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Locke began to stir beside the king and he scrunched his eyes tightly as if he were trying to open them and they were resisting it.

Edgar shifts beside him, and opened his eyes from the brief sleep he's had himself. The king looked at his love and sighed a light smile to his lips, and leaned up on an elbow and down to kiss gently on his eye lids then he lied back down and wrapped his arms around him more firmly, but not too tight.

"Looks as though your medicine is working, I hope to see you shortly." He said nuzzling at the side of his face with the front of his own. "Until then, you rest as long as you like."

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Locke walked a few steps ahead of the young prince Edgar who seemed to be a bit puzzled by what they were going to be doing out in a field that had literally nothing.

"Locke, what are we doing out here?" The youthful teenaged prince asked the almost teen in front of him.

The three of them- Edgar, Sabin, and Locke practically grew up together. They had spent many nights talking to one another in the other person's chosen room, or playing together in the castle, though some days when the boys would be getting training in becoming king someday, Locke would be outside having what he concidered to be sizable adventures.

Within the past five years he had become faster, stronger, and a bit sharp tempered to any one who may call him by his least favorite nickname- thief. As they had grown up Edgar and Sabin had become even more of a pair of twins, meaning they both loved each other very much as brothers but they also had different personalities to match their opposing suits.

Edgar for instance liked going to the opera where Sabin would rather fall off the nearest bridge than hear another high note; and Sabin who liked hiking and sports, he had also taken a shining to the martial arts that was floating around the lands, from a man named Duncan who lived in the mountain of Mt. Kolts where the young prince had found him on his usual climb up there; unlike Edgar who was specializing in mechanics and weaponary.

Locke loved both their personalities and liked hanging out with them together, or individually, even though choosing what to do next had become a bit tiring. The two princes would argue which idea were best and he would just sit back and laugh. Sometimes they still pulled that talk together thing on him which he loved about them even more...a part of him wanted something like that himself, but he had never known any family except for-...

"Hey Locke, watch this." Edgar asks of him as they walked out to the field where the soldiers trained for battle.

Edgar had promised Locke a day of training for himself incase anything happened, meaning since Locke had become more independant and came and went as he pleased, he'd also taken a habit of sleeping outside right out in the open- something he wanted Edgar to try but, he never got around to asking him.

He aimed an arrow at a target a few yards away and focused in on the very center. Locke was watching the target at first but Edgar's voice broke his concentration.

"Locke, watch my hand positioning." The thief turned his attention to Edgar's arms. "See nothing but the target and then..."

His vision tightened a bit more and Locke watched him, in all the beauty that he had gradually been seeing since he'd first met the two as boys.


The prince let the arrow go and Locke snapped his attention away from him hearing the sharp whizzing sound of the arrow as though it were cutting through the air itself, and just as Edgar knew it would, the point of the arrow pierced the black and white targets center circle.

"And it'll hit the center every time." He said as though he were finishing a sentence started a while ago.

"What a distance." Locke said to himself.

"Ready to try it out?" the prince asked and Locke nodded taking the weapon from him.

"Hold it like this?" He asked bringing his arms up like he thought Edgar had exampled.

"A little higher," he replied positioning his arm a little higher. "there you are...Remember look at the center and the circles around it will begin to fade so nothing is there but that big black dot."

He aimed the shot and tried to look past the rings on the outside of the circle, but when he let it go. "I think I need to be a little closer." Locke chuckled, looking at the arrow sticking out of a tree further past the target. "I've got good distance though." He complimented himself with a shrug.

Edgar smiled closing his eyes looking downward. "Here, let me help you." He suggested, standing behind Locke, he rests his hand on the male's wrists. "Right there." He continued holding on to them, then he helps Locke into the proper posture. "Make sure you keep your shoulders at this height, okay?"

Locke nodded closing his eyes thinking about the target but his mind was racing oddly about Edgar. He'd known that he was someone special, and he knew that he liked Edgar desperately as a friend but these feelings he was getting lately felt like something else completely.

His nose twitched a little with the close proximity; he's always like Edgar's scent when they were kids, he thought the twins smelled like soap and sandalwood, but even with wrestling and kidding around he's never felt the closeness as he does now. Even when he'd stumbled upon the prince's secret room, he didn't feel alone with him like he does now.

He took a deep breath through his nose and a bit past his mouth through parted lips, and he shuddered a bit; Edgar smelled like wine, rose wine but the scent tasted a little different- like the slightly sourish sweet taste of a cherry.

"And then you gently let it go." Edgar said, brushing a finger across Locke's knuckles making him release the arrow.

It cut through the air again snapping Edgar's arrow inhalf; the adventurer couldn't help but grin. "Well look at that, two shots and I'm already better than you."

Edgar laughed a silent ha ha ha at him then lightly out loud. "Come on, it's about five, and we should be getting back to Figaro." Edgar sized up the distance away with his vision.

"Come on Ed', let's explore some more- I haven't seen all of the town of Figaro yet." Locke replied kinda broken up that they had to go so soon.

"You mean to the south? I suppose we could go there, we can take a couple of birds."

He started walking towards the equipment tower to put away the bow stick and arrows. Locke ran down to the target and pulled the two of them out running back over to him to catch up.

"Thank you." Edgar said holding a hand out to him as he approached with the abandoned arrows.

"Here you go, Ed'." Locke handed them to the prince and he scrunched his face a little. "What?" The thief asked and Edgar shook his head.

"It's nothing. We better get to the stables." He replied.

"No, come on tell me." Locke pleaded wondering what he'd said to cause him to make that face.

"It's Ed'." He said simply and Locke looked a little lost.


"I always thought it kind of sounded like something you'd call a Chocobo or a dog, don't you?"

Locke looked a bit taken aback by that then shook his head. "I'm sorry, I didn't know it bothered you." He said and Edgar waved a hand.

"Don't be sorry, it's really not that big of a deal. Ha, a child grown up, I guess." He said.

"That's alright with me though, not calling you Ed', sometimes it comes out by force... it beats what I really wanna call you for short."

Edgar laughed a bit hearing that then turned to him with a smile. "What's that?"

Locke hesistated then walked a few steps ahead of him answering. "I don't know, sometimes I just mentally call to you, and I always hear myself saying Prince...just prince."

He shrugged nonchalantly, though trying to walk a bit faster but Edgar caught up to him easily and put a hand on his shoulder.

"I like the way that sounds, especially from you...you may call me prince all you want." He said and walked to the stables opening the doors, disappearing inside.

Locke couldn't help but feel a smile shadow his lips, but he took it away when the young prince returned.

"Ready to go?"

"Yeah." He replied and took the reigns of his bird watching Edgar mount his; he sighed remembering the smell and taste of him right then. 'Beautiful...' He said to himself climbing on his own.


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