The Other Hotsprings

BY : Redfields
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Climbing Mt Gagazet was taxing work. The girls weren’t exhausted, really, but they were looking forward to a soak in the hot springs they had heard about. Unfortunately, other people had heard about the same thing, and the hot springs were a little crowded. No time just to themselves, then.


“You know, these probably aren’t the only hot springs on the mountain” Rikku said.


“Yeah?” Paine looked inquisitively at her.


“I guess we keep climbing, then.” Yuna chimed in. Paine shrugged and Rikku nodded and grinned, then set off.


Up more cliffs, jumping from ledge to ledge, and across a couple of dangerous chasms. Further and further they traversed, until they came to a cave. Yuna squinted, thinking she saw some puff of steam.


“I think we should explore here. We might get lucky with this one.”


The entered the cave and turned a corner, then another, and struck gold. A small pool with steam rising from it was just ahead.


“Careful. We don’t know how hot it is.” Paine said. Rikku zipped around her and gingerly poked a finger into the softly bubbling liquid.


“It’s perfect! Let’s go … oh wait, just a sec.” She ran back to the entrance to the cave, putting down a small device.


“Motion sensor” she answered the inquisitive looks of the other two. They nodded approvingly.


Yuna carefully undressed before changing into a rather modest two-piece bathing suit. Rikku simply shucked her skirt and jumped in. Paine was already in the water, eyes closed and head leaning back against the rock around the pool.


Yuna stepped in. The pool was a little over waist deep, and had a ledge running around the inside that was perfect for sitting on. She sat down, the water coming up to cover her breasts, and echoed Paine’s posture.


She opened her eyes and saw Rikku fiddling with her bikini around her neck. Suddenly, it popped open. She held it up with a triumphant grin, then tossed it to the side where it landed near their discarded clothes.


“Rikku!” Yuna gasped, but the blonde just giggled.


“What? We’re all girls here. Have some fun, Yunie!”


Yuna looked to Paine for support but the stoic woman just shrugged.


“Don’t look at me, I’m not wearing anything. More to dry afterwards, you know?” Indeed, looking closely, Yuna could see that Paine didn’t have any straps on her shoulders.


Rikku looked over at the stoic woman, and Yuna could practically see the idea forming in her blonde head. The Al Bhed reached down and wriggled for a few moments, before producing her bikini bottoms, and tossed them aside as she had done with her top. Then she turned expectantly to Yuna.


Yuna looked back and forth between the too girls. Rikku looked at her with a mischievous smile, but Paine had returned to the closed-eyed relaxed look she had before.


“I can have fun.” She said defensively, but she wasn’t sure she could. She crossed her arms, hugging herself. Paine opened one eye.


“Even I’m curious to see that.”


With her two partners staring her down, she had a choice to make: Forever be known as a party pooper, or leave her inhibitions with her clothes by the side of the pool.


In a sudden bout of courage, she gripped the sides of her top and whipped it off, balling it up and throwing it to the side before quickly sinking up to her neck in water. Paine chuckled and Rikku whooped. Yuna’s face turned bright red and she closed her eyes to avoid the others’ gaze. Maybe this had been a mistake after all.


But Rikku was already closing her eyes, so Yuna went the rest of the way and carefully took off her bottoms, making sure not to splash too much. After placing them at the edge of the pool, the three women spent a few minutes just enjoying the warm water. A grimace crossed Yuna’s face, and she grunted.


“What?” Rikku asked.


“Nothing. There’s just this rock poking my back …” She shifted around to try to get more comfortable, but it was no use. She was making waves, and Rikku looked at her questioningly.


“I’ve got this knot in my back, and the rock isn’t helping.”


“Come over here; I’ll get it out” Rikku said, so Yuna reluctantly obliged. She sat sideways on the ledge, Rikku behind her, giving directions on where the knot was. The perky girl was slow and methodical, working the knot out gently. Yuna let out a sigh.


“Gosh, Rikku, thanks. That helped a lot. I’ve got another one a little higher if you want.” So Rikku continued, working out the two or three other knots the summoner had. When she was finished, the blonde gave her a long hug from behind. Yuna could feel the girl’s breasts pressed into her back, and strange warmth kindled in her loins. She blamed it on the hot springs, definitely not the flesh pressed so delightfully close. Her mind started to fuzz when Rikku’s hands drifted up to her breasts and pinched her nipples.


“Rikku!” Yuna leapt away. She realized she was completely exposed and sat down with a splash, as far from the others as she could manage. Rikku was laughing uproariously and even Paine was grinning at her.


“You’re so easy to mess with, Yunie.”


“No I’m not!”


“Yeah, you kinda are” Paine interjected.


Yuna just glared at both of them before trying to relax again. She was soon interrupted by a foot rubbing sensually along her calf.


“Quit it, Rikku.”


“I’m not doing anything.”


“I said, cut it out!”


“And I told you, I’m not – Paine!”


Paine laughed. “You are easy to mess with.”


“Paine, that’s not funny!”


“Maybe not for you. Rikku thinks it was hilarious.”


“Well, Rikku’s easy to mess with too.” Yuna retorted.


“Am not.”


“Yeah, what about the time with the …?” Yuna started to say, but Rikku cut her off.


“Fine, I’m easy to mess with. Geez.” The blonde was not about to let that story out in public.


“How about you, Paine? Are you easy to mess with?” Yuna asked with a grin


“I dunno.” Paine replied. “Nobody’s ever tried … and lived.” Paine’s lips quirked in a smile that was decidedly feral. Then she laughed.


The other girls chuckled nervously, relieved.


Rikku tried the foot thing on Paine, but the warrior seemed to ignore it. Rikku’s foot got higher and higher, past the calf, past the knee. She was halfway up Paine’s thigh when suddenly Paine’s hand darted into the water and grabbed her ankle, giving it a firm yank. Rikku was pulled off the ledge, and her head went under.


She came up a moment later, spluttering. Paine smiled at her while Yuna just looked between the two of them, confused.


“Geez, Paine. How’d you get so strong? Your arms are all skinny.” Rikku commented when she caught her breath.


“I dunno, how can you do all your flips and stuff? Your legs are likes sticks.”


“What? No they’re not. See?” Rikku stepped up on the ledge to demonstrate, completely exposed but oblivious.


Yuna tried to focus on her legs, but her eyes kept drifting up to the young girl’s crotch. It practically enthralled her, and she had to hide her disappointment when Rikku sat back down.


“Nope, stick legs” Paine said. Rikku frowned at her, then they went back to relaxing.


After a while, Pained practically mumbled “I tell you what, I could use a stick between my legs …”


Rikku snorted, but Yuna was just confused. What good would a stick to there?


“Geez, it’s been so long. I haven’t had any since I joined the Gullwings. Rikku, you wouldn’t have anything useful, would you?”


Yuna was even more confused. Had any what? But Rikku just raised an eyebrow at Paine, then her eyes lost focus as she thought. Suddenly, with a triumphant exclamation, she sprang up and jumped out of the pool. She dashed to her belongings and unsheathed her daggers.


Yuna stared at her friend’s cute rear end as she dashed away. Bent over her belongings, it gave the brunette a perfect view of her smooth cheeks and faintly haired nethers.


Paine’s eyes got worried, but she relaxed when Rikku replaced her daggers, bring the 12” sheaths back with her to the hot springs. She handed one to Paine, evidently keeping one for herself. Completely oblivious to Yuna’s rapt attention of her small jiggling breasts.


“What … what’re those for?” Yuna swallowed, and she was developing an idea about what exactly the others had in mind. An idea that was confirmed when both girls slipped the sheaths between their legs and into their womanhoods.


Yuna was speechless. She was incredibly flustered and intensely curious, and trying to show neither. A difficult prospect when both girls seemed to be showing so much verbal appreciation for their sheaths. Even Paine was more vocal than normal, letting out a contented sigh when she’d buried almost the entire length inside her, and softly moaning occasionally.


Rikku was even more appreciative, with a steady stream of “Oh yeah”s and “Right there”s coming from her. Suddenly, she pulled hers out and looked at Paine.


“Hey, how much can you fit in there? I got this much.” She held up her sheath, her fist closed about 7 inches from the end.


Pained grunted as she slid out the eleven inches she had jammed inside herself. “This much” she said, her fingers barely grasping the last inch before returning her hand under water and thrusting the sheath back into place with a loud groan.


Rikku did the same, her firmer grasp allowing her to go much faster. Her cries of exultation match the pace, her “Yes”s echoing around the chamber. Yuna’s lips parted slightly. Her loins were on fire, and seeming no way to quench them. Her hips were rocking back and forth on the stone shelf, but that didn’t seem to be helping, especially when Rikku’s cries were getting louder and faster, and even Paine was groaning aloud in pleasure.


It soon became too much for the blonde. With a final loud shriek of “Yes! Right there! Yes, Yes! There, right there! YEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!” She came. Her body convulsed, hunching over while she madly thrust the sheath in and out until she could bear it no longer. She threw her head back and screamed in pleasure, tossing the sheath away as her limbs splayed in wild abandon, the ecstasy too much for her to contain.


Paine was in a similar, if more controlled, state. Her groans got louder, until she let out a long, guttural growl that seemed to originate from the same place deep inside her that her orgasm did. She bared her teeth in a ferocious snarl as the pleasure wracked her body. Her hips thrust wildly of their own accord, and she could feel herself lose control of her body. As she spasmed in pleasure, her teeth finally parted and a low “Uuuuuhnnn!” escaped. Not as vocal as Rikku, but the volume betrayed just how long she’d gone without and how much she was enjoying this.


Yuna was in agony, tormented by her ignorance of sex and what to do. Her hands rubbed her thighs, but that didn’t help. Her nipples were rock hard, almost painfully so, but she was too transfixed by the orgasmic displays before her to do anything about it.


Finally the wild thrashing and thrusting slowed to a half, the sounds of orgasmic bliss quieting down until they were mere echoes in the chamber. By chance, Rikku’s hand came to rest upon her discarded sheath as Paine slowly pulled hers out. As if of the same mind, they both turned towards Yuna, hands extended to offer her the sheaths.


The brunette looked back and forth between them. “What am I supposed to do with two?”


As Rikku said “Maybe you could fit both in there?” Paine said. “Well, you’ve got two holes …”


“No, I mean, what do I do with them?” Yuna asked again, a bit helplessly.


Rikku’s jaw dropped, and Paine asked “You don’t … know?” Yuna shook her head.


“Alright. Rikku, sit on her left. Yuna, spread your legs. Really spread ’em. Yeah, like that. Rikku and me’ll do all the work. You just sit back and enjoy.” With that, she took her sheath and slowly slipped the tip into Yuna’s waiting womanhood.


Yuna’s eyes got wider and wider. “Oh Paine!”


“Mm hmm? You like that?” Yuna could only nod.


Rikku let them get into a rhythm before adding herself. She leaned in towards Yuna’s chest and gently took a nipple into her mouth. Yuna gasped and instinctively wrapped her left arm around Rikku’s head, pulling her in. Rikku teased the nipple between her teeth before sucking in more of the breast, rubbing her tongue over the now-incredibly sensitive nipple. Paine followed her lead on the other side, nearly overwhelming Yuna with pleasure.


Paine had Rikku take over the sheath, while her hand dipped lower on Yuna’s body. She hadn’t been joking about having two holes, and knew it could bring whole new realms of pleasure if done right. Her finger went lower, finding the orifice she was looking for, Yuna’s tight little ring. She slipped her finger inside.


A sharp cry of “Paine!” but it was too late, the finger invaded her rear, and there was nothing she could do, or wanted to do, to prevent the onslaught of pleasure the now-quadruple sensations brought. It was far too much for her, and she screamed in pleasure as her very first orgasm crashed into her like a tsunami. A torrent of fluid shot from her pussy, mixing in with the surrounding water as Rikku continually pumped the sheath inside her. The wonderful mouths on her breasts and the finger delving deep in her derriere pushed her pleasure onward, higher, stronger. She screamed again, incapable of any thoughts, her mind reduced to the simple stimulus of sex. Her eyes rolled up in her head, and her body simply gave out, overwhelmed at the sheer ecstasy her partners were giving her. She fainted.


She came to in a warm glow, her pussy and ass empty, her friends no longer sucking on her breasts, but instead with their arms around her, smiling at her.


“What … what happened?” she asked, stars gradually fading from her vision.


“Well, it was a bit too much for your first time. Quite a way to make an impression, though.” Paine answered.


“You passed out, Yunie. Just for a few seconds” Rikku giggled, then leaned over to kiss Yuna on the cheek.


“I still can’t … I mean, wow …” Yuna was still having trouble putting coherent sentences together.


“Hey Paine, what’d you mean about two holes?” Rikku asked.


The warrior quirked an eyebrow at the blonde. “You’ve never tried it in the ass before?”


Rikku looked puzzled. “You can have sex in the butt? How does that even work?”


“Maybe I should show you instead.” Paine gave a sultry look, and Rikku’s eyes widened in excitement. Paine had her climb out of the water entirely, getting down on hands and knees at the water’s edge. The silver-haired woman found some lichen nearby, rubbing it on the sheath to make it more slippery. When she turned back, Rikku was looking at her, but Yuna was staring in fascination at Rikku’s lightly-haired privates.


Paine smirked and said “Give it a lick, if you want.” Yuna jerked back, embarrassed, before looking back and forth between Paine and Rikku, who was now looking at the brunette.


“I don’t … I don’t think I can.” Yuna got out quietly.


“Sure you can. Just sit back and rest your head against the stone. Rikku, just kneel down on top of her.” Paine instructed the other two. As Rikku’s pussy got closer and closer to her face, Yuna got increasingly nervous. She swallowed, then tentatively put out her tongue, letting Rikku’s lips rest on it. Well, this didn’t taste so bad. She tried giving it a small lick.


“Mmhmm, keep doing that.” Paine encouraged. She was beside the blonde’s rear end, resting the tip of the sheath against Rikku’s butthole. She gently pushed in, leaning over to kiss Rikku’s butt cheeks, and smiling at her sighs of approval.


Yuna was lapping away, working her way into Rikku’s pussy, eagerly swallowing the sweet nectar that dripped into her mouth. She didn’t quite know what to do, but she seemed to be doing it right, given Rikku’s vocal agreements. Of course, that may be due to Paine’s masterful work with the sheath. It was now a good five inches into Rikku, slowly thrusting in and out. Paine worked it in deeper each time, eliciting grunts and groans from the blonde. She took a firm hold of the end, careful not to lose it in Rikku’s hungry hole, and fed in some more.


Once her fist was at the blonde’s cheeks, she started picking up the pace, sliding it out further and in quicker. Yuna seemed to have gotten the message as well, and her tongue was working furiously. Rikku had risen up on just her knees, spreading them farther so her pussy was pressed against her friend’s mouth. Yuna got farther inside, diligently swallowing any juice that leaked out.


Rikku’s hands were on her breasts, kneading them, pinching and pulling the nipples. Her voice echoed in the small cave, increasing demands to go faster, harder. It was a good thing she’d just masturbated, or she’d have been pushed over the edge long before. As it was, she wouldn’t be able to hold it off much longer. Yuna might be new, but she was enthusiastic, and Rikku was starting to grind on her face.


“Yes! Yes! Make me cum! Make me cum! Make Me Cum! MAKE ME CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMM!!!” After one particularly powerful thrust from Paine, she did. Rikku seized up, every muscles clenching, unleashing a torrent of juice on Yuna’s eagerly expectant face. Paine kept the sheath in her ass and prevented her from toppling over backwards as her orgasm exploded through her body. Her shrieks of pleasure were near deafening in such a small cavern, but they only served to encourage Yuna and Paine on what a fantastic job they had done with their friend.


Eventually it subsided, but not before soaking Yuna enough that it looked like she’d been underwater in the hot springs. Weak, Rikku toppled over into Paine’s arms as she gradually slipped the sheath from the blonde’s tight ass. It contorted as the tool was removed, Rikku still spasming from the biggest orgasm of her life. Paine gently laid her on the ground to recover. Yuna was wiping the juice off her face with her fingers before licking them clean, and Paine went over to have a taste. She took Yuna’s fingers right into her mouth, sucking them erotically, before moving onto her friend’s face, gently cleaning up the mess Rikku had made of Yuna.


Paine finished up by kissing Yuna right on the mouth, slipping her tongue inside. Yuna had been so stunned by Paine’s actions that she was mostly immobile, just enjoying her friend’s affections. She didn’t know how to respond, just that she’d let Paine do anything to her.


Paine decided that it was her turn. Getting onto her side, she lifted on leg in the air, then tapped her clit.


“C’mon, Rikku. Get to it.” The blonde obediently crawled over to the silver-haired woman’s pussy and started licking.


Before she was completely overcome with lust and unable to think, Paine looked over at Yuna. “So, ready for more?” she asked as she patted her own rear end.


Yuna looked stricken at the invitation. “I can … do that?”


“Yeah. It’s nice and clean. Whatever you did to Rikku’s pussy, just do to my ass.”


Yuna was unsure, but decided she’d already taken a lot of chances. One more to please Paine seemed like such a small thing. She dropped down behind Paine, mirroring Rikku’s position. That beautiful behind was right in front of her, closer, closer. Her lips finally pressed home, her tongue slipping inside Paine’s tight pucker.


That was when Paine lost it. She didn’t cum, but it wouldn’t be far off. Her leg dropped onto Rikku’s shoulder. The twin tongues in her holes were driving her wild. They couldn’t get very far in, but the girls made up for it with enthusiasm. Paine had expected Rikku to know what she was doing, but Yuna was surprising her. The brunette’s tongue was a whirling dervish inside her rear, reaching deep into her rectum and setting alight the most sensitive nerves therein.


Rikku had now abandoned tonguing her pussy to chow down on her clit, driving Paine to new heights of pleasure, especially when the blonde shoved two fingers into the hole her tongue had left dripping and open.


With her pussy and back door having attention lavished upon them, Paine’s breasts were left out, so she took care of her own, grabbing them, fondling them, pinching, twisting, and pulling her incredibly stiff nipples.


She was coming up to the edge. Despite her previous orgasm not too long ago, her efforts with the other girls had gotten her plenty horny. And now their efforts on her were going to be paying dividends any second now. Soon, soon, soon, right there, right there, right there …


“AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!” She came with a loud cry, hands clenched around her tits, tongues wiggling in her holes, desperate to prolong her pleasure. Ecstasy shattered her mind, leaving her a screaming, spasming shell containing a wildfire of pleasure. It stormed through her, leaving her nerves in flames, before condensing down to the points of pleasure her friends were ravaging. Finally they exploded, not in a second orgasm, but in a mind-blowing continuation of the first, pushing past all bounds of human ability to comprehend, or even take in. Paine’s eyelids fluttered, her eyes rolled up in her head, and she passed out.


When her body fell limp, Rikku pulled away. She waited a moment, then finally said “I think you can stop now.”


Yuna pulled back, surprised. She had enjoyed the analingus so much she hadn’t noticed Paine was no longer responding. Still, it gave her some measure of satisfaction. She had helped do that to her friend? She’d helped repay her for introducing her to sex, to lesbian sex, to all the other kinds of sex, to this whole new world of pleasure.


“I can’t wait until she wakes up, and we can do this all again.” She said, with a grin.

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