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Standing outside Hammerhead in the sweltering heat was Prompto. His friends were off on a hunt and he had insisted he stay with the car - to make sure it got a proper servicing, of course. The real reason he had wanted to stay (and he suspected his friends knew the actual reason, too) was so he could finally make a move on Cindy, the woman of his dreams, who worked here. Whenever he laid eyes on her, his heart leapt like a chocobo.

He snapped out of his daydreaming when she finally emerged from the garage. There went his heart again - and it was no wonder with what she was wearing. The tops of her breasts were bulging out of a skimpy, yellow jacket, and her lower half was barely concealed by a tiny pair of jean shorts. Between her shorts and thigh highs were a pair of tanned legs, swinging with every step. She smiled at him, her cap casting a shadow over her oil-slicked face. The entirety of her frame was wet with sweat; Prompto loved a girl who wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty - and everything else.

‘Hey, Prompto,’ she said in that lovely, distinct accent, ‘sorry for the wait; my Papa hired someone to help me around here and she’s been nothin’ but trouble.’

‘Sorry to hear that, Cindy,’ he said, flashing her a comforting smile.

‘Oh, great,’ she said, glancing behind her, ‘here she comes now.’

Another woman emerged from the garage. She shared many similarities with Cindy, notably the blonde hair and skimpy outfit. However, there was a notable size difference when it came to their breasts. This unknown woman’s globes swelled behind a tiny bikini and bounced with every swing of her legs. They were huge! Remarkably, her stomach was completely flat and even had visible muscle. Her hips were wide and her thighs bulged in a pair of suffocating jeans.

Prompto had no clue who this woman was, but he wanted to get to know her right now!

‘Hey, don’t leave out of the blue like that!’ The mysterious woman snapped, adjusting her cowboy hat. ‘We need to finish working on that car or they’ll have my hide!’

The two began to argue and spout a load of car jargon Prompto didn’t understand. Surprisingly, this fiery woman had the same accent as Cindy. Watching them standing face to face like this was as if they looking in a mirror; though the new girl was far bustier.

As the argument intensified, Prompto couldn’t help daydream about all sorts of dirty things. The fact they were both splattered in oil and dripping in sweat only added fuel to the fantasies.

His jaw dropped when the mysterious blonde bumped her hefty pair into Cindy’s, knocking her on her butt.

‘Hm?’ She finally noticed him standing there. ‘Now who’s this?’

‘I swear, once my papa hears about this,’ Cindy grumbled as she got back to her feet. ‘And you leave Prompto out of this!’

‘Prompto, huh?’ She said, looking at him thoughtfully. ‘I’m Tina. Nice to meet ya, darlin’!’

‘Uh, yeah… nice to meet you… too?’ He said, not wanting to be rude. It was odd how she was suddenly acting so nice, but this was an odd situation all around.

‘Prompto, why you always gotta be so nice?’ Cindy snapped at him. ‘Just ignore her.’


‘Hmph, whatever!’ Tina said, turning away from them to sulk.

Prompto’s eyes instinctively dropped to Tina’s hefty backside. It looked utterly scrumptious in those jeans. Unfortunately, he stared long enough for Cindy to notice.

‘Hey, stop starin'!’ She snapped again.

‘Hm?’ Tina turned around.

‘I-I wasn’t!’ He lied, averting his gaze.

‘You two datin’ or something?’ She asked.

‘Well, no, but,’ Cindy started.

Prompto said nothing, but he knew his glowing cheeks told the whole story.

‘Oh, I get it,’ Tina grinned. ‘He’s got a crush on you.’

Prompto wanted to die.

‘So have you got a crush on him?’ She asked Cindy.

‘C’mon, we ain’t teenagers,’ she said, though she seemed flustered.

‘So you won’t mind if I take him over to that trailer over there and have my way with him?’ Tina asked.

‘What?’ Cindy blurted.

‘Well, alright,’ she said, taking a stricken Prompto by the hand. ‘C’mon, honey, let’s go have some fun!’

Prompto didn’t even have time to say a word as he was dragged towards the trailer. He managed to sneak a glance back at Cindy, whose jaw had dropped. Tina shoved him inside and followed him, before slamming the door shut. Was she serious, or just trying to wind Cindy up? He got his answer when she began unzipping her jeans.

‘Let’s see if she really likes you or not,’ she said as she tugged her jeans halfway down her thighs. She bent over the counter, resting her sizable melons atop it while jutting out her big, fleshy ass. ‘C’mon, honey. Why would you want her when you can have this?’

Prompto was stunned as his eyes took in her large rump. As much as he liked Cindy, there was no way he could turn down an opportunity like this. He retracted his painfully stiff cock from his pants and swiftly slipped it inside the blonde. His hands held onto her shoulders as he proceeded to give her the fucking she so wanted.

‘Oh, yeah, fuck me, baby!’ She shouted in an exaggerated manner, clearly wanting Cindy to hear.

‘Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me?’ He heard Cindy’s muffled voice from outside.

‘Sorry, Cind!’ He managed to say, despite the pleasure. Prompto couldn’t believe what he was doing. His crush was just outside, listening to him having sex with someone he had just met. She would never forgive him for this.

Despite the guilt he felt at his actions, he continued ploughing Tina. He glanced down at her ass as it bounced with every slap of his pelvis. The hand that had been clutching tightly at her shoulder, snaked around to her front to grab one of her heaving tits. His cock somehow hardened even further as he groped the cushy flesh between his fingers.

‘That’s right, play with my big tits! They’re yours to do with as you please!’

He snuck his fingers under her bikini to squeeze her nipples. She responded with louder moans.

The door to the trailer swung open and in stepped Cindy. Prompto glanced back at her, but his thrusts didn’t slow down.

‘I’m sorry, Cindy!’ He grunted. ‘I couldn’t resist!’

‘It’s a good thing my papa ain’t here,’ she said as she began removing her own shorts. A strip of blonde pubic hair caught his eye, and then bent over the counter beside Tina, revealing her shapely rump. ‘I could do with a good fuckin’, myself.’

Prompto couldn’t believe his luck. The girl he’d had a crush on in forever was bent over, waiting for him to rail her. He immediately removed himself from Tina and got to work nailing Cindy.

‘I knew he liked me more,’ Cindy grinned smugly at Tina.

‘We’ll see about that, honey,’ Tina shot back.

The smell of oil, sweat and sex engulfed the trailer.

Prompto was so engrossed in making his crush scream, that he hadn’t noticed Tina was kneeling beside him.

‘Hey, baby,’ she said, her hands cupped under her bikini-clad breasts, ‘my tits are cold - warm them up for me?’

Prompto knew exactly what to do. After retracting himself from Cindy, he slipped his cock under Tina’s heavy juggs before inserting it between them. The head of his meat repeatedly poked out from her cleavage as he thrust his hips.

‘This something she’d never be able to give you!’ Tina bragged.

‘Hmph, who’d want giant udders like that, anyway?’ Cindy shot back. She kicked off her shorts before kneeling beside Tina. Whenever his glans peeked out to say hello, she lashed her tongue against it.

Prompto closed his eyes and hung his head back. His friends would be so jealous if they saw him now.

‘Watch it!’ Tina suddenly snapped. Cindy had just launched a wad of spit on the head. ‘Don’t get any on me!’

‘Hey, Prompto,’ Cindy said, wiping a bit of phlegm from her bottom lip, ‘why don’t you lie down so I can really make you feel good?’

In a flash, Prompto was on the bed and Cindy was kneeling beside his leg. She took his cock in her hand and Prompto braced himself.

‘You better not tell the boys about this, or they’ll all be wanting one,’ she said before devouring him.

Now that was a sight he had fantasized about in the past. Her hat fell off as she bobbed her head up and down.

‘Pfft, I can do better than that,’ Tina dismissed, snatching his meat from Cindy’s mouth to put in her own. Only earlier she had complained about Cindy almost spitting on her, but here she was slurping it up from his cock.

Tina’s hat joined Cindy’s. She was really going to town on his pole. Her blonde locks flailed and her tits bounced, as her head jutted up and down. Prompto rested the back of his head in his hands, thoroughly enjoying himself.

‘Would you look at that,’ Tina said with a smug grin, her mouth penis-free. ‘I think we can agree who’s blowjob he was enjoyin' more.’

‘Gimme a break,’ she said with a roll of her eyes, pushing Tina out of the way so she could straddle Prompto’s hips. ‘Let’s see whose pussy he enjoys more.’

With that said, she lowered onto him, her sheath enveloping his pole.

It was finally happening: he was making love to Cindy. He had always dreamed of this moment, but he never expected it would be a threesome. He suspected Tina would remove her soon, so he made sure to grope her ass while he had the chance. As he massaged her soft cheeks, she removed her top and bra, granting freedom to her breasts which bounced in appreciation.

As predicted, Tina knocked Cindy to the side so she could take her place atop Prompto. His hands now grasping at a much larger ass, and his eyes were staring at a larger pair of breasts. He took one of her generous mounds in his hand, breathless at the size and weight of it.

‘Ha! See?’ Tina said with a satisfied grin. ‘He’s grabbing my titty, but he didn’t grab yours! Not that there’s much to grab in your department. Too bad, darlin’.’

‘Will you two be quiet?’ Prompto snapped. ‘You’re both hot and I … enjoy fucking you both!’

‘Aw, that’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever said to me,’ Tina said with a wide smile. She climbed off of him, before getting on all fours beside his sweaty frame, all while dragging Cindy into the same position. ‘C’mon, then, darlin’! Give us both a good fuckin’!’

Prompto instantly obliged. He knelt behind the thicker blonde, penetrating her at once. He held onto her hips, mesmerized by her oscillating ass cheeks.

‘Oh, yeah!’ She cried.

‘Those are some nice tits ya got there,’ Cindy said to Tina, taking one her hanging globes in her palm. ‘Sorry I called them udders.’

‘And I’m sorry I’m fucking your one true love’ she responded.

Before Prompto knew what was going on, the two blondes were making out. And after a thorough tongue tussling, Cindy slipped under Tina’s body, they’re breasts smashing together.

Once his cock was thoroughly drenched in Tina’s juices, he switched to Cindy, who similarly cried out with pleasure. He proceeded to switch between the two women until his cock was ready to burst.

Prompto announced he was ready, but the two blondes were too busy making out. He pulled out and aimed for Tina’s ass. Her tanned cheeks were soon painted with his seed. Strand after strand splashed against her skin, but still, she didn’t react.

Once spent, he climbed off the bed to dress. Watching the two lesbians fondling each other’s bodies made him want to blow another load on them, but he resisted.

He stepped outside the trailer and back into the Sun. He couldn't quite believe what had happened today. Then he saw his friends making their way towards the gas station, all the while Tina and Cindy were going at it in the trailer. A smug grin crossed his face as he jogged over to join his friends.

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