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Hello everyone!! 

I wanted to work on FFXV for a while, so here I am! Please let me know if you want to see something, and I will make it happen!These are a mix or everything: X Reader, M/M, M/F. Also, the first part is fluff, and the second part is smut. So, if you don't like smut you don't have to read the second part!! I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!! Enjoy!! <3 <3 



           You ran next to Prompto and knocked out some of the magitek soldiers on the way to the meeting point. They had invaded Altissia, and were trying to stop the meeting between Noct and the Leviathan. Out of nowhere, Prompto grabbed you and pulled you close to him, aiming and shooting a soldier behind you that you missed. You looked up and grinned “My hero” he winked “no big deal (n/n)”. He let you slide away, his arm lingering around your hip for a second. Then, you sighed, “Prom, we have to get Noct to the Leviathan before they get there first” Prom nodded “Yeah, I know. I wish there was an easier way”. Out of the corner of your eye you saw a machine next to the wall of the building. You smirked slowly, “Prompto, I have an idea”. You ran over to it and threw the sheet off, looking proudly at the speargun. Prompto whistled, “She’s a beauty, but I’m not sure how to drive that thing” you shook your head “Neither do I, and you can get to him faster than I can”.

            He gave you a hesitant look, then, he pursed his lips and got on the bike. He started it as soon as 5 magitek soldiers surrounded you guys from behind. You whipped around and Prompto shook his head “___, you can’t take them by yourself!” You held your arm out “Prom! You need to go save Noct! He need’s you more than I do. Hurry up, I will by as much time as I can!”. You saw the battle in his eyes, but finally he nodded, “Be careful, (n/n)”. You watched him take off and then turned to face the enemies. You summoned your sword and took a deep breath as the axmen surrounded you further.

            You took a deep breath and prayed Prompto would make it in time. Out of nowhere one of the axmen swung at you and you dodged it, slicing his stomach open and then sliced his head from his shoulders. They were all on you in an instant, but thank God to those late training days with Gladio you were able to keep up. You were now down to two soldiers and you felt your body become a little worn. You felt a pain in your side when one of the shoulders punched you, and the other one hit you in the jaw that sent you flying back and slam into the ground. You took a second to get up, but you blocked a kick to the ribs and slammed your blade into it’s stomach. He fell on the ground, and you didn’t see the other soldier coming towards you.

            You turned and he swung at your stomach. You failed to dodge it and the blade carved your skin. You hissed as the pain seared through you, and you blocked his next attack with your blade. He slammed his fist in your jaw, and you lost your footing again, giving him the chance to slice your thigh and abdomen. Blood oozed from your body, but you held strong. You blocked his next attack and slit his throat open, along with slamming your blade right through his stomach. He fell beside you, and you fought hard to catch your breath. You could feel your body becoming weaker, and tried to look for a potion in your pouch you keep strapped to your thigh. With no luck you sighed, running a hand through your hair.

            A loud roar shook the ground under you and you fell on all fours, wheezing and looking up to see the leviathan standing tall over the city. You looked closer, and there was something whizzing by him with super speed. You finally realized it was Noct, and he was fighting the beast himself. You felt a small smile fall on your lips, “he made it… thank the Gods”. Your arm gave out on you and you fell face first, causing your nose to slam into the ground and you groaned as you turned on your back. Everything was dark around you, and you let out a small laugh. You never thought this is how you would go out.

            You were about to close your eyes, when you heard his voice ring in your ears “___!”. You tried to sit up and saw Prompto and Gladio sprinting towards you, panic on their faces. Prompto fell to his knees next to you and he fought back tears as he looked down on you “Oh no, no, no ___! Please, don’t give up your going to be alright!” Gladio growled, “Hell, first Iggy now this…”. You looked confused “Ig-nis?”, Prompto scooped you up and you all ran away “Don’t worry about him (n/n). We have to get you to safety”. You tried to keep your eyes open, but you literally couldn’t do it anymore. You heard Prompto say your name, and the last words you heard was your own, “I’m sorry, Prompto”.

            You sat up with a huge gasp, and you looked around the room frightened. Your breathing was heavy and you were drenched in sweat. “Whoa! Easy, ___ it’s alright!”, Prompto said running to your side. You met his gaze and grabbed his hand “Prompto… where’s Noct? What happened?”, he gently kissed your hand and you felt your body relax instantly. He looked up at you and struggled at first, “Well…Uhm, how are you feeling first?” you shook your head “I’m fine. Prompto tell me please?”. He took a deep breath, “Well… everything went well. Noct defeated the leviathan and got his powers…” you heard the fall in his voice and you sighed “But?”. He chewed his lip “Iggy got hurt bad… and Noct has been sleeping for about a week now”. You jumped up and ran for the door, hearing Prompto beg you to stop. You flung the door open, finding Gladio reading in a chair in the middle of the room, and Ignis looking out the bay window.

            You let out a breath “Iggy, Prompto said you got hurt! You look fine?”, Gladio closed his eyes as if he was saying ‘you did not just say that’. Ignis took a deep breath, “You would be correct, my dear…” he turned and a gasp escaped your lips “But you haven’t seen all of me yet”. You felt tears fall from your eyes and you ran over to him. You wrapped him in a tight hug, which he returned “Oh, Iggy! I’m so sorry!” he smiled sweetly at you “No worries beautiful. How are you feeling?”. You laughed softly, “I’ll live…which I don’t know how that’s possible right now”. Gladio chuckled “Your boyfriend barged into the infirmary and demanded they heal you first, and went off on everyone until they did” Prompto threw a pillow at him and he caught it “Dude! Come on”. You met Promptos gaze and held it for a minute, then you finally smiled “Thanks, Prompto”.

            Gladio got up and sighed, “I’m going to check on Noct and then go get some food. Anyone want to join?” Ignis nodded “I might as well. I need the practice”. He grabbed his stick and you helped him a little so he didn’t fall into the furniture. Then, they left you and Prompto alone. You walked over to him and sat next to him on the couch. It took a second for either one of you to say anything, then, you took a breath “Prompto, thank you for saving me. You really are my hero” you saw him blush a deep red and he turned to face you.

            He took a steady breath and then chuckled softly “___, when I saw you laying there covered in blood… my whole world fell around me and I couldn’t think anymore. I was so scared you were gone, and my heart literally ached”. He slowly took your hand and met your eyes “It was like a switch went off inside me and I got so protective I could barely recognize myself. I didn’t know how much you meant to me… I mean, I always loved you but… I didn’t know I could feel like that”. You were speechless for a minute, and then you did the only thing you could think of. “Prompto…” you whispered, and he met your gaze.

            You broke the space between you to and kissed him softly, feeling his body tense before it immediately relaxed into you. He slipped his arm around your waist and your hand slid into his hair. You stayed that way until you needed to break for air, and you stared into each other’s eyes. You smiled “I love you to, Prompto. I always have” he grinned “Really?”, you nodded “Yeah, really”. He bit his lip and groaned “So, does this mean I can officially call you mine then?” You pursed your lips “Well, I really hope so”. You both smirked and kissed again, thanking the God’s for another chance together.

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