Yuffie's hypnotic adventure (Renamed)

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Disclaimer: Hypnotic themes! Sexual content! I don't own SquareEnix or any of the Final Fantasy games! I don't profit from this!

Final Fantasy: Yuffie’s sexy hypno slave

Disclaimer: I do not own the Final Fantasy series, any of the Final Fantasy games or it’s characters (I also don’t own SquareEnix, however sad it may be for me). This has sexual content and hypnotic themes, so if you’re against such things then don’t read (or if you’re a minor… then be quiet! Don’t read this at all!)


Yuffie sighed as she walked around with her recently befriended crew, she hadn’t stolen Materia in a long time it felt like. Why was she always so bored, why did she need Materia? She shrugged, such important questions never got answered, all she could do was make the best of what she could.

She had recently mastered her ‘Manipulation’ Materia, maybe she could use that to have some fun? She smirked, she had just thought of an amazing idea.

Tifa was always strutting around, her breasts bouncing in the air; it’s like she’s begging for attention. It made Yuffie so horny, sometimes she’d cum to the thought of Tifa stripping slowly, going down to lick her pussy… it was so sexy. Well, Yuffie thought… now that she had mastered her ‘Manipulation’ Materia… maybe she should try it out on Tifa.

The day passed, the whole crew tired from fighting like crazy, training up to fight Sephiroth soon – this tall, weird creep who Cloud seems to have a problem with… well, he did summon a meteor to destroy the world, so I suppose fighting him would be a smart move. Tifa walked into her room on the airship, looking tired and sweaty, but somehow pulling it off to look even more sexy… could she ever not be sexy!?

Yuffie walked to beside her door, how was she gonna start the conversation… maybe she should just knock? No, she thought; that’d be stupid.

The door opened, Tifa steps out and looked at Yuffie. Tifa frowned, what was Yuffie doing?

“Um, Yuffie?” She said, putting her hand on the door handle.

“O-oh, hey Tifa!” Yuffie pulled a grin, trying to get a grip on the situation. “Yeah… hey, um why are you standing outside my room?”

“Huh? Oh, I am! Sorry, I didn’t realise” Yuffie rubbed her back awkwardly, was Tifa gonna buy it? “Oh… um, it’s no biggie, I just heard some weird breathing, I thought Vincent was lurking around again.”

“O-oh, right; sorry about that” Yuffie smiled, happy with how things were going now. Yuffie slipped the ‘Manipulation’ Materia out, grasping it firmly in her hand behind her back. “Hey Tifa, I mastered a new Materia!”

“Oh yeah? Is it another ‘All’ Materia? That’d be kinda helpful.”

“Na, but it’s pretty useful! Here, lemma show you!” Yuffie moved her hand out from behind her back. The yellow stone glowed, the powerful mastered Materia was quite a show off.

“A control Materia huh? We need more of them, I suppose it’s good you mastered it” Tifa smiled.

“Yeah, I figured we could use it.”

Yuffie then used the Materia on Tifa, concentrating as hard as she can so it would be as powerful as it could be. Tifa staggered back, grasping her head. Yuffie walked up to her, concentrating was difficult for her but she could do it when she really wanted too.

“Y-Yuffie… what are you doing..?” Tifa said slowly, losing control of her mind. “Don’t worry Tifa… just give up, you’re tired and weak, you want to just give in and do as I say.”

“I… do..?” Tifa said, losing more control over her mind.

“You do! You want to just go to sleep and let me control you… it’s so much easier.”

“Yeah… sleep… that sounds nice… letting you control me… it’s so much easier...” Tifa’s eyes glowed yellow, her mind was now Yuffie’s.

Yuffie smirked, she thought it’d be pretty easy. Tifa was strong, but her mind was sort of lacking. Yuffie looked at Tifa, standing silently, waiting for her orders.

“Tifa… can you hear me?” “Yes… I can” She said in a monotone voice, no effort into it at all.

“Um… speak like normal Tifa, you sound weird like that.”

“Sorry, I’ll speak normally.” Tifa started sounding like she would normally.

“Much better! Ok Tifa, I’m your Mistress ok? You will always call me Mistress, understand?” “I do Mistress" Tifa replied.

Was it really this easy? Tifa seemed so… willing, maybe Yuffie just had a strong hold over her? Yuffie wasn’t sure, she wanted to believe Tifa actually secretly wanted this, and that was why it was so easy; but in actuality Yuffie was probably just lucky since Tifa was already tired.

“Ok Tifa... lets go into your room, we don’t want anyone spying on us do we?”

“We wouldn’t Mistress, lets go in” Tifa said casually, going inside her room, Yuffie following close afterward.

Yuffie stared at Tifa standing there, what was she going to do now? She was so horny… but should she really do this? What if someone found out? Yuffie put that all aside, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity! Who wouldn’t take it?

“Tifa, kneel down before me like a good servant” Yuffie ordered, trying to sound superior. “If you want me to Mistress.” Tifa immediately kneeled down, her ass sticking out and her boobs looking as big as always.

“Um… kiss my shoes!” Yuffie commanded, she didn’t have a foot fetish but she loved the thought of seeing Tifa kissing her shoes, like a little slut.

“Ok Mistress.” Tifa bent her head down to Yuffie’s shoes and kissed them softly, her lips brushing the shoes. Yuffie was getting wet, the sexiest woman she had ever met was doing whatever she said!

Although Tifa had only been ordered to kiss Yuffie’s shoes, she also licked them slightly and would suck on them, she wasn’t going against her commands but rather adding to them slightly; Yuffie didn’t mind, she found it even better.

“Do you like the taste of my shoes Tifa?”

Tifa nodded, looking up. “Yes Mistress, they’re dirty and smell, they make me horny.” Yuffie blushed, dripping down. Tifa was actually enjoying it! What a slut Yuffie thought, not that she thought that was bad, infact it made her even hornier.

“Well Tifa… when you’re out of this trance, whenever you’re about to go to bed, I want you to go into my room and grab my shoes, I want you to take a deep whiff of them and kiss them, then put them back, ok? You’re gonna do this every night, even if you’re about to collapse, you have to do this before going to bed.”

“Ok Mistress, I understand” Tifa said calmly, Yuffie was certain Tifa was enjoying this.

“Ok Tifa, stop now.” Tifa instantly stopped kissing them and stopped bending down, going back to kneeling straight up.

“Tifa… pull my shorts down” Yuffie said within a moan, the thought was breathtaking. “Sure Mistress.” Tifa moved her hands up to Yuffie’s zipper, pulling it down. Tifa pulled the shorts down to her feet, Yuffie’s black lace panties now in view.

“Tifa… do you think I look sexy in these panties?”

“You look really sexy in them Mistress” Tifa answered truly. Yuffie smirked. “Would you suck on them if you saw them one day?”

Tifa looked uncertain for a second, was she breaking out of it? Yuffie looked worried for a second until Tifa went back to looking blank. “I’d probably rub them against my hands Mistress, I wouldn’t suck on them though.”

“I see… even if you knew they were mine?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Yuffie’s juices were covering her thighs, they were soaked from Yuffie being so horny.

“Tifa… you’re a bit of a slut aren’t you?” “I am Mistress” Tifa said unphased.

Yuffie thought she had caught onto something now. “Oh yeah? What kinda slutty things would you do?”

“Well...” Tifa stopped, looking down slightly. She looked conflicted, and it was lasting a while.

Yuffie got out the ‘Manipulation’ Materia and used it again on Tifa, incase it’s effect was weakening. “You were saying?” Tifa asked, hoping it had worked.

“Sometimes I go into everyone’s room and have sex with them” Tifa said without flinching.

Yuffie blushed hard, Tifa went around fucking their crew mates as they slept? Yuffie was amazed, she’d never have thought such a goody two-shoes like Tifa would do such a terrible thing! She was impressed.

“Did you ever have sex with me?” “I did Mistress, your pussy always tasted so nice.” Tifa said slowly, seeming to still be slighty against this.

Yuffie moaned, she was so horny now. She just wanted to fuck Tifa right then and there… but she wanted to do other things before then.

“Tifa… instead of doing it in secret, I think you should do it openly. Put up posters in the board room saying you’ll give anyone a blowjob for 50 gil and a tit-job for 200 gil tomorrow when you’re out of the trance.” Their team were completely male except for her and Tifa, and it’s not like she was gonna pay Tifa for sex, not when she can just do this! “Ok Mistress, I’ll do that tomorrow when I’m out of the trance.”

“Now… kiss my ass!” Yuffie turned around, pushing her ass out into Tifa’s face. Tifa started kissing her butt cheeks, planting her soft lips onto her thick ass. Yuffie moaned, it felt so good. Tifa licked down her ass, biting softly on the bottom of her ass and licking back up. Yuffie kept moaning, she was in pure ecstasy.

“O-ok Tifa, y-you can stop” Yuffie says between moans, she almost couldn’t say it. Tifa stopped, looking up at Yuffie for her next commands.

“Tifa… when I snap my fingers, you’re going to go out of this trance and think you’re alone. You’re going to strip and start rubbing one off, understand?” “Yes Mistress.” Tifa - the hypnotized slave replied.

“Good, by the way when I snap my fingers again you’ll go back into the trance.” “Oh, right Mistress.”

Yuffie snapped her fingers, pulling her shorts up quickly so she could walk around easily.

Tifa looked around slightly, she was alone finally… she needed to relax. Tifa took her belt off, dropping it to the floor after pulling the straps off her shoulders. She kicked her boots off and pulled her socks off, stuffing them in the shoes. She then took her top off, revealing her bare breasts.

Yuffie stared at them for a while, they were huge! Yuffie presumed she wore a pushup bra or something! They were completely natural, it was obvious they were! Yuffie was amazed, but Tifa wasn’t stopping.

Tifa took her mini skirt off, revealing her brown panties. They were plain, but still sexy on Tifa’s amazing body. Tifa slipped them off and laid down on her bed. She took her gloves off and sighed in relief, she was ready for this. She started rubbing her pussy, moaning softly as her juices covered her hand.

“Oh fuck… so good” Tifa moaned as she went faster.

Yuffie started stripping aswell, she wanted to be ready to fuck Tifa the second she wanted to.

Tifa pushed her hand into her pussy, moaning loudly. “Oh fuck! Mmmm..” Tifa was pushing her hand as far as she could into her pussy, she wanted to get her whole wrist in tonight. Yuffie saw this and started rubbing herself off to Tifa, Tifa’s pussy was huge!

Tifa moaned loudly as she started to orgasm with her hand in her pussy, spasming slightly as she panted loudly.

Tifa pulled her hand out slowly, covered in her juices. Tifa licked her juices up slowly, savouring the flavour.

Yuffie started having an orgasm aswell, falling to her knees as she moaned longingly. She sighed dreamily and snapped her fingers, putting Tifa back into the trance.

“O-okay Tifa… that’s enough for today I think… I’m tired now. Whenever I snap my fingers from now on it will either put you into the trance or take out out, depending on if you’re in the trance or not, ok?”

“I understand, Mistress."

“Good, now I’m going to clap my hands and you’re going to fall asleep and go out of the trance for tonight, you won’t remember what happened after you came out to talk to me other then that you went back in and went to sleep. You’ll still do everything I’ve commanded you to do though.” Tifa nodded, she got the point.

Yuffie clapped her hands, Tifa in response instantly fell back onto the bed asleep.

Yuffie then walked out with her clothes, making sure to be quick so no one saw her.

She couldn’t wait to see Tifa tomorrow!

Thanks everyone for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! I will be doing more chapters in the future! Don’t time it though, it could take ages or be done in a few days.

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