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Locke and Edgar walked side by side through town looking at all the sight filled features South Figaro has to offer.

"This place is cool up close." Locke said looking into the weaponry shop window.

"Come, we'll get you something." Edgar said holding the door opened for his friend.

"We're going inside?" Locke asked going over to the door.

"Of course we are. Come in; these are some of the nicest people in the world."

They walked into the shop and the owner smiled over at them. "Hello boys, Prince eehhh...?" He thought for a moment.

"Edgar, sir." He helped him out and the man laughed to himself.

Looking cautiously at the three beefy guards, he chanced tousling the child's hair. "I know who you are, I just like messing with you. What can I do for you boys?" He then asked looking at Locke first.

The thief suddenly felt embarrassed by the fact that he was asked that question and he'd have to turn him down because he had no money.

"We're looking for swords, daggers, rapiers something we can fight with." Edgar answered to him pulling the ribbons out of his long hair and replacing them after fixing it back to it's normal, groomed manner.

Locke watched him for a second doing that then turned away before anyone could notice.

"Well let's see what we have here for you, come on to the display windows."

The two boys followed the man to the back of the room over to the weapons display case and Locke's eyes nearly fell from his head. "Wow, those are the most expensive looking things I've ever seen."

"Yep, and top quality too." The owner replied taking highly to the compliment.

"I will take that one." Edgar said pointing at a spear.

"You sure prince Edgar? That's a hard one to work with at your age, it's pretty heavy." The man replied, but opened the case with the key and took it out handing it to him.

"I'm sure. I've always wanted to work with one of them." He replied back. "Choose a weapon Locke." Edgar then said to him.

"Really?" He looked down at the glass and skimmed the knives and spears and dirks. "Hmm." He still couldn't decide on one then he looked over at a particular dirk that held his eye since he walked over there. "That one."

The thief pointed and the shop owner gladly handed it to him. The boy held the weapon in his hands and smiled at it, but it faded into a frown and he started to say he couldn't take it but Edgar placed the money for them on the counter and bowed to the owner politely.

"Thank you, good bye." He took Locke's hand and walked them out of the shop. "We better get home now." Edgar was saying heading to the town's entrance to leave.

Locke was looking down at the object in his hand and something felt wrong about it. "Edgar, I can't take this." He said quietly catching up to him slowly so the prince slowed down for him.

"Why can't you?" He asked with concern.

Locke shook his head holding it out to him. "Because you've already done so much nice stuff for me, I can't keep tabs on how many 'I owe yous' forever; I'd never keep money." He blurted out not really wanting it to sound as harsh as he thought it had.

"You don't owe me a thing, no money back or anything of that nature. I want you to have this and everything Figaro gives you." Edgar suddenly pulled his lips in as though he had just licked them and they didn't come back out from it. "I didn't mean to make that sound as bad as it did. I'm sorry, Locke." He said hoping he hadn't hurt his friends feelings.

He knew Locke had lived on the streets before he moved into Figaro per say, and having that said to you would make you sound like a charity case, and he really wasn't they all loved him and wanted him to stay there if he liked; they couldn't stress that enough he was free to leave, if he liked.

"Edgar...let's just forget about it okay. I would just much rather you didn't buy things for me all the time, I'd like to do stuff for myself sometimes." The boy said. "I think I'm old enough by now." He also added for proof. "If you think fourteen is old enough," he laughed to himself but cast his eyes downward still feeling a little badly for what he'd said.

"Does this mean we're still friends?" He then asked.

"Of course we are Prince. You're not loosing me over one little dirk... Now if you'd of bought me a dagger I'd never speak to you again." The mock sincerity was clear, he'd even crossed his arms and turned his nose up.

"Never?" Edgar asked in all seriousness.

Locke huffed out a laugh to the sound of his friend's worried voice and placed an arm heavily around his shoulders. "You really are a prince, aren't you?" He teased, walking them out of the town together. "Come on, let's go beat each others brains out with these."


He took off running towards the mountain area with Edgar following, taking the challenge of the game. The two of them had played all the rest of the day; night was creeping around the corner on them and they both stopped their dual, resting against a tree out in the middle of the field from exhaustion.

"Are we dead yet?" Edgar asked through a laugh.

"Nah, we were brave and fought well sooo we won." Locke replied dropping to his butt on the ground. "So what do war heros do afterwards?" The thief asked.

Edgar wracked his brains to try to remember childhood, when his father went to war for the first time. "I believe we celebrate now." He replied but Locke looked at him as though nothing in the world would move him from that spot right then. "We could just sleep. Come on, we'll go back to Figaro." Edgar suggested getting up.

The sun had already disappeared and he hadn't intended for them to be outside that long.

"Lay down like me." Locke said to that; laying straight out on his back bending a knee for comfort. "We'll sleep outside just like a campout."

Edgar looked skeptical. "Right there, on the ground?" He asked and Locke nodded to him holding up a hand for him to take. "...If you say its alright, then it must be okay." Edgar replied taking his hand and sitting on the ground.

He made sure he lay his pony tail over his shoulder and down his chest so it wouldn't get grass in it and he lay back placing his arms behind his head to avoid the grass on the back of it as well. Locke smiled watching him do this, he then closed his eyes feeling the boy lying next to him.

"Locke, may I ask you something?" Edgar said once they got situated in the same lying fashion, on their back with one knee bent upward, and an arm or arms behind their head.

"Sure." He replied to him.

"Why are you always wearing those gloves? Did your mother or father give them to you?" He asked trying not to be nosy.

"Nope." Locke said shaking his head. "I got these off a boat before I came here- to Figaro."

"Why do you wear them all the time, if you don't mind my asking. Is it that you like brown?" He turned his head to the young thief meeting eyes with him again like when they were kids.

Locke glanced away but back again not wanting to look away this time. "I wear them because..." his words trailed off because he wasn't sure how he'd react, would he call him a thief too? No, Edgar would never do that. He sucked in a breath and let it slide out as easily as he could think of so he wouldn't sound guilty. "I wear them because I have a scar on my hand and I wanna cover it up." He squeezed out.

It felt like a relief to get that off his chest; the cut the man had placed on his palm never healed from poor bandaging and Locke didn't want everyone to see it and feel even more sorry for him then they probably already did, not to mention it forever branded his sticky hands as those of a thief. Locke wasn't a baby and he didn't wanna be treated like one. He also never stole what wasn't needed. He had lived on the streets since forever and he wasn't about to let this lifestyle or whatever he could call it change him from who he was inside, regardless the free ride offered to him; he never did anything that didn't repay the favor to them for all they've given him.

"How did your palm get cut?" He heard Edgar ask and he blinked back into the conversation.

"The shop owner in Nikeah, when I was little, that day I was at the castle is when it happened. I needed something to eat so I borrowed some bread, the guy saw me and freaked out then- slash, right when I returned that stupid loaf of bread. The King was amazing, he saved me from him in the first place. ...But I would have been fine if I hadn't gone back." Locke had heat in his words as though if he were sent back to that time he may have tried to hurt the man back the way he had hurt him. "Then the guy called me a thief, ha. If I'm a thief, what does that make him royalty? I've seen that guy take things all the time, and he calls me a thief."

Edgar frowned to the sound of that, those shop owners could be real jerks sometimes and he didn't like the way they treated other people, maybe he could do something about it...someday. "May I see it?" He asked.

Locke looked a little surprised by that but nodded and knelt up on his elbow to slide his glove off of his hand. He had long since removed the bandage once it had healed and now it was just a long gash diagonal in his hand.

"Ouch." Edgar said as though he were brought right to that moment seeing it, then he did something that took Locke by complete shock. The prince leaned forward and kissed his palm gently and softly as though he were made of the silk roses he smells like. "A kiss always makes my pain feel better." He said backing away from his hand and lying back down against the grass still holding Locke's hand gently in his own.

It'd been a while since any other human skin had touched Locke's own, and it felt nice really nice coming from Edgar. Without knowing what he were doing himself he rolled up on his elbow and leaned down kissing Edgar on the lips.

Edgar looked a bit shocked, and his eyes glanced open a second but they closed again as he let the feel of Locke's lips wash over him for a moment; they felt and taste like a bit of sricky honey mixed with an ounce of roughness that made it all the better in taste and texture; to Locke, Edgar taste like cherry, sweet and mild; and when Locke opened his mouth the scent that used to fill his nose is now filling mouth as he sucks in a breath of lost air. Locke leaned over to heighten the kiss but a voice in the distance and broke them apart.

"Locke! Edgar is that you?!" The voice called.

It was Sabin. He's heading towards them from what looked like not too far away, waving and smiling the whole time. "Fancy seeing you two here." He said when he was closer and watched them stand up. "You two planning on training too? Don't tell me you're napping already?" He threw back his head and laughed.

"What do you mean, training?" Edgar asked trying not to be obvious about catching his breath. "Duncan, he lives in a cabin out there." He pointed back in the direction he'd just come from. "You guys wanna train right, I mean that's why you're out here with weapons." He noted looking at the two objects lying on the ground.

"No we just bought some weapons, we were going back to the castle but we stopped to play first." Locke said saving them.

"Oh. Give me a lift? I don't have a bird with me." He climbed onto Edgar's and kicked it's sides lightly calling over his shoulder. "See you when you get back!" And he was out of sight.

They both looked back at the one bird against the tree and laughed nervously. "Looks as though we're riding together." Edgar said.

"Well I could walk, it's no big deal."

Edgar shook his head taking Locke's hand in his walking over to the bird with him.

"I can't let you walk." He dropped his hand as though he really didn't want to, but he needed both to mount the Chocobo. "Come on, maybe we can catch up to Sabin and beat him home."

"Right." Locke smiled and climbed up as well wrapping his arms around Edgar's waist.

"Hold on tight, okay?" He said to him and Locke held on to him as though it were saying forever.


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