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Edgar is propped up on the cool wooden countertop, head lulled back with light moans escaping his mouth; and on the floor kneeling, Locke's lips are sucked in over his teeth, and with the cover he's munching on Edgar's length, lapping at it when its held in place in his mouth. The ministrations are giving the king a very painful stiffening beneath the fabric.

Edgar's hands slid past the thiefs lips and undid the interferring ties on his pants front; Locke was much oblidged, and quickly took it into his mouth surrounding it in it's warmth.

"Mmh." The king sighed and moved his hips upward more into that cage of heat.

Locke sucked in a breath through his nose when his lips hit the base of Edgar's hard-on and exhales when pulling back; the brief rush of heat against Edgar's moistened skin made his hips spasm forward. Locke had to hold the man's hips down before he got stabbed in the gag-reflex.

From there the thief's hands slide themselves up the king's body to brush his nipples, where he lazy makes little cirlces around them. Edgar's breathing was ragged and as he closed his eyes tightly; running his hands through his lover's brown-gray hair.

The thief raised the king's leg to rest up on his shoulder heightening the pleasure; Edgar tilts his head back drinking in the feeling. "Uhhh!" His eyes flutter over the pleasure, closing when he just can't take one more swirl of Lock's tongue over the head of his member.

"Uuuhh..." He straightened up in a sudden panic. He wasn't crazy, he heard the knob on the door jiggle. Pushing Locke back from him, he rolls off the counter top to a croutched position where he tucks himself back into his pants while grabbing the thief's hand, steering him to the back of the kitchen just as the solid wooden door swung open.

"Shit, what's he doing back so soon?" Locke asked not really as a question.

"I don't know." Edgar panted a little out of breath and still fixing himself up.

"What do we do?" The thief then asked; Edgar looked at the door on the other side of the kitchen.

"See that pot over there?" The king instructed and Locke looked over his other shoulder seeing a pot on the other counter.


Sneaking over to the counter, Locke grabs a silver metal pan from it then he returned to the stone square pillar he and Edgar hid behind. "Got it." He showed it to him.

Edgar took the pot, and scouting an area that's clear he tosses it back where it came from, causing a racket on the countertop as the silver pan knocked over other pots and silverware.

"What on earth?" The cook jumped in start; going over to pick the items up, the two men snuck from the kitchen on the side that was now opened to them.

Once in the hall way they sighed and laughed to themselves. "We'd better learn to keep it in the special room, otherwise our little secret won't be a secret anymore." The king informed before grabbing the thief's face between his hands and kissing him.

Locke enhaled the kiss and sighed out when Edgar backed away. "Gods you taste good."

Edgar chuckled a bit to that and wrapped the man in a hug still feeling the light wet spots from when Setzer had hugged him. "Come on, let's go take care of these."

Locke couldn't be happier to hear that as they ran to the king's bed room.

0 0 0

"Could you please be careful?!" Setzer shouted over the noise as the guards lowered the metal arms into the water of Figaro Sea.

The men were being as careful as they could be, but Setzer seemed to think differently. He watched in agony as the metal of the arms groaned and whined getting under the rolling water; and he thought that they'd surely fail in getting it out.

"We caught a hold of something!" The guard controlling it called over the noise.

The gambler walked to the edge of the water looking downward into it. He strained his eyes, but gradually he began to see the brown showing through the almost black ocean causing him to grin.

"Back up, sir!" The man in the machine called; Sabin rolled his eyes and walked to the edge placing his hands on the gambler's shoulders to usher him out of the way.

The water bubbled where the upper level began to sink into the opening of the ships deck. The group of the men cover their ears from the roaring sound, watching as the airship was raised into the air and up over the land.

"Coming down!" The controller shouted and began to lower the ship to the grass.

"Gods...he's ruined." The gambler breathed, already estimating the price range to get supplies to fix the damages done.

"Welp," Sabin was saying shaking his head. "we won't be seeing you for a while."

"Ha ha." Setzer walked to his ship and placed a hand on it. "Don't worry my love, I'll get you back in the air in no time." He said quietly to the flying vessel.

Sabin cocked an eyebrow and said to himself. "I thought his ship was a guy?" Shaking it off with a shrug he decided to join the crown inside the castle. "I'm heading back to Figaro for luncheon, you coming?"

"I can't, I have to start repairs right away. Some other time though, right?"

Sabin nods, beginning to walk away when he heard Setzer saying...

"Oh no, I completely forgot about that."

Sabin stopped and turned around calling back. "Forgot about what?"

"I promised to pick up Terra and Relm to go with me to the castle." He gestured a hand. "Can't exactly take them there in this."

"No problem, I'll get 'em!" The blitz specialist called over the distance. "I'll use one of the castles vessels."

"Thank you!" Setzer called back. Followed him with his eyes until he disappeared, he then turned back to his boat with a heavy sigh. "Now what am I going to do with you?"

Five of the men walked up to Setzer's side and saluted.

"We are still at your service for the afternoon, sir; anything we can help you with?" Said a guard. "We at Figaro are the finest in machinary."

"How are you with a hammer?" The gambler asked.

"The best in the world." Another of them answered.

"Very good. Follow me." Said the gambler and they went down the path to South Figaro.


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