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"Locke are you down here?" Edgar called into the stairwell leading down into the secret room.

Locke didn't answer but he heard Edgar's foot steps walking down the stair way.

"Locke?" He said again; a lone sniffle, not wanting to be loud enough to be heard, caught his attention and he let out a sigh of relief. "Locke I-..." the prince started but the thief cut him off.

"Go away, go back to your precious party with all your stupid giggling girls. I don't need you anymore."

"Locke you don't mean that, do you?" Edgar asked sitting on the bed beside him.

Locke is seated on the bed with his back against the headboard, and his arms were behind his head but when Edgar sat down he dropped them to his waist touching the dagger under his upper leg, that he's sitting on to conceal it. Edgar sat in silence for a moment letting Locke get an answer, but he wasn't saying anything.

The prince's eyes lowered and stared at his lap; a tear fell to his hand but he tried choking them back. "Locke?"

The thief sniffled and turned his head to him. "Say it, you played with my heart and now the joke is over." He answered him.

"What?...Is that what you think this was all about? You've got it all wrong..." Edgar tried to take Locke's hands but he moved them away. "If I tell you the truth would you even believe me right now?" Asked Edgar rather hurt from what just happened.

Locke thought it over. 'What am I doing? Of course I wanna hear the truth.' The thief thought turning to Edgar. "Go ahead." He permitted.

Edgar smiled at the shine of hope that he wasn't entirely angry at him.

"The party was for my family, Locke..." He looked at him to see if it were registering, and he went on. "Our father is..." he couldn't quite get the words out; though he and Sabin had always suspected something were wrong, they never wanted to believe it until today. "...He's dying Locke."

Edgar swallowed the words back down, but they kept coming out along with tears that were falling downward onto his hands. A hand came up to Edgar's face wiping a tear and held the prince's face on each side.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know..." the thief whispered wiping more tears from the other's face. "But then...what was the party for?" He couldn't help but ask.

"My parents don't want the line to end with me and Sabin for someone else to take over Figaro...They wanted us to meet nice girls, and maybe get a girlfriend that we could love more someday and have children so the name would live on but," he paused. "Sabin and me aren't into it though, we just did it to make them happy." He looked at the other boy right in the eyes. "Locke I could never love a girl-..."

"Well maybe none of them in the room-..." He cut him off, but Edgar put his mouth to his and kissed him.

When he backed away he whispered to him. "None at all. Locke, I'm in love with you."

Locke blinked hearing that, as if something had washed out of him right then. "You are?"

Edgar nodded and pressed their faces closer together answering. "I am."

Locke kissed him wanting more. Edgar pressed Locke down on the bed and lay on top of him, he could feel a strain forming in his pants as he pressed against the boy under him. Locke must have felt it too because he began moving his hips up and down against Edgar's hardening erection. A moan escaped his mouth and ran into Edgar's followed by his tongue which the prince's chased back into his mouth.

Locke's hands found their way through Edgar's hair and he untied the ribbons that held it in a ponytail letting it fall loose around his shoulders. He'd never seen Edgar's hair out before and couldn't help but steal a look at him. 'Gods you're beautiful.' He thought.

"Locke?" He heard him saying.

"Yes." Locke answered sliding his tongue along the prince's jawline. "I want to..." he kissed him with a pause. "make love with you."

"Me too." He kissed him again.

"But I don't know how." The thief looked away feeling kind of ashamed.

"Don't be," Edgar replied to the expression. "we can teach each other."

Edgar placed his hands to Locke's hips and tugged at his pants; the thief raised himself upwards so they could be pulled down. Their members pushed together making a moan come from both of them, they land into each others mouths. Edgar's hand slipped down between Locke's legs and grabbed a hold of his hard-on giving it light squeezes that Locke bucked his hips into it.

His breath had become ragged, feeling every vein in his member tightening up. "Wait." Edgar whispered into his ear moving the Locke's vest aside and licking his nipple through his shirt. Locke helped him out by lifting his shirt up so that his prince could feel his skin. "Mmm." He moaned at the taste of him and rolled his tongue around the protruding skin.

Locke began to figit under him, panting harder and harder.

The thief removed the rest of his shirt from his chest; Edgar's hands left his shaft and placed themselves at Locke's sides. "No, don't." He strained out, but was met again in he cherry tasting kiss.

Locke's hands decided to explore for themselves and found their way down to Edgar's pants, where he slipped them between the skin and fabric grabbing a hold of his erection giving it a squeeze as well.

"Ahh." The prince sighed and grabbed back onto Locke's member.

They pressed akwardly against each other at first, but then making a pattern they grinded against one another rhythmically; never taking their lips apart until Locke moved his to Edgar's neck. He sucked on it hungrily as though he'd bite through it if he could, and Edgar breathed into the thief's neck yanking rather hard on his throbbing member.

"Take your shirt off." Locke whispered into his lover's skin then returned to his sucking.

Edgar moved away from the thief for a moment to slip his shirt up over his head, tossing it to the floor.

Locke looked up at him and nearly lost his breath seeing him sitting on top of him naked. "Gods you're beautiful." He breathed out.

Edgar grinned at him then lowered himself back down and kissed him. When he came back upright to a sitting position, he brought Locke up with him and sat him on his thighs and started thrusting upwards.

The thief wrapped his arms around the prince and groaned into his shoulder, biting down gently into it and Edgar began to do the same. The twos legs began to sweat as their body temperatures picked up; pre-cum trickled from Edgar's shaft and he let out a slight sound of pain, he could feel the same reaction in Locke as it rested against his stomach. The liquid slid down against his erection like fire, and Edgar hummed wanting to feel it again.

Keeping an arm around Locke's waist he moved a hand to the thief's length and squeezed it tightly; Locke picked up speed again to ride his hand, producing more fluid from it, as well as Edgar's own; he rests them against Locke's torso rubbing his palm over them vigorously; licking at the squirts that hit his chest.

Locke stood up on his knees over Edgar's lap and repositioned himself so that he has a better angle to move within his grasp. With Locke standing, Edgar was forced to stroke himself; and he continued to pepper kisses on Locke's chest.

"...Edgar..." He breathed out; but Edgar hadn't heard him, he was too entranced by the taste of the thief.

Locke's panting grew more ragged, and his thrusting became more violent into Edgar's fist as he felt the sensation of it in the prince's hand. When Edgar moved his hips up again, into his own hand, that was all it had took for him to come into contact with Locke's rear and slip between his cheeks and into his body. He yelped in pain causing Edgar to freeze his movements; he'd felt what happened and it didn't seem like it should have.

Panicked, he looks at Locke and asks. "Are you all right, did I hurt you?"

The other boy shook his head, but looked as though it had really hurt.

"Maybe we should stop, I don't wanna hurt you-..." Edgar suggested, but Locke shook his head kissing the prince on the lips again.

"I wanna keep going, it doesn't hurt that much." Edgar wasn't too sure about that but if Locke wanted to keep going then he did as well.

Figuring it wouldn't hurt as much, he lay Locke back down on his back and moved his hips a bit to comfort them in the position. Locke's legs were up on Edgar's back while the prince's knees were up at his lover's hips keeping them in place as he thrust inside him again. Locke let out another cry of pain so Edgar slowed his movements, down kissing Locke gently hoping it would ease the pain.

It seemed to be working because Locke was moaning in pleasure now and moving into Edgar more, as he thrust himself towards his body. Edgar panted into Locke's neck feeling sinfully satisfied tucked into Locke's body heat, and held tighter than his hand could become. Getting a pace, he's thrusting and jerking at a speed pleasing to both of them. It was too much- "Aaahhhh!" Locke softened in Edgar's grasp; the prince licked the liquid away before kissing the thief's mouth giving him a taste of himself as well.

The harder he kissed him the more Edgar thrust into Locke's opening and then he came, spilling himself inside of Locke whose body jumped at the suprise and warmth of it. Edgar let the moan drown out Locke's as he sank down onto him panting hard. Edgar rolled over on his back and slipping easily out of Locke so he wouldn't hurt him and he pulled him on top of his body. Edgar caressed his little lover's back and gave him a single kiss.

"This is how we'll be everytime after, our hearts on either side so we can keep the love complete," he kissed Locke again. "I don't want your back to me, just like I don't want mine to you...I always wanna see you the second I wake up, and I always wanna be around you- don't ever forget that. No girl can come between us."

Locke smiled to himself.

"But I am a prince, and some day I will take the throne and have to produce an heir."

"I know." He said a bit down.

"I'm in love with you."

Locke closed his eyes to the sound of that and smiled letting out a breath. "I'm glad to hear that, because I feel the same way about you... and about it. And I promise that nothing's gonna change, and no one is gonna come between us ever...I love you prince."

"I love you too, treasure hunter." He repeats, hugging him. "Ow."

"What was that from?" Locke asked and Edgar looked down.

"My leg just got a shot of pain." The prince looked down at it and saw a dab of blood there. "How did that happen?" He asked and Locke closed his eyes feeling tears come.

"I'm sorry." He said to him.

"About what?" Edgar asked wiping the tears that had fallen.

"For not trusting you, and then going into the dining room and...this." He said holding up a dagger that had a spot of blood on it.

"I'm surprised we didn't hit it sooner. What are you doing with that?" Edgar asked getting a little worried.

"I didn't stab you, or even poke you." Locke tried to explain. "It was in the bed with us, we must have leaned on it."

"How did it get here?" He continued to question.

"This guy was here...this thing anyway and it gave it to me. It was telling me all these things and I stupidly..."

9 9 9

Locke opened his eyes and looked around the room. He heard Edgar's voice in the hall way along with a woman's. 'What was that all about? That never happened, well we did make love but that part before...what was his name again? Who was it?' Locke thought scratching his head.

"Is he awake?" The woman's voice said.

"I believe so, just let me check." Edgar said opening the door and looking in. Locke smiled at him and he smiled back. "You have a visitor." He said turning his head away and nodding to the woman, Edgar stepped aside and let her walk by into the room.

"Hello." She said walking in. "I'm sorry to be so informal, I don't know your name." She explained.

"It's Locke, hi. You're the woman in the woods right?"

"Yes, my name's Lidia. Nice to meet you." She shook his hand; he smiled to her, and his eyes glanced behind her to Edgar who was approaching from behind. "I brought you soup from my home. It's chicken noodle."

"Thanks." He replied setting the bowl down beside himself on the bed.

"Well uh...I really must be going now, good bye." She said to him then turned and bowed at Edgar.

"Wait milady." The woman turned around and bowed again.

"Yes, my king?"

"I want to give you a reward, for saving Locke." He answered.

"What for, I don't understand... it was he who saved me."

Edgar shook his head, and took a pouch from beside his belts holding it out to her. "Take it...I insist." The woman looked at it but still couldn't. "Please...there are five thousand gold pieces in this pouch, which I feel isn't nearly enough for this man's life, but I wanted to give you something. So please?"

The woman took the pouch and bowed politely to him. "Thank you my king. This is very kind of you." She backed out of the room bowing still, until the guard walked her to the door and closed it behind him.

Edgar heard a sound from Locke and turned around. "How much am I worth?" He asked with a grin.

"About a pheasant missing a wing." Edgar replied grinning too and giving him a kiss.

"Prince, you won't believe the dreams I had; it was like a reflection of our younger lives." Locke began. "But something was off about it, something that wasn't there before."

"You must have dreamt it up then, dreams do tend to change reality a bit." The king said wrapping his arms around his lover's waist.

"I thought that too for a minute but then," he trailed off a minute. "there was this thing in our secret room. He said he knew about it, you, me, about us- everything."

"You're serious about this?" Edgar said looking at Locke's face.

"Edgar I think something got into my dream and changed it around." The thief stated seriously.

"How would that be possible?" The king asked but Locke shook his head.

"I don't know...it's probably nothing anyway." He said putting on a smile. "Let's replay the best part of my dream."

"And what might that be?" Edgar asked, but knew by the look on Locke's face and his movements that they were going to make love like the first time...like everytime.

But one thing still left question in Locke's mind...How did Edgar get a blood stain on his pants?

The End


Commentary: Thanks for reading, seriously. I wanna do FFVI justice and these, to me, aren't it. I did this when I was younger and thought, why not. Meanwhile, you wanna mental paste FFVI on some characters read The Regency Murders from Ashley Gardner Edgar as Lacey and Setzer as Grenville hoo haa what fun. Amazon has a free download of the first book. Go now!


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