Tifa Lockhart: Cheating Slut

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Cloud slowly came to wakefulness, his head throbbing.

The last thing he remembered was being ambushed alongside Tifa by some thugs.  One of them must have snuck up behind him and struck him with a club, after he’d moved to assist Tifa when she’d stumbled and fallen.

As the pain in his head started to recede, he slowly took stock of his surroundings.  He’d been stripped completely naked, his hands chained to the wall behind him.  His sword, his materia, even his clothes were all gone!

Worse, he’d been chained to the wall, and gagged with what felt like a rubber ball.  He tried to remove it but the strap was tied behind his head, the chains too heavy and too restricting to allow him a grip.

In front of him, rather than bars, a one-way plexiglass barrier blocked off his cramped cell.  He could see out, but anyone looking in would just see their own reflections. 

His chains weren’t nearly long enough to reach, and the lone swing he’d taken had only hurt his knuckles.

The hallway outside his prison was dimly lit, but the room directly across from him held another man, one Cloud didn’t recognize.  The muscular guard was lounging in a lazy fashion, one hand on a mug of what looked like coffee, but he didn’t take his eyes off Cloud’s cell for a moment.

Cloud wondered just what they had in store for him.  If it was revenge, Rufus Shinra could have killed him in a dozen ways while he was unconscious, so why go through all this trouble?

The answer came when the door to the room across the hall opened, and the lights in the room came on. 

Cloud’s beautiful brunette girlfriend strode into the room, clad in an utterly scandalous outfit...if one could call her scant attire clothing.  The brunette only a set of thong panties and a set of flower-shaped nipple pasties.  Her famous, jutting breasts bounced to and fro with each step.  Cloud’s confusion and arousal turned to horror as she turned to face him through the one-way glass.  She winked, before turning to the guard, and leaning in to give him an open-mouthed, lewd kiss.

Cloud’s eyes shot open in shock.  What was she doing!?  She should be rescuing Cloud, not making out with some overmuscled brute!

The blonde false SOLDIER strained at his chains, but they refused to budge.  All Cloud could do was watch as his lover slipped her pink tongue into the other man’s mouth, her lips mashed against his, her eyes sliding shut as her arms slipped around his neck in a sick parody of the same embraces she gave Cloud Strife.

Cloud shivered with helpless rage.  How could she do this? Why would she do this?  Did all those nights together mean nothing!? 

Tifa kept kissing the guard, her dainty hands moving down to divest him of his shirt, revealing his hairy, broad chest.  Cloud’s body was pale, hairless, and while it had tone it was also slender to the point of being effeminate.  The other man’s body was powerfully muscled, built like a linebacker even bigger than Barrett.  He kept his helmet on, so Cloud couldn’t see most of his face, but Cloud could see that horrible smirk before the guard kissed Tifa again.  Cloud wished he had his sword, his weapons, something to stop this, something to stop Tifa from being taken away from him. 

The brute let his hands slide down past Tifa’s shoulders, down to her hips, manhandling her bubble butt like he owned it.  Tifa’s shudders and pleased moans—even through the glass, Cloud knew that expression---only made the other man bolder. Worse, Cloud could see the other man’s hands on her perfect, heart-shaped ass.  The bubble butt Cloud had lusted after and worshipped from afar, being seized by that…that brute!  Cloud had wanted to do all this, wanted to fuck her in the ass, but Tifa had begged off, saying that she felt it was too dirty, that just touching it made her feel unclean.

Now she was standing in front of Cloud, her lips fastened to another man’s, her tits pushed against the other man’s bare chest as he wrapped his arms around her waist.  Cloud shivered with revulsion and deep, abiding longing.  He wanted that to be himself!  He wanted to fuck Tifa, not let some beefy  bastard do it!

Finally, Tifa broke their passionate lip lock, a line of saliva still connecting her soft, pink lips to the other man’s.  She licked her lips and knelt in front of him, her hands going to the other man’s trousers.

Cloud could see the bulge there, larger than any he’d seen in person, and harrumphed.  Tifa always told him how size really didn’t matter, how she was pleased with Cloud’s own 4 inch erection. 

Besides, Cloud had researched this, and nobody had heard of a guy with more than six inches of cockmeat in his pants.  Even Barrett only had about eight, at most!  Cloud hurriedly pulled himself away from horrible memories of dresses and shameful blowbangs to the more important matter of his girlfriend being a cheating slut. 

Tifa unzipped the big man’s pants, and something sprung out, slapping her in the face with an audible smack!  Tifa reared back in surprise, her revealing a towering erection that made Cloud gasp behind his gag.  The shaft was huge, colossal, thick and veiny with an immense cockhead like the jewel at the top of a crown.  It had to be at least a foot long, maybe even bigger.  Tifa was openly drooling now, her nipples visibly hard even behind the pasties.  The lust in her ruby eyes was obvious even to Cloud---she wanted the other man’s cock, and wanted it bad.

Cloud gritted his teeth, jerking against his chains, but the things were nearly unbreakable.  The betrayal clawed at his heart like the claws of a monster, his eyes unable to tear themselves away from the way his lover pawed at the other man’s tremendous phallus

Kneeling on the floor, Tifa ovaled her lips.

The brute wasted no time in grabbing her head with both hands, as if ensuring she couldn’t escape.  He lined up the tremendous head with her mouth, and Cloud knew that shouldn’t be able to fit inside her.    Unfortunately, what Cloud thought didn’t matter. Within seconds he was furiously fucking her mouth, at least ten inches of cock being pushed into her mouth and down her throat.   The round balls, the size of fucking oranges, pummeled her chin, smacking into her hard enough to bruise her. 

Cloud was horrified.  That thing was too big!  It’d ruin her perfect mouth! 

Tifa didn’t seem to care.  Indeed, she seemed to love the rough treatment.  Her hands slipped between her legs and started rubbing her pussy like a sweet pet, her eyes rolling as her brutish lover fucked her throat with a wicked grin.

Cloud knew he should not be witness to this. He knew he should not have wanted to witness this.  Indeed, he was horrified as Tifa was used like one of Don Corneo’s cheap whores in front of him. 

But the most shameful part of this whole affair was how his own small cock was growing harder.

Seeing Tifa degrade herself like this in front of him, seeing her being used, taken, and pounded like this was the most erotic and disgusting thing Cloud had ever seen.  He couldn’t help the arousal, the full body blush over his pale flesh.  He couldn’t take his eyes off Tifa being fucked this way…better than he ever could, he noted with fresh pang of agony.

The other man tirelessly moved his hips in and out of Tifa’s mouth, her throat bulging out from the violation.  Her hands were working on her own clit.  Cloud’s sight was obscured by her thick, muscular thighs, but he could imagine her masturbating as she was throatfucked by this…this evil bastard.

Tifa finally pulled her hands away from her pussy, shuddering powerfully as she squirted onto the floor.  That made the man fucking her throat give a deep, booming laugh.  He kept going, ignoring her as she tried to push him away, until he grunted once, shoved himself in as deep as possible.

The other man pulled himself back, holding his shaft with one hand, and kept his cock pointed at Tifa’s face.  She kept her mouth open, her tongue extended out to catch what she can.  He pumped himself once, twice, and on the third pump his cock erupted.  Jerking visibly, it shot thick, gooey ropes of cum on Tifa’s face, into her hair, her chest, everywhere it could reach.  Tifa let her eyes slide shut, shots of cum going into her mouth, licking her lips to savor as much as she could.

Cloud tried to avert his eyes, tried to do something, anything to distract himself from how Tifa gleefully let the man cum on her face.  She’d told Cloud never to do that, she hated having to wash the stuff out of her hair, and yet here the bitch was, letting a bigger man do so much more.

Worse, the other man was still hard.  An ejaculation like that would have Cloud asleep in seconds, it’d take hours for Cloud to get hard again!

In a haze, Cloud watched as the other man picked Tifa Lockhart up, tossed her up on top of the table like she was a piece of luggage, and ripped her thong away.  He’d tossed her onto her front, breasts mashed lewdly into the tabletop, her wide inviting rear jiggling in front of her new paramour as she wiggled her ass at him.  The other man grinned, and slapped her on that massive ass hard enough to leave a red handprint.  Cloud flinched at the sharp report, but Tifa’s face…

Whether by luck or by judgment, Tifa had been thrown onto the table in such a fashion that her head lolled off the side, facing Cloud’s cell.  He could see her panting, cum still dripping off of her beautiful face, her expression rapturous as she was manhandled by another man.  A real man, Cloud thought shamefully, who’d taken her and used her.  Her eyes were linked with his, even if she couldn’t see him, he could see her expressions of glee as she was ruthlessly spanked like a naughty little girl.

The other man was behind her, and was slowly lining his great big dick up with her formerly tight pussy. And, to Cloud’s utter horror, the other man just slammed his shaft into her pussy like he owned it.

Tifa screamed, throwing her head back, her grip on the table beneath her tightening as her pussy was suddenly taken.  The gigantic phallus pounded into her, her eyes going slack. And then Cloud’s eyes nearly bugged out when Tifa obviously came again, a second orgasm hard on the heels of the first. His girlfriend bent her head further down and let out a close-mouthed scream. And she just didn’t stop screaming. The other man was jackhammering into her at a pace Cloud couldn’t match in his wildest dreams.

Cloud felt all his childhood dreams of marriage, of love, of being anything more than a tiny-dicked loser dry up in that moment.  Worse, his penis was harder than he could remember it being, trembling as he watched Tifa be taken from him.

And there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Tifa’s ass quaked, the other man holding her hips tightly as he pounded into her from behind.   Cloud wondered how Tifa had gone from the girl he loved, the kindly, quirky little girl he’d had a crush on, had given his first time to…

To a well-endowed slut that’d go for anyone with a big dick.  The other man then shifted his grip abruptly, clutching at her shoulders with his hands, and increased his speed, pounding into the slut at an impossible pace.  That’s what she was now, a slut, a whore, someone that thought only with what was between their legs instead of their head.  The big man’s heavy balls slapped back and forth wildly and his cum-coated shaft plunged through her folds effortlessly.

The Tifa Cloud thought he knew was gone; all that was left was this slut…

The man abruptly stopped and buried himself deeply as possible, as if he was digging for treasure with his cock deep inside Tifa’s cunt.  Her eyes rolled back in her head, as the other man let out a series of slow moans and Cloud realized they’d actually had a simultaneous orgasm.

The realization that Tifa had shared something so intimate with someone else made Cloud’s heart nearly stop…and worse, his own prick spontaneously ejaculated.  A few small droplets of thin jizz spurted from his cockhead, spilling onto the ground in front of him.

He finally slumped, his eyes filling with tears as Tifa and the other man continued their rutting…

The fucking became routine.  Once a day, Tifa would show up to Cloud’s prison, and once a day she’d fuck at least one new man.  She’d taken them everywhere---her mouth, her pussy, her ass…Once Cloud had seen her fuck even more disgusting things, monsters and beasts, that bloated her stomach like a pregnant bitch.  

He watched her take them all in with a smile on her face, and love in her eyes, and something inside him snapped.

He started to look forward to Tifa’s appearances in his cell block, watching her rutting with things, pleasuring himself to her obvious cheating nature.  It was just her way, he’d told himself.

Surely she didn’t know he was there.  It was not as though she had somehow set this whole perverse, obscene scenario up beforehand.


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