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Locke began to stir on the bed; Edgar lifts his head to watch him and make sure he wasn't slipping deeper into the poisoning. "Locke... Hang in there my love-..."

The king heard a knock at the door and he slid off the bed to answer it, knowing whom it would be.

"I'm glad you're here. Come in." He gestured to the man standing outside of the door.

The gentleman was dressed in a long black coat and had a stethoscope around his neck along with a black carrier bag. He rushed over to the bed and put his hand to Locke's mouth, to check his breathing.

"You called me just in time." He comments, then listened to his heart. "How long has the patient been out?" He asked Edgar, who thought for a moment about the answer.

"I believe it was an hour ago, will he be all right?"

"Yes, he will. You have nothing to worry about; your friend has a strong immune system; looks as though the plague itself couldn't take him down. He should bare well to a poisoning." The man said placing a tube slightly down Locke's throat, pouring a liquid into it.

"Let's hope he swallows it." Edgar watched patiently as the green liquid slid down his lover's throat.

The thief started to gag a little, so Edgar elovated his head to make sure it all went down.

"There." The doctor was done when positive all of it were down. "Give him another hour and he should come around, but take this..." he handed the king a bottle and a spoon. "When he does wake up give him some of this after every two hours today, just one spoon full and he should be back to his old self by the end of the bottle."

"Thank you, doctor." The king replied taking the bottle and nodding to him. "I have a matron, you don't have to worry about me missing any doses."

"Good to know. Keep me updated incase he needs something else." The doctor ordered.

"I will."

And with that the man waved good day and walked out.

"Hear that Locke, you're going to be all right." He leaned down and kissed him on the lips tasting a bit of the medicine he had on them.

Locke moaned lightly in response, but not to the kiss he was still deep in his dream world.

8 8 8

The young prince led the little thief towards the kitchen to get cleaned up. Not many of the guest had seen them go by, but the king and queen had.

"I didn't notice a child walk in with the guest." She said to her husband and he shook his head in amusement.

"That's the boy from Nikeah that I told you about. He was eh..." he searched for the word. "borrowing a loaf of bread from Omar- whom by the way had plans to cut off the lad's hand-..."

"Oh my." She said hearing that.

"It's all right, I stopped him. But the boy must have followed us here when we left."

"Does that mean that-...?" She caught her words and frowned. "How terribly sad, we-..."

"Hi mom." Sabin said brightly coming up to his parents. "Can we open presents now?" He asked.

"Sabin, what do we say?" His mother instructed.

"May we open our presents, please?" The boy corrected himself.

She smiled a thank you to him for correcting himself, then looked in the direction her son Edgar had just gone.

"Wait until your brother returns."

"Aaaw man." He whined a little.

"Now, now. It won't be long...Sabin my dear, who is the child your brother is with right now? What is his name?" The queen asked; and he thought for a second.

"Oh, you must mean Locke? He's pretty nice. Can he stay for cake and dinner?"

Sabin asked her and his father; she nodded but added. "Dinner and cake, my love. You must eat your dinner before your dessert."

The boy just smiled up at her then turned around to talk with his Matron.

In the kitchen.

Edgar was staring at the stain being removed from Locke's shirt, but Locke was staring at the prince. He looked beautiful with his eyes cast downwards, but he brought them back up catching him by surprise and he quickly looked away. Edgar laughed adorably to that and shook his head to his reaction.

"It's okay, you're supposed to look into someone's eyes when you talk to them." He explained, and his eyes looked at Locke's clothing. Reached into Locke's bulged out pockets, he looks at what he pulled out asking. "Where'd you get all this food, the dinning room?"

Locke looked a little surprised, he swallowed hard before answering. "I uh..."

"That's okay, you can have a snack while we walk around, but it's much better to eat at a table. Come on, let's find Sabin and get in some play time before dinner."

He took Locke's hand again and he felt a little static himself. 'What was that?' He wondered but blinked it off.

"We'd better hurry." The prince said and led them back to the dinning room.

"Hey you guys." Sabin said when he saw them walk in.

"Hello Sabin." Edgar replied.

"Hi." Locke said to him in return.

"You guys ready to play?" The second prince asked.

"Yeah." Locke said cheerfully. 'I've never played with princes before.' He thought with a smile. 'It's nice to find people my age at all.'

"We should play cricket." Edgar suggested when they planted themselves on chairs.

"Next." Sabin said rolling his eyes at Locke, who chuckled slightly.

"What about three kings in the lost desert."

Sabin shook his head to that one as well.

"How's about hide and seek?" Locke interrupted.

"Yeah, that's a great game!" Sabin agreed patting the new kid on the back.

"We'll hide first, Edgar... you count for us, okay?" He slid from off of his chair and grabbed Locke's hand.

'That's weird, I don't get the same static from him like when Edgar holds my hand.' Locke thought as he was dragged away by the hyper-active twin brother.

"One! Two! Three! Four!" Edgar started.

"Where are we gonna hide?" Locke asked.

"I'm hiding in the guest rooms," Sabin replied dropping his hand to separate from him. "you hide some place further away, so that he won't see me sneak by if he finds you."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence." Locke chides; Sabin just laughed and waved as he darted around a corner.

"Where am I supposed to hide?" He asked himself.

Edgar was on the final say of counting now. "10! Ready or not here I come!"

Yelping, Locke darts away to anywhere.

"He'll never find me in here." The thief said to himself, slipping into what looked to be one of the young prince's rooms.

"I'm gonna find youuuu." He heard Edgar say very close by.

"Oh no." He panicked and looked frantically around the room; there is a wall to the far end of the room with a dark shadow. "I could hide there, whoever looks right out in the open?" He slipped quietly over to the corner and sat down in the darkness.

"Is someone in here?" Edgar called into the room and looked around.

He walked in after a second of glancing around with his eyes and thought to himself, if he were gonna hide in their bedroom where would he go? Locke saw him getting closer and he tried to scrunch himself further against the wall and it slid back on him.

"Huh? Whoa!" He fell backwards and tumbled a bit down a slightly twisted stairwell.

"What was that?" Edgar asked going over to the secret wall that was in his room.

He walked down the stairs, down to a wooden door and through it to see, "Locke?" He stepped into the room and over to where the boy is standing. "What are you doing down here?"

The thief gasped and turned around to face him. "N-nothing. I fell in. What is this place?" He asked changing subjects.

"This is my secret room." Edgar replied walking over to the chaise, sitting down upon it.

"It's cool." Locke responded sitting next to him. "Why would you need a secret room? Is it for surprise attacks and stuff?" The boy asked in all curiosity, this place was just like everything he'd ever heard of about castles and he wanted to know a little more.

"Well, I didn't really know it was here myself. I think I found it the same way you did." The young prince answered.

"Does Sabin know?" Locke asked and Edgar shook his head.

"I don't know, I think this is something that I'd like to keep for myself. Being twins isn't always fun, and sometimes you just wanna get away from it all." He answered standing back up from the chair.

"I thought you two looked alike, I've never seen real twins before."

Edgar smiled to him then took his attention away from him as he heard a bell be sounded. "Dinner time." He told the boy, who nodded.

They walked side by side to the door way; Edgar stopped half way through it turning his head to face him. "You know, you're the only other person who knows about this room.. Can you keep it a secret? If you do you can use it anytime you want." He almost bargained with him.

"I won't tell, I promise." Locke replied happily.

They shook on it, and just as he was about to drop Edgar's hand the young prince wouldn't let it fall.

"By the way," he was saying. "I found you...you're it."


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