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BY : Terisutaen
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Disclaimer: The video game 'Final Fantasy XIII-2' is owned by Square Enix. I do not own or profit anything, this was purely written for fun.

As soon as the area was lonesome, Alyssa decided to take full advantage of this quiet moment by pestering Serah. Her free hand trailed up Serah's bare thigh, sneaking up the girl's reddish-pink dress within seconds. Her fingertips traced over the silk material of her underwear, given that Serah was wearing a pair of silky panties. Oh la-la!

"Not again, Alyssa..." Serah muttered. "What if anyone catches us this time?"

"Then I'll just tell them that you provoked me." Alyssa smirked.

Serah groaned. "Why do you have to be like this? Can't you just leave me alone for once?!"

A wide smirk still painted her lips, Alyssa leaned in to whisper into Serah's ear. "Such revealing clothes, a skimpy thong... are you trying to impress a certain someone perhaps?" Alyssa questioned, curious. "You're not wearing those shorts like you always do."

"...A-Alyssa, no I'm not!" Serah averted her stare elsewhere as a reddish hue dusted her features. She would not dare say another word, particularly since she enjoyed being teased by Alyssa... even if that was difficult to even admit.

Slipping her fingers into the front of Serah's panties, Alyssa began to fondle the sensitive velvet flesh within. Alyssa's other hand crept up Serah's top, over the golden-plated front, as she soon cupped the nearest breast. She pressed her crotch into Serah's backside in the procedure, purely as a way to keep Serah close to her... not because she had a penis or anything.

There was never really a dull moment where Alyssa kept her hands to herself, she was always casting about Serah's figure every now and then when Noel was located somewhere else.

"Ah, I see you're also incredibly wet!"

With that, Serah hastily drew her skirt down, blushing vividly as she lightly glared at Alyssa from the side. However, she still allowed the blonde woman to caress her clitoris, not bothering to budge her hand away. If Serah really wanted Alyssa to stop, she would have booted the devil by now!

"You're... you're such a bitch, Alyssa..."

Listening to Serah's whisper, Alyssa planted slow butterfly kisses along Serah's neck and shoulder, minding her pink choker in the process. Alyssa's busy fingers proceeded to pinch Serah's labia, thus sandwiching her wet clitoris in between the folds as an attempt to excite her.

Serah squeaked in response, covering her mouth with both her palms as soon as she heard herself. Alyssa knew that was one way to easily arouse Serah.

"Alyssa!" Serah snapped. "Let's just go somewhere discreet before anyone catches us!"

"Are you two ready?" Noel interrupted Serah and Alyssa as he returned from his duty.

Serah shoved Alyssa away in alarm, brushing down her dress shortly after. Now turning to face Noel approaching them, Serah sent a friendly beam in his direction and pretended like nothing had happened. She shot a glance over her shoulder at Alyssa, reaching out with her hand enough to grab hers... her pale features still glowing a reddish tint.

"I told you..." Serah muttered, giving Alyssa the evil eye yet again.

"Have I come back at a bad time?"

"Uh... no!" Serah averted her gaze back to Noel another time, letting out a little giggle in the procedure. "Alyssa and I were just... talking... that's all!"

There was no doubt that Alyssa had some sort of weird crush on Serah.

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