboard built into his desk.  A thin screen pushed up from the desk surface and lit, showing the dungeon below.

Richard was shackled against a wall, begging for freedom.

“Who the fuck would dare threaten my son?” Nymphic ask, more to himself than Gaff.  The Snuff Lord wove his fingers together, watching Richard’s cries.  “It was a message to me.”

Gaff waited silently.  He had been in the business a long time, but he wasn’t involved in what Nymphic produced.  He would watched it happen, but had never been complicit in any rape or murder.  Gaff’s job was to protect Nymphic, and he got paid very, very well to do that.

Gaff also felt bad for Richard, but relieved it wasn’t him about to be skinned and raped by dogs.  And he’d never bother trying to help the younger man: Richard had dug his own grave.

Nymphic reached forward to the phone again, to make more phone calls to his generals.  A meeting needed to be set up to discuss the threat.  It had been a long time since Nymphic felt anyone would attempt to take his empire from him.  

There would also be the issue of a new bodyguard to complete Nymphic’s team.  Gaff and Archon were the next obvious choices to fill Daniel’s spot, but he didn’t trust them as much as he trusted Daniel.  If he had, one of them would be with Dommy and he’d still have Daniel at his side.

Gaff was correct, Nymphic knew, it would be impossible to find loyalty and devotion like Daniel gave him.  But his son needed Daniel, so Nymphic would have to make due with Gaff and Archon.  He’d also have to hire some new bodyguards to increase his security.  Perhaps one of the generals had been researching prospective employees: Nymphic would bring it up at the next meeting.


Seifer Almasy let out a large breath of smoke-filled air as he turned the wheel to his ol’ Estharian Shiva edition car to pull into the parking lot of a waffle house.  He took another hit off the cigarette as his car slid into a vacant space.  He sat there, his car’s motor still turning, the music of a local Hip Hop station playing, enjoying the taste of the tobacco while rubbing the beard he’d grown out a few months back.

Another week had passed by and again he had to come fact-to-face with annoying ass Zell Dincht again.  Seifer wished, as he did every week about this time, that Squall Leonhart was the one meeting with him instead of Hyne damned Zell “Crybaby” Dincht.  But of course the High Commander has used logic when setting up their assignment, explaining to Seifer all those months ago that Squall-Seifer having lunch each week was a little more suspicious than Zell-Seifer: After all, Zell K’Oz and Seifer Satsugai used to date and were best friends; and Squall and Seifer were the first names of the most famous gunbladists -- if anyone bothered to look up Balamb Garden’s registry.

Slowly, Seifer stepped out of his ol’ muscle car, the keys jangling as he shoved them into his jean pocket before he gently shut the driver door -- he’d come to love this car over the months.  Seifer took one final hit off his cigarette then dropped the butt to the ground to crush it under his shoe heel.  He walked around the back of the car, patting it once absently as he headed towards the waffle house doors.

“Hello, Seifer,” the waitress, Debby, greeted him cheerfully.  She knew that Seifer Satsugai came on Mondays to eat lunch with Zell K’Oz, they had for the past eight months. They tipped well and were a cute couple, in her opinion.  

“Hey,” Seifer said, before trying to muffle a yawn.

“Zell’s already here,” Debby said before leading Seifer to his blonde nemesis.

Zell tried his best to smile at Seifer when they made eye contact, and Seifer tried to smile back.  The large blonde man slid into the booth across from his tattooed coworker and then accepted the menu Debby handed him.

“Coffee today?” she asked.

“Fuck yea,” Seifer mumbled.  He rubbed his beard over once.  “I am beat today.”

She smiled pleasantly and nodded before heading off to fill the order.

Seifer lazily picked up the folded piece of notepaper “Official SeeD Report” that sat next to the salt and pepper shakers on the table.  He slid it into his jacket pock.

“So,” Zell said softly.  He then forced himself to look up at Seifer, who was reading the menu they’d both read a hundred times.  “I got some big news.”

Seifer didn’t look up.  “What? You lost your virginity?”

The corners of Zell’s eyes crinkled as he sneered.

Debby returned and set down a cup for Seifer, filling it with coffee.

“Thanks,” Seifer said, all charm and perfection.  Debby tried not to blush as she nodded before she walked off.

Seifer reached over and picked up four sugar packets for his coffee.  He forced himself to look up at Zell’s angry glare, a smile threatening to form on Seifer’s mouth, but he honestly wanted to know what the “big news” was.  Last time he’d heard any “big news”, Zell and Squall had decided to fuck -- for the sake of their assignment.  Seifer had been greatly amused by that.

“C’mon, Zelly,” Seifer said with a half smirk.  “What’s your big news?”

“Fuck off,” Zell mumbled, turning his sapphire eyes down to his own coffee.

“Oh my Hyne,” Seifer said with amusement. “Don’t tell me Squall’s pregers!”

“Pregers?” Zell asked, quickly looking up, the frown gone, confused in its place.

Seifer closed his eyes and turned his head down, holding in the laughter.  A few seconds went by before he was able to look back up.  “Pregnant,” he said plainly.

Zell stared at Seifer, anger swirling inside him, but he pushed it down.  Then the tattooed blonde thought and knew the big news of the engagement would only feed Seifer’s joke.  But Seifer would be an asshole no matter when Zell told him, so after a few moments of breathing and staring at the large smirking blonde, Zell finally said “Squall and I are engaged.”

“How’d you get Squall pregnant?” Seifer asked plainly, sounding generally surprised.

It was useless sometimes, Zell knew, to try to fight Seifer.  So Zell replied, his eyes locked with Seifer’s, “I don’t use condoms.  It was bound to happen.”

Seifer turned his head and closed his eyes, smiling, again trying not to laugh.  He had his lips pressed tightly together.

“I cum inside him like four or five times a day,” Zell added.

Laughter won the battle.  Seifer let out a few laughs with his eyes closed for awhile longer before he looked up and continued to laugh with amusement, his sea-blue eyes sparkling at Zell.

Zell had told Seifer about the decision between Squall and Zell all those months ago; had told Seifer about the cameras and what the two men had done to keep their cover.  It wasn’t for Balamb Garden to be informed, and it was to stay out of official reports.  Zell honestly wasn’t sure why he’d told Seifer, other than he needed to say it out loud to someone other than Squall.  Seifer Almasy had been a surprisingly decent person, but of course he still made jokes now and then.

Seifer closed the menu and set it on the outer edge of the table.  He reached down and picked up his coffee to take a small sip.  He was wildly amused by Zell, which was odd in and of itself, but Seifer also knew the only reply he had right now (“I don’t get why Squall lets you stick your cock in him.”) would piss off his little blonde coworker, so Seifer kept his mouth shut.

“The engagement should be on the paper,” Zell said.

The paper was in Seifer’s pocket already, and he’d read it later.  No doubt the engagement would be a boring one-line sentence preceded by “couple status update” or some asinine SeeD terminology like that.

Debby showed up a second later, all smiles and cheer.

“You boys ready to order?” she asked.

“Yea,” Seifer said, setting his coffee back down.

“I dunno what I want,” Zell said, grabbing his menu to look it over quickly.

Seifer sighed and shook his head at Debby.  He said to her “I’ll have the blueberry waffles plate, extra whipped cream, side order of hash-browns and a full order of biscuits and gravy.”

“Dude,” Zell mumbled without looking up.  “I said I wasn’t ready.”

“You’re never ready,” Seifer said plainly.  He turned back up to Debby and began to order for Zell.  “He’ll have the strawberry waffles plate, side of biscuits and gravy and a side of sausage, and get him one of those cookie-milkshakes.”

“Don’t fucking order for me!” Zell said, but he didn’t sound as angry as he should have, some of the anger was masked by a un-K’Oz like childish tone.  

“Give her the menu,” Seifer replied, reaching to pick up his coffee.

Zell handed Debby the menu, still scowling at Seifer.

“Oh,” Seifer said after he sipped the coffee.  He licked his upper lip, his tongue caressing the mustache of his beard.  “Bring us a pitcher of orange juice and two glasses, too.  Please.”

Debby nodded, the two menus in her hands.

“Thanks,” Seifer said.

She smiled at him, then gave Zell a softer smile before she turned and walked off.

“Dick,” Zell mumbled, picking up his own coffee.

“You know you get a big stiff one when I order for you,” Seifer replied.

“You mean you get a big stuff one,” Zell grumbled back.  He took a drink of the coffee.

“You like thinking about my cock?” Seifer asked.  He was still smiling that half smile, showing a fang, his sea-blue eyes sparkling happily.

Zell scoffed while setting his coffee back down.

“So...,” Seifer said with a light laugh as he tried to turn the conversation away from sex and onto a more appropriate topic.  “How’s life other than your engagement?”

Zell shrugged.  “I still work at the Pink Pony.”  He sighed.  “Haven’t heard from Fufu in awhile.  I keep hoping those jobs he tells me about... well that he’ll actually hire me for one.”

“Maybe he’s just jerking it while jerking you around,” Seifer said.  He picked up another sugar packet to add to his cheap coffee.  He missed the frappuccino coffees he got at Balamb Garden that were half sugar and cream, drenched in chocolate and caramel and vanilla.

“Fuck, probably,” Zell said with defeat.  He watched Seifer as the large blonde man took another sip.  “I started some side jobs anyway.  Coworkers offered me some stuff when I mentioned I needed money for an engagement ring.  And then after I beat up a couple people with them, a shit load more people had other jobs.”  He lowered his sapphire eyes to his own coffee cup.  “It’s not a lot.”  Zell looked back up.  “But I’m pretty violent, I think.”

It was difficult for Seifer to picture Zell Dincht as violent.  Sure the blonde had an explosive temper, but he was a good little SeeD boy, always followed the rules and practically glittered with sweetness.  The most he’d ever done at Balamb Garden was speed infractions, but Seifer chalked that up to Zell’s overly hyper nature as the tattooed blonde couldn’t help but run everywhere.

“Those jobs better lead somewhere,” Seifer said.  “We’re sitting at eight months now.”

“I know!” Zell snapped.  “You think I like hurting people every day?  Or leaving Squall -- Level 3 Squall -- alone in the apartment where we live?!”

Seifer watched as Zell shook his head, the sapphire eyes darting down in thought before he turned back up.  

“I had to beat up two people after work just last night who were fucking with him,” Zell said.  

Seifer couldn’t help the small laugh.  After all, Squall Leonhart was the most powerful SeeD in the world, it was impossible to picture that self-righteous ass as some pathetic little Level 3 who needed protection.

“It’s not funny, you asshole,” Zell growled, his brow lowered in a deep frown.  “People throwing beer bottles at him, calling him a ‘faggot cunt’.”

Seifer’s smile pushed away.

“One of my own coworkers went to my apartment and tried to get Squall to ... I dunno, make out with him or fuck him or I dunno what!”  Zell lowered his gaze from Seifer again, the sapphire eyes staring at the dark colored coffee in the cream colored waffle house cup.  He turned back up to Seifer.  “He can’t even walk down the street without cars pulling up next to him and offering him money for sex.”

“He can just flip the LD-Chip,” Seifer said, serious but also trying to comfort Zell’s obvious frustration.

Zell breathed out slowly, a small worried pout forming on his lips.  “Ten seconds is a long time,” Zell said softly.  

A few seconds passed before Seifer said “Well... he’s Squall.” He watched Zell’s worried expression.  Seifer reached across the table and put his hand on one of Zell’s.  “Aren’t you the one always boasting about how perfect he is?”

Zell nodded.

“He decided on ten seconds,” Seifer said.  Seifer also had an LD-Chip.  It lowered his level to 22, and showed him as a Gloves specialist, like Zell.  Seifer was, in actuality, a 192 Gunbladist, and had even developed his own subspecialty fighting style he’d named Paladin -- based off the old Zefer knight legends he’d fallen in love with as a child.  

However, Seifer also thought ten seconds was a lifetime when being attacked.  But he had accepted Squall’s decision months ago, having learned not to question the High Commander that had beat him over and over during the Ultimecia mess.

Nowadays, Seifer’s all encompassing ego deflated whenever Squall made a decision.  The blonde man had been destitute and a cast-out after the Ultimecia thing ended.  He had spent a few years proving to people -- to Balamb Garden -- that he had been mind controlled and that he didn’t want to destroy the world.  It had been three years before Balamb Garden agreed to take Seifer back.  Then he’d spent another miserable year as a student, too old but the Garden had made an exception for him -- Seifer silently considered it punishment for his actions.

Finally Seifer graduated and was made an Ensign just four months before this assignment started.  At the time of his graduation, he was made the SeeD in charge of the student-ran Disciplinary Committee, and Seifer had spent his time silently brooding but too ashamed to ask High Commander Squall Leonhart for more to do.

Seifer took his hand back from Zell and shifted in his seat.  “He’s fine,” Seifer said, forming his suave smile of charm and charisma.  “You should be watching your own little cute butt, Chicken Wuss.”

The worried pout vanished as anger swirled up, making Zell’s nostrils flare as he frowned.

“I could watch it for you,” Seifer said, continuing his suave smile.

“We are not ever going there again!” Zell said, looking at Seifer from beneath his eyelashes.  And again, Zell’s tone was un-K’Oz like, his normally strong voice had dipped down into an almost childish tone.

“It’s been ten years,” Seifer said with a purr.  “Maybe you’d like it better this time around?  You’ve been practicing with Squall, right?”

“When I was 15 and stupid and got drunk with you a few times,” Zell said.  “I-I’m not doing that again!”

Debby approached the table with a large tray of their food.

Seifer glanced to her and then moved his coffee cup to the side to make room for his plates.

“That’s okay, Zell,” Seifer said.  “I’m embarrassed I lost my virginity to you, too.”

Debby smiled but didn’t look at the two men as she set the plates out.

“Don’t say that in front of people!” Zell said, his sapphire eyes slightly wide.  While it was true that Zell Dincht had been friends with Seifer Almasy once upon a time, when they were 15, the summer before Seifer met Rinoa, Zell never wanted to think about it.  

It had only happened a few times, Zell never bothered to remember how many times, but eventually after waking up again next to Seifer, naked, after spending the night watching Blitzball and breaking the statutory drinking law, Zell told Seifer their friendship was over.

The two boys never got along the same after.  Seifer had been angry that the sweet boy he thought might be his boyfriend had just tossed him aside.  Zell had been mortified that he’d been involved in a homosexual relationship -- what would his mother say?!

Seifer smiled at Zell, whose cheeks were red and sapphire eyes had lowered in shame as he watched his food get set out in front of him.

“You’re such an ass,” Zell mumbled.

Seifer laughed lightly.  “For what?!  I said I was embarrassed!”

Debby had headed off, giving the cute couple their time together.

Zell’s sapphire eyes rose and he looked at Seifer’s amused expression.  “Not that,” Zell said.  “I hate that you... ordered me what I like.”

“So I’m an ass for getting you your strawberries and cookie milkshake?”  Still smiling, Seifer turned down to his blueberry waffle, picking up the maple syrup and pouring it carefully into the squares around the whipped cream.

“Yes,” Zell said in his soft tone.  He then began to cut into the waffle.

Seifer handed Zell the maple syrup, their fingers brushing together as the small pitcher was exchanged.  “You want to talk about preger-Squall?” asked Seifer as he smiled.

A moment went by as Zell assessed Seifer, a timid expression of uncertainty on the tattoo blonde’s face.  Then the calm vanished and he sneered at Seifer.  “You’re just jealous you didn’t get Squall pregnant.”

Seifer smiled at Zell as the tattooed blonde sneered at him while going about eating.  “It actually gives me hope,” Seifer said, rubbing his beard with the back of his fingers.

The sneer faded and Zell’s features returned to a soft, curious expression.  “Hope?”

Seifer was amazed at how crazy Zell was, angry-calm-happy-angry-happy.  Fucking Zell “Crybaby” Dincht was always going off about something.   But Seifer just nodded and said “Since I’m gay, I never thought I’d have kids.  Maybe adopt or something, but shit, if you managed to get He who is Hyne-Reincarnated pregnant!  Well, maybe my next boyfriend can have my baby.”

“You’ve ... thought about kids?” Zell asked, setting down his fork to drink some of his milkshake.

“You haven’t?” Seifer asked before shoving a forkful of gravy-covered hash-browns into his mouth.

As Zell set the milkshake down, his gaze lowered and he thought.  He’d never made plans for kids, but it always seemed like something that would happen eventually.  Except now... now he thought maybe he was gay, and obviously Squall wasn’t pregnant, so kids seemed strange.

“I bet you have this image inside that little brain of yours,” Seifer mused.  “White picket fence, country cottage, dog in the yard, dinky rose garden, and Squall in a summer dress blowing in the wind as he holds your baby.”

“I don’t want to hear about your strange fantasies,” Zell mumbled.  He should have spat that sentence at Seifer, but he couldn’t bring himself to.  The image honestly wasn’t that bad, and Zell admitted to himself that he semi-liked the idea.  But he knew it was pure fantasy, and no fucking way in hell the World’s Savior and Sorceress Killer, Mr. SeeD Himself would ever fit into that picture.

Zell picked at a strawberry a few times before finally stabbing it and bringing it to his mouth.

“Speaking of strange,” Seifer said after taking another bite of his lunch.  “You want to hear about the Garden?”  He had lowered his voice a little so eavesdroppers couldn’t hear.

“You are supposed to give me important updates,” Zell said.

“It’s not really important,” said Seifer.

Zell shrugged.  “Then what is there to tell?”

Seifer took a deep breath in before he said “There’s Claire.”  He reached over to the orange juice pitcher to pour himself a glass.

Zell immediately lowered his gaze, all interest in hearing about Balamb Garden vanishing.

“She made sure Quissy related to me how... much she misses you,” Seifer said.  He picked up the glass of orange juice and took a long drink, never removing his sea-blue eyes from Zell.

Zell kept his eyes locked onto the plate of strawberry waffles.  Maybe he needed to hear it, maybe it was reality calling him back from his perfect, albeit fucked up, Romeo and Juliet daydreams.

“I bet her pink flower sheets are sad without little Chicken Wuss in them,” Seifer said.

No, Zell liked his perfect Squall-filled life and he didn’t want to remember Claire or the sex he used to have with her.

“Hyne.” Zell snapped, looking up to Seifer, his K’Oz anger taking over.  “Why are you such a fucking cunt?”

“Don’t be such a whiny bitch,” Seifer replied before he picked up the orange juice pitcher to fill the glass back up to full.

“I can’t believe Squall actually asked me to invite you to my Blitzball party,” Zell said, turning to violently stab at his food.  “Like he actually wanted to see you.”

“He wants to see me?” Seifer asked.

Zell turned back up and he realized what Seifer may have thought -- that Squall needed to talk to Seifer for their assignment.  “Not like that.  He just wanted to see you, just to see you, because he... wants to.  I dunno.”

A strange sense of modesty and pride mixed together inside Seifer.  “When’s the party?”  His words surprised him as much as it appeared to surprise Zell.

After the wide eyes faded, Zell tilted his chin up and said “Sunday!”

Seifer shook his head and sighed.  “I work a fucking 12 hour shift Sunday.”

“I told him you worked Blitzball nights,” Zell said, reaching for his milkshake again.

“I don’t work Mondays,” Seifer said as he brought another bite up to his mouth.

Zell swallowed the delicious cookies-milkshake and confused-frowned at Seifer.  “Since when?”

Seifer swallowed.  “I traded nights a few months back.  Coworker needed more Gil so he wanted my Mondays.”  Seifer shrugged and stabbed more food onto his fork.  “I’ve made so much Gil -- as a stripper -- I don’t care what night I work.  ...Fuck Sundays I bring home over 1,000 Gil more often than not.”

“You...make that much Gil?” Zell said.

Seifer frowned at him. “Why do you think I offer you Gil every week, you broke ass prick?”  He brought another bite to his mouth but paused and said “Speaking of which, do you want the 1,000 Gil I brought you -- again -- this week? Or are you still too prideful to take my fucking money?”

The tattooed blonde’s brow lowered in a scowl.  “I don’t want your cock Gil.”

Seifer laughed.  “What-the-fuck-ever, Chicken Wuss.”  He took the forkful of biscuits and gravy into his mouth.

“Actually,” Zell said, his voice softer.  “Would you do something for me?”

Seifer continued to eat as he waited for Zell to ask the question.

“Since you have tonight off, would you go hang out with Squall?” asked Zell while his hands fumbled around the milkshake glass.

“Why?” asked Seifer.

“Didn’t you just want to see him?” Zell asked.  He moved the milkshake back to the center of the table and then he picked up his fork.

“I haven’t seen him for eight months,” Seifer said, “so yea, maybe I do.  But this is my night off.”

After rolling his eyes, Zell said “What were your plans? Bottle of lotion and a Boy Next Door magazine?”

Seifer smirked.  “It’s disturbing you’re inside my head like that.”

“That’s nasty,” Zell muttered.  “Dude, just go protect him for me.”

“Protect him?!”  Seifer almost laughed.  

“One of our neighbors threw beer bottles at him!” Zell said loudly.  “Called him a ‘faggot cunt’ and shit!”

“Didn’t you kill the guy?” asked Seifer.

Zell set down his fork.  He wanted to strangle Seifer: The large blonde was so fucking frustrating.  “Just about, but then the day before my coworker went to my apartment when I wasn’t there and kissed Squall!”  

“And the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before that,” Seifer repeated.  “I get it, Chicken Wuss. ...I’ll think about it.”

“Fuck,” Zell said, picking up his fork again.  “You Hyne damned lazy ass.”

Seifer leaned into the table to speak softer.  “I’m not even supposed to go to that part of Dollet.  Squall ordered that himself.”

“It’s eight months later,” Zell replied.  “I’m updating your order. ...I have Tuesday and Wednesday off, okay?  I just need you there tonight.”

The large blonde sat tall again.  “And what was your plan before you found out I didn’t work Mondays?”

“I was going to have to take him to work with me,” Zell said.  He picked up another forkful of food.

“And I’m better than that?” Seifer asked.

“He was just there two nights ago,” Zell replied.  “He’s fucking distracting.”

“It’s annoying when your boyfriend tries to suck your cock while you’re at work, isn’t it?”  Seifer shook his head bitterly and picked up his coffee, which had cooled significantly, and drank the rest of the cup.

“And it might get me fired,” Zell said.

“Hyne, Zell,” Seifer said, setting the empty coffee cup down.  “I doubt that’d get you fired down in that part of Dollet.”

“Fine, fuck it, never-fucking-mind,” Zell said and he shoved more food into his mouth.

They ate silently for a minute.  Seifer did want to see Squall, especially since Zell had changed so much in the past eight months.  Seifer had watched the change so it wasn’t that shocking now.  But what if Squall was the same -- angry and short sighted but more comfortable and casual.

“You work at eight?” Seifer asked, his sea-blue eyes watching his own fork push waffle into whipped cream.

“Yea,” Zell replied softly.  “But I leave at about seven, to walk to work.”

Seifer turned his eyes up to Zell, who was looking at him.  “I’ll be there a little after seven.”

Zell smiled.  “Thanks.”

Seifer looked back down to his food.  “If Squall is pissed I’m there, I’m telling him you ordered me there.”

That didn’t deter Zell and he took pleasure in knowing Seifer was a much lower rank than him. “It’s a bitch only being an Ensign, huh?”

“Fuck off,” Seifer mumbled.  He pushed a piece of whipped cream covered waffle into his mouth then licked the dap of whipped cream off his mustache.

After a few more bites of waffle and sausage with gravy, Zell looked up to Seifer.  The large blonde took a a gulp of orange juice then set the glass down.

“What?” Seifer said with a half-sneer.

“He’s pretty bored,” Zell said.  “Take him out or something?”

“Out where?” asked Seifer, defeated.  He went about stabbing more food, his eyes lowered.

“Dancing?” said Zell with a shrug.

Seifer sneered.  “I dance five days a week.”

Zell rolled his eyes.  “Then take him to the movies or something!”

“Sure,” Seifer said, trying not to sigh.

“Thanks, Seifer,” Zell said.

It felt as though, to Seifer, he were being forced to take out his dorky little brother’s girlfriend.  “Yea, sure,” Seifer mumbled.

“I’ll give you some Gil for it,” Zell said.

“Oh please,” Seifer said, looking up to Zell’s happy face.  “I’ll pay for it.  ...I just expect a hand job from you, Chicken Wuss.”

“How about I buy you some lotion?” Zell growled back.

“I like the moisturizing kind,” Seifer said, smirking.

Zell shook his head with his nose wrinkled.

“My dick is so fucking soft,” Seifer said, trying not to laugh too loud.  “And you should smell it.”

“I’m not smelling your dick!” Zell said, and he too was trying not to smile.

“Well,” Seifer said as he rubbed his beard with the back of his fingers, “Then you should at least taste it.”

Zell laughed loudly.

“I use this coconut lotion,” Seifer said, smiling as Zell laughed.  

“I’m not tasting your dick, either,” Zell said, smiling.  “Nasty, mother fucker.”

“You know what’s great?” Seifer asked.  He sat back in the booth seat, lifting an arm over the back of the chair.

Zell watched Seifer cautiously as he asked “What?”

With a large smirk, Seifer said “You’re thinking about your tongue on my cock right now.”  

“Uck!” Zell said, nose wrinkled as he shook his head and looked back down to his meal.

“Your tongue licking my cock’s head,” Seifer continued.

“Shut up,” Zell replied.  He was about to take another bite, but he couldn’t even lift the food up to his mouth.

“And what my cum tastes like,” said Seifer, purring the words.

Zell stared at Seifer and silence passed as Seifer smiled back.  Then Zell let out a heavy sigh and licked his lips as he ran his fingers through his hair before resting his elbows on the table.  “Anything else happening at Balamb Garden?” he asked.  Zell needed the topic changed, because he had been picturing those things -- and he sadly could remember sucking Seifer’s cock all those years ago.  It was embarrassing and he didn’t want to think about that anymore.

“Xu’s still pretending to be Squall,” Seifer said.  Xu had taken over as temporary High Commander while Squall was on the mission.  “Quissy is still running the school.  ...People are still living their lives as though the world is standing still.”

Quistis Trepe was Headmaster at Balamb Garden, having been given the position when Squall divided his duties a few years ago.  Headmaster ran the school and oversaw the students and faculty therein.  This left Squall with the rank High Commander, a position he had described as equal to Headmaster, except he oversaw SeeD and their missions.  No one at Balamb Garden considered Quistis Trepe the same rank as Squall, though.   Squall was Hyne, end of story.

Zell picked up his cookie milkshake and sat back into the booth.  He brought the straw up to his mouth but asked “Rinny?” before he started sucking.

“She’s still teaching,” Seifer replied.  

High Sorceress Rinoa Heartilly had been given a special position, years ago, by Squall.  She wasn’t a SeeD, but she was considered to be equal rank to Quistis -- and supposedly Squall, but that fell short to the aforementioned “Hyne” rank Squall had been given by the masses.  The Sorceress now taught high level magic classes.

Seifer knew Zell was pulling teeth with these questions.  So without bothering to let Zell ask anymore, Seifer volunteered more boring information.  “Cowboy freak is out on a lot of missions with his squad.  Messenger Girl does her festival shit year-round like usual.  Fu and Rai are watching over my committee. ...Everyone’s just doing their own thing.”

The milkshake had practically frozen Zell’s hands, so he set it back onto the table and wrapped his arms around himself.  He then sighed.

Debby walked up to their table.  “All done?” she asked.

Seifer nodded to her while Zell mumbled “Yea.”

“Dessert?” she asked while picking up the plates.

Seifer looked at Zell as the tattooed blonde slowly turned to look up to him.  The sapphire eyes swirled and Seifer couldn’t help but smile.  He turned his gaze up to Debby to order for Zell once more.  “Get Zell strawberry ice cream with a banana and some pretty colored sprinkles,” Seifer said, caressing the tips of his fingers to his thumb as he described the topping.  “And, uh, fucking... apple pie for me. With whipped cream.”

“Alright,” Debby said, keeping her normal perky waitress attitude going.  She then headed off with some plates to get the desserts.

Seifer turned his attention back to Zell, who still had his arms wrapped around himself.  The sapphire eyes watching the large blonde smirking at him.

“My cock’s hard,” Seifer said with a purr.

Zell almost sighed but he couldn’t help a small smile at Seifer’s joke.  His eyes sparkled as he said “I do like sprinkles.”

“Get under the table and suck my dick,” Seifer replied.

“I got a coconut allergy,” Zell said.

Seifer laughed loudly while Zell smiled at him.


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