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Aboard the Blackjack II, one cool evening in May.

Setzer is in its kitchen cooking dinner. He walked over to the sink, dumping a bowl of noodles into a collinder; everything was going fine until with preparing dinner when... He draws in a sharp breath seeing a wall of flames jump up from his stove!

The gambler quickly grabbed a pot from the rack above the island counter, and filled it with water which he hurriedly dumps it on the grumbling flame to put it out only...

"Oh no."

The water hit the flames as though it were gasonline, causing the inferno to spread across the counter in a rolling wave! He looked around frantically for something- anything- that could help him.

The fire embers transformed into little tiny monsters that danced around the counter then onto his shirt. "AH!" He brushed at his shirt trying to remove them, off but it isn't working. He fell against the wall in a panic; the burn is getting into his skin! He was losing it, and it wasn't helping him get the flames off any faster.

'I've got to get out of here!' He thought to himself. But when he tried to stand he was jumped by the whole fleet of them. "Aaaah!" He cried out in horrid, arresting pain. And just when he felt his life slipping into darkness, he snapped his eyes open breathing hard and rasp.

'It was a dream, the whole bloody thing was a dream and-...' But it wasn't a dream! The flames from his dream are currently dancing along the walls of his bedroom! He stood up on the bed. 'I've got to save my ship.' He thought of it before anything else. It too a second to decide on it, and jumped to the chandellier swinging himself across the room landing heavily to the wooden floor.

His feet pound down the hall to the top deck of the flying vessel. Setzer had no other choice but to land. Unfortunately, if he was going to save the Blackjack... it was gonna have to be in the water.

The gambler went to the control panel and started the ship's motor, rolling the wheel towards the South Figaro sea; he pressed on the gas as hard as he could, and finally saw the stretch of the ocean just as the deck of the ship began to fall through.

0 0 0

Out in the fields of South Figaro.

Locke is laying on his back under a tree; Sabin is doing some of his blitz fighting techniques; Edgar had to stay at the castle for important business matters, and he told the two of them- after seeing what they did with the ham for luncheon- to go outside until he's finished. So now they were kicking back in the shade out in the warmth of the sun.

"Ya know, Ed' sure lacks a funny bone." Sabin was saying, in the midsts of doing a move without looking at Locke.

The thief just lifted an eyelid open to look at him. "What makes you say that?" He asked; Sabin shrugged, continuing as though he'd never stopped talking. "I mean the ham was still good, it was just a little airborn." He suddenly broke into a fit of laughter.

Locke chuckled a second before saying to his muscular friend. "You've just got too much funny bone."

"Maybe." The blitz master stopped what he was doing to join Locke on the grass. "Aaahhh." He sighed in refresh, and closed his eyes.

They were both about to drift off when they heard coughing in the distance and a casual swear. Both of the mens eyes snap open, and they turn their head looking at each other with the same question.

"You heard it too?" Sabin asked; and the theif nodded standing up.

The two of them run over to where the ocean meets the sand; and at the very sight of the mop of white hair they knew who the voice belonged too.

"Setzer!?" Locke called to him.

Sabin came up by the gambler's side, just as he turned himself around to face where he'd just come from, taking a seat on the grass. "He's gone..." The man said in a flat tone.

"Who's gone?" Sabin asked putting a hand on his shoulder.

"The Blackjack."

The two men let out a loud sigh of relief and bitterness for worrying them even a little.

Not missing the absense of concern, he chides. "Thanks for caring, really, I'm fine." Setzer said sarcastically.

The pair only snicker, patting him on the shoulder. "It's not that." The thief said and looked out into the ocean. "It's just that you always crash that thing, and you always act as though it's the end of the world... but then you get it back. So why worry?"

Setzer looked at him and blinked. "I do not always crash it. And regardless being able to repair it, its never easy. Not to mention it's at the bottom of the blasted ocean!" He answered grabbing his hair into a ponytail and squeezed it out.

"What happened, exactly?" Sabin asked as he crouched down beside him.

"Well," the gambler started, "I was asleep, having this really horrible dream that my ship was on fire... next thing you know I wake up and my ship really is on fire." His head drooped downward. "I'd like to know how that fire got started in the first place?"

"Do you think maybe you left the stove on all night?" Locke threw out an explaination as to why there might have been a fire. "The heat could have ignited the wood."

"No, I'm pretty sure it was off; besides that, I was in and out of the kitchen before I went to bed and none of them were on. More importantly, the fire was in my bedroom."

Sabin scratched his chin and said. "Maybe someone snuck on board and did it? It wouldn't be the first time some one's tried to kill us." He then added. "And with you letting on any random stranger to gamble in your casino... well, I don't know what else to say..." the blitzmaster trailed off because Setzer shook his head to even that- although it would make sense.

"No one was on my ship yesterday. I was flying around the whole time, I even left it in the air when I was going to bed."

Locke raised a hand and slapped him between the shoulderblades, and grinned. "Don't hang your head just yet, old man." He said cheerfully.

"Why not?" The gambler asked.

"Because Edgar has a set of armed fork-lifts that are controlled by levers..." he saw their blank expressions. "Figaro Sea isn't that deep it can reach in and get your ship easy."

Setzer's face suddenly brightened at the sound of that; and he threw soggy, wet arms around the thief's neck.

"Aaahh," Locke was making little noises of protest to the hug because, even though it's sunny outside, it was still a windy day and he had on thin clothes. "Setz'... maybe you could give me a friendly hand shake."

Not hearing the protest, the gambler backed away saying, "Thank you, Locke. I'll owe you one."

"Well, he is my brother." Sabin was saying wanting a reward too.

Sezter just laughed merrily, before running towards Figaro castle.

"Wait!" Locke said remembering that Edgar was in a meeting.

"Setzer wait!" Sabin called and they ran after him.

Somewhere in Thamasa.

Terra is visiting Relm for the day; the little girl took them outside to draw the flowers growing in the town. Relm's were beautifully done, with color and life that matched nature's beauty perfectly. Terra's just looked like a drawn piece of crumpled paper with a stem, but she smiled down at it with pride.

"How's this?" She asked the young artist, who looked over at it with mock scrutany.

"Hmm... If you have a day job you'd better keep it, because that thing is the pits." She replied but smiled to let her know it was all in fun.

"Hmm, maybe you're right?" The Esper held the drawing up and turned it side ways. "It definitly looks better this way." She said mostly to herself then grabs a blue paint brush to color the self-loved masterpiece in.

"I wonder what Edgar and the other guys are up too?" Relm held her drawing up, smiling at it. Painting stills was just too easy, she would rather do people. Preferably a gorgeous king, with noble looks and a need to flirt. Maybe he'd even flirt with her today... It could happen. Closing her notebook, she declares. "Another work of art, Claudia will love it."

Claudia is Relm's legal guardian in the village. Her house is just down the hill from her's and Strago's; and after her friends had helped the woman out when her home was on fire, how could she say no- of course- Relm is still living in her old home, she's just looked in on to make sure everything is ok.

"Edgar said there's a luncheon at the castle once the meeting is over. Setzer said he'd pick us up to go." Terra replied to a question she wasn't sure had even really been asked.

"Great, I'm gonna go get ready. It's probably pretty close to the time already."

She stood up, brushing grass from her baggy pants then took off towards the house; glad to have an excuse to get away from Terra; she liked her all right but she was never really used to having female friends- even though she'd been living with Celest for six weeks when she was doing a painting for Owzer in Jidoor. Celest had been living in Kohlingen, so going back and fourth by bird was no problem for the girl; but now the ex-general lives in Doma castle with Cyan.

Terra saw a breeze pick up and frowned that she couldn't feel it at first. She stood up then and walked outside of town looking up at the sky to see if she could see the Blackjack coming. 'I wonder where he could be? He's usually early.'

Figaro castle.

The three men arrive at the castle to the greeting guards. "Good afternoon prince Sabin and Locke." They nod to Setzer whom they didn't really know too well; and he nodded back getting an akward glance at the fact that he was still wet from his submerge in the sea.

When they walked into the castle a large group of men were being escorted out past them with Edgar rounding them up from behind. "Thank you for a lovely meeting gentlemen, do come by again." He said to them.

The earls wave goodbye, waiting for their moble Chocobo transferer called a Carriage- they were very popular now a days- to take them back to the town of South Figaro.

"I hope you two have learned your lessons about throwing food." Edgar said to Locke and Sabin the second he turned to them.

"Of course we did." Sabin said grinning as though he meant he learned his lesson for the afternoon, and the evening was a different story.

"Setzer, what the devil happened to you?" He asked looking him over.

"My ship had to make a crash landing into the ocean to put the fire out," Seeing Edgar's expression, he shakes his head. "Right now I need to ask you for a favor," he said and Edgar raised an eye brow.

"Go ahead."

"Locke says you have some armed crane lifts that can get my ship out of the water, and I was wondering if I could borrow them?" He asked, with a quick nod from the king.

"Sure, I'll have my men help you out there with them. I can't opperate it for you because I have to host luncheon today."

"I understand." Setzer said turning to leave the castle. He honestly didn't care if a flying monkey opperated the thing, so long as he gets his ship back.

"Hang on Setz' I'll help you." The blitz specialist said, going out the door with him waving a hand over his shoulder to Locke and his brother.

"Looks like it's just you and me for a while." Edgar said smiling at Locke, and leaned in easily to kiss him.

"Mmmh." The theif moaned into his mouth placing his hands into his prince's hair.

"You know," Edgar was saying as he backed them to the door. "cooks not in yet, so we'll have the kitchen all to ourselves."

Locke ran his tongue across the king's moving lips and smiled. "Then what are we waiting for?"

The pair hurry to the kitchen, seeming only able to break away from each other long enough to get there. They'll have lunch alright, but not the scheduled kind.


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