III's a Crowd

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Denzel was sat on the bed in his room, listening out for the creak of the stairs. His heartbeat picked up when the familiar sound met his ears. The sound of feet shuffling past his door followed, and then the final creak of a door. From them on, there was relative silence.

Denzel waited a few minutes before climbing off his bed. He sneaked across his room and slowly opened his door. He peeked into the hall, just to be sure, and then, quietly, he tiptoed over to the bedroom beside his.

Considering what was going on in there, he was surprised to see the bedroom door ajar. Usually, he had to carefully open it himself, which was a huge risk.

He got down on his knees, before moving a single eye past the door frame.

Tifa and Cloud were embracing on the bed, their lips smashed together. Cloud moved his hand down Tifa's body, her enormous breasts and various curves rippling beneath her usual tank top and mini skirt. His fingers slipped under her top, and he lifted it, revealing her toned stomach and voluptuous his. He lifted it further up her frame until her heaving melons flopped free.

Denzel, now a teenager, had only recently begun to notice Tifa's curves. One day, something clicked in his head, and he realized that Tifa was a ridiculously attractive woman. And, thus, his first masturbation had taken place.

After that, spying on her and Cloud having sex had become routine. They were going at it like chocobos every night, and every night Denzel was watching.

His friends at school would often bring magazines from home filled with naked women, but none of them interested Denzel. After all, none of them could compare to Tifa. His friends often agreed with him and would insist on coming over after school, only to ogle her.

If only they could see her now. Denzel fished out his cock, which had been painfully erect the whole night, and began to masturbate at the woman's incredible figure. He was consistently astounded at how large her tits were, considering how fit the rest of her body was.

Tifa laughed when Cloud pulled so hard, her suspenders snapped. The two lovers fell onto the bed, and Cloud immediately clamped his lips around one of her fat, pink nipples.

A lot of people said Tifa was like a mother to Denzel; he wouldn't mind being breastfed by her.

Cloud released her nipple with a pop and climbed up to his knees.

'Wait,' Tifa said just as he began unbuckling his belt. She shifted her body until her side was facing Denzel.

He appreciated the change in position. Usually, it was Cloud's ass he had to stare at when he titty fucked her.

Cloud unleashed his erect meat, causing Denzel to glance at his own. Cloud was much bigger, in both length and girth. But considering his age, he supposed it made sense. He still couldn't help feel envious, though.

Tifa smothered Cloud's manhood in between her hefty pair, and Cloud proceeded to fuck them. As Tifa held on tightly to her mounds, he leaned over her to place his hands on either side of her face.

Denzel wondered how it felt to have your cock in between a pair of tits. He also wondered if he would ever get to fuck a pair the size of Tifa's - or any pair at all.

Once Cloud was done spearing her boobs, he roughly stripped Tifa of the rest of her outfit. Her yanked her mini skirt over her meaty legs and finally removed her top, which had been hanging off her shoulders. Finally, the entirety of her fuckable form was revealed.

Denzel shook his head in disbelief. All the times he had seen her naked, and he still couldn't get over how perfect she was.

Cloud shuffled over to her until his pulsating member was in her face. Propped up on her elbows, she took it into her mouth.

Denzel had to assume that was the most incredible feeling in the world. He almost came at the way she enthusiastically sucked him off but managed to hold it in. He had no idea how Cloud managed to not to blow his load.

She laid her head back as Cloud dragged each inch of his shaft over her tongue, until it was his sack and taint she was lapping at.

'Want me to lick that ass, too?' Tifa purred against his dick.

Denzel's eyes widened as Cloud's muscular frame squatted on Tifa's face. The look on Cloud's face said it all.

The thing was, Cloud and Tifa weren't even a couple - or, at least, that's what Cloud claimed. Denzel supposed Cloud just used her for sex, which was evident by the way he treated her in bed, basically doing whatever he wanted to her. The young boy felt kind of sorry for her... not that he didn't wish he was in the same position.

Tifa gave her blonde lover a hard spank, eliciting an approving grin from him. Once Cloud was done with her mouth, he took her by the arm and proceeded to pull her over him.

'Wait, Cloud,' she suddenly said. 'This way.'

They shifted around until Cloud was laying on his back with his head towards Denzel, and Tifa was on top, her heavy mounds bouncing wildly.

Tifa was being very considerate with the positioning today. Usually, Denzel would have a view of Tifa's ass (which was good), but also Cloud's balls. The only problem was the chances of Tifa catching him peeking were high.

As if she had read his thoughts, she suddenly glanced up at him. Denzel quickly moved back behind the door, his heart pounding painfully in his tiny chest. Had she seen him? He waited for a few moments.

But their lovemaking continued. Denzel sighed, and cautiously poked his head back around the door. Tifa's face was lowered, her lips against Cloud's, and her generous juggs piled up on his chest. Despite the close call, Denzel continued to watch - though he jumped at every movement of Tifa's face.

The truth was, Tifa had seen him. In fact, she had known of his presence for the past few nights. And to her great shame, she enjoyed the fact that he was watching them. The thought of a young, inexperienced boy having his eyes all over her incredible body was an extremely erotic one. It made Cloud's cock feel even better.

The two lovers switched positions again. Tifa made sure Denzel had a clear view of her body as she bent over. Cloud kneeled behind her, inserting his full length into her sheath.

Denzel's hand quickened when Tifa moved into his favourite position. This position truly complimented the size and weight of her globes, the shape of her ass, and the muscularity in her thighs. He also loved the way her hair draped over her curves, though it was soon gripped in Cloud's hand.

'Oh, yeah, Cloud!' Tifa suddenly screamed, making Denzel jump. 'Fuck me!'

He was surprised, but grateful, at the dirty talk. She was usually relatively silent. He took a glance at Marlene's room, expecting her to walk out, half-asleep, asking him what the noise was.

'Whoa, not so loud, Tifa,' Cloud said in a harsh whisper. 'We don't want Marlene and Denzel to hear us.'

Tifa grinned to herself. She wanted to give Denzel a good show.

'I can't help it! Your cock feels so goo-'

Suddenly, Cloud reached a hand out to hold over her mouth, and Tifa muffled in protest. He gave her a harsh slap on the ass, and she only moaned louder.

Denzel was mesmerised by Tifa's swinging tits. What he wouldn't give to be underneath them, right now. At the risk of Tifa spotting him and he not noticing, he closed his eyes for a moment. He imagined himself laying beneath Tifa, his dick enveloped in her chest meat, while Cloud took her from behind.

He once again had to stop himself from ejaculating. He always liked to finish the same time as Cloud.

And it seemed like that time was now. After several more thrusts, Tifa laid on her back while Cloud stood above her, cock aimed down at her. Tifa cupped the back of her head with her hands and sighed, as Cloud's seed coated her curves.

Denzel made sure to unleash his own load at the same time, though it was of a much lower volume than Cloud's. The young boy watched as Tifa's titanic tits, and washboard abs were blasted with cum.

Finally, Cloud finished up, droplets of spunk dripping from his pole. He laid beside Tifa, and the two lovers breathed heavily, as did Denzel. The boy took one last glance at Tifa's cum coated tits, before quietly sneaking away.

Tifa watched his head disappear from sight, and a smile formed on her lips. She hoped he would join them again tomorrow.

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