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Locke rolled to the left banging into the wall next to it. "Ooow." He responded and rubbed his eyes yawning a bit.

Edgar was next to him asleep, and he smiled at him.

"That would explain why I love you so much, huh?" He said to him refering to his staying beside him when he's sick and the kissing his injuries in his dream. He tried to get out of bed but had a little trouble. "Rrr..." he grunted as his foot shakily hit the floor.

All the movement on the bed opened the king's eyes and he saw Locke's back to him trying to get off the bed. "Need some help?" The king asked leaning up on one arm.

"Hey Prince, I thought you'd be out for a while now." He leaned over and kissed him warmly on the lips then backed away.

"Where are you going to?" Asked the spoken to.

Locke tilted his head in that direction. "Bathroom."

Edgar laughed to that getting himself up first, and standing before the other man he holds out a hand.

"It's okay, I can do it." Locke replied to the offer.

"Oh, I know." Edgar was saying still waiting for his lover to take his hand. "But, I want to help you anyway."

The thief thought it over and took his hand; he's helped him so far, why not let himself be taken care of, he actaually liked it. "Lead the way."


"Careful now." Instructs the king when leading Locke back into the bed.

And the thief was stumbling on the way in. "Man, is walking for you always this hard?" He joked; Edgar gave him a mock angry glance before picking Locke up into a carrying position.

"I walk better when I don't have a sickness drunk treasure hunter at my side." He replied to the joke and kissed his cheek. "Which reminds me, you're sick. The doctor brought some medicine for you and you have to take a spoonful."

Locke frowned at the sound of that, he hated the way the medicine tastes, and he'd rather live with the poisoning than take even a tear drop of that. "So, he cured my poison?"

Edgar nods to him; exacting the amount to give him from the bottle.

The thief swallowed hard at the sight of it. "So if I'm cured then I don't need the medicine, right?" He then asked him.

"It's not that bad, Locke." Looking over at him, he extends the spoon towards the patient's mouth. "Open." He instructed him but, Locke shook his head. "Please?" Edgar begged but Locke responded to that by pulling his lips into his mouth. "Well then, I'll just have to give it to you the fun way, won't I?"

The thief raised a brow to that; feeling Edgar sit down on the bed he was ready to fight him tooth and nail until he watched as his lover stick the spoon into his own mouth, and gesture to him with a face that this was better then just taking it from the spoon and Locke had to agree with that. He placed his hands on Edgar's face and kissed him, opening his mouth he tilts back as Edgar leans over him.

When Edgar opened his mouth the liquid slid out of it and into Locke's, the potion slipped easily down his throat. "Mmm." He responded kissing deeper into his mouth and moving his tongue in for more of the medicine; I mean, he is supposed to take it after all.

'So light headed.' Locke thought feeling sleep take over him.

Edgar continued to kiss him, coiling his tongue around the thief's and sliding it back in making friction that felt like a chainsaw being started up. A moan came from his mouth as he urged the thief on.

'Sorry Edgar.' Locke thought as his eyes heavied themselves and he fell asleep.

9 9 9

The youthful boy's are sitting at the dining table for a snack of cheese and fruit juice. Sabin is telling the two of them a life long story about what he was going to do in the day, and they gave him full attention- mostly to try to take it away from themselves- neither of the teen's had ever felt anything like that before and it was kind of scary to think about it happening again, though they knew for sure that they liked each other.

"So this kid right, his name is Vargas and he's Duncan's son, he's a total jerk! How can someone have such a nice dad and turn out to be a jerk?" He asked them; neither one had the answer to that question. "Any how, we're gonna learn new blitzes tomorrow afternoon when I can go there." The twin prince grabbed another cracker and some swiss, placing a spread on the top of it then shoved the whole thing in his mouth.

Locke's legs scrunched at the thighs and he cleared his throat. "Edgar's been teaching me archory, I'm getting pretty good at it too."

"Oh yeah?" Sabin said looking at his brother for confirmation.

"It's true." Edgar replied.

Locke smiled at the very sound of his voice but tried to keep it down. "I'm good at sword fighting too." He added.

"Well you've got a good resume; wanna fight sometime?" Sabin half pleads.

Locke looked at him as though he were already watching himself get massacred by the other boy who was a year older than him, and pounds bigger! He swallowed hard his nerves.

"Maybe someday." He replied; Sabin leaned his head back throwing out his usual laugh.

"Maybe someday. You're startin' to sound like Ed' over here." The prince said slipping out of his seat running to the door saying over his shoulder. "Come on, we'll get some swords from storage and fight in the backyard. I promise I won't butcher you."

As he opened the door he smacked into the queen, who's just coming into the room, and he backed away with a smile. "Hi mom. We were just on our ways out to sword fight," the other two boys walked away from the table and over to where the queen and Sabin were standing.

"It will have to wait I'm afraid. Edgar, Sabin, come with me a moment... your father and I need a word with you."

"Okay, mom." Sabin responded.

"Yes mother." Edgar said following them out the door.

"I'll be outside." Locke said as the door was closing before him. He sighed and walked back to the table grabbing a quick drink then walked away.


"Ha! Hi-yah!" Locke said swinging a sword around stabbing at the air.

He threw the sword behind him as though it were knocked from his hand.

"You think that'll stop me?" He said to the air, and pulled an arrow from the carrier on his back and then slid the bow from around his shoulders. He took an aim and fired. "In coming!" He called out seeing someone in the distance.

It didn't take that long a look to see that it was Edgar and he moved to the side just missing getting hit, yet he was still shocked a bit to see it coming towards him.

"I'm sorry, Edgar, are you hurt?" He asked when he reached him and the boy nodded sadly.

"May we talk, inside?" The prince asked him.

Nodding, with a concern look on his face he follows; what could they have talked about with the king and queen? Do they want him to leave? Was he too much of a pain or a handful to feed? He didn't know what would be worse at that moment; when they reached Edgar's room the prince closed the big solid cherry wood doors and turned to the thief with a sigh.

"Locke I-..." he began but Locke cut him off saying.

"Edgar, I'll leave if I have to but I won't stop seeing you...I like you too much for that."

Edgar looked a little confused then he smiled and joined him on the bed. "I like you too much to ever let my parents tell you to go." Edgar said to his conclusion.

"That's not it?" Locke asked with relief.

"No, it's much worse than that...we're having a party tonight, and you can't be there." He said looking at him in all seriousness.

"Ah haha, you're kidding me right? That's nothing compared to what I was thinking." Locke said pushing Edgar on the shoulder.

"You mean, you're not upset?" The prince asked him.

"Not at all! It's just one little party, there'll be other ones I can go to, I'm sure."

Edgar let out a sigh of relief and pushed him down on the bed. "You're so great, Locke." He kissed him on the lips and then backed away slowly.

They'd been close before, sure, and they'd given each other friendly kisses on the cheek over the years, but this was the first time they'd ever really kissed on the lips except last year when they were laying on the grass together, but Sabin had interupted it, doing it again would be a risk neither of them were ready to take.

"Promise me you'll stay away from the ball room tonight?" Edgar said as a question rather than a request.

"I will..." he said and added in a whisper to him. "But it's gonna be hard to stay away from you."

Edgar slid off the bed and pulled him up too, with the distance he walked while holding his hand. "It's gonna be hard to stay away from you too, but you're gonna have to... just hang out in my room until I get back okay?" The prince looked at him pleadingly, he couldn't let Locke come to that party and he also couldn't tell him why not because he would hate him for sure.

"I will, don't worry." Locke replied and Edgar placed his lips to his again. "I could really get used to this." He said backing away and closed the door behind him.

9 9 9

Locke hung out in Edgar's room, as he'd suggested, but he got bored easily being cooped up in one place for too long, he was a mover not a sit still and be good kinda person. "I won't go to the ball room," he was saying to himself. "I'll go outside and explore some more, who knows maybe I could find a cave with burried treasure in it." He walked to the doors and opened them stepping into the hall way.

He could hear the music from the distance, and as he walked in that direction to leave the castle he couldn't help but wanna see Edgar just for a second. He might be standing around bored wanting Locke to have looked in on him. "Ha, who am I kidding since... when has Edgar ever joked about something?" He said walking by the door, but his feet backed him up any way and he cracked the door.

"Ahaha, isn't it delightful?" He heard a female's voice. "What the-...?" He asked himself seeing that the whole room was full of girls, young girls around the boys' ages.

"What's going on?" He knelt down for a better unseen look of the room. Edgar wasn't in sight. He did though see Sabin showing off his muscle lifting a solid made chair over his head having four girls giggle to the sight of it.

"I'd be delighted to dance with you."

He heard Edgar's voice say and his heart began to pound in his ears. 'He wouldn't.' Locke thought to himself.

His eyes had shown different though, Edgar walked out to the floor and began to waltz with this...blonde bimbo. He was smiling at her and talking to her lowly; Locke had seen more than he could stand of that and ran off, catching his foot on one of the doors accidently and yanking it shut noisily as his foot was pulled free from the slight tag.

Everyone in the room heard the sound and turned to see what it was, although the dining room door was slightly opened they saw nothing wrong with that. It could have been a guard looking in on them or another helper bringing in food that they hadn't seen. But Edgar knew who it was, and he felt a sick lump build in his stomach and throat.

Locke ran downstairs and out the front doors, wanting to cry, but unable. The guard looked down at him and reached out a hand for comfort but Locke pulled away, and ran around the side of the castle.

"Stupid party, stupid girl...stupid Edgar for lying to me." He sucked in his breath trying not to cry, but he felt it coming and to avoid having anyone else see he slipped into the outside entrance to their secret room.

The thief walked over to the bed and slammed himself down onto it crying silently. His hands were pinned at his sides as he let the tears fall to his legs. "Why did he do this to me, why did he make me...I can't even say it out loud anymore!" He shouted into the air and ran a hand over his face.

"Poor Locke." He jumped startled and looked up.

"Who are you?" He asked a dark figure sitting in the corner of the room on a chair.

"I'm Nexsis." It replied lifting a hand that left a trail of smoke behind where it had been before.

"What are you doing down here? Nobody knows about this place but me and Edgar." Locke said trying not to sound terrified. No one had known about the room but he and Edgar, so how was it that this guy could find it?

"Oh Lockey boy, don't look so surprised I know about everything." The shadow said. "I even know what that Edgar has done to you up there, taking your heart and then ripping it to shreds with a girl of all things."

Locke looked down with a frown, he was upset sure but to be told about it from a stranger just made him mad. "What am I supposed to do about it? Edgar likes girls now, meaning he won't like me anymore."

The shadow floated over towards him with a simpathetic sound.

In the slight light, Locke could make out more of the thing and he shrank back away from it's grasp as it got closer. "What are you?" He asked it, when the black figure looking like a human smoke cloud came up beside him.

"Why... I'm you're friend, Locke." It answered with a smoke trailing hand brushing across the boy's face.

"...I don't know." Locke said moving over a bit but the dust was consuming him in the area as though it were holding onto him.

"Do you love him, Locke?" It asked and he nodded. "Say it." He ordered.

"I love him, I love Edgar." He replied as though he had no choice of the matter.

"Well, do you want to see him with some tart or yourself?" It then asked; Locke looked as though he were in a trance as he smiled and answered it.


"And if he won't stay with you?" It asked waiting for the answer it wanted to hear.

"I'll kill him." Locke answered pleasing the creature beyond all belief.

"Then when he comes down here...Do it." It began to laugh as it faded away into nothing leaving Locke alone in the room.

"If he won't love me. If he can't accept a male lover... He won't love anyone else." The boy said tightening his grip on a dagger that was left in his hands.


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