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Locke is walking through the forest near Kohlingen, headed towards the cave that would take him to Edgar's castle. It'ss a nice out, the morning the sun was out but hidden by a wide sweep of clouds that covered and uncovered it as if it were a game of peek-a-boo.

The thief was humming a song that he'd heard playing on a record in a bar he stopped into once earlier that day, and he couldn't get it out of his head since. 'Gods it's a beautiful day, I wonder if Edgar would wanna-...' His thoughts were interrupted suddenly by a loud shriek.

"Heeelp meee!" It was a woman!

The voice didn't sound too far away from him as he ran through the mass forest to find the maker of the sounds along with the reason of it.

"Keep shouting!" Called out. "I'm coming!"


When he got to a wide clearing there was a woman backing into a tree as a poisonous Mandrake advanced in on her.

"Don't worry Miss, I'll save you!" He called out to her, sliding a dirk out of his belt and rushing towards the creature.

He wasn't too surprised that someone would be getting attacked by one of them, because there had been a reporting of these specific creatures attacking anyone who walked into the forest- especially alone.

He jumped on the monster catching it by surprise; it moved around wildly trying to fling him off. "Run!" He told the woman and she panicked a second.

"What about you?" Asked the woman sliding sideways from off of the tree trunk.

"Just go!" The thief yelled; relieved when she took off.

"I'll be back, I promise!" She called over her shoulder, as she made her way from the forest.

He dug the dirk deep into the Mandrake's back. It growled in pain deep in it's throat as Locke pushed the sharp weapon farther in, it let out a roar of pain and slammed him against the tree trunk.

"AH!" He cried, dropping his weapon from pain running through him. He slid roughly down the tree taking bark with him on the way; picking up a lump, he tosses it at the creatures head- well what looked like its head.

The Mandrake didn't like that too much and snapped a vine in the thief's direction grabbing his legs pulling him into the air.

"Shit." He cursed the situation, pulling out another dirk and slicing himself free of it's grip before he lost feeling in his leg from having the life squeezed from it; but the creature wasn't about to give up that easily so it grabbed him with an extra vine as he was falling.

Turning him upright the Mandrake looked into Locke's face, while it tried to crush his throat. He bared his teeth through the pain, and the second the thief opened his mouth to yell for help the Mandrake slide a vine down his throat, draining purple liquid into his throat. Locke squirmed frantically trying to break free but his eyes began to roll up into his head.

"Locke!" He heard a familiar voice call him.

He turned his head the best he could and saw a buzz saw fly through the air slicing the creature in half, the dead limbs dropping him to the ground; shortly after, he heard the woman's voice again.

"Are you all right, sir?" She asked.

He couldn't answer, at the time he started to choke on the poison he'd just been slipped.

"Locke?" Edgar said. "Miss, go back that way, as fast as you can... and tell my men to bring the carriage around for Locke. Hurry!"

The woman rushed off; and Edgar didn't wait to make sure she was gone before he started talking to him, soothingly with his loving words. "Don't worry, my love, you'll be all right. I'll make sure of it." He said running his hands through the thief's bangs.

"Your Majesty?! Where are you?" He heard his guard call.

"Over here!" He shouted in return. "We'll get you medicine." He said to Locke who moaned in pain. The King brought him closer into his arms, and shushed him.

The guards came up behind them with a makeshift stretcher and they helped the king place Locke on to it.

"We'll take him back to my castle; and get a doctor with some antidote to cure the poison." The king instructed as they walked through the trees.

"Yes, your Majesty." Two of the men said.

"Is he going to be all right?" The woman asked Edgar, and he nodded to her.

"He'll get the best of care, milady. Thank you for telling me where he was."

She smiled shyly, with a nod.

"You had better get on home before anymore show up. Arthor.." He calls to one of his guards. "Please escort this young woman to her home, then return to the castle."

The man salutes; taking the woman's arm, he walks in the direction she points.

Locke made another moaning sound as he rolled over in pain. 'Don't worry Locke, I'll make you better if it's the last thing I do.' Edgar thought. "Lets hurry and get out of these woods, we need to get him under care as soon as possible if he's gonna get better any time soon."

"Yes sir!" His men responded picking up the pace.

0 0 0

Locke was running through the streets of Nikeah, trying to stay in stealth mode. He had to be quiet and be careful if he was going to get the treasure out of the cave ahead of him. He eyeballed a shop not too far ahead of him, and set his eyes on a fluffy loaf of bread, browned perfectly resting beside one equally as good looking. Licking his lips, he rubbed his tiny bare hands together.

"Alright, move out and take it to 'em." He said to himself rushing through a crowd of dresses, pants, and for some people bare legs.

When the boy got close enough to make his move, he reached a hand out and snatched the loaf of bread closest to him.

"Hey!?" The shop owner called out at him.

The young boy didn't bother to turn around, and he didn't plan to stop running until he was clear only the unexpected happened. "Oof!" He tripped over a man's foot that was sitting on a bench beside the path.

"Sorry kid." The man said but snidely.

"It's okay." He said, brushing himself off but was grabbed from behind.

"Now I've got you!" The shop owner bellowed.

Locke didn't look scared though, because he knew that the man would just snatch the bread back and go about his way.

"You think you're gonna get off easy this time, don't you?" He asked as if reading his mind; the boy looked up questionably. "Weelll not this time. You think I don't know it was you who'd stolen all those other missing items from my shop, don't you? Well jokes on you, kid... I've been watching you for ages waiting for the day I'd finally catch up with you. And now you're gonna pay by punishment..." he paused drawing out a small knife. "...of one hand being chopped off." He finished throwing his head back in laughter.

Locke's breath became ragged and his teeth even chattered a little, was this man really going to cut off his hand.

"Say goodbye to the wrong hand; ha, maybe if you keep the right one you'll know not to do it again."

"No." Locke said in a tiny voice watching the man raise the sharp blade over his head.

As the knife came down on him-... "What do you think you're doing?" A voice came from behind them.

"Y-y-your Majesty. I-I was just." The shop owner stammered out, looking as though he were about to get his own hand chopped off.

"You were just releasing that young boy, and letting him go about his day." A tall handsome man said answering his own question.

He had striking good looks, and noticeably blue eyes, with hair as long and blonde as a golden tail of a unicorn.

"Ri-right your Majesty; but the lad here was stealing bread, and I-..." He had to state his plea.

"Can easily replace it." The King finished for him.

The shop owner had no say in that, and just nodded before turning away.

"Are you all right?" Asked King Figaro.

Locke was in too much shock to answer.

The man smiled down at him and patted him on the head. "I have two boys about your age, perhaps a couple of years older." He was saying to himself, as though he hadn't seen them for a long time. "Enjoy your bread." He said hearing the Queen call to him. "I must go now, good day."

He bowed slightly to the boy; who stood there staring in amazement as he walked out of sight. 'The king...' He thought to himself. 'Saved me.' He looked down at the loaf of bread in his hand with a sudden stab of guilt. 'I know I'm not gonna like this.' The young boy thought to himself, going back in the direction of the little shop.

"You again!" The man said when he saw him return.

"I came to return this." Locke said holding the bread out to the man.

He scoffed when he saw the poor child's actions, but took the bread back placing it in the trash.

"What did you do that for?" Locke asked and the man sneered at him wiping his hands on his apron.

"Street-rat filth, get out of here." With that Locke turned away, but the man called him back a second. "And one more thing."

"What?" He asked turning around seeing the knife rear it's ugly head again. "Huh?" Locke held his hands up to shield his face, but he felt the point of the object slice through the skin of his palm. "Ah!" He cried out; the merchant just began to laugh himself into a coma watching Locke run for his life.

"That's what you get!" He said after him. "You fucking thief!"

Those words stuck with Locke, no matter how hard he'd tried to shake it off they hung there- it hung there...thief.

"I am not a thief." Locke said to himself, cradling his injured hand. "That guys gonna pay for that."

Meaning the insult of calling him something he's not. He returned the stinking bread and the man threw it out, what more did he want from him?

"Come along, dear, we've got to get ready for the party tonight." He heard a woman say. The boy raised his head and looked around for who could have said it.

"I hate parties, those suits are murder." A man replied. "Nonsense, come on." She replied dragging the man by the arm.

"Wow, it's the king and the queen." Locke said to himself. "Maybe life will be better where they come from?" He wondered out loud, kind of in question.

He waited for them to be out of sight, then snuck himself onto the vessel. Moving around to the back, he saw some cloth lying on a barrel and picked it up.

'It isn't much of a bandage but I can wrap my hand in it for a the mean while.' He thought and saw a pair of gloves beside it. "Wouldn't want people asking a bunch of questions." He said and took them too.

"A little big but... they're gonna have to do for now." He slid them on and crawled into a dark corner to hide. "Everything's gonna work out now." He rested his shoulder against the wall and closed his eyes ready for the long trip to- wherever they were going too.

0 0 0 0

"Be careful, okay?" Says Edgar to his men, who were laying the treasure hunter down on his soft king-sized bed. "Has the Matron come for him yet?" He asked looking into his lover's face.

"Not yet your Majesty. They will be arriving shortly." He replied.

"Good. Thank you. You may leave us now."

The guards saluted and strolled out of the room. When they were out of sight Edgar kissed Locke gently on his lips, before sighing.

"You really are a hero, aren't you?" He mostly stated to himself, caressing the hairs over his bandana. "Don't worry my love, you'll be back on your feet in no time. I give you the royal promise to that."

He climbed into the bed and snuggled himself against him, feeling the man's body shudder. He looked at him carefully and saw he was shuddering because of something he was dreaming.

"What are you thinking about in there?" He asked him and lay back down beside him.

8 8 8

The boy followed the king and queen off the vessel, but a few steps behind them. They walked through town mingling with the commoners- as Locke would call them- until they parted with the town and went on their ways.

They were met up with by two guards holding the reigns of two large Chocobo's. "Good evening majesties." One of the men said as they drew closer.

"Good evening, Bernard." The queen replied mounting her bird after the king.

"The trails are cleared we should have a smooth trip through the caves."

"Very good." The king said.

They tapped the birds gently on the side, and rode off into the setting sun. Locke watched them with worry on his face. 'I'll never be able to catch them if they're on those birds, I'll get lost for sure.' He thought quietly going back into town.

"Are you going to the palace tonight? They're having a wonderful party." He heard a woman saying as he walked back in.

"Huh?" He snuck beside a barrel and lay low so he could listen to them.

"I can't make it tonight, I'm afraid. I've got so much that needs to be done." Another woman voice replied.

"That's a shame, it's going to be delightful- and what a banquette!"

Locke couldn't help but lick his lips to that, he hadn't eaten in days and some food would have been a good idea right about then.

"What time are you leaving dear?" The second woman asked, the first one must have been thinking it over because it was quiet for a while.

"Maybe in the eighth hour tonight."

'That's perfect it's almost eight now,' thought the young boy looking up at the setting sun. 'I can hitch a ride with this woman if I wait long enough.'

Time had passed by, and Locke waited in his hiding place along side the Chocobo stables until it were dark. He passed the time by thinking about what he was going to do once he got there, not only that... how he was going to get in. The place would swarming with guards no doubt.

"Come along my dear, tonight we dance among the riches." The lady from earlier that evening said, walking from her small home in the town of where ever they were.

"I have to double-check, Muriel, just give me a minute." Her husband replied locking the door to their home and catching up to her at the stables.

They were going to take a coach that night and make a grand entrance- sure they had to save up for such a thing but, for this it was worth it because tonight was the night of the princes' birthdays, and the whole town was excited about it.

"We're off." The driver said once the couple loaded onto the carriage.

Locke took this as his opportunity to climb aboard and hitch a ride. He grabbed onto the under side of the carriage and held on as tight as he could, but his hand was killing him from the force he had to use.

'Rrrr,' he strained. 'gotta feel through the pain.' He coached himself.

The cart began to pick up speed as they went through the caves so they wouldn't have to be in there very long. The caves were like a musty detour that no one really liked, but it kept bandits at bay whenever they tried to tretch through them to get to Figaro castle, but for riders it's just a simple trip that would only take about an 30 minutes or so depending upon what mood the bird was in.

The cave was also well lit with torches' from where Figaro guards personally lined the way so the towns people could see with out much effort put in themselves.

Figaro was a loving place, that made everyone seem like they were equal to them- even though they are royalty. The town also played a big part in the weaponry that the castle used during wars in the olden days, the entire town was like one huge facility of weapons; and the king couldn't thank them for there help enough.

"Almost there my friends." The driver said to the couple.

Locke let out a sigh of 'Thank Gods.'

When he saw the grass again he couldn't be more happy, but the lush green grass quickly turned into a swelter of warm night sand.

'They live in the desert?' The boy thought as he felt the vehicle slowing down. "Uh-oh."

He let himself fall from the bottom of the carriage, landing him on the sand hitting his back but not very hard. He heard the guards greet the guest that had just rode up and took this as his chance to find another way in while they were distracted.

He noticed that a lot of the guards seemed a little preoccupied at the moment, so he ran as fast as he could beside a huge extension of the castle- he wasn't sure what the thing was called, but it looked kinda like a tower to him. After a brief glance up to make sure no one was watching him, he opened a big wooden door and walked inside. He instantly heard voices and ducked into a shadow by the wall.

"The young princes will love this present I got them." A Matron said to someone; the addressed looked at it and smiled.

"I think they'll like this one very much." The other person who was a male replied. "Lets take it up to the dining room."

The two people walked past Locke and up some stairs which, probably, would take them inside the dining room; just the thought of it made Locke's stomach growl.

"Maybe just a little something and then I'll go, he's rich he won't miss it."

He followed behind the people and into the dining room, they dropped the gift off on a table in the corner of the room, then go into another room that- judging by the music- must have been the ball room. The young boy stepped out of the hiding place and his mouth dropped. "Wow!" He'd never seen so much food in one place before- not even the market places!

Locke didn't know where to start, he rushed over to the table and started stuffing his clothes with food. Shoving hunks of cheese into his pockets, along with fruit and bread. He grabbed a leg from the turkey and a few slices from the ham, and just as he went for something to have as dessert the doors opened up behind him.

He gasped and slid himself under the table hearing an amount of guest walking in.

"Please don't let them find me." He quietly chanted to himself.

Feet began to line the table, and he watched them all carefully. A pair of feet were smaller than the rest, and he figured some of the couples must have children.

"Great." He said mildly and put an ear to the conversation.

From the looks of it the ball room doors were left open, so the party must be starting now. He sighed and then realized that things wouldn't be so bad under a table and he began to eat a piece of apple that he swiped from the table.

"Edgar cut it out." A boy's voice came out of nowhere.

"I'm not doing anything." Another voice came that sounded a bit like the other child.

The little pair of feet began to move around the table and around the room. Locke watched them in amusement as they hurried around the room.

"That's the last strawberry Sabin, you don't even like them."

The other boy said as he chased him. The crowd began to laugh at the sight of them.

"Be careful boys." The queen's voice came.

'I hope they listen to her.' Locke thought absently. 'I'll bet her children never misbehave.'

"Come on Sabin, please?" The other boy was silent as though he were thinking it over, then he said to his impatient friend.

"Alright, here you go." He said holding it out to him walking forward but,

"Whoa." The kid fell forwards tripping on his feet knocking the other boy down along with the desired strawberry that rolled under the table near Locke's hand. "Now look what you've done." The second boy said.

"I'm sorry, I tripped. I really was going to give it to you." The other one apologized; the second boy waved a hand and said...

"It's okay. I'll clean it up."

He bent down and Locke froze. "Shoot."

He turned himself around under the table, and tried to crawl away but the other boy had seen him anyway.

"Hello." Came a cheerful voice. "Who are you?"

The jig was up; and Locke had to confess or he'd be in trouble for sure. When he turned around his eyes had to blink hard seeing the sight that he was looking at.

The boy was beautiful, he had long golden hair like the kings and an adorable clean cut face, that looked as if it'd be young forever; and he was dressed in the finest looking outfit Locke himself had never even seen before.

His eyes were like turquoise diamonds that he could stare at forever, but he soon blinked it away and shook his head. 'I shouldn't be thinking like that, he's a boy.' Locke said to himself mentally.

"I am, Prince Edgar, Roni, Figaro. What's your name?" Edgar asked and Locke looked at him oddly a second.

'This kid must be deep in the grammar department.' He thought and Edgar laughed a little. "What's so funny?" Locke asked and Edgar pointed to his clothing.

"You have a mess on your shirt. Come, the maid will help clean that off." He took the other's hand and began to crawl to the front of the table, back the way he had come.

"Hey Ed', what are you doing down here?" Sabin asked, then looked past his brother seeing the strange young boy. "Hey cool, another kid. What's your name?"

"Locke." The boy replied.

Looking at the other kid that looking remarkably like the one holding his hand, only his face seemed surprisingly older although he sounded like the younger of the two and his hair wasn't nearly as long as Edgar's but, it was styled in the same fashion; his clothes were the same only the other boy's were done in reds instead of purples.

"That's amazing, I barely got a word out of him." Edgar said.

"That's cause you don't have a knack for people like me- well, at least people our age." He looked back at Locke. "How old are you, Locke?" He asked.

"Nine." He replied feeling a little static between his and Edgar's hands even through the glove, he shifted his own a little seeing if it would stop but it felt more like an inner thing that he couldn't control. People don't normally touch him unless its for scoldings.

'What's going on?' He thought but was interrupted by Sabins voice.

"Cool, you're a year under us, I'm Sabin by the way." He held out a hand for him to shake and the younger boy took it.

"Hi." Locke said.

"We're going to clean him up, his shirt got a little mess on it." Edgar said, meaning for his brother to unblock their exit.

"Alright, alright. We'll play when you get back, okay Locke?" He said, backing out from under the table not waiting for his answer.

"Um, sure." Locke replied to the escaping boy.

"Sabin's always been a little unmannered. Come along, Locke." The Prince requested, but Locke pulled him back a second.

"Wait. Here you go," He said pulling a strawberry from his front pocket. "It wasn't the last one." He said lamely.

Edgar smiled taking it. "Thank you, Locke." He replied and slid them from under the table.

X x X

Commentary : I wrote these so long ago. So, there is likely a considerable amount of error. Sorry for that. I would some year like to upgrade them, because I think I've gotten much better. I hope. Thank you for reading, more to come. Have a good year.

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