The Final Judgement

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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VI nor do I own the plot of it's creation, characters, world, none of that- duh. I'd also like to state that this is just a fan story for fun, so I make no profit off of it.

Commentary: I did this so long ago... I don't remember a thing about it, aside from being happy that I was typing a Final Fantasy VI story. So this will be a first for all of us. I hope it holds up today as it had then. Thank you for reading.


"Another day, another lazy afternoon sleeping in a field, aye Locke?" The treasure hunter said to himself. He may think it's a little lazy for someone like him, but this one activity makes him feel...well, rested- almost.

Locke settled into a nice patch of moist grass under a heavily shaded tree, an absolute must- he can still recall the last time he'd forgotten to find one- very painful. One may wonder though why he has so much free time to just sit around and be lazy and care free? Well, after what happened in Kefka's tower wouldn't you?!

The fear of being in that Hell's maze. The fear that it may be the last day of your life. The air was scorching hot, it was so hard to breathe that Locke could actually taste the the decay or rotting mutated animals, and the very flesh of his still living friends. All those levels of floors; fights moving them closer and closer towards doom. But he fought bravely along side his team mates. He fought with everything he had to keep them all safe enough, and alive. He sure misses them. Whereas, they all remembered one another and remained friends, they all had to find lives to live in this post apocalyptic world. It's regeneration, greenery, salvage... is coming along nicely. Soon they may even exist in better times than before, a newly flourished world.

Yup, with Kefka gone life could return to normal. There was no need to fight. There is time to take it easy.


"What the?!" Locke bolted upright and looked around... "What was that?" His light brown eyes widen from startle, looking at the bark of the tree behind him, just above his head. There is an arrow stuck deep into the thick trunk of the tree. 'Who shot it?' He wondered.

But there was no time to look back in the direction it came from because another arrow came shooting out of the sky, only this one got closer to the face.


A low swear escaped him as he stood up then ran. Normally Locke would stand and fight, but from the look of things that fight would be short lived as he was completely weaponless and the hidden pursuers had a full arsenal, so the odds of him taking anything from them are slim. The hunted ran as fast as he could from a fleet of Chocobo's, whose feet are sounding a lot like a full fledged stampede.

"There's one of them!" A voice called. "There goes one of the Returner scum!"

'Did he just say Returners?' Locke had a brief moment to think as he dashed inside an old shack out in the field, likely used for supplies on a farmer's land. They wouldn't find him in there. He congratulated himself for being fast enough to hide and without being seen. 'At least I hope so.' He thought, knocking lightly against the walls of the shack when finished his words, just incase he were wrong; Setzer might be terribly superstitious and believe in luck, but he isn't and doesn't.

Locke Cole would rather not state the obvious, or possess a charm of some kind, that he prayed for and wants a good outcome. Unfortunately attainable luck was real, his just ran out. The loud stomp of feet had come to a halt. His breathing stilled a bit so he could prick his hearing. 'Are they turning around?' He wondered.

"In the shack!" A voice cried out.

There was a yelling cry from the other men's voices as they charged for his hiding place. Ten men aimed their arrows and fired through the windows, the blasts of shattered glass were so sudden Locke jumped from surprise.

"Trample the place, he has to come out!"

Hearing that, Locke bolts as fast as he could. However, he wasn't fast enough as the fleet of riders and Chocobos were right on top of him. He started to duck down, to hide in the tall patch of grass for cover to escape them somehow. But it didn't work, and he was knocked to the ground being run over several times, stumbling over this way and tumbling over that way, trying to at least keep his head covered from getting smashed in by the birds' massive pummeling feet. He then had an idea, and lay perfectly still on his stomach.

"Did we get him, general?" A lower position soldier asked.

The men skimmed the field with their eyes and one of them saw Locke lying there with scratches up his arms and neck, along with tattered clothing. There was no way he was alive. No one could have survived it. But...

"Check him." The general ordered. One never knows...

The soldier trotted his bird over to the still body and poked him with the back of an arrow.

'Wait a minute longer,' Locke thought. 'then grab him.'

"He's out sir. Dead." With that, the general smiled with arrogance of his own commanded triumph.

"Let's get back and tell the boss." He then ordered

'The boss? Who could that be?'

As the men began to leave, Locke leaps up from the ground grabbing the guard around the neck; when the soldier tried to yell for help Locke twisted the man's neck, breaking it then he yanked him off his Chocobo. Next, stealing the man's clothes, he climbed on top of the bird and rode himself towards the nearest town. South Figaro.


"Try to move it to the left; one quick sweep of the hand- you can do it." A bearded man said to a very strong younger man.

"Gee Duncan, if I'd of known I'd be doing this type of training I'd of stayed in the castle with his royal highness." Sabin said with a laugh to his martial arts teacher of the ancient forms of the Blitz technique, as he picked up another painting and hung it on the wall.

"How's that?" He asked.

"You learn quickly, but, your skills need sharpening." Duncan said with a smile.

"I'm glad you decided to move here with me, this place has been kinda dull without someone to hang out with, especially after the world came to ruin." The Blitz specialist replied brushing his hands off on his pants, "What needs to go up next?"

"Nothing today my pupil, why don't we go out to the fields and learn some new attacks?" Duncan said walking to the door to leave.

"Alright!" Sabin responded happily, punching the air with his fist, only his reach came a little farther out than he thought causing him to punch a hole in the wall. "Oops," he said lamely.

"You can fix that, while I train, have a good time." He closed the door behind him.

"Rats," he looked at the hole with a sigh and went to get some tools.

Who knew that Duncan was alive, that he'd survived the whole ordeal, hidden away deep inside a mountain pass. Times could sure surprise one.


Mobliz was filled with new life now, almost as if nothing had ever happened to it. Trees returned to their normal colour of brown instead of greyish, plant life didn't stay brown or weedy in the ground, and there was laughter heard when you came in rather than misery or pain.

Terra walked casually between a crowd of children, about 10 of them, and a few who are a bit older- roughly age 11 to 15, to a little building she was proud to have had built for them.

"Students, come this way!" She called out to them.

The children all followed her inside the building into what appeared to be designed like a schoolhouse.

"Okay, okay, simmer down..." She waited for the chatter to stop and when it quieted she went on with her lesson plan. "There. Today's lesson is on the war of the Magi," Terra said mystically. "Now, who can tell me how the war was started, what were we fighting for?"

A hand was raised and Terra nodded to the little waver. "Yes, Karine?"

"The war was about peace." The tiny girl smiled her answer out and the other kids laughed at her.

"Now, now don't laugh at her answer. She is very much right. a very brave group of heroes and heroins were fighting for nothing but peace to be brought to the world... Who can tell me what that group was called...? Anyone?"

"Gau knows!" A wild little boy raised his hand in the air then jumped up and down.

"Yes, Gau?" The Esper girl asked.

"It was friend Sabin and Cyan-" he continued naming his group of friends off his mental list, and the class laughed at his response, even Terra found it humorous.

"The group was called, the Returners." The teacher informed them receiving 'oooh' and 'aahh' of impress by the sound of it. "They fought for peace and the safety of all Espers and Humanity."

"But that can't be real," a little boy said crossing his arms. "That all sounds fake, you can't just have war..."

"But Billy it's very real, and you should pay attention. You never know when history might repeat itself." Terra remarked, looking absently out the window.

"Miss Terra is telling the truth" Bree said to them.

"How do you know?" The upstart asked, and the rest of her class looked in wonder.

"...Because- because she says so, that's how." The little girl stammered out.

Bree was far too young to remember if it were real or not, but Terra remembered every frightening bit of it. How she found all of these children terrified underground, Phumbaba roaming about the land, it made her skin goosebump and her bones shudder.

It was a scary thing. But it was all over now... So why did she feel the world shifting in its balance? Her thoughts were suddenly broken by the sound of a bell. "School's out! Have a good rest of the day."

The little group of children sprang up and all gave her a hug and left for home. Gau strayed behind keeping close beside the Esper girl; they were living together in Mobliz and she took extra good care of him there. Even though they weren't living together she took extra care of baby Katrina, too. The young couple need her. And in a way, she needs them as well.

"Friend Terra thinks about friends?" Gau asked climbing all over her desk.

"Yes, I miss them." Terra replied.

"Gau too," he slid down and rubbed against her leg as if he were a dog or cat. "We see them again, Gau knows." The boy said happily, Terra smiled down at him.

"I know too..." Her eyes sadden. 'But the reason doesn't feel right.' She thought to herself.

It's only been a year and a half... But things are trying to restore to as they were before. In more ways than one, it would seem.

x x x

Commentary: So short. I can't believe that was actually three chapters smooshed together. Oh youth ahaha. I'm gonna continue to put this in, if you like it than thank you. I hope you continue reading, if not then thanks for trying it out even if you don't stick around. It's on a very old site, that just needs to be done with or rebooted but either way. I'd like to save some of my stories from there that are only published there.

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