A bewitching duel

BY : C-A-Tarn
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Authors note:

Thanks for spending some time reading this. I hope you like it. If not, please let me know what i could try to do better.

Next, this is a fanfic for the mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy. So as any fanfic it's about things that did not happen in the actual story. But i would like to note that here it's not just non-canonical, it's also very likely to directly contradict other story elements of the game.

The references for this are the CGI sequences during the “Infidel Arena” event and one notion from the "Seraph's Blessing" event.

“Stop, I yield!” The azure witch announced, holding up a hand to halt her opponent. With her forfeit, said opponent was now the champion of this time’s infinite arena. An honor the becoming Warrior of light had gained not for the first time.

“It seems I can not stop you, even if I tried.” She declared with a hint of resentment. The whole event, set up by the Warriors spunky faerie companion Echo, was a gauntlet designed to pit him against the female heretic. They had crossed blades and and slung magic against one another several times that day.

The Warrior did stop his assault as called upon and sheathed his sword. It was a nice change of pace not to battle fiends that were out to kill him and just compete in a sportive environment. But nonetheless he was relieved it was over now.

“Not like you to give away your ground so easily.” The Warrior said, allowing himself some mockery in light of his earned victory.

“I’m not giving away anything. I just see things as they are. You have it in you to defeat Chaos. Any fighting beyond that is superfluous.” Meia replied, her usual callousness unchanged even after being taunted.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence. And there I thought you don’t want me to defeat Chaos.” The Warrior of light mused as he mustered his opponent-turned-supporter.

“Quite the opposite. All I want is make sure you are ready to face Chaos.” Meia informed him. As she did so an impish smile crept across her face, unsettling the battle-worn Warrior. “Although I do wonder. Are you ready for what comes after that?”

“What do you mean?” The Warrior asked warily.

“Oh, did your faerie not tell you? I had imagined the prospect of your bounty, should you succeed,   would have been used as a proverbial carrot already.” Meia said jokingly, amused by the Warriors lack of knowledge.

“Another droll part of the prophecy?” He frowned.

“You could say that.” The witch replied ominously. She brought her crescent blade up in front of her. “Well then. Allow me to test if you are worthy of your reward!”

Before the Warrior of light had a chance to react Meia lashed out, sinking the edge of her weapon deep into the ground. From one moment to the next everything around them got tinted in a purple hue.

“What happened? The Warrior of light asked, taking in his surroundings.

“I had told you before. On top the tower. If you ever need a refuge, I would help you out. This place here is safe. No blanks nor fiends. Both Vox and Chaos can not reach here. Even your faerie is not able to follow us.” Meia explained with a calm voice.

The Warrior looked around once more, finding he was indeed separated from Echo. A situation he thought impossible, knowing the tenacity of his annoying entourage.

“If you have this place, why even bother with the Sicariuses?” The Warrior wondered.

“It is no easy feat entering this realm. In fact, it takes nearly all of my power to maintain it. Also it can get quite lonely in here after a while.” The witch replied. The Warrior noticed that not only were everyone gone, this place also lacked any kind of sound. The wind and even how his boots scraped over the arena floor seemed to be gone.

“I see. So how long are we going to stay here?” The Warrior of light wanted know, now that he grasped his situation.

“That is up to you. As I said it is difficult to keep us bound here. Should you knock me down the magic would surely fade. And without my powers I am nothing more than a hapless maiden, completely at your mercy.” Meia said sounding dramatically at her plight.

“Even without your magic, you’re far away from being a maiden if you ask me.” The Warrior had to scoff at her staginess.

“I take that as a compliment.” She replied as she sensually ran a finger over her lips and cocked her hips.

“So I take it you are not looking for a fight. Then how do you expect me to escape?” The Warrior of light inquired, slowly getting enough of all that banter.

“Hmpf. After all that time in Palamecia and after all those hoops your little crony made you jump through I had really expected you to be better at figuring things out. But maybe you are just a man after all.” The azure witch said teasingly and crossed the distance between them.

Her high heeled boots nearly covered the difference in height but as she bent forward to get closer she appeared surprisingly delicate as the Warrior looked down at her.

“Let me make it clear for you then.” Meia almost whispered as she placed one dainty hand on his broad armored chest. “What I want you to do, if you want to get back, is to. Fuck. Me. Senseless.” She moaned the last three words seductively right into his unbelieving face.

For the first time since he arrived in Palamecia the Warrior of light felt like he was out of his depth. He couldn’t believe the inscrutable witch would crack a joke like that. At least not with such a blatant lack of subtlety. Yet he also could not fathom that she was being truthful here.

“Why?” Was all he could ask to break the heavy silence after her revelation.

“If you don’t know yet I don’t want to spoil it for you. Let me just say that a true Warrior of light has to be skillful in many regards.” Meia foreboded ambiguously. The Warrior wondered how all women he encountered shared an aversion for giving straight answers.

“I am not keen to being messed with. If you can’t confide me in I see no reason to this all.” He shot out, his usual defiance even sharper than before.

“How belligerent. Could it be that you might be afraid you’re not up to the task? That you might not be able to fuck my brains out?” Meia taunted, the vulgar innuendo a stark contrast to her refined demeanor.

“Of course not!” The Warrior of light exclaimed, a bit too fast to be an elaborate response.

“Oh, did I hit a nerve?” She quipped. “I’m surprised you speak with such certainty. Did you happen to regain your memories from before you arrived on Palamecia?”

The Warrior of light shook his head wordlessly.

“Then how do you know you have what it takes to do me? How do you know have done… it… at all?” She asked with a finger pointed accusingly against his chest.

He was no idiot. He saw the ruse clear as day. He doubted anybody else might fail to see it. But there is a limit to everything. A limit to how often you can wave a red rag in front of a bull until he comes charging in. And be it just to get things over with.

So charging in was what he did. He took her, one hand cradling her neck as the other grabbed her waist, to seal their lips together in a feverish kiss. He nearly ran her over as he made their bodies press against another and even through his armour could he feel how warm it was between her legs as he parted her thighs with his own.

The azure witch hummed delightfully as the Warrior of light took control over her body. She longed to play an active part as well, but the rules of their match she thought up forced to remain passive. Not that this didn’t have its own charms.

The Warrior pushed them even closer together, grinding her mound up his metal-clad legs so Meia was forced to her tiptoes and her neck was craned to its limits before he suddenly let go and broke the kiss.

Meia staggered backwards as she was left to stand on her own so abruptly and her head still swam from the breathtaking kiss. “A promising start… I do hope you can follow up on that!” She panted out of air.

The Warrior kept his gaze fixed on her, a feral glint in his eyes that scared and thrilled the witch in equal measure. “This is hardly the place for this.” He said with a guttural undertone sounding half like a growl.

She was elated to hear his eagerness. “I totally agree. And I know just the place!” Meia consented. With a snap of her fingers the world around them started to blur, spinning round like a top until it came to halt in a new location.

“This is…” The Warrior began in disbelief as he scanned the room they appeared in.

“The princesses royal chambers. A most fitting stage for your trial.” She filled in for him, enjoying herself immensely as the master of ceremonies.

Through the fog of his lust the pieces of this riddle clicked together only at snail’s pace.

Didn’t Mog told him something of the princess and the Warrior of light?

Was she the ‘reward’ Meia spoke of?

For the Hero who brought hope to Palamecia?

If he was truly meant to be that hero, did this mean that Sarah and him were already betrothed?

But then, this bed they now stood in front of would be…?

“Getting cold feet? Are you truly afraid to break a vow you didn’t even make? I had thought you to be more open minded.” Meia taunted, guessing his line of thought correctly.

“This has nothing to do with vows of prophecies.” The Warrior denied, though his mention of the prophecy did confirm Meia’s suspicions.

“Does it not? Then it must be… love?” The last word rolled from her lips like the sweetest poison.

“A mighty Warrior fallen head over heels for the dainty princess. How cute. I guess only a witch would dare to tear apart that destined couple.” As she said this she looked down herself like she just remembered who and what she was and let out a gleeful chuckle.

The Warrior of light was pushed in corner. Not playing her game would mean either admitting his own inadequacy in the sheets or his undying love for Sarah. Or both. But playing her game would mean he would… play her game.

As he tried his best to shut out his emotions one after another to get a clear head he was left with nothing more but grim resolve and the remnants of his lust that made him end up at this spot in the first place.

With these as his only guidance he began undoing the bindings of his armor. Once he was down to his pants as his only garment he looked up to see Meia still standing in front of him fully clothed. “The next part would be easier without clothes. Don’t you think?” The Warrior asked quizzically

“Quite so. But it won’t be much of a trial if I help you all the time.” Meia replied lightheartedly, obviously satisfied with what she was able to see of his physique.

He rolled his eyes, but at this point getting riled up about that was moot. So instead of divesting himself of his last item he closed in on Meia, grabbing the hem of her blue jacket and dragged it down her arms together with her metal gauntlet.

The Warrior took Meia by her sides and effortlessly tossed her on top of the bed, which she acknowledged with a girlish squeal as she soared through the air.

After opening the clasps of her thigh high boots he pulled them both down her long slender legs in a smooth motion, like a blade is pulled from its sheath. This left Meia with only her white bodice and her black stockings to cover her.

Said bodice stopped him in his tracks for a moment, as he had no idea how to remove it properly. Meia giggled and silently pointed around her back, making no further effort to either help or deflect him.

He turned her around and found an intricate pattern of strings holding it together and forming her hourglass figure. Exasperated he ripped one of the strings apart, all of them becoming loose in turn, and pulled it down her silky skin to the soft flesh of her butt.

Meia only noticed his vandalism on her attire as he removed it completely and got rid of the white lace by casting it over his shoulder. As he took in the embodiment of femininity in front of him he finally got around to see the upsides of this trial.

The azure witch lounged on the bed with her ankles crossed to demurely hide the petals of her womanhood from sight. Her arms rested on her slim stomach, one pulled up so it gave the tiniest push to her breasts from below to add effect to their fullness and make her hardened tips shake as she breathed. Her raven black hair, splayed around her head like a halo, and jet black stockings formed a stark contrast to her soft pale skin.

Finally he got rid of his pants, setting free his erection. Meia’s eyes zoned in on his tool and her face flushed with lust. But true to her own rules she remained passive

“I see you come well armed. But a large blade doesn’t make a fine swordsman.” The witch taunted with a calm voice. One of the Warrior’s eyebrows twitched, but he did not want to get caught in another verbal bout. Not when there are much better things to do.

He sank his hand between her closed legs, not minding the heated pressure of her creamy thighs, to find her entrance. Meia visibly shivered as his fingers entered her and encountered a sheen of moisture already present.

With a strong grip he stretched both of her arms above her head, not caring to hold them there and instead trusting in her passiveness that she would not move them away. This had the added effect that her breast somewhat flattened, making them lose some of the ripeness but looking so much more delectable on her svelte body.

Without holding back he closed his mouth over one of the erect tips, toying with it with his tongue as he sucked on it. From the side he saw Meia biting her lower lip as she languished in his treatment, enjoying herself but doomed to inaction. The Warrior sent two fingers of his free hand into her waiting mouth, giving her something more substantial to suckle on than her lip.

Meia began sucking on his fingers on her own volition and he gently caressed her tongue and gum. The Warrior made a mental note that her dormancy did not seem to extend to her pert mouth.

For the next time he continued toying with her, fingering her from above and below while he alternated between her shivering breasts to lick and suck on. Even without any verbal prompt he could feel her pleasure slowly spiraling up. But he didn’t want it to end this way.

The Warrior of light pulled back, leaving the bed for now to change his approach. He grabbed her crossed ankles and guided her legs up, getting the first glimpse of her slit glistening with her juices. With surprising strength and speed he forced his hands between her knees and spread them apart, making her do the splits and fully exposing her to his hungry eyes.

“Mmhm, so vigorous…” Meia cooed at the rough treatment. “Will you finally take things seriously now?” She taunted once again, knowing the time of foreplay was over. The Warrior emitted an annoyed grunt through his flared nostrils and he pounced back on the bed.

He trained the head of his manhood on the entrance between her swollen labia and sank into her up to the hilt on the first push, barely any friction due to the witches dripping honey. The Warrior set a frantic pace right from the start, pounding her into the springy mattress without abandon.

The azure witch moaned non-stop, only punctuated by each powerful collision of their hips that took her breath away.

After some time of energetic copulation the Warrior took hold of her legs again, steering them up so her stocking clad feet rested on his shoulders. With her legs back together her love channel tightened and made her coil around his length much more pleasantly as he pumped in and out of her.

Meia allowed herself to cheat just a little and used to her feet and toes to affectionately caress the Warriors head as they locked eyes. Yet he was still not satisfied.

So as more time had passed where he recklessly plundered her sopping sheath he pushed his own body up to his feet, taking her waist with him. Only Meia’s head and shoulders remained on the bed. The rest pointed upwards to meet the Warriors thrusts and her legs dangled freely into the air.

With gravity on his side the Warrior of light was able to reach even deeper and the witches eyes shot open as he reached previously uncharted territory. She groaned in primal lust, expecting to find her mound and inner thighs covered in bruises soon from the heavy impacts battering her nethers.

Their growls of untrammeled pleasure soon reached a unison and filled the room together with the sound of skin slapping against skin. The smell of sex permeated the air as they ravaged the princesses bed.

It wasn’t much longer before they both reached their limit, again in surprising synchronicity, and they climaxed together.

Meia’s body curled together as she shook from the tremors of her orgasm, pressed deep into the mattress from the Warrior’s weight. A high-pitched stifled scream escaped her lungs until they were completely empty and then some more.

At the same time the Warrior’s voice grumbled in primordial satisfaction as his whole body tensed up and every fiber of his being focused on one thing alone: To fulfill its biological imperative. To procreate with his mate.

Jet after jet of his seed blasted against Meia’s depth, his position above her preventing even a single drop being wasted as he filled her up. When he had nothing more to give his knees gave out and he sank down to sit back on the bed, simply letting go of his partner’s body.

None of them had the strength to move as they caught their breath. Meia stirred first, one of her hands slithering down her body between her still spread legs. She send two fingers into her slightly gaping hole, scooping up a wad of the mixture of liquids that had coalesced inside her and brought it to her quivering mouth.

As she fed herself with it the witch hummed and giggled contently like she found favorite treat. She repeated the process several times, much to the wicked delight of the Warrior of light who had a front row seat at this spectacle.

It took him a while to notice but as he reluctantly turned around he saw that the colored hue had not faded and they are still in the solitary world Meia had conjured. “I thought the spell would end…” He wondered more to himself than anyone else.

He felt Meia press her body against his back, her full breast compressed between her and his broad shoulders as she wrapped her arms around him. “How foolish of you. Your trial was not to make me cum. You are supposed to fuck me silly.” The witch whispered directly into his ear, using her tongue to play with his earlobe. “But you weren’t half bad for your first try.”

Of course he remembered what she had told him before, but he never imagined it to be taken so literally. Also the ridicule of his latest accomplishment, their shared climax, send his nerves on edge.

The Warrior tried to hold one of Meia’s hands but she let herself slink back to the bed, apparently back in her passive role and the break over.

He sighed at her unnerving attitude, though part of him, a part that was already back to full attention due to the earlier feeding session and having her softness nestled up against his back, wanted to overcome this trial above everything else.

“If you want it that way, you will get it.” The Warrior announced and with one hefty pull the Warrior turned Meia to her stomach before crawled over her. He sweep the jet black hair to the side to free her delicate neck for him.

He recklessly dug in, kissing her so fiercely that the blood vessels in her pale skin burst and hickeys formed on the silken canvas that was her flesh. He also left bite marks on her, always just short of piercing the sensitive membrane.

The azure witch wallowed in his violent ministrations, every new spike of pain spurred her on to mewl and squeal more intensely. She clutched onto the sheets as she got treated like a literal bitch under the fangs of her alpha male.

The warrior of light blindly fumbled between their bodies to make Meia spread her legs apart as he kept her in his mating bite. When he found her juicing slit he aimed his erect bellend to pry her apart once more and entered her from above and behind.

With as much force as he could muster from his position he drove into her. Meia bit into the blanket to gag her grunting moans as he gave it to her hard, each collision of his strong hips like a swat against her plush rear.

“Is that what you wanted?” He grumbled into Meia’s ear before he caught her earlobe between his canines. The witch tried her best to nod in reply but her whole body quaked from his shattering blows.

“But this won’t be enough, right?” The warrior asked her. She violently shook her head, desperately gnawing on the fabric in her mouth.

He shuffled back to the edge of the bed, assuring he never slipped out of her tenderized hole with an adamantine grip on her thighs. The azure witch was hauled backwards until only her elbows remained on the ruffled bedding.

After the Warrior was sure she could keep her balance her ramped his pace up to eleven, pistoning into her with overwhelming force while steering her lower body in the opposite direction to increase the impact even further.

Meia howled in twisted pleasure as the Warrior gouged out her convulsing folds with his helmeted head, predominating the only other sound in the room of skin violently slapping against skin.

“You’re… so… rough…” Meia panted between every other bone shaking thrust. Her elbows  couldn’t carry her much longer and her flushed face sank down into the blanket, her arms splayed from her.

For a moment the Warrior of light was concerned but as he saw Meia’s face, contorted yet still smiling widely, he brushed them off continued his unyielding assault.

He wasn’t nearly as ecstatic as she was, much too straining was the act to haul her hips against his like a hammer hitting an anvil. And what concerned him more, much more than the witches well being, was the notion that this still might not be enough to shatter her mind.

With every mighty strike that feeling of uneasiness became stronger as he noticed that the azure witch moaned in the same way as before. Moans saturated with so much unharnessed sexual need she could not seem to satisfy for a long time and that would send every other man to cloud nine would he hear them.

The Warrior wanted to take things further. For himself to overcome this challenge as much as for her. Whatever else he felt for Meia, at this moment he felt responsible for her. Or at least for her pleasure. For her desire only he could fulfill. That itch that only he could scratch.

He knew what he wanted, but he also knew he couldn’t keep up his intensity forever. He considered his options as he tenderized the soft flesh of her butt and inner thighs with his steeled hips.

While Meia panted and praised him for his prowess in brutalizing her twitching folds the Warrior remembered her eagerness in sucking on his fingers.

With an impressive show of strength he pulled Meia’s hips higher up until her body lined up and she remained in a headstand for a moment before she fell over like a cut tree, bouncing on the soft mattress.

She came to a rest on her back, facing the Warrior upside down. Her chest moved rapidly, catching her breath from being on the receiving of a vicious pounding for so long.

The Warrior took one the shaking breasts in each hand, kneading the pliable flesh between his fingers before he used them as leverage to pull her closer until Meia’s head lolled back over the edge of the bed.

Without a word of warning he bend down and entered her still open mouth, putting her commitment to passivity as well as her gag reflex to the test as he hilted inside her throat with his first push.

While he did not use the same breakneck pace as before the Warrior seemed to pay little heed to what hole he pillaged, barely giving the choking witch enough chance to breath.

The Warrior of light was enraptured by the writhing body below him. How her arms and legs twitched every time he breached her larynx, her instincts telling her fight for her life. How her back arched when he reached the deepest point. How her chest heaved when she ran out of breath, sucking on him instead of the live preserving air.

With one hand he supported Meia’s neck as he ravaged her while feeling his girth move below his thumb inside her esophagus. The other hand found its way between her quivering legs, rummaging through her still gaping slit and strumming her erect clit.

The azure witch surrendered herself to this new type of sexual mistreatment. She was no novice to orally pleasuring her partner and even considered herself rather skilled at this. But having her mouth turned into nothing more than a receptacle for a man to make use of was a first.

The ache of having her throat mercilessly stuffed blended in with the soothing pleasure caused by the expert touch on her sore quim, taking her breath away both literally and figuratively.

Every time the Warrior of light pulled out of her convulsing throat a backwash of bile and spit followed it before she could take a breath. It ran down her cheeks in thick rivulets and was further spread when he sank into her once more and his scrotum hit her face, clogging her nostrils and sealing her eyes shut in short time.

As the Warrior kept on violating her face the time between chances to breath extended for the beleaguered witch and she felt the light of her consciousness fade little by little as she was deprived for more air.

Even if she wanted to stop him now it would be in vain as her body went numb until all she could perceive was the electrifying pleasure running up from the crotch and the throbbing ache as the Warriors manhood relentlessly scraped along the inside of her throat.

She also no longer had the presence to mind to notice how irredeemably randy her moans sounded among her choking and gagging.

The humiliation of the vicious facial abuse and the exquisite pleasure caused by the Warriors strong hand were both amplified by the rising hypoxia. It was only a matter of minutes before fireworks set off behind Meia’s eyes and she lost herself in one of the most powerful climaxes she ever experienced.

Meia tried her best to scream out her orgasm, which doesn’t amount to much as her vocal cords were still squashed by the Warriors girth. Her silent scream made her throat clench and vibrate which was too much for the Warrior of light to handle.

With a groan he buried his length inside of her to the base and fired off his seed deep into her throat. His second load of the day only lost little volume compared to the first and together with her overstuffed esophagus was as much as Meia could handle without instantly fainting.

The azure witch was forced to swallow burst after burst of his cum as her mind was torn between wallowing in her climax or getting some much needed breath.

As the Warrior filled her stomach with his essence his hips jerked with every jolt of pleasure, unsuccessfully trying to sink even deeper into her spasming throat and spreading more of the viscous slime over her face.

When the Warrior of light ultimately unsheathed himself from Meia’s gullet he stood on unsteady feet. With his load and stamina spent he shambled round the bed to drop himself onto the comfy pillows to get some rest.

The fact that he was still in this solitary world exhausted him just as much as the efforts he had made to satisfy the witches perverted demand to escape it.

While the Warrior took a breather Meia did the same, though in a much less sophisticated manner.  She coughed and burped to free her airways from the various liquids brought to the surface from her deepthroating ordeal, taking quick breaths in between.

With shaky fingers she cleared her eyes and nostrils from the mucus clotting them, wiping it off on the bed. Once she could take in her surroundings again she lifted herself up, unsteadily using the blanket to clean the rest of her face.

The azure witch fixed the warrior with an impenetrable gaze which could range from hurtful and angry to admiration and longing at the same time while she recuperated.

He held her gaze as he listened to her raspy breathing. How could he surpass his last try? He took credit in the fact that Meia did not seem to be in a mood for more taunting right now and he had to blind not to see the blissful glow of a satisfied woman shrouding her. But it was still not enough.

For a moment he missed Echo and her sly remarks. No matter how much the tiny faerie annoyed him at least she helped him see things from a different perspective.

Trying to go even wilder was no option, he pondered. At this rate he would break his back than Meia’s will. So he had to be smart about it. He thought back if he ever saw a weakness on the fearsome with. If she ever showed a vulnerability.

The Warrior remembered how he last met female heretic. She was tormented by visions of her past. He remembered the illusionary swordsman, impersonating a man Meia had once loved, in a previous live so to say.

Maybe this is where to aim for? But should he really lead her astray like that? Yet what else could he do?

He looked her over once more. Her pale skin, shiny from a sheen of sweat. Her full lips, quivering slightly as she steadied her breath. Her clear blue eyes, bright as the sky and deep as the ocean. The Warrior was resolved to deceive Meia in order to best her. Though he now wondered how much of this will be a lie.

"What's the matter?" the witch croaked with a weak voice, sensing his indecision. "giving up so soon?"

Sometimes she makes it really easy to get mad at her... the Warrior thought.

He beckoned Meia to him, who complied after some consideration. She slowly crawled over to him and straddled his waist. For a while they just looked at one another before the Warrior grabbed her hips, steering her to sink down on his length once more.

After they were connected he brought his hands up to embrace her, holding her close to him. He tenderly kissed the side of her neck and began grinding his hips below her. While this did not make for much movement it caused his bellend to constantly massage the illusive bundle of nerves close to her core.

Meia’s eyelids fluttered as she felt him rubbing along her most sensitive spot over and over and she couldn’t help but bring her arms around him as well, hugging with what was left of her strength.

“You taste so nice.” The Warrior said in between feathery kisses, sending goosebumps down the witches spine. The new pace, his tenderness, his sweet words and the way he held her, not in a way like he wanted to own her but like he was happy to be with her, all made Meia feel a whole new sensation. One she was not prepared for altogether.

“I need you…” he whispered longingly into her ear before he kissed along her jawline. She drew her head back, trying to pull herself out of this odd situation.

“What do you…?!” the azure witch wanted to ask but was cut short by the Warrior kissing her. His tongue entered her mouth, teasingly playing with her and inviting her to reciprocate. This was so different from their earlier kisses, where he downright conquered her mouth.

When their kiss ended they remained close, their foreheads and noses touching. They looked deep into the other’s eyes. While the Warriors eyes were filled with longing and adoration Meia’s eyes were wavering and exuded uncertainty.

“I love you…” The Warrior of light breathed, less than a whisper and just loud enough to reach her ears.

“Wait, I…” She tried once more but was again cut off as he sealed their lips together. As before, the kiss was full of kindness and affection yet that only made her even more uneasy.

The azure witch was no fool. She knew what it was that she felt melting inside of her. What laid behind that crumbling shell and why she had built it so long ago. It wasn’t fair! Even that man was being honest…

She gave up on her arbitrary rules and tried to free herself from his embrace. Not that it hurt her in any way, quite the opposite. But she couldn’t face his emotions. Meia wasn’t even sure if it would be worse if the Warrior just led her to believe him or if his feelings were true.

But no matter how much she tried there wasn’t much she could do after being on the receiving end of his sexual prowess for so long. The Warrior held her close, incessantly grinding his girth around inside of her and sending a constant buzz of pleasure up her spine.

With any moment that passed she felt her resolve weakening until she lost the ability to break the kiss on her own, although all she had to do was turn her head. As her will eroded her perception began changing.

The iron grip of his strong arms around her became a benevolent support for her quivering form.

His broad chest that had compressed her tender breasts and choked her turned into a cradle, giving her a sense of security.

The way he kissed her turned from taunting and challenging to an offering. Each kiss another little love declaration with the ingrained wish to be loved back.

Meia’s heart and mind were set afloat as the layers of her self-deception failed, the throbbing flesh lodged deep into her convulsing folds the only anchor to reality, the only thing that kept making sense to her.

Her moans sounded different now. Her voice lost its sensuous purr and sophistication, one of the many defenses she hid behind. It was replaced with a new frailty, making her sound almost like another person.

She stopped being the heretic witch and became a woman, like she had been in the past, before Vox and Chaos shattered her world. A woman in the arms of her lover. Safe from incited Blanks and protected from bloodlusty Sicariuses. All that was bad and painful fell away from her, just so she could give what remained to the one she held dear.

“…Please…” was all she could say to the Warrior, carrying more meaning than she could ever put into words, even if she weren’t on the brink of a mind shattering climax. She began moving her hips, syncing her humping with his grinding to increase the pressure against her G-spot.

“It’s okay, Meia.” He replied hoping to answer all of his pleas at once and their tongues entwined again, this time both showed the same passion and enthusiasm.

It didn’t take long before they couldn’t keep up the intense kiss and rather spent their breath on moaning wantonly at the incredible pleasure they felt.

As their lust for one another neared its peak their hips moved faster. An unimpressive grande finale compared to what they endured until now, but it was unsurpassed in its intimacy.

At the moment her climax hit her Meia wasn’t even sure what it was, so alien was the feeling to her. That feeling of utter satisfaction. And it kept building up inside her. Meia tried to scream, to vent the overwhelming emotion. But her voice was too hoarse, too weak to follow her request and not much more than a whimper left her lungs.

Her whole body trembled as her orgasm surged through her and she clutched to the Warrior for dear life, burying her face into his shoulder as she noticed that tears welled up in her eyes.

Meanwhile the Warrior of light spent his third load of the day inside her body. His hips spasmed as they summoned every last drop of his essence to flood the core of his partner. He held her shivering form close, feeling their chests collide as they both gasped for air.

After the Warrior finally calmed down he noticed the magic that surrounded them slowly fading. That colored hue that laid over everything like an impenetrable veil seemed to segment, forming countless intersected bubbles. One by one the bubbles imploded, giving the world back its natural shade in its spot.

With her last strength Meia pulled herself up to face the Warrior as her pleasure subsided. She had a blissful smile on her face and gave him a final kiss on his cheek. “You… cheater…” she whispered.

Before he had a chance to reply the world started spinning again. Only this time the two them spun around as well, losing all sense of orientation as colors and sound blurred around them.

When everything came to a halt they were back in the arena. They stood in front of another, fully clothed, like the azure witch had never casted her spell to wisp them into this parallel world.

“Hey, what’s going on?!” Echo shouted as she soared in, looking annoyed.

“Wh-what do you mean?” The Warrior asked back, still sorting his senses after the rough whirl.

“You two just stand there doing nothing! If you don’t want to keep fighting, make way for the next battle!” She exclaimed with all the authority her task as promotor gave her.

“Huh? How long did we stand here?” He wondered as he looked around to observe the audience. Some seemed bored, some impatient. But no one acted like they saw the two of them disappearing into thin air.

“Long enough! Even a few seconds without entertainment and they lose interest. The Gils don’t come in by themselves you know.” The entrepreneuring faerie lectured him.

“It seems our glorious victor is still a bit drunk on his inordinate success.” Meia chimed in, back to her usual self with her sultry voice becoming of a fearsome witch once more.

The Warrior looked between the two nefarious women, not trusting his own memory. Did he just imagine this? Was this only some mind game played by the tempting witch.

As Echo still flittered around them to usher them out he shook his head in confusion and walked away. But before he had the chance to follow his energetic faerie to the exit he was stopped by the smiling Meia.

“Oh, one more thing. Well played.” The azure witch congratulated. She tossed her head over her shoulder, giving him a glimpse on her neck. Her pale skin still wore the hickeys and bite marks of their earlier exploit. She gave him a wink before turning away to leave.

“So it was real?” The Warrior mumbled to himself.

“You say something?” Echo asked from behind him, floating behind his shoulder without knowing what her comrade had seen.

“Nah, just thinking out loud.” He brushed her off as he set out to leave the arena.

“You better don’t get too close to her, you know. The heretic might rub off on you.” Echo said in a serious tone.

The Warrior of light let out short dry laugh. “I think I have taken care of that.”

“Yeah, I saw.” The little faerie remarked with smug grin.

For a while the Warrior kept a close eye on his faerie accomplice, attempting to figure out how much he should read into her last statement.

But he soon resigned and instead tried to sort out which part of what he did to Meia was an act and what was his true self.

Far away in castle Cornelia a flock of moogles searched for the trickster who thought it was funny to derange the princesses bed. Their angry ‘Kupo, kupo!’ could be heard all over the castle grounds.

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