Unwilling Win

BY : LovelyPrecedent
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Sephiroth strolled towards Tifa, his black velvet robe trailing behind him on the carpet.

A primal flight response shot through her veins, her body whipped around and was about to sprint for its life. Instantly strong arms caged her from behind.

Sephiroth pulled the woman back by slamming her into his own torso. From behind her, he tightened his snaked arms around Tifa’s waist. “You are scared,” he cooed into the trembling woman’s ear. With deft fingers he started to untie and loosen the sash securing her semitransparent gown.

Tifa started to sob. The enormity of what was bound to happen at the hands of this vastly more experienced man overtook all her previous emotional resolve. All the weight and strength of the man behind her was about to pummel into her insides and she wasn’t ready.

“It is okay to be scared…it is even brave of you to show it,” he cooed again. He placed his hands on her delicate shoulders and spun her around, so he could see her tear stricken face. “But crying shall not change anything.”

He consoled Tifa with a benevolent but patronizing tone as if she were acting like a rambunctious child. She swiped her tears and snot away with the palms of her hands and hiccupped. The satin night gown was slipped off her shoulders. The material floated gracefully towards the ground, and so this usually defiant and dignified woman stood humbled, finally baring all her natural charms and flaws to the man she hated most in the world.

“Better. Come.” Sephiroth took the woman by the hand and led her towards his king-sized bed. As they approached the foot of it he picked Tifa up bridal style and threw her into his pillows. As she bounced after landing on the plush mattress, so did her delicious looking breasts leap afterward.

Anticipation and desire overcame Sephiroth. Though he was immortal, the sight of an alluring human female would never fail to ignite his red-blooded urge to conquer, possess and ruin them. Perhaps his enhancements inflamed his urgings and stamina even more. And in the present moment no gift or gesture could thrill him more than the delightful spectacle directly in front of him. A proud woman to break, not even counting that she was the deceased Lockhart’s daughter, returned back to her proper place of servitude at last. Everything that belonged to him came back eventually.

But now, it was time to play.

He untied the rope around his own velvet robe and shrugged the clothing free from himself. Still standing at the foot of the bed, he was aware that his advanced height made his throbbing and erect member totally visible to Tifa’s direct line of sight across the bed. She may as well get a good, hard look at the instrument that would ironically be the most effective weapon to subjugate her with. The tormented look on her face was more rewarding than the final expressions of many of his victims’ final expressions before they were impaled by Masamune. He would have laughed and teased her at how precious she was acting if he were not worried that she would start crying again and spoil the mood.

Meanwhile Tifa was attempting to absorb the reality before her as she sat propped up against the pillows, after Sephiroth had picked her up and thrown her around like she was a cotton ball. Constantly she reminded herself not to open her mouth in case she spit out her own weapon. Yuffie hadn’t thought through the details of a potential sabotage. How would she even plunge in into his thinnest skin when he wouldn’t take his predatory eyes off her for just one moment?

She visually sized up his engorged, stiffened member, and the equally well-endowed balls dangling beneath it, and quite reasonably concluded that it would tear her insides apart from sheer size. She couldn’t physically hold that. Why hadn’t some sort of anti-pain remedy been offered for girls in this competition? He towered over her menacingly with his naked form and eyed her down like he a hungry hawk about to claw a rodent.

He climbed onto the bed with his knees and slid to her in one swift motion, as his legs were that long. If she could have screamed or puked without spitting out an object, she would have. Perhaps she should swallow the poison vial-blade herself and become deadweight, and end the game by ending herself, before the real ordeal began.

Sephiroth grabbed Tifa by her calves and pulled her down and away from the pillows until she was laying flat against the mattress. He would only tolerate her lying beneath him in supplication as he straddled her to sample the fruits of her taut looking body.

Large, hot, calloused hands began stroking, caressing and squeezing on seemingly every inch of skin that was Tifa’s body. She knew as a woman that certain ‘innocent’ areas of the body could still be highly sensitive and pleasure inducing zones. It wasn’t like Cloud hadn’t fooled around with her before, but the applied pressure and taunting pace in which the man above her maintained with his ministrations made her skin ignite with pleasure wherever he touched her. An insatiable craving pooled in her lower stomach with an intensity that no amount of self-pleasure or foreplay with Cloud could match.

Fully against her mental inclinations, her flesh warmed right up and begged for even more intimate contact with the all too willing male above her, as evidenced by her own buttocks contracting and pelvis striving up to meet his skillful fingers, which were now stroking in and out her soaking womanhood, which by the way was also throbbing and swollen with need.

“Good girl Lockhart you are preparing yourself so well for me, my fingers are practically swimming in here,” Sephiroth purred huskily. Infuriated and mortified, Tifa could only purse her lips and glare at him with as much seething hatred as she could control herself to. In response he smirked even wider. The vial almost slipped down her throat and she hastily caught it at the back of her tongue.

The supple skin and adventurous features of her body had sent Sephiroth into a sort of frenzy. Tifa had a voluptuous, fleshed out figure; wide hips which tapered beautifully into a thin waste, the dramatic arc itself providing a perfect home for his powerful hands to rest upon, and drive her with. The inviting large mounds ornamenting her chest were also a pleasure to explore, and tweaking and massaging the nipples there elicited the most glorious reactions in the woman. Everywhere the woman’s skin was smooth and silky. Bodily contact with her feminine form felt like the perfect complement to his own roughened, calloused and battle worn body. Sinking his tired and well exercised physique into this female’s warm and welcoming limbs everyday would be a balm for both the body and mind.

Admittedly most mortal women were a joy to experience, but the way in which this woman glowered up at him in reproach with those reddish eyes, as if…as if she refused to believe that her every feature and every arc was not created solely to enthrall a red-blooded male into conquering her - made it all the more wonderful to do just that. It made him unbearably hard.  He could not wait longer. He slid himself easily into her insides which was already soaking wet from his purposeful foreplay. She emitted a very surprised squeal through clenched teeth.

She was trying to hide something from him for sure, the accidental deer in the headlight look before gave it away. No matter, whatever it was, a sordid bodily condition she didn’t want him to see or some verbal confession he would draw it out soon enough. He was familiar enough with humans to know how to unravel them. It was time to make her surrender.

Surrender. And there was one way he preferred most to bring her to abandon. He opened Tifa’s  thighs a little wider to make more room for himself, but kept his knees around her sinewy legs rather than in between them. He returned his hands onto that delicious curve between her hips and the small of her waist and commenced pounding deeply into her, rhythmically and sensually again and again and again. He leaned slightly forward to get the perfect angle to go in as far as possible. His hands crept behind to her ample buttocks and he pulled her pelvis roughly up into himself, so he could go through to balls deep. Perfection.

He was in a kneeling position before this woman, though she was ultimately subdued beneath him. This was the one and only one condition in which he would willingly get on his knees for anyone in the cosmos. He grinned down at the poor overwhelmed girl, knowing the joke was completely lost on her.

Tifa was trying her hardest not to open her mouth and give into the moans emanating from somewhere very deep within her body. She could let her lips part so slightly and whimper with alternating pain and pleasure through clenched teeth, but she would need to take care. Just as well she rightly assumed that he was not affectionate enough to try kissing. While Sephiroth was holding her hips in a what felt like a death grip, she clench the bedsheets either side of her with her own hands, knuckles bulging, to steady the energy of the much stronger man grinding into her. The soft tissues of her insides ached and strained as they were increasingly stretched without mercy to accommodate his enlarged male organs.

Every thrust became more forceful, and simultaneous waves of craving and pleasure rippled up her submitted body. It was amazing she didn’t feel more pain but she suspected he had expertly prepped her not to. One final frisson of bliss and insatiable craving escalated into her climax. Everything went wonderfully, mindlessly numb for several seconds. Then her body collapsed and the bane of normality returned to her mind.

Sephiroth was not finished for another ten seconds until his body jerked rigidly and he came too. He threw his head back, the mane of silver hair whipping behind him. When he had exhausted every last bit of himself into the woman, he removed his very sated organ from her thoroughly pounded insides and propped her up like a ragged doll against the pillows. He entangled his muscular legs through hers, and slid his arms around her shoulders. Who reaches orgasm and keeps their mouth completely closed…unless they wanted to? He had discovered her secret.


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